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Whoa Wayne. Don’t be an oxymoron. If you don’t know what the truth is, you can’t tell the truth. Anyway, the NRA jefe is out ahead of this weekend’s convention in Pittsburgh, warming up his media memes for the big speech. As you’d expect, is giving the conventioneer major play. Today, Snr. LaPierre wants it known that he doesn’t know why the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) decided to let guns flow from Bob’s Gun Shop to the decapitation kings known as Los Zetas. But he doesn’t like it. Nor does he have much of a grasp on the concept known as irony . . .

While contending he is “not a big believer in conspiracy theories,” [!] LaPierre said U.S. officials were “saying there was a river of guns going from the U.S. into Mexico, but they could only prove a trickle. A lot of people suspect that somebody in our government, in the Justice Department, in the administration decided to turn the trickle into a river for political advantage.”

Asked whether he was among those who suspect this, LaPierre said, “I don’t know what the truth is, to tell you the truth.”

But he does hold this truth to be self-evident:

Though the worst violence is along the border, LaPierre said law enforcement in general is mostly reactive.

“Government’s not protecting those people. They’re out there on their own, being preyed on by people. I think the public goes, ‘the Second Amendment’s all I have,’ ” LaPierre said. “The only time government really stops crime is [when it’s] lucky or [by] coincidence.”

What about when it locks up criminals? Stops them from purchasing firearms (both times)? How about calling for contempt charges against the stonewalling Department of Justice, DHS and ATF?

Far be it for me to tell Wayne LaPierre to be the Wayne LaPierre I’d like him to be when he’s busy being the Wayne LaPierre he has to be. But now’s the time to put the boot into the ATF, and Uncle Sam’s lack of border controls. Both of these issues are winners. IMHO.

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  1. He may just be working really hard to avoid mentioning the “jack-booted thugs” that got them in hot water many years back.

  2. I like how the American population was sufficiently full of shit to allow abominations like the NFA, GCA, and FOPA, and (unrelated) the New Deal package, to become law, or even allow the nation to become so morally degenerate as to make it uncontroversial and acceptable for Congressmen (state and federal) to even discuss such proposals in session.

    The NRA is a sell-out. It’s good, but it’s ultimately a sell-out. They compromise far too much, and they’re becoming a bureaucracy that’s too embroiled in technicalities to give a shit about a no-compromise approach to liberty.

  3. It’s not the NRAs job to “take on” BATFE. The NRA should leave that to the SAF. The SAF is the point of the spear.

  4. NRA a money grabbing organization promoting its leaders wealth and kicking the 2nd Amendment under the bus. When push comes to shove. NRA=Negotiating Rights Away

  5. Wouldn’t want to piss off the wrong people! Besides, DC is a social and political game zone and one must be able to communicate and reach compromises with the opposition. One must break the ice, not make it!

    Only problem is that every time we compromise, or get compromised, we lose more freedom. But the fund raising phone calls from the NRA never stop, although other organizations, seem to be able to start and win court cases without calling me, even once.

    Games indeed. Want to impress me? Repeal the GCA-68 for starters. I won’t hold my breath.

  6. Locks up criminals?

    So what your saying is that the government actually prosecutes more than the 1% they do when those on average 50,000 felons a year since 1994 were rejected by the backgorund check eh? USDOJ Background Check & Firearm Transfer report 2008

    You mean the government then stops those felons, 95.52% of whom don’t even attempt to buy from a licensed source today? DOJ Felons Firearms Use survey 1997, published Nov 2001.

    Or do you mean the same government that ruled 85% of gun control laws don’t apply to felons? Haynes vs US 390, 85, 1968.

    Or do you mean that the police actually solve more than 8.75% o all violent crimes committed each year eh? FBI UCR database, USDOJ National Victimization report 2008

    You are getting a slight bit sloppy on you references there Robert.

  7. Errata: Wayne LaPierre is NOT the president of NRA, he’s the Executive Vice- President. Ronald Schmeits is the NRA president.

    The reason Wayne doesn’t know the truth about Project Gunwalker, is that he joined the game in the middle innings, after bloggers David Codrea of Gun Rights National Examiner, and Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars – the Woodward and Bernstein of Project Gunwalker – first brought this to light. When Codrea and Vanderboegh brought it to the attention of Sen. Grassley, NRA was still out of the loop.

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