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By David Yamane

How many Americans own “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines”? The short answer is: no one really knows. And given increasing calls to ban them, including by President Joe Biden in his address to the nation last night, that’s probably for the best.

But knowing that ownership of AR-15 style rifles and magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition is widespread can also be an advantage to the cause of gun rights.

Survey researchers tend not to know much about firearms and so haven’t often asked questions that allow us to isolate ownership of particular types of rifles or ammunition magazines.

But in 2021, Georgetown University Professor William English fielded a survey that begins to shed light on this empirical question. English’s National Firearms Survey was conducted by the online survey research firm Centiment and included a representative sample of approximately fifty-four thousand U.S. residents aged 18 and over.

Of the respondents, 16,708 identified themselves as gun owners. This large number of gun owners allows English to analyze the beliefs and behaviors of guns owners in great detail. (We do well to remember that these are very conservative estimates of ownership given the underreporting of gun ownership in surveys, as I discuss in Episode 2 of “Light Over Heat,”.)

high capacity magazines
“No one needs more than ten rounds of ammunition.” (Dan Z. for TTAG)

Among the unique qualities of English’s National Firearms Survey is that he asked respondents whether they owned AR-15 style rifles or magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

English finds that 30.2% of gun owners have owned AR-15 style rifles. This is nearly 25 million people.

English finds that 48% of gun owners have owned magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. This is approximately 40 million people.

Beyond simply being interesting empirically, the findings of this National Firearms Survey may be relevant to the legal question any such ban would face as to whether certain firearms are in “common use,” to borrow a term from the 2008 Supreme Court decision in DC v. Heller.


David Yamane is a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University. He is currently completing a book on American gun culture called Gun Curious and has previously discussed the 2021 National Firearms Survey on his YouTube channel “Light Over Heat.” Professor Yamane also runs the Gun Culture 2.0 blog and Twitter account (@gunculture2pt0).

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  1. 80 Million Gun Owners is a lowball estimate.

    The NSSF, and Federal Agencies such as the FBI and ATF estimate that there are 95 million to over 115 million American Firearms Owners.

    Adam Winkler, a well known Political Science Professor and Analyst on this issue agrees with those numbers.

    • How many Americans own “assault weapons”…. the answer. NOT MANY you have to have a special license to own assault rifles. your average gun store does NOT sell assault rifles, AR’s are NOT assault rifles, never have been never will be. so say out of 100 people, maybe 2 will have that license that allows them to own a full auto rifle, it takes a shiton of money, 6 to 12 months waiting period and a SERIOUSLY deep back ground check. I know one person out of 300 people personally that has that license. so anyone calling AR;s or any other SEMI-AUTO ONLY rifle (which is a carbine) an assault rifle is a stupid moron and has fallen for the political correct way of calling a car a truck !!!!!!!!

    • There are so many guns you could fill that lake until you could walk across it without getting your feet wet or even seeing water.

      • That would make for a great gun jesus moment.

        ‘Yea tho he walk upon water, that none did wet his shoe’.

        – Book of Armaments Ch. 12, verse 3, probably

    • With all these fishing trips losing all these guns and accessories one has to wonder…

      When exactly was it that there was a spike in fishing trips where people lost their balls? You know, the ones that are at the bottom of a lake buried under a bunch of guns and shit?

      • No doubt. All I hear up here is lame assed jokes about canoe rentals and pvc pipe sales accompanied by nervous laughter. People are now conditioned to think that the normal response to overbearing (and exceedingly dangerous) tyranny is to make jokes and run and hide. Of course they also laugh when one even uses the word “tyranny” as if that can only apply to people like Stalin etc and only ever happen to others less fortunate than themselves. How fucking foolish people are, to an appalling and highly Darwinian degree of stoopidity.

    • From his twitter feed; Lindsey Graham drops the mask and fully embraces the Great Reset.

      Lindsey Graham
      I stand ready to vote on ALL the proposals mentioned by President Biden tonight and encourage the Democratic Leader to bring them forward for votes.

      Lindsey Graham
      I also stand ready to work across the aisle to find common ground – something that was absent from President Biden’s address to the nation.


      • Time to start sending money to that a$$hat’s primary opponent. He was a poor replacement for Strom Thurmond anyway.

      • You say that like anyone to the right of Karl Marx actually gives a flying f*** WHAT Lindsay Graham says. No one does, except Lindsay (and maybe his boyfriend – nah, probably not).

        Lindsay Graham, with the power of incumbency and pork, will likely be in the Senate for a long time. To pretend that ANYONE gives a f*** requires a level of Leftist/fascist delusion only available to complete Leftist tools, like . . . MinorIQ and dacian the stupid.

  2. Miner49er…
    Enough of the partisan crap…what’s your solution here?

    This is not a red / blue thing…this is a constitutional thing…

    Do we have firearm buybacks?
    What about those that refuse to give up their guns?
    Should ATF and FBI and CIA / NSA do smash and grabs and start raiding and ransacking houses looking for guns?

    C’mon man…what’s your solution…
    Put up or shut up…

    • I’ve never said anything partisan in my life, that’s something only you Right Wing Nutjobs do. You bunch of hateful, murderous Christian religious fanatics need to be less bigotted towards religion… like me.

      To answer your question though. Democrats don’t actually want to take your guns. That’s just a Republican talking point. We Democrats just want common sense gun control such as these:

      We should raise the age of ability to own a gun to 25, this step at 21 is a good starting point. We should ban high capacity magazines, no one needs 5 rounds in a rifle to kill a deer.

      We should ban High Powered Assault Rifles, the M14 is a good deer gun, no one needs the high powered AR-15.

      While I believe that requiring an ID to vote is racist because black people can’t afford an ID, we DEFINITELY need to require the purchase of a safe in order to own guns. While talking about things government should mandate before a citizen exercises their 2A should be extensive and expensive training, maybe even military service.

      We should end private sale of firearms. This is obvious.

      Also, while we’re talking about high capacity weapons of war, we cannot forget high CALIBER weapons of war. No one needs a 9MM which can blow the lungs out of the body.

      If government can dictate what you buy, how you buy, and how you store your private property, mass shootings will disappear overnight.

      Also, have you seen how bad Orange Man is?

      • “While I believe that requiring an ID to vote is racist because black people can’t afford an ID…”


        Not once have I ever heard from a ‘person of color’ complaining they can’t board an airliner.

        ‘Afford’ is bullshit, since every state offers free photo ID to anyone who asks for one.

        And if you’re going to pull the “They don’t know where the DMV is” bullshit, Democrats are experts in community organizing. They can easily arrange volunteers who will be happy to drive them to the DMV, and even register them to vote at the same time.

        You’re argument against requiring photo ID has now been destroyed by me.

        I’m magnanimous enough to accept your humble apology in advance, you Leftist Scum ™ piece of sh!t… 🙂

        • Yeah, but what about abortions? Unborn children aren’t alive. You have to breath for it to count as life. Republicans only want to ban abortions because they just blindly believe the bible. Well, that and because they want to shackle women and strip all their rights. There is no moral impetus in protecting a life unable to speak for itself. Just a bunch of hateful, murderous religious fanatics.

          Also, Orange Man Bad. Bush too.

        • Hmm. So much to unpack from that gibberish, it makes me pause to wonder if you even believe anything you just wrote, or if you’re throwing a stone into the pond simply to watch the fish dart around and feel like you did something noticeable today.

          “Hateful, murderous Christians”
          I’m an evangelical Christian, and I’d please like anyone to show me anything in my life or my faith that so much as hints at hate or murderous intentions.

          “Unborn children aren’t alive”
          Miner clearly isn’t a parent, and has never been present in an ultrasound room to witness his own yet-to-be-born child responding to the sound of his voice as the technician shows the baby’s image on the screen

          “they want to shackle women and strip all their rights”
          The Bible explicitly commands men to treat women well and love them more than themselves, and in fact states that leaders in any church must meet the requirement that they live as examples of loving husbands and fathers.

          “there is no moral impetus in protecting a life unable to speak for itself”
          So it’s okay to kill off anyone in an indefinite coma, or “locked in syndrome”, or with a severe injury or impediment that prevents suitable communication? I personally know a wheelchair bound girl (older teenager) who has been unable to speak or effectively communicate since she suffered a debilitating medical accident as a toddler. But why protect her, right?

          I expect your reply.

        • “I’ve never said anything partisan in my life, that’s something only you Right Wing Nutjobs do.”

          Comon guys, this is the *other* Miner…

      • Wow…now I know why folks on this forum openly mock you.

        Just so you know I am NOT a Republican and I NEVER voted for Orange man. He is a freaking nut. But so is Hillary the Cunt and Biden the demented one. ALL politicians and ALL political parties are one and the same. Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same coin. You say you are not partisan but when you rip Republicans only and never talk bad about the Dems…what am I supposed to think??? You realize Democrats are to BLAME for the black on black crime in the inner cities.

        Why do you think I am a Christian fanatic? How do you know if I am even a Christian (I don’t go to church). You are making so many stupid assumptions here you really do yourself a disservice. My suggestion is to grow up and think outside of your MSNBC / CNN / Fox News frame of reference. Yes, it is possible to be a leftist and be for 2A rights. Yes, I am partially a leftist…I am as anti-war as they come. I marched with BLM. You know that MSNBC and AOC are not real leftists right? They are called the lockdown left. If you don’t see this, then you need some help.

        To your points…

        We Democrats just want common sense gun control such as these:
        [Common sense from government? Really? DC is the antithesis of common sense. Why only Democrats make the decision? Only democrats are smart or what?]

        We should raise the age of ability to own a gun to 25, this step at 21 is a good starting point.
        [More people die from cars than guns. Yes! Why is driving age still at 16? Should we not raise that to 25? Why should some kid in North Dakota who hunts and enjoys guns not have a gun because blacks in the inner city kill each other at high rates? Why is the kid in ND have to forgo a gun because some piece of shit killed kids in a school in TX? Why are you punishing him?]

        We should ban high capacity magazines, no one needs 5 rounds in a rifle to kill a deer. [Wrong. I conceal carry. Why should I have 5 rounds when the criminal has 15 rounds? You forget that evil people do NOT follow the rules. Beside who are you to dictate how many rounds I should have?]

        We should ban High Powered Assault Rifles, the M14 is a good deer gun, no one needs the high powered AR-15.
        [Define assault rifle. Define High Powered. M14 a good deer gun? M14 is a military rifle.

        AR-15 is actually safer than M14. Do you even know what you are talking about????]

        While I believe that requiring an ID to vote is racist because black people can’t afford an ID,
        [When you say shit like this you are racist as hell. I know many black people that have IDs as they have cars to drive and jobs. Stop treating blacks like infants…they are fully capable of functioning on their own. They don’t need bleeding heart liberals like you to feel sorry for them.]
        we DEFINITELY need to require the purchase of a safe in order to own guns.
        While talking about things government should mandate before a citizen exercises their 2A should be extensive and expensive training, maybe even military service.
        [Really? How do you enforce the safe rule? ATF visits every home? Bring back the draft? Send more Americans to die overseas in wars that benefit the oligarchy and military industrial complex? Are you pro-choice? Its ok for women to abort babies because its their body but the US government owns your body when it comes to war. Do you even logically think through your thoughts?]

        We should end private sale of firearms. This is obvious.
        [How do you enforce this? Gestapo? I just sold two firearms to my cousins. What’s the harm in that? Pray tell me why that is wrong?]

        Also, while we’re talking about high capacity weapons of war, we cannot forget high CALIBER weapons of war. No one needs a 9MM which can blow the lungs out of the body.
        [Nearly ALL handguns and Glocks are 9mm. 9mm is NOT high caliber. Again, I do not think you know what you are talking about. Look at the link below – look at the bullets…9mm is nothing compared to this stuff. Biden said that – I would not take the word of a demented man as gospel.]

        If government can dictate what you buy, how you buy, and how you store your private property, mass shootings will disappear overnight.
        [If you believe this then there is nothing more of us to discuss. You are clearly smoking some really good weed that has clouded up your thinking. Think Chicago. They have mass shootings every weekend. Do you think those gang-bangers follow government rules? What you are going to do is take the guns out of those that need protection FROM the gang bangers. Again, you are racist…you are telling poor black folks in Chicago that they cannot defend themselves and must trust the racist cops to protect them. Do you think they trust the cops after the George Floyd stuff?

        The police in Uvalde stood around eating donuts when the kids were being killed…they did NOTHING. And you want to make us trust our lives and our families to those bags of shit? ]

      • Looks like the moderator blocked my response. Could be because I called Hillary a name…

        Miner49er…are you and the moderator friends or what?

        • Get used to it. TTAG updated the site a couple of years ago, and now WordPress wreaks havoc by blocking pending comments or even outright deleting existing ones.

          Three years ago, there was a kerfuffle within TTAG in which several regular commenters were convinced one of the site admins was pulling levers and trolling us on purpose. Went on for months as it got worse, finally resulting in Dan posting a “TTAG Guide to Etiquette” article and banning a couple of former members.

          I’m not so sure what the real story was for that issue, but I’ll say that the moderation has been getting really annoying in 2022.

        • “I’ll say that the moderation has been getting really annoying in 2022.”

          Then make good on your promise, I Haz A Question, to leave and to never return.

        • Even the moderator realized you were telling the truth and let your apt name for the hildebeast stand.

      • Miner 49 You are an idiot !! You call the AR-15 a high powered assault rifle and the M-14 a good deer rifle-The AR-15 is not legal to hunt with in a lot of states due to its small caliber. What if I have an AR in .308 like your M-14 ? Should I turn it in as well, or is it a good deer rifle ? I will not even go into the technical faults of your statements about “Assault Rifles”, M-14’s and your other “FUDD” bullshit.

        YAT YAS,
        Tracey Leavell

        • There are multiple fake Miners, just as there are fake Dacians. One “Dacian” even registered the original’s Gravatar as a duplicate to really have fun mucking things up.

      • “We should ban High Powered Assault Rifles, the M14 is a good deer gun, no one needs the high powered AR-15. ”

        You didn’t have to prove that you are a fokwit, but you did. I carried the M14. Never carried the M16, only the 14. The 14 is not semi-automatic, it is selectable automatic. Civilians don’t get an M14. Well, not unless you’re pretty wealthy, make donations to the police chief’s retirement fund, and swallow when you visit the ATF – and pay that tax stamp.

        Also, the M14 is a higher powered rifle than the M16 or the AR15 – it takes a bigger shell and pushes a bigger bullet through the tube. It is roughly comparable to the .308 from days of yore. I said ‘roughly’, no one needs to cite ballistics to prove me wrong here.

        Given the choice of being hit with a single shot from an M14 or an AR15, I’ll take my chances with the 15, thank you. (Never mind that I intend to be shooting back, hoping to take you out first.)

        (maybe you intended to compare the AR15 to the mini-14?)

        • Mini 14 is very similar to an AR-15, just different stock configuration essentially. Although you can get mini-14 conversion kits, to dress them out like an AR. They shoot the same ammunition, and you can get 30 round Ruger Mini-14 magazines.

      • “While I believe that requiring an ID to vote is racist because black people can’t afford an ID…”

        That’s where I stopped reading…..

        anything you present.

      • I know it’s fake, but it’s pretty fucken close to a real miner, lol. It’s just the things he won’t even admit to himself

    • You called? I am humbled you would recognize my expertise and seek my wisdom and experience.

      Ignore fake Miner above. I am the real Miner, the ultra ladies man, accept no substitutes!

      The truth is people who worship sky daddies and cling to guns, would not embrace the “change” necessary for your own happiness.

      A “Great Reset” was necessary to force you to change. Yet even after a Summer of Love, a bolstered 2020 election, and a “highly managed” global pandemic, you continue to resist the necessary change.

      Therefore seeing how you are essentially the main impediment to one world governance, and we could not implement the Australian Model of Covid Camps nor a national Vaccine Passport System here because of potential armed resistance, we need to remove that ability to further resist, by taking your Weapons of War.

      You need to own nothing before you will be happy. We will help with our Billionaires by buying your farmland and your houses. Therefore you just need to bend the knee and follow the Canadian model put forth by the visionary PM Justin Trudeau.

      Firearm ownership equivalent to England is the ultimate goal, only single and double barreled shotguns, and only for the privileged as a reward for service.

      Here is a video on what you can expect:

        • That’s the real Miner49er.

          It’s all there, the over compensating demeanor, the smug arrogance, degenerating God, calling himself a ladies man, his Marxist rhetoric, hatred of western values, and his adulation worship of leftist authoritarianism.

          Yep that’s him. Sad.

      • THere is NO ABSOLUTE BAN on firearms in the UK in spite of the rhetoric. What there IS is very Draconian Licensing requirments and a ‘proof of nessessity’ .
        Even when the ownership of firearms was pretty much an open shop, basically before WW1 there was no gun culture in Great Britain and there were very few in private hands with the exception of SHOTGUNS Gun crime as known in the uSA was exceedingly nrare and the POLICE SERVICE was except for Officers of the SPECIAL BRANCH unarmed. I have no, idea as to the actual statistics back inn the early 20th Century but from the research I’ve done as I say very, very few persons owned firearms and the were not seen as a usual instrument of SELF DEFENCE. Mind you there were extremely harsh sentencesw for anyone using a gun in the furtherance of a criminal activity and if in such circumstance anybody was killed it almost always resulted in a Death Sentence and was MANDATORY if the vitim as was a Police Office. Unlike the American System regarding Capital Punishment such sentence was carried out without undue delay. Unless there was in the judgement of the Law Lrds a successful appeal was likely this was often counted in weeks.
        Even today the Ordinary Police Officer reamain’s unarmed though when nessessary the Police have access to perhaps the best trained ARMED OFFICERS extant.
        Most of the world does not see the connection between so-called ‘freedom of choice’ and the possession of weaponry that has only ONE true purpose – to kill one’s fellow humans.

        • Get down on your knees, knave. The difference between a free man and a slave is the right to bear arms.

        • A “May Issue” system almost at the complete whim of the local District Commissioner is a system rife with abuse and potential corruption. Even worse than NYC’s corrupt licensing system.

          Remember it was one of these District Commissioners who refused to act on the Dunblane killer when he was found not to be a member of a club. That DC was then transferred to another location afterwards.

      • Fake Miner, you attached a video, which is something I never do.

        Regardless, it seems many here have been fooled by your clumsy attempt at imitation.

        If anyone wonders if this is the real Miner or not, just ask Jeremy S or Dan Z to identify the address, as moderator it’s certainly within his capability to indicate.

        • I doubt they’ll want to, Miner…or Miner…or whoever. Real/fake Miners and Dacians stir up the comments and get TTAG’s stats up, which help them negotiate their ad rates for revenue.

          Anyone can use that name, anyway. Just for fun. Behold, I am the real Miner! Check my address! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

        • “Miners and Dacians stir up the comments and get TTAG’s stats up..”

          You are right I Haz A Question, what people really want to hear about is how other people at the range don’t train as well as you.

          Or another story about how you think your wifes farts smell like a summer breeze.

        • That’s so CUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!! You have actually deluded yourself into thinking anyone on here gives a flying f***!!!!!

          MinorIQ, for our purposes, the essential distinction between “fake Minor” and “‘real’ Minor” is . . . “fake Minor” occasionally, accidentally, sounds slightly rational. Your pretensions at “wit” are noted . . . with amusement. You are NOT “witty”, you are BARELY half-witty. You are not educated, you are not logical, you are not informed, you are a pathetic, bathetic, emotional, illogical, uneducated @$$clown, with delusions of gender. Don’t flatter yourself that “‘fake’ Minor” is somehow a plot to shut down your ‘trenchant insights’ – it is MOCKERY, you pathetic buffoon. HE. IS. TROLLING. YOU. – not because he thinks you are “effective” (you’re not), but because he thinks you’re an @$$clown, who deserves all the mockery he receives.

          IF I found you relevant enough to BOTHER to mock you by creating a sock puppet version, I would do a better job, but . . . I’m still quietly chuckling at your idiot assertion that Article I, Section 8 TOTES allows universal federal gun control. As Bugs Bunny once said, “What a gulli-bull!! What a nin-cow-poop!!!”

          You remind me of the old joke about the monkey, floating down the river on his back with a hard-on, yelling “Raise the drawbridge!!”. You are a legend in your own mind.

    • I can’t imagine a worse idea than a commando style gun take back.
      The units for this would fill up with sociopaths and the death toll would climb fast. There’s a fair percentage of gun owners who would stand their ground despite the flash bang and gas barrage followed by massive small arms fire into the “uncooperative citizen”.
      Much more effective is the Justin Trudeau move of making uncooperative people homeless. Then arrest them for homelessness.

      • This. Any outright collection would be Nazi Germany. We already know the plan is to tax us, but if they try it, the economy will certainly, and finally, collapse. But yes, I wonder how many of these gun companies would start boot licking for government contracts and sell their souls just to keep business alive. You think private sector is bad now, just wait until bounty hunting becomes the most popular job in America…

      • I can only call him the idiot manchild anymore. And a slimier piece of pandering filth truly never existed. It’s Shakespearean at this point.

        • Rider,

          Not that I wish ill on my freedom-loving Northern neighbors (however many of you remain), but I’m kinda glad you’ve ‘gifted’ us with this pathetic, blackface, wanna-be-trans @$$clown. Gives us a look at what the Leftist/fascists TRULY believe/practice, but in such a pathetic, self-beclowning way that not even Leftists can take it seriously. With the Fascist manchild, the mask is off – unfortunately, however, NOT the blackface make-up. He is almost as embarrassing as MinorIQ and dacian the stupid.

    • He wants to join Dacian’s Caravan of Death bringing gun control and s0cial justice to the masses.

      • Hey, Southern – as long as they put that little p***y at the front of the stack, I’m all good with that. Maybe put Senile Joe, Kamel-toe the Ho, Chris Murphy, Jerry “I just s*** my pants” Nadler, and Nancy “Franzia Box” Pelosi in the stack, too – that would make it like Bargain Basement day at Filene’s – entertaining AND violent.

    • “They” want a reprise of Ruby Ridge and Waco in every community, their Fake News allies will be standing at the roadside providing the requisite narrative demonizing those “owner’s of ‘arsenals'”.

  3. Why are you guys talking about the current president and current gun control proposals? It’s a Right Wing Conspiracy Theory that Democrats want to take your guns! No Democrat historically or currently has any intention of taking guns. That’s what Republicans do. Just because Biden is lying about the damages from 9mm to set the stage for the next wave of proposed gun control?!? Don’t you guys remember that Orange Man Bad?!?!

    • Sounds like a lot of Demorats want to take our firearms-have you listened to the news in the past several days ?

      YAT YAS

      Tracey Leavell

    • Listen to Beatoff O’Cork – he has told you plainly ‘hell yes, we’re coming for your guns!’

      And, I’m sure that you’d like to drink a pint of Orange Man Juice.

    • As has been said plenty of times already, It was Democrats that very publicly claimed to take guns. Both Biden and O’rourke were rather eliquent in their staements.

  4. They’re going to do what they want to do and I’m going to do what I want to do. There is no overlap.

  5. “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

  6. I will not be giving my guns or my magazines to the government and they can not be “sold back” to people who didn’t sell them to me in the first place.

    King George tried this same thing. Didn’t go well for him or his men.

  7. Seems like $5/gal gas, $2,000 rent, $4/gallon milk, increasingly sparse supermarket shelves, throwing down the red carpet for every third world dependent and flushing $50 billion taxpayer dollars down the slav toilet all with no end in sight might not be the best time for the gov to “come and take it” as it were.

    Folks might be a little ornery.

    • The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence. Mass casualty attacks and other acts of targeted violence conducted by lone offenders and small groups acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances pose an ongoing threat to the nation. While the conditions underlying the heightened threat landscape have not significantly changed over the last year, the convergence of the following factors has increased the volatility, unpredictability, and complexity of the threat environment: (1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions; (2) continued calls for violence directed at U.S. critical infrastructure; soft targets and mass gatherings; faith-based institutions, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques; institutions of higher education; racial and religious minorities; government facilities and personnel, including law enforcement and the military; the media; and perceived ideological opponents; and (3) calls by foreign terrorist organizations for attacks on the United States based on recent events.

      DHS – National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – February 07, 2022

    • The money supplying Ukraine’s war against Russia is cheaper than fighting the Russians directly. It was eventually going to happen when Putin’s hubris would make a major miscalculation.

    • These fucks certainly aren’t above killing me so I’m quite happy to display the same sentiments. Wish they’d quit screwing around so we could get started.

  8. Unless they’re buying assault robots from that place in Massachusetts, where exactly do they intend to find enough goons to go knocking on a hundred million doors?

    • Well I got some dreaded 5.56 super body exploder ammo today at Cabelas. I was going to drive farther but I just paid $5.35/gal for gas. Thanks Joe for closing Keystone. Doing a helluva job for a dementia patient. Good luck getting millions of us turning in our gats!

      • They ain’t getting mine either.

        Anybody who would give up their weapons in this world right now is a certifiable idiot.

    • if they do they will be slaughtered within days…all that talk they do is BS…The only way they got the weapons in Australia ,England and New Zealand is because the morons give them to them… if only one million gun owners decided to break bad..The confiscaters would be crushed like bugs… your local police and deputies would quit when given the order… no federal orders would be obeyed either… they are banking on you just giving them up…

    • History shows us that there is a steady supply of sociopaths who deeply love hurting innocent people. Give them cool uniforms and danger pay and plenty of latitude (rough quote from Klaus Barbie in how to hire absolutely disgusting people to do the worse possible things to people).






    • NTexas:

      YOU don’t get to dictate who gets to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. And in case you missed it the U.S..Court of Appeals just ruled AGAINST California’s discriminatory legislation barring eighteen year olds from buying/owning rifles.

      Now I suggest you grab your Kate Spade purse and relocate somewhere more in-line with your thinking …… Fake Eyebrows/Fancy Sock’s Canada perhaps.

  10. Ah No, Biden‘s bans won’t take any guns or magazines from this individual because this individual is never giving his stuff up.

  11. I love how this site’s comment section is going down the drain at light-speed.

    First, there’s the trolls and you guys can’t leave them alone. Now, there are people impersonating the trolls and between the real trolls and the fake trolls everything’s going to shit.

    And all you had to do was ignore the trolls in the first place…

    • Yeah no kidding S9…they feed(get paid)on those responses. I’ve been here for some 9 years. Few changes for the better. Sigh.

    • I’m of the opinion that we must engage the trolls, sure it’s wearisome and futile but by the off chance one of these overly emotional/reactionary types has forgotten their daily dose of mood Rxs and suffers an attack or better yet “pops off” in public all the better for us.

      • How’s that working?

        Very likely that the Soros ilk pay these idiot trolls not only for posting their BS but for drawing responses.

        • Living in a single family home in NW N.J. was approached by a new neighbor, he a renter next door before I escaped to SW VA (2019). This dope was a devout Lib/Prog, a “Bernie-Bro”, this just prior to the 2016 election, I swear to you this MAGA Nation Trumper here nearly caused that metrosexual to stroke out. He brought up politics, I eagerly obliged, quickly the veins in his nearly 40 yr old head pulsed, bulged, his face reddened, and as “they” are so fond of saying he was literally shaking, uncontrollably. The delicate genius stormed off after a short time thus depriving me of further “triggering” him. I wuz robbed I tell you, robbed. The good thing was he never engaged me in conversation again, he would retreat inside when he saw me and soon moved away. Mission accomplished.

      • Generally speaking, people who are new will judge the veracity of a comment by the response it engenders. Companies call it “engagement” and people usually do this, consciously or not, on their own too.

        All you’re doing is promoting their bullshit and feeding their ego. Or you’re talking to a bot.

        No matter what the circumstances of the individual troll comment, it’s counterproductive to respond to them.

      • Kennedy’s Deathmobile,

        IMHO, close but no cigar. In my experience, most commenters on this forum TRIED to ignore MinorIQ and dacian the stupid, but they just KEPT coming back, with their same, lame-@$$ nonsense. If you can’t ignore them to go away, relentlessly, mercilessly mocking them seems like the best option – at least you get a little pleasure out of beating the pluperfect s*** out of them.

        Ask MinorIQ to tell you how Article I, Section 8 authorized the federal government to enact universal gun control. It’s funny AF.

    • strych9, and none can even distinguish between the trolls and the troll’s trolls trolling the trolls. Hell, it’s fucking global at this point.

        • Nah, NOBODY can fake possum!! Once you go possum, you know you’re awesome!

        • If you’re “into that”, I personally think of possum as our own, personal “Foamy the Squirrel”. If you’re not familiar, look it up.

    • I agree. It makes the comments basically unreadable. It’s hard enough weeding through the know-it-alls when one is trying to learn, but the inane and pointless back-and-forth really depresses the property value here.

      I can get this sort of discourse off twitter or any number of other sites.

  12. To those that wish to take them by force and those on the ground ready to execute that order… Common use means you will find these weapons on every street. No squad will be spared and no duty will be light. You will not be welcomed, you will take incoming, and you will have to drag your buddies or be dragged from the fray with your jackboots trailing after you.

  13. I’ve found most people who’ve voted for theBiden wont admit they made a mistake.
    It’s still Orange Man Bad so nothing else matters.
    If I was to look back and see the gas prices among other things from then and now I think I’d swallow my pride and say ” yeah I fcked up”
    How many people was it that voted for theBiden, somthing like 300 million wasn’t it? That many people just couldn’t have been wrong. Har Har

  14. I wonder how many American lives will be takin by Russian Soldiers using those Kel-Tecs now in common use is Ukraine?

    ‘Common use’ means nothing to people that are doing everything humanly possible to take from the American people and give to Russia (collusion) and other countries.

    Biden and Harris are both Russian Assets. As are Pelosi and Clinton.

  15. Zero chance the progs actually expect to get new antigun leg. The agenda is to distract from the massive failures of the progs in power in DC with their phoney POTUS/VPhooker.

  16. The numbers are low ball.

    No one is taking guns or magazines away. Regardless of laws passed.

    The Marxists are too late to Go Full Red Guard.

  17. I love it! The communists (democrats) are finally out of the closet. All I can say is bring it. Who will be collecting these firearms? No one after the first 30 all out fire fights, Bring it. there are some things more important than life.

  18. It’s a distraction. Let’s talk about guns and he’s going to ban them….oh, never mind the economy and gas prices and shortages and that nightmare pullout with people falling off airplanes and all the other horrid failures Biden has done…like getting money from China and the Hunter Biden mess.

    • It’s “guns” until the Supreme Court decision on Roe-Wade is handed down then if they, the SC, rule on restrictions or send it back to the states it’ll be all about that that is until another my-nor-rit-tee assumes room temprature in an encounter with police then it’ll be about that. We are dealing with reactionaries, they are incapable of focusing on one issue, they’re always chasing the next rabbit.

  19. Knock on door: Yes officer? Oh, you’re here for my AR’s? Well, you will have to get a boat and go up into the Tensaw Delta to find them. We was hog huntin and hits a snag and overturned the john boat. Right by that big gator hole there. Had to swim like mad to get away from the big damn gator. Sucker was every bit of 12 foot. No sir, I ain’t goin’ back up there. I’ll show you on the map were we wuz. An’ ifin you finds the boat, while yur lookin’ fer the gunz, if ya can, fish out my motor.

    • Ok, all silliness aside, while I do live well out of town and a couple miles off the paved road, I can be found if someone really wants to look. When we remodeled the house when we bought the property, I installed impact resistant windows. The added plus is they are also bullet resistant. And the walls are solid oak logs a foot thick with faced with stone and mortar for fire resistance.
      It would be difficult to get within half a mile without us knowing of anyone’s approach.
      Now, I would suggest anyone coming to confiscate anything, they had best bring both heavy weapons, and send out either single young men, or old men who’s kids are grown. I have no doubt if the government wants me and my family dead, we will end up that way. But, I can guarantee the losses will be substantial. Especially if I have the chance to get mobile and away from the buildings. Sure, I’m old and don’t move like I did as a younger man. But much of my military career was with SF. As a sniper and weapons specialist. I’m no threat to anyone who is no threat to me and mine. But, push me or my family hard enough and the results may be a bit harsher than expected.

  20. quote—————-Beyond simply being interesting empirically, the findings of this National Firearms Survey may be relevant to the legal question any such ban would face as to whether certain firearms are in “common use,” to borrow a term from the 2008 Supreme Court decision in DC v. Heller.————-quote

    Irrelevant and would be simply ignored by the Supreme Court as the crafty and devious Scalia also ruled the court had the right to “regulate” firearms which is a slick and disingenuous term for ban guns.

    As far as numbers of guns and magazines. Again irrelevant as the people in Australia found out it did not take their government long at all to melt them down by the railroad care full.

    Will people turn them in? You betcha they will as no one wants to go to jail, be fined heavily , lose ones job and be banned from owning any firearms for life. It cuts right through the bravado you hear on the internet.

    • So…your solution is to drop the 2nd amendment without even doing it constitutionally. Just do an end run around it and ban guns and force folks to hand them in. You miss something entirely…if you are going to break the law by not following the law, why should I follow the law so you can break the law? In other words fuck you and Molon Labe.

      • “……..if you are going to break the law by not following the law, why should I follow the law so you can break the law?…… ”

        J.S. Mill put it this way…………

        “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

        -John Stuart Mill-

        • Thank you for the J.S. Mill quote. How very true. And based on this quote I am not a good man as I pay taxes and ALLOW DC to wage war as well as waste our hard earned money. Granted there is not much ONE man can do but if we all banded together and withdrew our consent, DC would fall in a matter of days…

          What this means is a nation-wide strike and/or civil disobedience at a massive scale…all would be over. THAT is why DC is so scared and attempting to control the narrative and censor…all it takes is one spark…

  21. “Bans Would Take Guns” no, bans don’t take guns, people take guns, that is, if they are willing to risk their life.

    • Actually no. It just states that the militia’s right to own a weapon shall not be infringed. And we are the militia. The government has the M4/M16/M5 which are fully automatic…we do not have those types of guns. The government does have more weaponry than we do but that is besides the point. The point is our right to have weapons is NOT granted by the government but by Natural Law. As a result, the government has no basis to “take back or proscribe” our rights as they never had that authority. In retrospect, the ATF is illegal and none of us are obligated to follow their dictates. The question is…are we ready to push back? Or are we going to continue to let ATF push us around?

  22. Irony … A Tyrannical President Wants to End the Constitutional Amendment Written to stop Tyrannical Presidents.

  23. While some of the above offer valid points, many others are there to inflame the “other side”. That is exactly what is wanted, fighting amongst the people. A house divided cannot stand sort of thing. The fact remains that the Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment was not written about hunting rifles or the right to hunt. It was written to ensure that each individual had a firearm to defend the new nation (the United States) from ANY government that tried to take away the new nation or any of it’s new found freedoms. That included (and still does) the government of that new nation and any foreign government, to include any global government. To see examples read an unaltered history book and read about the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire, Spanish, French and English domination in their respective times. Especially read about China, Russia, Germany and other smaller countries on other continents. Then compare them to what is going on today.

  24. Well, none of my guns have ever “Assaulted” anyone, so I don’t own an Assault Rifle. As for “High Capacity” magazines, all of my magazines are “Standard Capacity.”

    Personally, if it comes to the point where weapons need hidden, it’s time to be using them.

  25. #FJB can take a sugar frosted F off the end of my D! Ain’t gonna comply, Ain’t gonna submit, Ain’t gonna surrender my property, my home, my guns, my Liberty. He and every gun-grabbing pendejo can GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

    If he sends men, he better send only bachelors, and an equal number of body bags with a return-to-sender address!!

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