Police secure a perimeter after a shooting at a supermarket, Saturday, May 14, 2022, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)
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By Carolyn Thompson, Michael Balsamo and Dave Collins, AP

A gunman sporting a rifle and body armor opened fire in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, killing at least 10 people before being taken into custody Saturday afternoon, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

Details on the number of additional people shot at the Tops Friendly Market and their conditions weren’t immediately available. The two officials were not permitted to speak publicly on the matter and did so on the condition of anonymity.

Investigators believe the man may have been livestreaming the shooting and were looking into whether he had posted a manifesto online, the official said. The official cautioned the investigation was in its preliminary stages and that authorities hadn’t yet discerned a clear motive, but were investigating whether the shooting was racially motivated.

The supermarket is in a predominately black neighborhood, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) north of downtown Buffalo. The surrounding area is primarily residential, with a Family Dollar store and fire station near the store.

Buffalo police confirmed the shooter was in custody in a tweet, but did not identify the suspect. Police officials and a spokesperson for the supermarket chain did not immediately respond to messages from the AP seeking comment.

Witnesses reported the gunman was wearing military-style clothing in addition to the body armor, one of the officials said

Police investigate after a shooting at a supermarket, Saturday, May 14, 2022, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)

Braedyn Kephart and Shane Hill, both 20, pulled into the parking lot just as the shooter was exiting. They described him as a white male in his late teens or early twenties sporting full camo, a black helmet and what appeared to be a rifle.

“He was standing there with the gun to his chin. We were like what the heck is going on? Why does this kid have a gun to his face?” Kephart said. He dropped to his knees. “He ripped off his helmet, dropped his gun, and was tackled by the police.”

Police closed off the block, lined by spectators, and yellow police taped surrounded the full parking lot. Mayor Byron Brown and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz were at the scene late Saturday afternoon, gathered in a parking lot across the street from the Tops store and expected to address the media.

More than two hours of the shooting, Erica Pugh-Mathews was waiting outside the store, behind the police tape.

“We would like to know the status of my aunt, my mother’s sister. She was in there with her fiance, they separated and went to different aisles,” she said. “A bullet barely missed him. He was able to hide in a freezer but he was not able to get to my aunt and does not know where she is. We just would like word either way if she’s OK.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted that she was “closely monitoring the shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo,” her hometown. She said state officials have offered help to local authorities. The Erie County Sheriff’s Office said on social media that it ordered all available personnel to assist Buffalo police.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was briefed on the shooting, Justice Department spokesperson Anthony Coley said.


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  1. You were wondering when the next made for TV moment would arrive and on cue it appears.

    • THIS is not the type of incident where one LAUGHS over it.

      Donthcya know, OUR rights go on the line everytime some wackjob pulls a stunt like this.

      • You don’t get it.

        I don’t laugh at people getting shot. I do however find it comical that people are getting so hurt by all the crazy laws, rules, and regulations put in place by those that these people vote for.

        The people that run places like that see no benefit in removing their criminal element. Yet, they would have us all believe it’s Trumps fault.

        It is THEIR aragance and THEIR folly that brings on their own destruction.

        Let New Yorkers protect themselves for heavens sake!

        • an armed good guy shot him and it didn’t work. killer was wearing body armor. sorry; i agree good guys with guns are great but it doesn’t always work.

        • @ereiamjh
          I never said anything was 100% absolute.

          This is why people need to have guns and carry them. None of this hinges on just ONE person.

    • Hearing a retired LEO working security at the store engaged the shooter without success. Don’t know LEO’s fate/condition.
      Wait for it….more gun control legislation to be promised.

      Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers?
      Ban sober drivers from driving. That’s how they will push more gun control.

    • I believe that is a typo. It should read, “More than two hours AFTER the shooting…”

    • Yeah I agree. Right when there is a SCOTUS decision regarding firearms coming. I know it sounds all ‘conspiracy’ but these things happening, the timing is really odd. And why a grocery store? And of course the shooter will have been known to the FBI and law enforcement…just sketchy is all I’m saying.

      • “And why a grocery store?”

        Think small-unit tactics. Long isles packed with people. 🙁

        Use this against them. “If only one person there could have shot back. Soon, someone could…”

    • Magical thinking. ANY time this happens is “right on time” to people inclined to believe everything is a conspiracy.

      The world is messy and full of crazy people. Not everything is a plan.

  2. As Iraqveteran8888 pointed out, there is a rack number on the carry handle…
    Yeah, at this point, any overt racist/mass shooting/incel is just a glowy fed boy.

    Also, it happened in NY so technically this isn’t possible, what with all the gun laws.

    • gee, you would think that a massive ‘glowy fed’ conspiracy would maybe use one of a million rifles WITHOUT clear “evidence” on the carry handle

      these people who control everything sure are bad at their job, right?

      • I can’t believe people hear “rack number” and go to “must be a military issue rifle that ‘they’ decided to use” instead of “this freak wrote something on his gun.”

        He ALSO wrote the n-word on the front sight post in the very same paint. Does that make it government issue? FFS.

  3. I’d like to know how much damage Black Lives Matter and Antifa did in Buffalo New York in 2020? And did the police Stand Down when ordered to do so by City officials?

    The police are not there for you. The police are not there to protect you. The police have never been there to protect you. But the police are only there to protect each other. The police will stand by and let you and others be killed. Because you are not important. You have never been important.

    Here is proof the cops are not there for you. Every gun owner needs to see this video.

    “Houston Shooter Reanimates After Being Stopped by Officer” 16 min long

  4. Just another day in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable. Any criminal or psycho can buy all the firepower they want 24 hours around the clock with no background check simply by buying a second hand gun, no questions asked because blind greed rules and life is cheap.

    Thank the NRA and the Republican party for making the U.S. the most unsafe and most deranged country in the industrialized world to try and survive in.

    The Republicans have also refused to fund affordable mental health care because they will tell you its cheaper to put up with daily mass murder by assault rifle, that leaves more tax dollars for we gangster criminal Republicans to line our corrupt pockets with and laugh all the way to the bank.

    • So with all the wildfires we are having do you promote the banning matches ( fire power ) ?

    • where is this 24hr gun shop that does not do BGC ….never seen or even heard of one!

      show your notes to prove your point or its all 100% lies like every other post you make here for uncle bloomburge!

    • It’s disgusting how some people have no compunction against standing on the pile of still warm, bleeding bodies to make a political statement.

      • “still warm, bleeding bodies“

        Oh, is it too soon?

        We should all still be at the ‘thoughts and prayers’ level?

        • Fućk you, you vile, disgusting piece of dog shít. You will rot in hell for eternity. Lower than scum.

        • So, MajorStupidity, your and dacian the stupid’s IMMEDIATE calls for “more gun control” aren’t political propagandizing on the backs of dead people, you vile ghoul?? When NY is ALREADY one of the most restrictive states in the nation (unconstitutionally so) regarding gun rights???

          Go F*** yourself, MajorStupidity, really hard, in the arse, with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice, you evil scumbag.

        • Minor Miner49er. Do you pray? Most Socialists are atheists.
          Just for your edification New York State has all those “common sense” (sic) gun laws you control freaks want. The gun was purchased in NYS prior to the state ban on AR’s. When the gun was purchased, the guy who is accused in this “mass shooting” was about 12 yrs old give or take a day.
          He also threatened to shoot up his high school but after a “psychological exam” was declared not to be a threat.
          Let me put it another way. All your “common sense” gun laws lack any common sense.

    • You do know the closing of mental health institutions was bipartisan? And long before Reagan the institutions were already being closed and ideas that psychotropic medications were the cure all to mental illness helped along with public knowledge of the inhumane conditions in many of the institutions. Both Parties have been introducing Bills for mental health care. Both Parties have failed. Neither Party can take the moral high ground over the issue. It is dishonest to say otherwise.

      The NRA and the Rs do not promote illegal use of firearms. Blaming them is immature hyperbole.

      Do you know under the GCA is is unlawful to transfer a firearm to someone who is prohibited? Do you think unlawful transfers will cease with another law?

      All these wealthy Ds, are they criminal gangsters as well? D’s across the Country seem to be quite wealthy on par with Rs. Are all wealthy people criminal gangsters?

      • to Storm Trooper

        Don’t make a complete fool of yourself. All the way back to Ted Kennedy’s fight for health care the Republican Criminals have blocked every bill ever introduced for affordable health care and they are still doing it today.

        • “The Republicans have also refused to fund affordable mental health care”

          You said mental health care. The ACA is a different issue. Now you are trying to conflate the two.

          Does the ACA cver mental health care? Yes. Mental health care is a small piece of it.
          Again, both Parties have introduced Bills from local to Federal for the single issue of mental health care.

          Now tell me the differences in philosophy over mental health care, not the ACA, just mental health as that was the argument you presented.

        • “Does the ACA cver mental health care? Yes.“

          And the Republicans have fought the ACA tooth and nail for better than 10 years, while offering no alternative whatsoever.

          So yes, the Republicans continue to fight against mental healthcare for our communities.

          And have you forgotten, Donald Trump rescinded Obama administration prohibition against those who have been adjudicated incompetent to handle their affairs being forbidden unfettered access to firearms.

        • Minor,

          The full quote of what I posted:
          “Does the ACA cver mental health care? Yes. Mental health care is a small piece of it.”

          If the Republicans were fighting against mental health then explain the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 signed by GWB. Bipartisan Act. Then GA, which was behind the curve in mental healthcare issues, HB 1013 was passed in a bipartisan vote. The result is a bill that steps up enforcement of a 14-year-old federal law requiring health insurers to treat behavioral health benefits on par with physical care. Advocates say a compromise version of the measure unveiled Wednesday will put medical professionals – and not insurers – in charge of what care should be covered. The parity rules take effect in July 2022.

          Then there is the Mental Health Access Improvement Act currently being considered in Congress. It does have R co sponsors.

          There are many more examples of this. So many that the original statement would be considered false. The Rs are doing a bad job against fighting mental healthcare then if they are actively part of the process.

          “And have you forgotten, Donald Trump rescinded Obama administration prohibition against those who have been adjudicated incompetent to handle their affairs being forbidden unfettered access to firearms.”

          The prohibition that included people who voluntarily used a third party to manage their money that were not adjudicated as mentally incompetent’s? The prohibition was broad and included people who did not meet the standards as mentally incompetent.

        • FormerParatrooper,

          I have no response to the facts you laid out.

          I am a flame thrower with a Marxist agenda. Most people don’t know the truth so I muddy the waters.

          Well played.

        • Lying liar lies – SCOTUS (with a LIBERAL majority) ruled involuntary institutionalization illegal long before Reagan did anything. And with repeated DIMOCRAT majorities, where are all the “mental health” programs you prattle about???

          Lie somewhere else, brainless, uneducated fool.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, It seems you are right. We did oppose ACA aka ObumaCare. For very good reasons. All those “promises” that the cost of health insurance will go down, proved to be a lie or at best wishful thinking. ACA mandated more coverage adding to the costs. You Lefties seem to think you can get all that coverage at a lower cost? Apparently you people need a lesson in economics.

    • The NRA is representative of the American people. Thst is what gives it its power.

      • “The NRA is representative of the American people“

        I am an American ‘people’ and I can tell you that your leader Wayne hell up here does not represent me or anyone I know.
        By continuing to support the NRA you are supporting more people like Wayne LaPierre.

        • You claim to be an American. IN fact you are a Leftist as have repeatedly admitted such. You supported the ANTIFA and BLM rioting and looting of the summer of 2020.
          You are about as American as Putin or Mao

      • I am also a proud card carrying Marxist ‘antifascist’ that hates the unions.

        Also I am ‘American’ until I can tear down the system from within using time tested Marxist techniques.

        That is why I align with (for now) the Democrats

    • @ dacian Jawohl, mein Herr!

      “Any criminal or psycho can buy all the firepower they want 24 hours around the clock with no background check simply by buying a second hand gun, no questions asked because blind greed rules and life is cheap.”

      Don’t know where you get your material sir, but you are indeed a comedian. You are a t-shirt, a movie of the week, a certified clown. I read leftist b.s. from time to time but your stuff is the best – comical rhetoric. Did you write the script for Will Smith when he slapped Chris Rock? I mean that is black humor at it’s finest. Why you should be writing for all the black on black mass shootings in Chicago that happen every week. Or is that everyday?

      “The Rwandan genocide, also known as the genocide against the Tutsi, occurred between 7 April and 15 July 1994 during the Rwandan Civil War. During this period of around 100 days, members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group, as well as some moderate Hutu and Twa, were killed by armed militias. The most widely accepted scholarly estimates are around 500,000 to 662,000 Tutsi deaths.” Guichaoua, André (2 January 2020). “Counting the Rwandan Victims of War and Genocide: Concluding Reflections”. Journal of Genocide Research

      But I digress. Because only a white person is capable of genocide. Right “dacian”?

  5. “Snuffalo” eh? Well they got their weekly total of homiecides in on one day, now they can lay back, rut, smoke blunts, and guzzle Hennessey for the next six days.

  6. New York has some of “the best gun control” in the nation. And I expect gun control to “get even better” in that state now.

    I carry a gun everywhere I go. I’m never without a gun.
    Since the shooter was taken into custody. I’d like to know if he supports gun control? Just like the mass shooter in New Zealand stated in his Manifesto.

  7. Another grocery store tragedy where in many states even if you have a firearm you must obey an insane law requiring you to leave it in your vehicle while you shop, if you carry under a coat or in a purse you go to jail. NY law is probably more restrictive and you probably could not have a gun even in your car.

    Unarmed you are nothing more than a sitting duck for a perp with a firearm, ice pick, knife, club, etc. Blood is on the hands of those whose Gun Control puts targets on the backs of decent people who otherwise would not go down without a fight.

    • “NY law is probably more restrictive and you probably could not have a gun even in your car.”

      NY gun control laws are very restrictive, but this is not correct. It is legal to have a firearm in your vehicle or to carry it concealed in NY as long as you are permitted to do so. In upstate NY, it varies by county how easy or difficult it is to get a CCW permit. All permits in NY are unconstitutionally onerous to obtain, but some counties are fairly pro 2A and try to make the process as straightforward as state law allows. Because of NY’s anti-2A stance generally, however, CCW is certainly rarer than in other states.

    • “No gun” signs do not have force of law in NY (still illegal to carry in schools and some other buildings). Pistol permits can be obtained, with the exception of NYC areas. There is no law disallowing having a gun in your car if you have a pistol license (required to possess one at all).

      While there is plenty of red tape, people in NY can make the effort to defend themselves if they choose.

  8. Certainly not A white supremacist, right?

    “Early indications are the shooter may have possessed extremist beliefs cultivated online, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

    Investigators are looking at multiple online postings that may be associated with the shooter that include praise for South Carolina church shooter Dylan Roof and the New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant, according to the sources.“


    • You need to find a better source. He’s an atheist like you. And he supports gun control like you do too.

    • Buttminer:

      ABC eh? Who told them that, Brian Ross, you remember him don’t you, he’s the Fake Newser fired for blaming the Garbly Giffords shooting on a member of the TEA Party?

  9. His name is Payton Gendron and unfortunately he is a white nationalist. There is also a bunch of crap about Jews as well in it. His manifesto is online He knew what he was doing. He specifically stated that he picked a spot with strict gun laws and to expect the government to go after them afterwards (Below is an expert from the manifesto)

    Strategy application:
    -Zip code 14208 in Buffalo has the highest black percentage that is close enough to where I live.
    -Top’s Market is an area in zip code 14208 where a high percentage and high density of blacks
    can be found.
    -Top’s Market has 1 or 2 armed security guards with full size glocks, IIIA armor will stop their
    -According to Google and independent study, 4:00 PM on Friday is the most populated time at
    -I made a map of the inside and decided the best plan of attack for highest chance of success
    -NY has cucked gun laws. Assault style weapons and high capacity magazines are illegal for
    civilians to own, thus lowering threats from law-abiding civilians.
    -The AR-15 and its variants are very deadly when used properly. Which is the reason why I
    picked one. High capacity magazines and ammunition that causes (enough) ballistic damage to
    kill effectively will be used. The AR-15 is readily accessible even in cucked New York, and after
    some modifications will be able to effectively kill. Plus, the media loves to hate on the AR-15,
    which may increase media coverage and public outlash.
    -I will be wearing decent body armor and a helmet to protect from other people’s firearms.
    -I will have a JFAK on my belt in case I need to treat myself for gunshot or sharp/blunt weapon
    -I will use my car to store my guns and transport myself around quickly.

    The media is going to have field day with this. 🙁

    • I can believe it.

      The idea that all crazy people are on the left or that mass shootings present some sort of massive conspiracy is magical thinking.

      It’s a shame because gun control will not stop or prevent this unless it’s complete, totalitarian style gun control. NY and CA are certainly good examples of what a failure ‘gun control’ is.

      • Socialism, whether national or international, is on the left, not the right. This bung hole and his idols are all socialists.

    • He wrote down scripted, Democrat Propaganda Talking Points like a Goosestepper in every way.

    • Thanks for the tip. I’m reading his Manifesto now. He is an atheist. Just like the mass shooter in New Zealand also an atheist.

  10. This is why I live in the boonies. This is why I always carry.

    I’d bet dollars to donuts the shooter was known to the FBI in one way or another.

    • “This is why I live in the boonies“

      You know, this guy is not from this area.

      He didn’t access that weapon in New York State. He specifically stated he chose that area for many Black people to shoot.

      The shooter is from the boonies…

        • He didn’t shoot up the boonies because apparently there weren’t an adequate number of the minority victims there, he specifically said he researched by ZIP Code to find the area with the highest percentage of black folks.

        • Notice I ignored he also shot non-minority victims as well?

          It’s a Gore-ism, an inconvenient truth.

          And the ‘Manifesto’ may very well be a fake, let’s see.

      • Nobody shoots up the boonies. Everyone knows every man, his wife, and children own and carry firearms. The perp said it himself; he targeted the supermarket because he figured people wouldn’t be carrying firearms for self defense. If a mass shooting does happen in the boonies, it’s usually in a “gun-free” zone. No one attacks a sheriff’s office.

        If someone tried this in the small town near where I live, he would be dead in less than ten seconds.

      • Exactly, left the boonies for victims. Living in the boonies would seem to work then to avoid being the victim.

      • What specific evidence can you cite to support your claim the shooter was groomed by the FBI?

        • Because I am all about the truth.

          I with help from the MSM can craft nearly any narrative I like.

          As I see it, the truth is living and breathing and changes with the times.

  11. Just another pro choice advocate carrying out Sanger’s plan via late term abortions.

    • No, just another wannabe member of the Aryan brotherhood, expressing his sexual frustration with a modern sporting rifle.

        • That’s just your opinion.

          Some have called my ‘fixation’ with my chickens peculiar too.

          They just don’t understand the purpose they serve, or my ‘love’ for them.

    • Planned Infanticide should bestow upon him the “Margaret Sanger Award”, he accomplished their daily goal for each “provider” (exterminator). Remember Democrats support “post-birth” abortion so the perp is keeping with their policies.

  12. It will be a while before anything is finalized about a manifesto, the individual and his circle. The “facts” will change because everything is chaotic at first and putting information together takes time.

    What we know now is he had a free reign for too long. People were left defenseless by the law. Incidents like this do not enhance safety after but increases opportunities to be made more defenseless. Knee jerk reactions willbe the norm.

  13. Why is this even “news” when TWENTY-ONE (21) were shot last night in a number of incidents in Killwaukee (Milwaukee) outside the Bucks NBA game? Nine firearms were recovered at three (3) scenes outside the arena in the aforementioned Wisconsin city which indicates there were multiple shooters and attacks.

    21 > 10, THAAAT is what we should be concentrating on but because the alleged shooter in Snuffalo is supposedly “White-identifying” we are required to ignore the mayhem committed by minorities.

    • Update:

      Now it’s TWENTY-FOUR (24) shot, THREE (3) killed, TEN (10) firearms recovered, TEN (10) suspects taken into custody in Killwaukee Wisconsin yet all eyes are on Snuffalo N.Y., I wonder why.

  14. Boulder, Colorado King Soopers Shooting carried out by Islamifascist. Sacramento Black & Latin American Gangbanger Shooting that turned into targeting innocent bystanders. NYC Subway Shooter & Bomber.

    Those stories vanished after about 48 hours.
    The White Supremacist Boogeyman always emerges when the Democrat Party needs it the most.

    China Bootlicker and his Jackboot Stasi Thugs are celebrating this event in the WH as we speak. He and his Proposed Lackeys in the “Media” will make this Front & Center.

    Also, 3 Separate Gang Shootings in Milwaukee last night after the NBA Game……….CRICKETS.


  15. There’s gonna be some serious rioting over this.. And not just in Buffalo or NY. Watch your 6.

  16. FBI is correct once again. The mad dog shooter was a Far Right Racist Maniac with two assault rifles. He drove hours to attack and murder black people. The Shooter was white.

    And in Milwaukee at an NBA game 20 people were gunned down in a sea of blood and carnage.

    Just another day in the madhouse of Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable because criminals and lunatics have the right to buy second hand guns without paperwork.

    • It’s disgusting how some people have no compunction against standing on the pile of still warm, bleeding bodies to make a political statement.

        • As I said — dancing in victims’ blood is disgusting.

          Not surprising coming from you. But still disgusting.

        • “criminals and lunatics have the RIGHT to buy second hand guns without paperwork.”

          I am proud of you little d, your level of agitprop is brash, bold and without shame.

          The facts are what we tell them. Remember the war in Ukraine is peace, their freedom to speak leads to slavery, and your ignorance is a strength little dacian.

    • Shut the fućk up Dacian, we all know you are an aspiring rapíst. Do Ohio a favor and off yourself. Right now.

    • Dacian the Deluded,

      The shooter admits in his manifesto that he’s one of yours ie. a Jew-hating Leftist POS and has been into Communism since high school. Pat yourself on the back for a job well-done by a member of your community as the blacks that avoided being aborted years ago got retroactive abortions today and won’t contribute to “Climate Change” and that’s what counts isn’t it?

    • That thing about no paperwork is a lie and you know it. Every state has different laws on private transfers.

    • ^ this right here.

      It comes as no surprise this incident occurs literally just days after Commiefornia’s “unconstitutional” discriminatory laws on firearm purchases by 18-21 year olds is overturned.

      No doubt after a meeting with Dementia Joe’s handlers current FBI Director Chris Wray ordered his FEEBs to pay a visit to this individual and encouarge him to perpetrate this event which then can be used to enact additional anti-2nd Amendment policies.

      If anything with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling due in the next few weeks on NYC’s blanket ban on issuing carry pemits we MUST take this opportunity to further promote citizens exercising their right to “self-defense” and their right to arm themselves.

  17. white guy does anything its an instant “HATE CRIME!!”””

    a black guy plows through a WHOLE parade of white folks…its the SUV that did it!

  18. White mass shooter, at the right time and place. Something is NOT right with all this, reminds me of Las Vegas and New Zealand . Watch as FJB and the rest go full on over this to disarm EVERYBODY, just another stone to tip the cart over. Sure seems planned to do it.

  19. Hideous killer today, but curious 21 shot last night in Milwaukee and near total media silence?

    could it be the shooter’s race?

  20. It is of course impossible that the shooter is a republican dumpster supporter because republicans are never violent. If he is a republican dumpster cult member it doesn’t matter because he’s just crazy.

    • It’s disgusting how some people have no compunction against standing on the pile of still warm, bleeding bodies to make a political statement.

  21. Shooter is also……..18 years old, and 3 days ago……….California’s 18 to 20 year old Semiautomatic Rifle Ban was struck down.

  22. The police shouldve killed him on sight… forensic should’ve taken custody of the body… not one more meal wasted..

  23. Aiming for the center of mass makes sense, except for the potential perp wearing body armor. Two for the body and one for the head is better. However; two for the body, one for the head, then magazine dump to the groin works best.

    • im not going to lie
      as an owner of multiple ar pistols
      in 5.56 and 7.62×39
      i kinda breathed a little sigh of relief
      when i saw that long barrel
      in the screen shot

  24. new rule:
    if youre engaging a shooter
    who is wearing any amount of tactical gear
    assume theres body armor there
    target the lower abdomen/pelvis
    it may not be the one shot stop we all want
    but itll get some good blood loss going
    and maybe put him on the ground
    which is a good start in ending the fight
    either way
    itll definitely get inside his ooda loop

  25. This is especially a good idea if they have a helmet that is likely nij rated.

  26. This is why we need a nationwide ban on all semi automatic guns and high capacity magazines, anything that can hold more than seven bullets at a time like the commonsense gun law NY tried to get through but then gun fetishists cried. Police around the country should go door to door and collect everyone’s high capacity magazines and government will offer tax refunds equivalent to the value of their semi automatic guns. Why do you want some lunatic with the ability to have a gun that shoots AS FAST AS HE CAN TWITCH HIS FINGER and hail never ending bullets at innocent people? Just like Nikolas Cruz did?

    You can still get to keep your pump shotguns at home if you’re scared at night. Second amendment doesn’t say you get to have any gun in existence and did semi automatic guns even exist when Washington lived? Hell no.

    • Excuse me Hoggy, but where in the articoe does it say that it was a “semi-automatic rifle”? It says SPECIFICALLY a “hunting rifle”.
      We already have “common sense” (sic) laws in NY and they have not stopped any crimes yet.
      Apparently, you have not read the Second Amendment? Remember the part that says, “shall not be infringed”? I don’t have to practice even a little bit with a pump action shotgun to inflict more damage than a semi-automatic rifle.
      You really are not a shinning light, are you?

  27. We also need to ban civilian ownership of body armor vests. Cops need to be able to kill armed mass shooters more easily.

    • Hoggy, the general idea is to arrest the perpetrator, not kill him. In my line of work I wear an armor vest. It is a necessity.


  29. People are so stupid, carry or become a statistic for the gun violence criminals! Giving the FJB libs more ammo to take your “rights” away!!!

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