Democrat Rep. James Clyburn: Purchasing Guns Is Like Owning Slaves

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Even as Connecticut Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy is lamenting the fact that Joe Biden does not have the votes needed in a lame-duck Congress to outlaw assault weapons, Lefties should take heart. All is not lost. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) has deployed the most potent weapon in the Left’s arsenal to defeat the shadowy, all-powerful gun lobby. Not to mention, millions of Americans who would just like to be left alone and able to defend themselves and their families against a world that looks ever more like the apocalyptic landscape of the Mad Max franchise.

Clyburn has used his access codes to unleash the smart bomb, the WMD, the Holy Hand Grenade of the Left, against which there can be no defense.

Racism. Specifically, slavery.

Why? because everything that the Left does not like is racist or something-ist. Or something-phobic. Or like unto it. And against such a charge, nothing must be able to stand.

According to CNS News, The Gentleman from South Carolina and the current House Majority Whip made an appearance on “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Clyburn was queried about his opinion of the recent shootings at Club Q and the Chesapeake, Va., Walmart. He was asked by the host about how effective the laws are in keeping mass shooters from legally obtaining weapons. His response was:

“It tells me all I need to know. And that is, just because it’s legal does not make it the right thing. I tell people all the time, the institution of slavery was legal, but it was not right. Just because they purchased these weapons legally does not mean that’s what the law ought to be.”

 — Lincoln Brown in Legal Gun Purchases = Slavery?


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  1. He got one sentence right. “We need to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them”. The rest of it is just plain crazy. Owning a gun equals owning a slave?

    The DNC attracts crazies like dung heaps attract flies.

    • The only problem with “keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have them” is the democrat polis believe no American should have them…and guess who deems themselves the Judges of who can own one….yep…the democrats.

      • When I want advice concerning race, firearms, etc. I’ll get it from the party that does-not own the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

        Instead of talking out his ignorant behind democRat clyburn should be demanding his democRat Party cough up Reparations direct from their fat democRat Party coffers.

    • Yes, but who decides “who should not have them?” There lies the murky question. Some answers are obviously obvious. Yet, folks like Clyburn and Murphy seriously believe no one should have them. Senator Feinstein (D-CA) famously said some years ago during the debates on the Brady Bill, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up every gun in America, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.” So, most should have, a few should not. Big government statists must be removed from the decision process.

    • Paul:
      “Owning a gun equals owning a slave?”
      Read it again, Paul. That’s not what he said. Where’s your reading comprehension?

      • John Boch:
        “Democrat Rep. James Clyburn: Purchasing Guns Is Like Owning Slaves”
        You’re “guilty” too. See my response to Paul, above.

        • Criticism coming from a made-up name with a zero comment history in TTAG is laughable.

          Have the balls to identify who you are, if you want to be taken seriously.

          (You won’t do that, obviously, since you are gutless.)

        • Rodney L:
          It’s called a nom de plume, and I have more than one. I use them to preserve my privacy, since I’m not stupid. And… your baseless assumption that I have no comment history on TTAG is also “laughable.”

      • What he meant is simple: Owning a slave back in the day was legal but wrong. And he believes that owning a gun today is legal but wrong. He is not suggesting that owning a gun makes you a racist, only that doing so is wrong, perhaps even morally wrong. Race plays no part in his analogy.

      • I agree, the headline is misleading. What Clyburn did was deploy one of the most commonly used examples to support the proposition that legal does not equal moral. He could have used others.

        What Clyburn fails to deal with is the point that seems self-evident to so many: It was both illegal and very wrong to harm innocent people. If the shooters bought the guns with specific intent to commit those horrible crimes, then yes, for them in those particular situations, buying the gun was one step in the process of an immoral act. Buying a gun without ill intent is neither illegal nor immoral.

        But lumping in peaceful people who own guns with violent criminals is one of the go-to tactics. At least he didn’t rant about gun owners having small penises. Maybe he’s used that one elsewhere.

  2. This racist old fool has gotten away with this bullsh*t for FAR too long!! Identity politics plus no term limits is a recipe for disaster!!

  3. muh rayceisms.

    Grifters keep selling it and suburban white women keep buying it. The future can’t be run by Karens and Kendis, can it? If so that Canadian suicide industrial complex will look better and better.

  4. In my defense I treat my guns very well. I feed them only the highest quality ammo (none of that Russian crap), bathe them after every workday and give them plenty of time off to spend with their families.

    • “I feed them only the highest quality ammo (none of that Russian crap), bathe them after every workday and give them plenty of time off to spend with their families.”

      In the dark, in a safe, where they can’t see the target.

      Gun abuse! 🙁

  5. Democrat Clyburn is a member of the slave holding party and is happy with his position demanding the folks on his plantation do what he says. But in reality if you are a black person you have a statistically larger need for a defensive firearm.

  6. I must be Racist, I have a safe for my “black” rifles and a safe for my bolt and lever rifles. The reason, I don’t want my black rifles damaging my other rifles. I even have some racially ambiquous firearms.

  7. another race baiting comment by a leftist libetard.. #fuckdemocrats.. if that’s what he wants to compare it to, so be it..

  8. Slavery or the right to possess a slave was not an enumerated and protected Civil Right. Arms and the right to keep and bear them is an enumerated and protected Civil Right. After the nation’s founding a good portion of the American citizenry did there ever loving best to end slavery and in all slavery in the United States existed for slightly less than 90 years. It’s been gone in the United States longer than it was around in the United States. From an economic standpoint slavery was a net loss to the United States and even while it existed it only benefited a very select few. At its peak African slaves only accounted for approximately 12% of the labor force in the United States and I must point out that blacks did not free themselves. They were freed by white people who fought and died for them.

  9. Too bad he doesn’t apply the same logic(?) to abortion, which kills hundreds of thousands of blacks per year. But you know, that Democrap thing.

    • Kill black babies, import military age male illegals from every country on earth – the demtard plan to solve the declining birth rate. Too much pot too little brains.

      • They are commies. They are evil, organized and the leadership is intelligent.

        Imo, people should keep that in mind when they assess what they say, and do.

  10. “the shadowy, all-powerful gun lobby”

    Yes, so shadowy and all-powerful that you can find them anytime on the internet and their ‘all-powerful’, apparently omnipotent God like, power to push back against a tyrannical democrat agenda based on lies they tell the public to control and remove a constitutional right. They also used that all-powerful’, apparently omnipotent God like, power to not let their money flow to supporting that tyrannical democrat agenda.

    So, Sen. Chris Murphy … here you are helping that tyrannical democrat agenda. Because you are helping trying to institute the very ancro-tyranny that the democrats would eventually use to, if it stands, to impose the racism of slavery to which he if it happens in his time, or those of the same race in the future, would be subjected to. The democrats have done it before as a party, their past history and current agenda is racist in its nature. For example, the ‘democrat’ KKK, democrats rejected the 13th Amendment enacted by Republicans and jim crows laws became a thing. And lets not forget Senator that federal law enforcement today at the direction and guidance of democrats has been weaponized against ALL Americans gun owner or not, and that almost 50% of their weaponized activity has been directed specifically against law abiding blacks to silence them and keep them from pushing back against democrats favorite tool groups BLM and ANTIFA.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Senator. Thousands of people of all races are buying guns to protect them selves against the very thing, the beginnings of the democrat ancro-tyranny, you are helping happen and your excuse is ‘racism’ because a non-binary white person with mental health illness enacted violence with a gun against a group of his own ‘society community’ while at the same time you seem to ignore the democrat racism against other races and even your own that you help happen every day and on top of that you want to enslave people to government control of a constitutional right.

    The Bill Of Rights came about because the government started to exert powers over the people that the government was never intended to have, in short our new government was beginning to devolve already into the tyranny we had just gotten rid of. It became necessary to define for the government specific rights that are at the core of our freedom and the means to keep it, rights the government could not infringe or have control over. One of these is the Second Amendment.

    • Watch the movie “A Clockwork Orange”. It portrays anarco-tyranny. Anarchy from criminals who are allowed to act unmolested and tyranny from a government that seeks total control.

      • Anarchy from criminals who are allowed to act unmolested and tyranny from a government that seeks total control…. and allows criminals to act unmolested, that seeks total control that allows…….

      • Great movie, but I hate revisiting old flicks because I cannot avoid picking apart the cheesy SFX. Old sci-fi is the worst offender.

  11. I agree with Clyburn regarding the distribution between mortality and legality…for instance, as he mentioned, the legality of slavery didn’t morally excuse its practice any more than the legality of infant dismemberment morally excused its practice.

    Firearm ownership, however, is a completely different thing, as the legal use thereof tends to be morally acceptable, and the illegal use tend to fall in the immoral side. Comparing the two amounts to the either the logical fallacy of conflation or (far more likely) intentional misrepresenting of the facts., which makes him either a dunce or a liar or both…take your pick.

  12. “And that is, just because it’s legal does not make it the right thing.”

    This is correct. People often confuse something being legal with something being ethical/moral. They’re two very different things. This is why people need to be taught the difference between right and wrong outside of what the government considers to be legal.

    “Just because they purchased these weapons legally does not mean that’s what the law ought to be…We need to change these laws.”

    This is the issue at hand. He thinks gun purchases should be illegal. He’s a member of Congress. His opinions on laws matter.

  13. That’s a pretty hot take considering I’m pretty sure that many slaves would have liked to have had arms to assist in obtaining their freedom, in the end they were freed due to the presence of arms, the first acts of US gun control were to keep those slaves in line and that Democrats via the KKK liked the ex slaves and their ancestors disarmed so they could wear bed sheets and light crosses on fire.

  14. … everything that the Left does not like is racist or something-ist. Or something-phobic. Or like unto it. And against such a charge, nothing must be able to stand.

    Conservative speaker Ben Shapiro summarized how Progressive True Believers operate in the most succinct and accurate way possible below.

    If you fail to support Progressive goals, Progressives characterize you as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt expecting that:
    1) Observers dismiss you because your (stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt) position is unreliable.
    2) Observers dismiss you because, while your position is correct, observers do not want to be in-league with someone who is stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.
    3) You fear the repercussions of the public viewing you as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt so you withdraw your opposition to Progressive goals.

    Notice that Progressive standard-operating-procedure is based entirely upon psychological exploitation, manipulation, intimidation, and fear rather than facts, reasoning, and logic. Such a strategy is utterly corrupt and I refuse to support it. (See what I did there?)

    Also notice a huge difference in my refutation. While I also labeled Progressive practice as corrupt, I used simple facts, reasoning, and logic rather than lies to do it.

    • They despise truth and honesty, hence the obsession with changing one’s gender and/or living “your truth.”

      The end always justifies the means because there is never a moral consideration of the means.

  15. A lot of you have missed the point. What James Clyburn was trying to say (but apparently failed get across) is that just because something is legal doesn’t make it right, as in “just.” In other words, there are unjust laws. While you and I can all disagree with him as regards guns and the Second Amendment, I think we can all agree that there IS such a thing as an unjust law. He cites slavery as an example of something that was legal but unjust to make a COMPARISON, NOT an equation. Perhaps Shwiggle has made this point more eloquently than I have, but there it is.
    Incidentally, the Thirteenth Amendment does not totally abolish slavery. Read it for yourselves:
    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT FOR CRIME WHEREOF THE PARTY SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
    Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
    (Emphasis added by yours truly.)
    Article 13 has led to many instances of injustice as a result of the above-highlighted phrase, but nobody seems to care about that. So… I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored. Or to put it another way, some poor bastards don’t get any of the breaks.

    • Well, the same thing can be said of pretty much everything the left promotes. Abortion, drugs, gun-runnin’, human trafficking, etc.

    • @ comp dis-

      He stated that owning guns, like owning. slaves is so immoral that (fill in the blank).

      That is creating a (false) moral equivalence.

      Basically an attack on Walker, of course.

  16. This is what happens when you take a word that should have meaning and stigma attached to it and totally destroy it, now it means nothing.

  17. When someone holds a gun, it had better do exactly as it’s told. The gun is the slave to its handler. Not the other way around.

    This is a great example of a politician with mental problems.

  18. Clyburn is NOTHING but a slave to his democrat party masters. Clyburn reaps benefits while other black Americans suffer as victims of crime. Clyburn is UTTER garbage.

  19. Strange as it may be, I agree with him, owning a gun (like owning a slave) bears great responsibility. You must care for it, keep it clean to ensure it’s in good working order and take precaution to keep it from falling into the hands of someone who would use it for nefarious purposes. The rest is just bullshit brought to you by the same guy that is primarily responsible for the rise of “Brandon”… So much for his wisdom and intellect.

  20. For a long time and nobody knows it, but there has been a silent contest going on with the Democrats/Liberals. Who can say the most stupid, unhinged, non relating to the subject, stupid shit.
    I believe as of right now this old fart, racist bastard wins the prize. WTF has this worthless, POS done for America lately. Nothing.

  21. Theres to much funny to this article.
    Purchasing gunms is like owning slaves?
    Then come to find out hes a house majority whip. LOL
    So hes a black cracker.
    These are the leaders of our country, kinda scary ain’t it.

      • If they aren’t saving the environment for humans, then who are they saving it for? Mother Earth? Tell me this isn’t a religious movement worshiping Mother Earth.

  22. So does this apply to people of color buying guns as well?
    Does it apply if you steal guns rather than buy them?
    Look at the stats on who is shooting who. And where. And why.
    Oops…racist when you bring up the science/facts.

  23. I’m pretty sure that legally owned slaves would have disagreed with this comparison, in favor of having a few legally owned guns on hand


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