va capitol open carry
Open carry...formerly legal in the Virginia capitol. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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By Jeff Hulbert

Virginia Democrats, humiliated by a Second Amendment sanctuary movement sweeping the Old Dominion, are now looking to retaliate against gun owners who openly carry their sidearms into the state capitol complex.

Virginia is one of the few states in America where citizens can enter the Capitol building to criticize anti-gun legislators while armed.

The leftist legislators scheming to ban the carry of firearms under the Capitol dome—as well as on all Capitol grounds— comes just a month before the expected arrival in Richmond of thousands of armed Second Amendment supporters the annual Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day. The Lobby Day regularly drawn about a thousand people to hear gun rights speeches before dispersing to meet with legislators, but much larger crowds are expected for 2020 event.

Front Facade And Walkway To The Neoclassical Style Virginia Stat

The incoming House of Delegates Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn has confirmed to the Virginia Mercury that she and her fellow Democrats are considering a Capitol Grounds gun ban as the first order of business when Virginia’s legislature comes into session on January 8th.

“That is definitely something that we have discussed amongst us” Filler-Corn told the Mercury, “but we’re not willing to say what direction we’re going in.”

The predictions of an overwhelming turnout for Lobby Day on January 20th follows the pronouncements from statewide Democrats that harsh new gun control measures—including possible AR rifle confiscations—are on the table this session.

Lobby Day 2020 is now expected by some to draw as many as 10,000 people—many of them armed. A TTAG survey shows that many hotels in the Richmond area are now reporting a scarcity of rooms available for January 19th, the day before the event.

VCDL Lobby Day
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The Virginia Citizens Defense League demonstration agenda for January 20th follows their decades-long practice of first presenting a series of speeches to the Second Amendment supporters who gather next to the venerated Clock Tower on the Capitol grounds.

Later, citizens will disperse to then be guided by VCDL leadership teams, forming groups to tour the Capitol building plus executive offices and encourage legislators to honor Virginia’s strong Second Amendment traditions.

VCDL Lobby Day
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

While the enactment of most laws is routinely delayed until the middle of the year, the new Democrat majority in Richmond appears to be scrambling fast-track legislation to ban armed citizens from the Statehouse and grounds sometime in the next few weeks.

State Senator Adam Ebbin, a Democrat representing the reliably anti-gun Northern Virginia district of Alexandria, has suggested to the Virginia Mercury that an immediate gun ban could be enacted through what’s known as the General Assembly’s “rules resolution” process.

To many observers, the Democrat Party maneuvering to ban firearms in proximity to their legislators is a petulant and agitated response to the VCDL’s hugely successful campaign over the past month to have a majority of Virginia jurisdictions declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

According the VCDL’s tally, more than 100 Virginia counties and incorporated towns have declared 2A Sanctuary status, or have announced resolutions demanding that Democrats in Richmond immediately abandon their unconstitutional infringement plans in favor of a focus on criminal and judicial issues.

Jeff Hulbert is the founder of Patriot Picket

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  1. I always picture these Dems dressed in flamboyant over-the-top Hunger Games-esque garb as they taunt a shooting war. But in black face of course.

    If it’s so unbearable to live with these deplorables just secede from VA already.
    They never want to leave themselves and they always refuse to let anyone else leave.

    • Shire-man,

      If it’s so unbearable to live with these deplorables just secede from VA already.

      I will say it for the benefit of people who do not already know:

      Progressives are in a tizzy because they passionately want to murder and/or rule over us if we do not agree with everything that they think, say, and demand.

      That is why Progressives are not interested in seceding or simply moving away.

      • VA Conservatives and gun owners SHOULD have gotten serious about the elections BEFORE this happened with Soros and Bloomberg monies and one whole HELL of a lot of apathy apparently.

        NOW we have a cogent example of what CAN happen with Globalist Billionaire support IN LOCAL ELECTIONS. It is happening in Texas and WE NEED TO AWAKEN across the country to stop this very serious infringement on our God given natural rights.

        First the 2nd, THEN the1st…

        • Lot of bloodshed its going to be a mess but they are stupid people asking for it tearing down history monuments the capital is one tooso why let it stand

      • Personally I was thinking we are more living in the prequel to Mad Max or fallout, as a civil war in the US could quite possibly lead to world war three.

        • Merle O.,

          I am not seeing how a civil war in the US could lead to world war three. Give me a bit more detail and tell me your thoughts.

        • Disagree, Merle, though I can understand your direction of logic.

          If the U.S.A. fractures internally and divides into separate entities (similar to how the U.S.S.R. did in the early ’90s), Russia, China, and Iran would certainly take advantage of the situation. Nobody would dare enter U.S. soil, as all Americans would be on high alert and all our guns would be out and in use, but Putin would expand further into Eastern Europe (Crimea and Ukraine were only the beginning), Xi would demolish the Hong Kong and Taiwanese resistance, and Iran would be going after Israel. With our own focus centered back on our own continent, our ability to “check” foreign aggression would be limited, and regional powder kegs would ignite. I don’t think WW3 would be the result, but there would be fierce conventional warfare for sure.

          I think that the more pragmatic way to have an American Civil War 2 would be a “localized” one, such as a Virginian Boogaloo. If the Dems, for example, refuse to understand that the very founding documents they swore allegiance to allow for We The People to depose them when they violate their oaths…

          (DOI – “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, TO THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT [emphasis mine], and to provide new Guards for their future security.”)

          …then the people of Virginia may enforce their rights and go hot if pushed too far. The rest of the nation will watch with acute interest, and Dems everywhere (are you listening, Newsom, Feinstein, Bloomberg?) will know that sparks from a raging fire can ignite tinder elsewhere.

        • @I Haz a question, if a civil war weakens our national defense (which is very likely), then our ennemies might jump on the opportunity. If our Air Force and Navy is no longer fully operational, do you think millions of civilians are going to drop sukhois and migs with AR15? Of course if the goal is to go further than causing chaos they will have to deploy troops and that can be more difficult, assuming there are enough Americans willing to resist which is not guarantee either. Morale will quickly drop with the casualties and chaos, most folks will be more concerned about flying under the radar and protecting their loved ones than going to war, and you will still have to keep an eye on the local vermin wiling to loot, rape, assault and kill innocent people.

        • I wouldn’t see it as in Russia or China attempting to invade the US. Even a severely weakened US is still light years beyond their ability to actually invade due to logistics and the obvious resistance they’d have to fight. However…

          As noted above, it would absolutely be the recipe both China and Russia are looking for to expand their regional abilities, Russia in Europe, (keep in mind how insanely weak Europe is right now. A recent war game conducted by the British showed the combined might of all Western Europe would struggle just to produce one combat effective division. They are absolutely no match for Russia even in its current weaker state, I firmly believe if Russia Really wanted to, they could drive from their own border to the English Channel in a month. That’s how weak Europe is.) and China in the pacific.

          But that’s not all, although no one would invade here, everyone would most assuredly be wanting to support a faction here. And ironically, Russia and China would end up supporting opposing factions in my view. Also interesting to note is both Russia and China do not really like eachother and only maintain alliance out of necessity. They nearly went to war during the Cold War and could do so again with the US out of the picture.

        • I Haz A Question says….. “Help us storm the castle and win the multiple challenges we have working their way through the courts.”

          I don’t see any Virginians asking Californians for help.

          This is how it’s done, hope you’re taking notes.


        • Invade, hell.

          2 or 3 high-altitude EMP bombs, the entire grid collapses and in under a year 90+ percent of Americans are dead. That will have world-wide economic fallout.

          And with no money from America flooding into China, their economy collapses…

        • No offense here Geoff but I think that estimate is a bit over the top.

          Would it be bad and would it kill a lot of people? Yes. Would it be as bad as many of the estimates?

          I doubt it. Here’s why. EMPs are not going to destroy cars, trucks or aircraft because they act as their own Faraday cages. We know this because they survive direct lightning strikes and keep running. That’s many, many, many times more energy than an EMP could put into the vehicle. At any kind of range.

          The grid acts as it’s own antenna for the surge and yeah, that’s a problem. However, outside the really, really big transformers for major cities or huge substations a lot of smaller power companies could get back up and running at a reduced output, but never the less running, reasonably fast because they do have some backup parts on hand and their vehicles will be functional. This will allow them to siphon gas to stay running long enough to effect basic repairs.

          Also, backup generators will still work. The one’s I’m familiar with mostly sit there completely powered down and unaffected until they detect that the system they’re supposed to power is off. Then they fire up. While the EMP might knock out the sensors all such systems that I’ve seen or worked on can be manually started. So long as people are not stupid about what they use these things to power they’ll work for a long time. The one my dad used in the Caribbean for hurricanes that could knock out power for long periods of time would run the house’s full systems for three months off a full tank. Cut your air conditioners, cycle your power properly, don’t waste electricity on fans etc and you’re good to go for almost a year. That ran off a small tank in the big scheme of things.

          Yeah, it would suck but I don’t think it would be nearly as bad as people seem to think it would be. 90% of the population dying off… I’d put it at more like 15-25%.

        • The EMP issue is an interesting one. As far as the initial phase goes, strych I believe you are correct. However after those first few days/weeks things could either get worse or better depending on how it happened or the response. I think it would more then likely get worse, based on what’s called in the SHTF crowd, the “Golden Horde scenario.”

          A Golden Horde scenario is a more plausible version of the “zombie” apocalypse scenario. When the big cities which contain millions of people who cannot fend for themselves collapse, for whatever reason, all those people get hungry and desperate. They kill eachother and loot the city until nothing is left, then leave the city in droves looking for further places to pillage. Like locusts, they kill/loot everything in their path. The importance of studying this scenario is for the better prepared and armed rural folks to have a degree of organization to fight back, as even a small moderately trained force could outmatch roving unorganized bands.

          Anyway, starting to get off topic. But I see and EMP event could cause a Golden Horde scenario which would be quite the catastrophic Event, even as the horde is gradually extinguished, from the destruction they caused and diseases they’ll spread.

        • ” although no one would invade here ”

          You’re all so focused on Russia and China you’ve forgotten Central America. With the U.S. crumbling internally, the south and southwest would be a tempting prize. Granted, they’d have to scramble to organize themselves out of failed-state status, but if they acted with some speed and if the U.S. was in enough chaos, it’s doable.

        • A distracted and fractured United States involved in several small localized civil wars would likely make several nations with expansionist aims to believe the US was too distracted to intervene, Russia into Europe, China into Taiwan, and North Korea into the South. The Middle East would explode with Turkey going after the Kurds, Iran would go after Israel, and Saudi Arabia would attack Iran. Several slow smoldering items in Africa would blow up into a larger conflicts. This would all happen because they would think in the United States was too distracted to deal with it and the danger is that whoever’s in charge in DC might decide to pop a few sub launched nukes to discourage that. If that happened you can bet they would EMP us to death maybe not 90% casualties in the United States but the major cities would be ghost towns with 80 plus percent dead, more rural areas would have death tolls in the neighborhood of maybe 50 to 60 percent.

          I hope to God the left can be restrained from their nuttier behavior.

        • Merle:

          I don’t really see the horde either. Riots in cities will effectively lock them down and that’s if martial law doesn’t. The huge majority of people in those cities will either survive or die there. They don’t have the means to leave and to do so wouldn’t, likely, be safe.

          You’ll get some problems coming out of cities to be sure but they won’t be the horde scenarios preppers seem to imagine. Some idiots will flip trucks or cause major accidents on the roads out of town and all those cars with gas will sit their not moving and burning it. Leaving for most people will be on foot, if at all, and most city folk ain’t gonna walk very far. Especially the fatties.

        • strych9,

          You need to research electromagnetic pulses more in-depth.

          An electromagnetic pulse does not cause damage like a lightning strike. Rather, an electromagnetic pulse induces ginormous voltages on anything that can act like an antenna. In other words anything with wiring is susceptible to an electromagnetic pulse unless the system explicitly protects against electromagnetic pulses or is insensitive to high voltages (either of which is extremely rare in consumer and industrial grade electric and electronic devices and systems).

          Note that electromagnetic pulses would likely damage/destroy the low voltage side of electric grid transformers as well as household and industrial transformers, especially transformers whose low voltage side is only rated for tens, hundreds, or even a few thousand volts. Since there are millions of such transformers, it would take on the order of one year to several years to manufacture and install replacements. And this doesn’t even account for electric/electronic component damage in the systems which receive their power from those damaged/destroyed transformers.

          Also extremely important: what most people think provides Faraday shield protection will not provide any protection at all. An electromagnetic pulse produces a huge spectrum of radio frequencies, including frequencies with small wavelengths. Many of those frequencies have small enough wavelengths to penetrate through “small” openings in what is otherwise an effective Faraday shield at lower frequencies and larger wavelengths. Take a car for example. There are huge openings between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment. Radio waves WILL get into the engine compartment and produce HUGE voltages on vehicle wiring. As a result, only a completely enclosed solid metal enclosure will be an effective Faraday shield for an electromagnetic pulse.

          The real problem with an electromagnetic pulse is secondary effects. Damaging our electric grid, electric systems, and electronic systems is certainly a huge problem. The bigger problem: that takes down our petroleum refineries and petroleum product distribution. Without petroleum refineries producing diesel fuel and gasoline and no way to distribute them, EVERYTHING comes to a screeching halt in very short order, about two weeks, maybe four weeks on the outside. THAT is what will cause something like a 90% death toll within 12 months.

        • strych9,

          I would definitely NOT count on police or national guard to stop hordes of people streaming out of cities, especially after an electromagnetic pulse.

          I think you were much closer to the mark when you mentioned that people would inadvertently block major highways and roads with crashed vehicles or similar debris. That would force most city people to leave on foot. Now, having said that, I can also picture some resourceful people with full-size trucks (especially four-wheel drive) or even semi-truck cabs (without hauling a trailer) simply attaching chains to road debris and dragging it out of the way — or even just driving around it on the shoulder, median, or side streets.

          And, having said all that, now we have to think about ambushes, especially at pinch points like bridges. I can EASILY picture some ruthless people setting up ambushes at pinch points and ultimately stopping all vehicular traffic that way. Functional vehicles, their gasoline, and (presumably) substantial supplies in “bug out” vehicles would be high value targets. I am having a really hard time believing that violent criminal elements could pass up on that incredible opportunity.

          In the aftermath of wide-scale civilization collapse, the only way it could possibly be safe to travel in vehicles would be in fairly substantial caravans of 100+ armed people who would represent a substantial risk to anyone looking for an easy score at an ambush/pinch point.

    • Not to worry,They have been Impeached by proxy in 2020.Thank You Nasty P,Chuck You America Schumer,.Nadler the Rat ,Adam Sh((&t head and Eric nuke em Swallows well.And many more who lined up to bear false accusations at Trump’s Nuremberg Impeachment party. he is Not and still there POTUS.

  2. Virginia Democrats want to declare the state capitol a “gun-free” zone ahead of Virginia Citizen’s Defense League lobby day …

    … this is my surprised face.

    • Our government building are all gun-free here, and we have to have a permit to even touch a gun. We have gotten used to it. What really riled the masses was the “soda tax”. Candidates campaigned on that issue, last election. It was BIG news here. I didn’t care, don’t drink soda. It’s not in the constitution anyway…lol.

      • And you didnt care because it didnt affect you.

        We remain a republic when we defend everyone’s rights, not just our own.

      • Taxes are destructive.

        It wasn’t just local, this was national news. The soda tax was a Cook County issue that would have greatly affected stores in Cook that bordered neighboring Counties. People looking to purchase ANY “sugary drinks’ would have taken their entire grocery purchase a mile or two outside Cook for their entire purchase. Stores in those buffer regions would have gone under, devastating border towns.

        But then you don’t drink soda, so eff them. And it’s your own state.

        • Don’t worry, when Bloomie is elected the NEXT president no one will be able to buy sugary drinks. And you were worried about straws.

  3. Virginia Commiecrats seem to want the title of being the instigators of where the second shot heard round the world occurs.

    • And they are too stupid to understand that if a genuine armed uprising happens who will be the first ones put up against a wall.

      I can hear them wailing “your’e assaulting me, this is an assault!!!!” as they are being led by the arm up to to the post.

      • Haha! I can totally picture that!
        “You’re assaulting me! The Times will write about this! My lawyers will take everything you have! I’m gonna pass a law next week that will make the ERPO look like… wait, what is this? WHAT IS THIS!?! Why are you cuffing me to a pole? No, No! You can’t do this! I am an elected official!”

        • I’ve seen a man shot before. I never thought I’d want to see it again.

          But as unlikely as it seems that we could come to an actual, real life, shooting, civil uprising, I can think of whole bunch of people, without giving it a great deal of thought, who should be put up against a wall.
          I think that great change could be enacted with about 3 thousand.

  4. Virginia is another shining example of changing the voters with the help of immigration. Why do you think democrats are fighting so hard for more immigration? Next will be North Carolina, Texas, and Florida.

    “One in eight Virginia residents is an immigrant, while 1 in 11 is a native-born U.S. citizen with at least one immigrant parent.”

      • I would say it would be better if Americans did marry immigrants. With the massive immigration we’ve had lately (both legal and illegal), immigrants aren’t really assimilating like they used to. They’re keeping to themselves, and in doing so, perpetuating some of the anti-liberty views that they’re accustomed to. This is also what the left wants. They are constantly attacking anything that is traditionally American. They welcome immigrants in and then proceed to tell them how horrible America is.

        • You mean Republicans have to accept diversity and stop blaming brown people for their problems? Damn. That sounds like a winning strategy. I guess that is why the KKK party is now the party of diversity and unity.

          America has always been a multicultural place prior to the Europeans showing up. Then it became a diverse place with the addition of the various Europeans (and the Africans they brought along with them). What unified the different peoples was liberty and justice for all. It’s that simple.

          Everyone wants to live their own life and raise their family their way. The only rule is not to violate people’s human rights. But Republicans still refuse to allow free will although they claim to be the party of liberty.

        • “Everyone wants to live their own life and raise their family their way.”

          You’re welcome to. That’s what makes America great. But when you advocate for infringing on people’s rights, then you aren’t following your own philosophy. You don’t have to like guns. You don’t have to own guns. No one is forcing you to. But when you force us to give ours up and threaten what amounts to a police state, then we have a major problem.

        • “America has always been a multicultural place prior to the Europeans showing up.”

          You mean prior to it becoming the United States of America? Just like every other country in the world, we developed our own culture. People from all over the globe love it so much they watch our movies, drink our soda, listen to our music, watch our sports, wear our apparel, and even follow our politics. When asked what country other than their own they would want to live in, U.S.A. is number one for a reason. So we don’t want people to screw it up. The color of someone’s skin has nothing to do with it. You’re obviously a leftist because the color of someone’s skin means everything to them.

        • I have been watching many videos from Youtube about Virginia. All the “conservatives” complaining about the duly elected representatives of the people keep mentioning Mexicans and brown immigrants as the reason they lost the election. In reality they lost because they didn’t show up and they inspired the other side to vote.

          Only white males like to call other people racist when identity politics comes up in conversation. Yet they pretend every Mexican is brown. They pretend that every immigrant that votes Democrat is non white. They continue to say non whites just don’t understand what liberty is and will always be commies. And they blame Jews for buying their politicians from them.

          Both sides use race in their politics. You shouldn’t call me names for pointing out the facts of American politics. Hell, the government counts people by race/ethnicity.

          Do you know how conservative Asians are? Are you aware most of them vote Democrat because Republicans make them feel unwelcomed because of their race? Asians are more conservative than the average white American.

        • “Only white males like to call other people racist when identity politics comes up in conversation.”

          Say what? You’ve clearly never watched CNN or MSNBC or read the New York Times. Oh, and read above, it was you that brought up the racist talk. (“…stop blaming brown people for their problems?”) I guess you didn’t notice that segregation is a thing once again on college campuses. Guess what? It isn’t being pushed by “white men”. Ever heard of Ta-Nehisi Coates? He’s all about pushing identity politics. He ain’t white either. I can tell you’re a leftist Vlad because not only did you say “white” but also “man”. Typical leftist PC BS to blame everything on the white man because women are better, right? Sounds pretty sexist. Chant with me now: “Believe all women” (except the ones we don’t agree with. We’ll just trash them.)

    • So immigrants don’t like guns? There’s a whole block of voters that we should educate. I’m guessing many came from oppressed 3rd world countries with no gun rights. They might really enjoy their new found freedom with a new fun sport. (I used to not like guns.)

      • My personal experience says most immigrants especially the legal ones like americas freedoms and given a chance to learn it are happy to buy into the conservative point of view. They don’t do the work to get here legally because they love their original home so much….

        • It’s been my experience that most of the Indian immigrants that populate northeast VA are pretty anti-gun.

        • It’s been my lifelong experience here in SoCal working alongside Latinos that nearly all immigrants coming from Mexico or Central America are anti-gun due to the fact that they’re accustomed from birth to only the police or criminals having guns. So they’re imprinted with that belief.

          Oh, and on the other end of the spectrum, many American-born snowflakes also believe guns are bad, bad, bad, as they eat their avocado toast and plan their next protest somewhere.

      • “There’s a whole block of voters that we should educate.”

        Yep, but it’s difficult when the left controls 90% of media, academia, and any celebrities that voice opinions.

      • I came here from a sh!thole communist country (that once was a thriving paradise before some leftists decided they had better ideas). Firearms are strictly C̶o̶n̶t̶r̶o̶l̶l̶e̶d̶ Prohibited there, but I was lucky that I was born into the family of a recognized international pistol champion, so I was trained in them from a very young age. Most of my compatriots in exile are very pro2A. Maybe it is why we don’t consider ourselves immigrants but emigrants, but the point is that not all of us are anti2A or even proDemoncrat.

        • Thanks for the story, and that makes sense. I don’t understand why the opposite would be true, but it’s the case even within the U.S. People fleeing the high tax, high cost of living liberal areas unfortunately tend to bring their left wing values with them.

    • @Dude, FL is already a purple state, all metro areas are blue except maybe for Tampa. Orlando and Miami are vastly Democrat. Libtards from up north move to FL by the thousands each year. You also have folks from Latin America and the Caribbeans, the majority being hardcore liberals. Some would even be okay with communism because “free” stuff and the government can “take care” of them even more. Most of these folks don’t care about the Second Amendment, and if they are not anti guns initially all it takes is a few weeks of “re-education” via the mass media and it’s a done deal, you’ll turn them into gun grabbers because gun kill people, and if you want a gun you probably have bad intentions to begin with. Coincidently, the most “democrat” parts of FL have big crime issues, cost of living goes up, NYers and others are willing to put ridiculous amount of money on properties so the market is just insane, too many cars on the roads and people driving like psychopaths, land developments left and right…these people are pretty much doing their best to turn FL into the concrete jungle they came from, minus the freezing temperatures in winter. I think if you want to be safe from the libtards you have to live in Montana, North Dakota maybe, Idaho? Oh forget Idaho, I read recently that commiefornians are invading Boise. These folks are similar to locusts.

      • I live in Nevada and we are ruined by Liberal from California invading Reno and Las Vegas. They can not afford to live there any more but they come here and vote for the same policies that destroyed their former state…it’s ridiculous/

        • While I agree that Californians are likely the ones to blame for Vegas’ demise, ask yourself if Vegas / Clark County / Nevada was destined to remain as a conservative Western state while increasingly marketing its largest population center to the world as “Sin City” where “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas”. In other words, throw self-restraint and morals to the wind while you’re here and drink, gamble, and cavort with prostitutes until you pass out. But if you move here, please vote conservative. Kinda hypocritical, and the current outcome is no surprise.

      • The city of Tampa is profoundly blue. The rest of Hillsborough county not so much. All of Pinellas county (St Pete/Clearwater) is blue. Pasco (to the north and NE of Tampa) is red but with Wesley Chapel (where I’m at) growing at the rate it is (2nd/3rd fastest growing city in the U.S. depending on who you ask) I doubt we will be for long. Just FYI.

  5. Just as in both major conflicts on American soil before, Virginia is the epicenter of the looming conflict.

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

  6. Blockade the capital to prevent anyone from leaving and anything from going in and let’s see how self-reliant they are. They will be killing and eating each other in weeks! They are soo afraid of responsible gun owners. After all, we all know that guns have a mind of their own. Left alone they become indiscriminate killers. They are beginning to see what happens when you have poked the bear too often. Now they want to poke it even more!! They just don’t know when to say the people are right and we will listen!! Sanctimonious butt heads!!!

    • According to Progressives, guns have a miasma of evil that affects anyone in the vicinity making them homicidal mass killers and compels them to pick up the gun and want to use it.

      • I’ve said it here before.
        After 3 missed meals and Taco Bell not open the inner cities will be full of cannibals.

  7. >>Virginia Democrats want to declare the state capitol a “gun-free” zone ahead of Virginia Citizen’s Defense League lobby day<<

    There is only one possible response to that: "I will not comply."

    If 10,000 armed peaceful citizens show up and do exactly what they've done for the last however many years, peacefully, then what will the police do? Not a damn thing.

    This is the moment of truth, VA. If you comply with their arbitrary reactionary Capitol grounds gun ban, how can you expect them to honor the sanctuary counties movement, or to believe you when you say "we will not comply"?

    • Agree 100%. I wish I could be there, I was raised in Williamsburg, 50 miles from Richmond. This is exactly correct, I would show up armed, whether they pass a law against it or not. Finally a reason for open carry, my .45 LC SAA would be perfect, imagine the looks on these fools’ faces with 10,000 armed Virginians right there in front of them!!

    • Says she is over the Fairfax suburbs of Washington DC. I say let DC annex them since that is how they wish to be governed. Then the REAL Virginians will have a shot at getting back to normal.

  8. If they declare it a “gun-free” zone and thousands of us show up armed anyway, what can they actually do? They can’t arrest all of us.

    • That’s the point. They can’t, and they won’t. If you bow down and comply to their arbitrary, reactionary, pointless gun ban, then you’ve shown you will bow down and comply with any arbitrary, pointless gun law they propose.

      On the other hand, if you show them that the Sanctuary County Movement actually means what it says, and that YOU WILL NOT COMPLY… well, then you have a chance of sending a message that matters, not just to Virginia Democrats and the mommies and Bloomberg, but for the entire nation.

    • IIRC, the day that the Colorado magazine ban took effect, dozens of Coloradans gathered on the capital steps to transfer banned magazines back and forth. Arrests? None.

    • Exactly. It’s the only way to avoid a humiliating loss. Behave peacefully, don’t stir up trouble, but behave exactly the way they have for decades and show the Virginia Democrats that changing words on a piece of paper does not make a law-abiding citizen a criminal; it just makes for irrelevant words on a piece of paper.

  9. Imagine if you will a lefty plant their to start a mass shooting in the ensuing panic people drawing their guns to defend themselves only to be confused with the shooter. Could you imagine the way this would make us look.

    • That nonsense has confused me before, until somebody pointed out how stupid it is. The bad guy is the one everybody else is pointing their guns at. Really easy. Also unlikely in the scenario given, since the provocateur would have to understand that he could not possibly survive such an action, and that he, as an antigun activist, will not have 72 Virginians waiting for him on the other side.

      • Problem is, they don’t arrest the lefties and anti-fa. How many times has Jane Fonda been arrested and she’s never felt any consequences like average Joe’s have?

        • I was recently told (by a 20-something) that my talking smack about Jane Fonda was because I was threatened by her power as a liberated woman and because of a systemic devaluation of female ideals.

          That as it may be, but I was thinking more of her getting cuddly with the enemy what was killing our brothers.

          But what do I know, I guess I’m just an old fat cis-het white racist sexist who won’t watch her new TV show because I fear empowered women or something.

        • If a lefty started shooting and they survived they would be arrested. I don’t think anyone is going to give them a get out of jail free card for mass murder.

        • True Dan,
          But they would then be vilified in the press as a right wing undercover operative masquerading as a leftist.

    • That hadn’t occurred to me but I would not put it past them. I fully expect anti-fa to also show up. This could get real ugly real quick.

      • ” [I fully expect anti-fa to also show up. This could get real ugly real quick.]” It is HIGHLY unlikely that those cowardly shits will attempt to confront even ONE person displaying the ability to defend himself (not their style) and they definitely don’t have the balls to engage an armed superior force… Antifa is a bunch of basement dwelling alleged “intellectuals” that oviously do not understand the definition of the word “fascist”‘ as their actions and purpose are the epitome of fascism…..

        • They will assume that we will obey the gun free zone. Since their weapons are clubs and milkshakes they won’t expect us to fight back.

      • I don’t think they will show up because they know they’ll get their asses kicked. Why wouldn’t they expect people to fight them back? Many patriots would relish the opportunity to teach them a lesson.

    • I will not live in fear of some imagined action some some bogus opponent who may or may not even show up.

      I say do what’s right and let the consequences fall where they may. But don’t let some imaginary fear scare you off of doing what’s right.

  10. They should show up armed anyway. Civil disobedience. Let the Democrats have their dream of ordering the police to open fire on demonstrators and see what fucking happens.

  11. Why are they worried now?
    Do they think they done something where they fear they might get shot by regular people?
    Why is that?

    • They know that Republicans want to show up with their long guns in an attempt to intimidate the duly elected representatives of the people. They are aware these Republicans can’t listen to their leadership who advised them how to properly display themselves to the people. They know how dumb the Republicans are and they are exploiting that to trigger Republicans to do the wrong things. The last time they triggered the right Charlottesville happened as designed and that event gave them electoral victory over the state.

      If Republicans refuse to listen to their intellectuals they will lose Virginia completely in 4 years and Texas will be the next target. There should be no “infighting” because in the real world there are followers and there are leaders. If you are not smart enough to lead than you must follow. If you are arrogant and childish you will lose because the opponent is organized and strategizes regularly with their intellectuals.

      Don’t get baited/triggered by LARPers and socialists. Don’t react emotionally to the provocations [unfortunately most are]. Stop bitching and start planning. If you are not smart enough to create a strategy of victory, seek out those that can. Stop whipping out your guns/toys in a futile attempt to win.

      • I most certainly agree that Virginians who support the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights should have excellent leadership and an excellent strategy to win.

        Part of that strategy to win involves knowing when to use diplomacy and when to use force. Let me clarify with two examples.

        When your neighbor’s children begin frequently playing on your property without permission, you try to meet with your neighbor over a beer or a cup of coffee and respectfully tell them that his/her children cannot play on your property without permission.

        When your neighbor expresses his credible and serious intention to brutally rape your daughter next month, you arm yourself visibly and inform your neighbor that you will use deadly force if necessary to stop his attempted rape.

        In this case Virginia Democrats have expressed credible, serious intention to ban good people’s right of effective self-defense next month. Banning self-defense means condemning good people to the injuries and deaths which are part-and-parcel of violent crimes on defenseless victims. Force is the righteous response to such an outrageous action of government, not diplomacy. And yet Virginia Citizens Defense League is nevertheless trying to use diplomacy anyway as their first course of action.

        • Amendment I

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          Maybe because the founders wanted to give a peaceful warning before they started shooting? Remember how much it took before they stood up with violence?

          Show up and tell them you will not allow human rights violations. Let them know they have a choice and you already made yours. If they choose to violate liberty you will return but you already came in peace the first time. Meaning, the second time around won’t be to have a conversation.

          Don’t forget that states with red flag laws can use your activism against you to label you a threat to the government. Giving themselves the permission to confiscate your guns and put you into a mental institution.

  12. there are enough counties who should vote too nullify their state Government and disband it. Out law the DNC as Terrorist (internal), step two outlaw any and all lawmaking that does not agree with the Constitution those who attempt this will have all there assets seized! athey will be deported to Vietnam

      • I’ve personally worked alongside first-gen Vietnamese immigrants for years. Not only can they not seem to handle Engrish or a coherent conversation, but they walk down an office aisle even worse than they drive, with no realization of what’s happening around them beyond a 5-foot radius. And for some reason none of them I’ve known have ever been able to pick up on body language or social cues. As in, giving the universal cues to signal that you’re really wanting the current conversation to end so you can go back to your work/life/thoughts.

        Everyone has their strengths. Integrating smoothly into America isn’t theirs. As George Carlin famously said, “it ain’t racist if it’s true…”

        • Kap said “Deport the DNC to Vietnam”, I simply wanted to know what the Vietnamese people had done to HIM that he needed to visit that particular hell upon THEM… I spent 39 months killing them and being shot at by them in the late 60s/early 70s and I don’t hold THAT much animosity toward them. So, you see, it really has NOTHING to do with YOUR personal feelings or experiences with a bunch of Vietnamese refugees…. BUT, thank you for sharing I’m sure SOMEONE probably found your input interesting and educational…. Merry Christmas to you and yours….

  13. Let ’em, but they will need to have a carve out for LEOs to be armed. Maybe, just maybe your County Sheriff will be pissed of enough with the political games that they will help you work around this crap so you can carry legally. Stop in at your local Sheriff and asked to get deputize before heading to the capital if you plan to carry. I don’t know if it would happen, but it might be worth trying.

  14. Question for Virginians — do you want outside help? This seems like this is a specifically Virginian issue, and out-of-state participants can’t honestly lobby the Virginia state legislature…

    I don’t think my schedule would let me make it there, but damn, this feels historic in the making, and I might find a way to get out there, but I don’t want to be part of an “out of state agitators” kind of story either.

        • Kind of like the Maoists from China (New Virginia Majority), Bloomberg, and Soros? You’re conflating things.
          How is supporting the people of Virginia meddling? It impacts them, too – it’s called carry “Reciprocity” and they’re getting rid of that, too.

          Either your really don’t understand what’s going on or you’re a leftist/statist troll.

      • Virginia Citizens Defense League said for outsiders to not meddle with their local politics, but they can show up for morale support.

        You can’t get mad at New Yorkers coming into your state to help local politicians then call for outsiders to come into the state to help intimidate local politicians to listen to your demands.

        You are outnumbered locally so you call in outsiders to help overrule the people of Virginia?

        Where are your principles? Don’t you have any?

        Having double standards is what Democrats live by. I guess Republicans are no different.

        Virginian politicians don’t care how many outsiders come to lobby them not to do what their voters want. Outsiders can’t vote in Virginia. They only care if those outsiders are coming to kill them. Obviously non of you are going to start killing elected officials and their law enforcement.

        • Staying outside and protesting is not going inside to lobby. They’re different activities happening on the same day. Besides, someone about to loose their reciprocity most certainly can have their voice. Whether or not a legislator will listen is a different matter.

          Sounds like advocacy for Virginia ID to be shown before participating in Virginia’s legislative processes – something the Democrats have prepositioned to eliminate – for voting.

    • Oh, this is a Nationwide Issue, because if Bloomberg & His Cronies are successful in Virginia, they are coming to all the states! We Welcome all help! Go to for info
      Molon Labe!

  15. And here is what this Virginian had stated on the subject:

    “We established however some, although not all its important principles. The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved,) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property, and freedom of the press.”–Thomas Jefferson To Major John Cartwright, Monticello, June 5, 1824.

  16. What better reason to show up en masse and armed at the seat of government than said government demanding you not show up en masse and armed?

    I hope they do it. And I hope the Virginians run them out of town on a rail. Literally. For real.

    • You are too childish. Your mind is too simple.

      They are trying to provoke you to show up angry and dangerous. This is exactly what they want of you. They want another Charlottesville type failure from the right. The optics will feed their machine the necessary propaganda to pass what they want. They know the people will side with their representatives over the crowd of mostly angry old white men with big black guns.

      Stop forfeiting to the socialists. Childish gun toting is just as bad as ~30% of Republicans voting in Virginia’s election after being warned they all most show up or lose the state.

        • Oh, no! Let’s not criticize our people and help them make better decisions.

          And you wonder how the millennial generation turned into complete snowflakes?

        • Narcissistic people always presume they’re helping because they’re the only ones that actually know best… Perhaps my childish mind can’t comprehend it, but it’s unclear how making such condescending statements actually help.

  17. There cannot be such a thing as a “Gun Free Zone”, there can only be wishful thinking given structure by laws, rules and regulations.

  18. Good luck. The people of VA may well show up with some very surprising hardware in blatant disregard should such a rule be passed.

    • You will lose the will of the people if you act so childish during adult activities.

      The elected representatives will be dressed well and unarmed. The other side will be dressed for war and bearing their biggest weapons. The ones with the guns will be angry, yelling and threatening. The ones without the guns will be playing victim while calling for peace and safety.

      Which group will the whole of the people choose as the good side?

      Optics matter because it’s psychology. People do judge by the cover. The fear of survival overrules intellect and fact.

      • Why do you assume that the law-abiding, peaceful gun owner will be “dressed for war” and “wearing their biggest arms”? The VCDL has specifically asked people to not openly carry rifles. They’re attempting to have a peaceful, meaningful interaction. They have no interest in yelling for the cameras or prancing around like a bunch of Antifa.

        We’re talking about LAWFUL GUN OWNERS here, not white supremacists and nazis and whatever else the loony left seem to think that “lawful gun owners” are.

        • The comment sections and videos on Youtube. They are angry about being asked not to bring their long guns and to dress normally. They want to bring their ARs and body armor to protest. There are a bunch of people saying they will not go if they cannot carry their long guns and dress the way they want.

        • @Chief Sensor

          How dare citizens do as they please in a free society – SHAMEFUL! It’s so much better to be told how to behave from superior people such as yourself who declare themselves to have non-childish and sophisticated minds! If only everyone did as you direct, then there wouldn’t be any problems in the world, right?


          Freedom is scary, get over it.

  19. Let me give you some insight into the mindsets of the Levines, the Saslaws and of course Blackface McClannyboy Northam himself:

    They don’t care.

    They probably figure they can convene on the 8th, jam through legislation by the 10th and have it signed into law by the Governor on the same day with an “effective immediately” clause. Lobby Day isn’t until the 20th which has been just fine in the past. Now it is way too late to influence anything. In fact, if they’ve already pushed the laws through, everyone at Lobby Day may be vulnerable to arrest if their arms have more than 10 rounds even if they don’t pass a specific law making it illegal to carry on the grounds of the capital (which they will because they will pass everything). They will have facial recognition technology deployed, they will bring in law enforcement from anywhere they can get volunteers and they will make a power play because they are all about the power.

    A huge thank you to the 60% of eligible Virginia voters who decided that whatever the heck they were doing last November 5 was more important than voting. Bloomberg loves you and so does Northam and his crew. You made this possible.

  20. With all this disappointment over Dem moves to take away your guns in Virginia, where were all you voters in November? These gun grabbers got elected by getting more votes than the sane gun law people.

    • I voted and guess what! There were NO republican senate candidates on my Virginia ballot!
      Only a democrat and a useless write-in vote!

  21. It’s not just gun laws. They’re also going to revoke Voter ID and Governor term limits… When those are gone, so is everything else.

  22. Is there any hope of the Virginia Supreme Court staying any unconstitutional gun laws?

    Also, we need to start educating Virginia citizens on jury nullification.

  23. VCDL asked for no long guns before this came up.

    I agree that if this capital ban passes you have to carry your side arm or bend over forever.

    So, no long guns but carry your side arm.

    I wish I was there but I honor and appreciate you setting the fuse.

    I stand with Virginians………………Epstien was murdered……….for a reason

    • “For the better part of two decades starting in the late 1980s, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump swam in the same social pool. They were neighbors in Florida. They jetted from LaGuardia to Palm Beach together. They partied at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and dined at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.”

  24. Quote: “They probably figure they can convene on the 8th, jam through legislation by the 10th and have it signed into law by the Governor on the same day with an “effective immediately” clause. Lobby Day isn’t until the 20th which has been just fine in the past.” So show up on the 8th. Respectfully do not allow them to enter the Capitol without at least 100 citizens each. Just so citizens can exercise there right to ask redress from their elected representatives.

  25. The real question here is….How the Hell did the state (RED) of Virginia vote in an entire regime of of Militant, Liberal Demo Authoritarians?!?! How the Hell could the fine folks of VA. (Re: God, Guns, & Glory, etc..) ALL vote to “M Assachusetts ” your states Freedoms and Liberties?!?!? Was some of VA. Voters intoxicated on Moonshine?!? Accidentally, hit the “YES” lever on the voting machine?!? Did ALL the VA. Voters Not understand who they were voting for?!?! Did you not know this would be the end result?!?! Were there lots of “illegal Aliens” bused in to vote in return for “EBT cards and Cash residency vouchers!?!! ” As a “Tax Slave” living behind the “iron curtain” up North in an Eastern Bloc Socialist Police-State….I Can tell you from living experience…That you Don’t want to “M Assachusetts” up your state government and Constitution…. Constitutional Rights, once taken are never returned! Just look at that state, or NJ. , or NY., or MD. ….etc…

    • It took 20 years to change the politics of VA. Study how the demographics changed along with what the politicians did to import new voters to dilute the republicans.

      • Or it was the fact very few Republicans voted and the Republican party did not put up conservative candidates to compete against the Democrats. Nah! It was the minorities.

    • How?
      Dumbed downschool systems and Marxist control of school content and activities.
      Our lack of vigilance in the same.

      BTW January 19th is Robert E. Lee’s birthday. Kind of symbolic.

      We’re behind you in Texas who will soon to be faced with much the same thing.

      • Robert E. Lee was a traitor who took up arms against a duly constituted United States Government.

        He committed an act of treason about leading an armed insurrection, killing American citizens in the service of their country.

        All monuments to the confederacy are simply second-place participation trophies, honoring those who attempted to overthrow a duly elected president, all in defense of slavery.

        Robert E. Lee should be burned in effigy every Fourth of July.

      • Didn’t your Republicans block constitutional carry passage?

        Texas is not the state you think it to be. It is not a gun friendly place. The police are not on your side.

        I have seen way too much from Texas that displays how easy it will be to turn Texas into California. No, I am not blaming minorities.

        • Texans are their own worst enemy.

          “Deputies responded Saturday to the barber shop on Franz Road in Katy, near Houston, the sheriff’s office said on Twitter, where a male employee was apparently shot around 5 p.m. by a customer. The customer fled the scene, the sheriff’s office said.
          Harris County Det. Wallace Wyatt told CNN affiliate KPRC that the argument was over the haircut given to the suspect’s 13-year-old son.
          “He went home, came back. They fixed the haircut for free and then that’s when the altercation occurred,” Wyatt told KPRC.”

    • Many millions of foreigners is how you change the politics. Import not Americans become not America.
      Non whites vote more than 2:1 for the left. As American becomes brown, it turns blue.

      • A lot of minorities vote for Democrats because Republicans are increasingly calling for a white ruled nation and the removal of non whites. The Republicans want to limit immigration to whites and Christians only.

        That sounds like the former Democrat agenda of the KKK. Might as well start chanting “they will not replace us!”

        I know a lot of minorities that say they vote for Democrats because Republicans do not make them feel welcomed or safe in the United States. They vote out of survival. They feel the Democrats are inclusive of different people and want to help them.

        There is no way you can get the fastest growing part of Americans to join you when you say everything is their fault although collectively they are 30% of the country and they have no major positions of political influence outside of their vote.

        Your white supremacy doctrine is causing you to lose the country to the whites on the other side. Typical socialist fighting communists over the control of the state. Ethno state politics doesn’t last when confronted by diversity lead campaigns.

        Republicans will lose if they continue to do what the KKK party did in the past. Even violence will not succeed because the numbers are highly not in your favor. You don’t even have the white women on your side. You will be handing over victory to the communists as if you wanted them to win all along.

  26. It is vital everyone has their boogaloo kit ready to go. That is the regulated part of well regulated militia. Regulation uniform: bino night vision 24/7, you can wear sunglasses during the day. Chest rig/plate carrier, the fancier the camo the better. Hawaiian shirt. Nothing else.

    • the solution should be obvious…since Virginia has split once before…just threaten to secede and become part of West Virginia….

      • I would like to see all cities above a certain size made into independent city states with no political say outside the city. Let the liberals live in their own filth and leave the rest of us alone.

  27. Constitution of Virginia
    Article I. Bill of Rights
    Section 13. Militia; standing armies; military subordinate to civil power

    That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.
    This is even more meaningful than the US 2nd Amendment in this case

  28. Let the assembly go ahead and pass their gun free zone for the capitol. Then, let them try to enforce it over 10,000 pissed off patriots.

    Might as well have ‘Lexington and Concord’ start in Richmond this time….

    Bunch of tyrannical asshole cowards….

  29. Open carry regardless of whatever the tyrannical democrats do, the people have the power they won’t arrest 10,000 armed citizens

  30. 10,000? Bro, you guys are WAY underestimating that number, lol. I guess you haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening in Virginia. You’ve hit the wrong hornets nest. Good luck!

    • Just ignore and defy whatever the democrats do if they pass a law claiming you can’t carry a fire arm in the legislative building do it anyway they won’t arrest hundreds of armed civilians you’re going to have to take a stand sometime to support the second amendment and let the US Supreme Court rule if it’s constitutional

  31. Where is the media coverage in all of this? Why would they not cover any of this considering the outcome that is is going to affect each and everyone one of us regardless of how it ends. Normally they are suckers for the slightest things but this is huge and is not going to end well for anyone if they stand silent. Is the media being paid off as well?

    • Media silence is a sure sign that the pro gun side is large, loud and highly visible (and winning)… Any attempts to undermine this movement with “fake news” would backfire immediately so all the MSM can do is pat the liberals on the back, toss a few atta boys around and otherwise keep their involvement at a minimum… I think the push back by Virginia gun owners took a lot of people by surprise because the liberals mistakenly felt that they had a state wide mandate to move on the “fanatical” gun crazed fringes… oooops, (I think I’ll hang on to my little mountain getaway just a bit longer to see how this plays out…)


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