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We’ve all had some crazy teachers. In fact, if a teacher goes nuts and starts killing kids with a firearm, remember who’s to blame: the teachers union. I don’t think there’s anything a public school teacher can do short of posting child pornography on the kindergarten website that would get them so much as a slap on the wrist. Oh wait. There’s one thing guaranteed to get a teacher out of the classroom [via]: “Greenville Police arrested William Wiberg Tuesday afternoon after the school principal received a tip about weapons being in Wiberg’s vehicle . . .

The school’s resource officer found a 12-gauge shotgun within plain sight in Wiberg’s vehicle.

A hunting knife and 18 shotgun rounds were also found in the vehicle, Mayo said.

Mayo said that Wiberg, an avid hunter, was planning on going hunting that afternoon.

Mayo added that it was a simple mistake on Wiberg’s part but stated that the rules are the same for teachers, students and visitors on campus.

The J.H. Rose social studies teacher has been suspended without pay, Mayo said.

Once again, despite the gun grabbers’ mantra, common sense and gun control do NOT go together. Now there’s a lesson we should teach our children.

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    • Agreed if your bound and determined to have it in your car at a school, we’ll letting people see it is about just as dumb as telling every teacher about it. He should’ve kept it out of site. No trunk? Put it in a case behind the drivers seat. There’s more than just one way to keep it hidden.

  1. not in your car, and certainly not in your home. Did you guys hear about the story where a 2 1/2 year old kid shot is mom in the back and killed her, because dad put his handgun on the table, for “just a minute”? this was within the past couple of days in Florida i think, disgraceful.
    Now while this is an unfortunate incident, this teacher was not planning an attack on the school or anything, this was also entirely self inflicted, all the man had to do was cover the weapon and this would not of been an issue. The fact that this was in the south is even more crazy, they love guns there correct?

  2. I think schools and law enforcement are too arrest happy. Kids get arrested for things at school that I would’ve been paddled over. Maybe that’s the problem. Going to High School in East Texas, it was nothing for students and teachers to have a shotgun in their pickups rifle rack. That said, in this day and age, as hyper-sensitive as people are, this guy is an idiot. Leaving a shotgun out in plain view? It should have at least been locked in the trunk.

  3. The teacher has a reprimand coming, to say the least. First, he may have (don’t know if he actually) violated the stupid and overreaching federal Gun Free School Zones Act. Second, the shotgun wasn’t cased and locked, which I consider majorly dumb whether or not it’s legally required by the state. So discipline the guy, that’s fine, but then leave him alone and give him his job back.

  4. The teacher had good intentions, but as we all know “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I don’t really know what that means, but my dad says it a lot. This teacher may be a good guy, but he’s not to bright.

  5. I know this teacher – stupid he’s not. Not sure if the laws are understood here or not, but considering he was ratted out by a “tip”, if that weapon was concealed under a blanket, or in the trunk, and his truck was searched, he would have gotten in more trouble. His weapons in plain sight seem to be under the assumption that he’s trying not to conceal or hide his weapons – however, considering that kids have been suspended from school(s) on the hysteria and fear of even a first grader gesturing a gun with his hands, there needs to be a better exercise in judgement and common sense……on both sides.

  6. Its my understanding this case has gone to the Grand Jury. I have known Will Wiberg since we were students at ECU in the early 80’s. He is a fine man and highly respected teacher, coach and friend. He was the former head soccer coach at ECU and Rose High School. This situation was without question a bad mistake on his part and he should have known better. But that being said everybody at the school and in the community knows he was not intending to do any harm to students or faculty, and he was only planning to go turkey hunting after school. He is being railroaded by the DA and the anti-gun crowd. Its a waste of the tax payers money and a disservice to the community, and a plain and simple miscarriage of justice. We all support you Coach Wiberg and we hope justice will be served and the charges dropped.


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