NRA Convention Indianapolis
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Quartz contributor Elizabeth MacBride attended the NRA annual meetings and convention in Indianapolis back in April. It’s apparently taken her nine months to recover from the experience and synthesize her thoughts about the horrors she witnessed there.

She seems to have concluded that the source of the NRA’s power isn’t its money or its five million members and their propensity to vote for candidates who support their gun rights. Instead, as she sees it, the Association’s influence stems from algorithms, fear, racism, misogyny, nativism, and a pervasive culture of violence.

Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by foot soldiers of the NRA.

A paunchy man walked by wearing a too-tight t-shirt that read, “Ho ho ho, now I have a machine gun.” A man with a Gettysburg beard stood to one side. At the nearby Palmetto State Armory booth, two young men caressed AK-47s on display.

I had gone into the convention hoping to answer my questions about how the NRA, a relatively small organization (representatives claim around 5 million members, but the figures are not confirmed) wields so much power.

In the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court ruled on an individual right to bear arms rather than a state militia’s right to be equipped. But since the late 1960s, the NRA has blocked gun registration and licensing systems, stymied enforcement of existing laws by hamstringing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and undermined public-health approaches to gun violence.

The NRA is at the heart of an American gun culture that has given rise to a societal tolerance for horrific shootingsYet in the past two decades, the association has morphed into something even more powerful: a machine for right-wing America.

Members of the NRA may not look like much individually. But under one of the most gifted political organizers in US history, current NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre, they remain core to US president Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, even after a year in which the NRA was rocked by grifting scandals. Militarized and steeped in a hierarchical culture that celebrates violence, NRA-member voters are also likely to quickly support war.

I went into the convention thinking there were two forces at work that can explain the NRA’s power and LaPierre’s longevity: Weaponized right-wing politics, and the gun industry, which provides the bankroll. My hypothesis proved to hold up.

But I also learned that 15 acres of guns is not all about politics. Nor is it all about guns.

– Elizabeth MacBride in The NRA’s most powerful weapon is not a gun

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  1. Confirmation bias much? If she wants to find ghosts in the bushes she would find them regardless of objective reality.

      • Did you check your spam folder? Sometimes email apps will misdirect high priority email from the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy to your spam folder. Just register the sender as “Not Spam” and you should resume receiving messages detailing our secret plans and ambitions.

        • Hahaha! Awesome!

          Incidentally, VA demonrats just released a new and improved ban and registration bill. They want you to pay them $50 for the privilege of giving them all your personal info, address, serial numbers, etc, and then they will temporarily let you keep your guns… for a bit.

        • I’ll check right after these recurring gales of laughter subside[ m,,;o l. long enough for
          oojocp88yyrt me to type clearly. ;pud[hn v thaniks for the heakf;ods up 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Her article outlined the disparity between conservatives and “the left” (democrats).

      She displayed the results of years of indoctrination by the media, the half truths, the fake news, the out right lies that create fear and hatred for conservatives. She feared the people she encountered because they had views different from hers.

      I know the left is succeeding because I experienced it in what I thought was a very conservative very small town in the Ozarks. I was born and raised around the area. An older woman walking past said to her companion, “Republicans are evil.” She said it with conviction, as a true statement.

      We attempt to counter the left with written laws and facts and get no place because logic is not a factor in their beliefs. They believe because they have been told to.

      Repeating the phrase, “shall not be infringed” has no meaning to them because in their world anything can be infringed unless they say it can’t. Our words don’t matter.

      The country is truly divided and there is no “nice” solution.

      Be Prepared !

  2. People see what they want to see. It wouldn’t matter if the NRA convention consisted of members adopting abandoned crack babies and finding homes for puppies. This person would see it as depraved and violent.

  3. Any one of us could explain to her the problems with the “public health” gun control ruse, why Heller was right, and how offensive it is that she thinks we “tolerate” (and tacitly condone) mass shootings.

    But it would be useless, because anyone who sees someone looking at a gun and uses the descriptor “caressing” has already made up their mind.

    I personally wish the NRA hadn’t turned in to a RePuBlIcAnS OnLy! club, but I can’t deny that they have protected my rights, too.

    • The NRA turned into a Republicans only club because the Democrats decided disarmament was their official policy.

      • That was brought about by President Barack Obama.

        “I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform,” Obama wrote in an op-ed column in the New York Times

        The Democratic Party opposes private gun ownership much more rabidly and reflexively than the Republican Party opposes abortion.

        One of the regular commenters here once wrote that it is no more our business if a woman has an assault weapon than if a woman chooses to give birth to a baby.

        • Mike, that’s easy enough, even I support common sense gun reform. I’ve said for decades that we should repeal every law, city, state, or federal, which even mentions or alludes to guns, that is about as common sense as it gets.

      • Because she doesn’t give a shit about your rights.
        It’s funny. All these far left retards want to push us into socialism/communism, but they don’t realize that they themselves would be deemed ‘unfit’, or ‘useless’ to that type of system, and they would be up against the wall just like those of us they detest.

    • The NRA has never turned into a Republicans only club like you stated. I know many democrats that are NRA members but they are not the filth and scum democrats that don’t believe American citizens has the right to defend themselves.

      • I believe you know many democrats that are not the filth and scum that don’t believe American citizens has the right to defend themselves. But they still vote for the above mentioned scum.

        It’s like with non radical muslims – they don’t want to cut your head off. They only want the radical muslims to cut your head off. While they hold your feet.

  4. Took her 9 months to phrase each line carefully for maximum bias.
    She should spend a week in Chicago down in the hood, she’d be converted quick.

    • She’s wise enough to avoid the streets of Chiraq on her own. Her hypothesis for the Windy City’s problems is “Trump’s fault”.

      • I fully understand why the corrupt Democrat Politicians who have controlled Chicago for Decades blame the rot on others. What I can’t quite figure out is why the voters keep buying it. At some point, you’d think people living in the bad parts would start to think, “Hey, I’ve been voting for these a-holes for longer than I can remember, and those a-holes are getting rich, but my situation just never seems to get better. Wonder why that is?”

        • “Wonder why that is?”

          It’s because of the racists holding you back, so you’ll have to keep voting for us. Sounds crazy, but it keeps working.

        • To Phil in the Twilight Zone Williams.
          I fully understand why the corrupt Democrat Politicians who have controlled Chicago for Decades blame the rot on others.”””””””””””””””

          Glad you brought that up because you just hung yourself by the neck. Don’t blame Chicago violence on people in Chicago. One city does not have the ability to ban second hand gun sales being run to down town Chicago from out of state so every gang member can buy a gun with no background checks. That takes a Federal Law.

          And not blame Chicago people for the corrupt prostitute politicians that let the super rich upper 1 per cent, who control 95 per cent of the wealth, to ship jobs overseas to their slave foreign countries. When Chicago had high paying manufacturing jobs for the proletariat crime and drug use was a fraction of what it is today. It was actually safe to walk down the streets at night now its unsafe in broad daylight. Its worse than a war zone in down town Beirut.

          When you factor in the fact that the Gangster Criminal Republicans have refused to fund job retraining , refused to fund health care, refused to lower drug prices, refused to force the super rich to pay any taxes, you have a country rotting from within and about to self implode just as the Roman Empire did 2,500 years ago. They made the exact same mistakes.

          Its interesting to note countries like Germany spend on going vast sums of money for job retraining and it does not come just from Germany’s Socialist Government , more than half the money comes from German Manufacturers themselves and they still manage to also give German Workers a moths vacation, a moth of holidays, higher wages and better retirement benefits. And their strict gun laws result in much lower gun homicide rates as well.

          Still think the shit hole of the Industrialized world (the U.S. of Hey) is the best place to live in?

        • Don’t blame the people of chiraq for killing each other? So vlad in your little make believe world I guess peple travel to chiraq to kill its residents then leave?

        • Ad Astra, Vlad blames “Hillbillies and Jethroes” for the violence inflicted on those poor urban youth. He also blames loose gun laws in neighboring states creating an iron river of death and destruction to Chicago. But the neighboring states with loose gun laws don’t seem to have the endemic violence of Chicago itself. Could it be a combination of factors including depressed economy, poor education, high crime, and a culture that promotes criminal behavior?

        • Behold Vlad, the leftist, blaming everyone else for problems created and nurtured by leftists.

          Hell, yes, Drac, it is fault of the people living in Chicago. People in those bad, freedom loving neighbor states have more guns, but don’t use them to kill each other nearly as much as Chicago denizens. If all guns by by some magic disappeared tonight, the same violent thugs would use other tools to kill and maim, like in Rwanda.

          Democrats ruled Chicago for many decades, how come they can’t lure businesses that would employ Chicagoans with their overregulation and excessive taxes?

        • Ok, Vlad, instead of blaming the people of Chiraq, I blame you. You are responsible for all the murders, rapes, muggings, and assaults.

    • ” Instead, as she sees it, the Association’s influence stems from algorithms, fear, racism, misogyny, nativism, and a pervasive culture of violence.”

      Hmm, that word salad contains quite a few terms that I find familiar somehow.

      Father: “Hi honey! What did you learn this semester?”

      MacBride: “That Western civilization is evil, and responsible for all the ills of the world. But I already learned that in high school, so it was kind of an easy A.”

      • Vlad, there are federal laws against selling second hand weapons to just anyone. I am sure that there are state laws also being broken. If the laws are not enforced, criminals caught and convicted, why do you think that new laws will be any more effective in reducing shootings in the hoods of Chicago?
        All these laws do is to restrict citizens who want/need defensive weapons to protect themselves and their families from having a defense.

      • And there we have it folks, ole dope head Vlad trying to make excuses and reasons for himself and his filth and scum democrat trash buddies to stay crime ridden. That idiot Vlad is too stupid and dope fried to realize that the top 1% of wealthy people pay over 60% of all taxes. And another thing Vlad the dope head, there are federal background checks for all handgun purchases, except for yuh ou and your criminal thug buddies that steal them from law abiding citizens.

      • To reiterate an earlier reply, Vlad, I’ve thought this often, and am writing it again. Your histrionics and selection of “facts” render your arguments both invalid and tepid.

        I occasionally travel. Whenever I return, especially if I’ve been out of country for some time, I get down and kiss the ground because I’m so glad to be back. In spite of all the problems this country has, mostly foisted onto us by the Left, it’s still the greatest place to live on this planet.

        • And then only for the organ recipient to have a violent rejection reaction and the crops offered the compost to wither and shrivel up.

  5. Ever notice very few of these “articles” provides a comment section? Probably because the writer knows they put so many lies (bankrolled by the gun industry?!?!? Did she even do any research to see how much membership is and try some simple math involving that operation called multiplication…oh wait that presumes rational thought process using logic) into their “article” that people would poke too many holes into their false assumptions. Without possibility of comment this article isn’t even worth the digital bits and bytes it’s taking up on a web server….

  6. Read the article. The bit about the reverend’s ejection caught my interest.

    It’s kind of rich that a writer for quartz would be surprised at the social media monitoring; I’d expect that from any organization of size, especially one that is just about always under attack. She also conveniently doesn’t say anything much about why the NRA might not want to have the Reverend at their events. Sure he’s anti-abortion … but the NRA is not about abortion.

    • I’m sure she hates it when conservative reporters are asked to leave (by the police no less) left wing rallies held in PUBLIC AREAS. That’s not only wrong, its illegal. And sometimes, it happens after the conservative reporter has been assaulted.

    • @no one,

      Interesting that you chose to use the term “anti abortion” to describe a person who is “pro life”. The former is the term typically used of people who want the ability to kill innocent babies as a matter of inconvenience. The latter is the term typically used of people who want to protect those innocent babies.

      Words matter. It’s precisely why major court discussions & battles have taken place regarding the Founders’ meaning within the short wording of the 2nd Amendment.

      • Both terms are incorrect, the correct delineation of the positions are “pro-choice” and “anti-choice”. Everybody is pro-life, and everybody is anti-abortion. Pro-choice people advocate the reduction of abortions by empowering those who are already alive to control their own destinies, thus decreasing unwanted pregnancies, which is completely ignored by “pro-life” or “anti-abortion” positions, either one. Show us some of your anti-abortion positions advocating sex ed in grade school, birth control ed in middle school, and free contraceptives in high school and thereafter. THAT will decimate abortion and provide far more quality of life than “anti-choice” forces have ever dreamed, since all they actually seek is legally enforced control over other people’s lives. Sometimes referred to as “enslavement”.

        • You are incorrect also LarrynTexas ding bat. The proper word for abortion is murder and the proper word for being against abortion is pro life. I don’t s uh sugarcoat anything Larry the nut case. If you think it is just fine to kill innocent precious babies then you are as much of a barbarian as the so called doctors that perform the baby murdering. Idiots like you are the problems that we have when it comes to baby killings.

      • @Haz,

        I simply elected to use the same language as the author of the article to describe the Reverend.

  7. algorithms, fear, racism, misogyny, nativism, and a pervasive culture of violence

    Add in sex appeal and this is essentially how all populations are coerced and manipulated either intrinsically or extrinsically. We do it to ourselves, we let others do it to thanks to confirmation bias, journalism, politics, radio, television, Twitter and Facebook all exist to profit from marketing based on these things.

    For anyone to complain the NRA is using centuries old and proven methods to move people is quite disingenuous because they all do it. Watson, Ogilvy, etc… none of this is new. They’ve done more to shape the world we live in and how we perceive it than any government policy.

  8. First, she made the mistake of saying she went there with preconceived ideas. She never said that she made any attempt to find information that would alter her perspective in a positive manner. She was looking for confirmation!

    She really presented no new information, only the already well-worn liberal bias that we are all well aware of! Her “review” is of no useful social value and should just be simply disregarded and tossed to the winds of time!

    • Actually, MacBride’s screed is useful as an unintended self-portrait. Everyone should read it as an example of the enemy mind at work. It has been noted that this article site allows no comments, which says something about the article itself.

      She hates aging white males with guns who voted for Trump; same old blah-blah-blah. But her descent into the belly of the beast was completely danger-free though guns were everywhere. Is she tacitly admitting than a gun is only a tool with no will of its own?

      This just in – today is the first business day of the new Virginia State Assembly. Going to be some real gungrabbing whoppers introduced by these suddenly empowered leftwing nutjobs and their blackface babykiller governor.

      Please keep us informed, TTAG.

  9. “I went into the convention thinking there were two forces at work that can explain the NRA’s power and LaPierre’s longevity: Weaponized right-wing politics, and the gun industry, which provides the bankroll. My hypothesis proved to hold up.”
    Liz went there to cherry pick examples proving her hypothesis that NRA members are inherently bad, right-wing, racist extremists. I don’t think she successfully proved her hypothesis except in her own mind. She did not mention in her writing that most attendees are there in support of the 2A as defined in the Bill of Rights. The NRA is the organization that helps to represent their interests and protect and defend the 2A with legal expertise. Nothing wrong with that. Every advocacy group does the same thing.
    We the people have absolute and established 2A constitutional rights! If Elizabeth MacBride doesn’t like our 2A constitutional rights she can ask Congress to repeal them.

    • Which Congress is constantly attempting to do already. Fortunately, that is not within their authority, and requires a Constitutional Amendment.

  10. Elizabeth MacBride survived being in the belly of the beast with no physical harm to her.
    The Psychosis she suffers from probably became more severe when the bearded demons
    refused to ravish her.

  11. I read the article. It’s full of ageism, racism, and whatever the opposite word for misogyny is. I wouldn’t know because it’s never used. So here’s a few nuggets:

    “NRA-member voters are also likely to quickly support war.”

    Citation? Nope.

    “Under him, part of the NRA’s power has come from its ability to maintain an affinity with the violent right wing, from Timothy McVeigh to the Branch Davidians, while still projecting an image as a mainstream organization.”

    Were McVeigh and the Branch Davidians big NRA donors? I seriously don’t know, and she didn’t say.

    “…you’ll usually see the camera panning across a crowd of OLDER WHITE MEN…”

    “The US and the NRA have changed in tandem; or, the NRA helped lead the way to a more politically divided country.”

    Because no one promotes unity and bipartisanship more than the democratic party.

    On Ar-15s:

    ‘They’re not that effective for hunting, because the caliber they shoot is fairly small, Vizzard told me.
    As for self defense? “Maybe if you’re being attacked by a herd of deer,” he said.’

    Wait what?

    “The NRA is known for its messaging expertise, which, advertising experts say, likely is based on sophisticated algorithms that tee up images most likely to provoke fear among the target audience of AGING WHITE MEN. Strong women, like Hillary Clinton, and people of color, like Cory Booker, feature often as villains and threats.”

    Hillary is only bad because she’s a woman? Booker only because he isn’t 100% white? It has nothing to do with their views? That’s why the NRA hated Dana Loesch and Lt. Col. Allen West, right?

    “I sat between two ELDERLY MEN who argued over which one of them got to talk to me. “We just got her,” one told the other. When the room got remarkably cold, as the executives were trying to end the debate, one of them offered me his jacket.”

    As in, they’re joking around and being chivalrous. What’s wrong with this woman?

    • I read it to. She reminds me of another urban cosmopolite who expressed surprise and bewilderment at the guys who during the hurricane Harvey floods started showing up in Houston with their bass-boats and started rescuing people. She was amazed that there were people like that who would know how to do things like that.
      Of course being a cosmopolite there was nobody she knew with those kinds of skills. Tellingly, and it came as no surprise to learn this, when the homies in the 5th ward decided to start hi-jacking rescue boats, the rescuers simply pulled out their ARs and AKs and the homies decided it might be a good idea to leave them alone. There’s a wide cultural gulf between people like this woman and us. And it’s getting wider.

      • Wow so many good responses, but YOU NAILED IT not of this world, only their own tiny circle. Also the surprise that everyone didn’t sit around and wait for the government to come to their rescue. Not like New Orleans where folks did sit around ,or go out to rape and pillage, even in the superdome while city officials looked the other way. It’s the culture…………..

        • And speaking of government rescue, I have a vague memory of gov’t folks *objecting* to citizens’ rescue activities saying things along the lines of “will create more problems”, “will end up needing rescue themselves” and other such nonsense.

      • I know that “misandry” is the word he was looking for, but technically it isn’t the opposite of “misogyny”, rather it is its parallel for opposite gender. Is there a word that describes the love of women?

        • “Gynephilia”, and it’s parallel for the the love of men or masculine: “androphilia”, and “ambiphilia” for the attraction to both.

    • This part…

      They’re not that effective for hunting, because the caliber they shoot is fairly small, Vizzard told me.
      As for self defense? “Maybe if you’re being attacked by a herd of deer,” he said.’

      Former JBT and ATF “expert” says they aren’t good for killing deer then says that they are only good for killing a whole herd of deer. Which is it?

  12. Clearly she doesn’t watch Christmas movies.

    “Caressing AK47s” She should go to a car show and look for caressing.

  13. You know what the main cause is for the manifestations she’s whining about? The fact that gun owners in general just want to be left alone to enjoy their lives and avocations. Before 1968, gun shows and conventions had no political concerns – they were essentially just big gatherings of hobbyists. Around the time of the 94 gun ban, gun owners were forced – by the left – to become political. I recall the times at those gun shows, watching the big screen TVs with video of the Australian gun grab, and the funeral atmosphere.

    The gun-grabbing left is what caused this polarization. They brought it on themselves, and when “we” eventually prevail, they can suck on the results.

    • Yep.

      Dedicate your party’s platform to crippling an amendment in the Bill of Rights and confiscating people’s property…and watch the unity happen. Or not.

  14. “Strong women, like Hillary Clinton, and people of color, like Cory Booker, feature often as villains and threats.”

    I just thought about this. The face of the NRA’s marketing was literally a strong woman (Loesch) and a person of color (Noir). Does this meet facebook’s threshold for fake news?

    • Yeah, I thought of that, too. Good point.

      But they see Loesch as a traitor, and Noir as an Uncle Tom. The trick is to get Leftists to take off the rayciss goggles through which they view the world around them.

    • Interesting. Let’s go farther! Loesch is most clearly more woman than Hillary has ever dreamed of, and Noir is blacker than Booker. Does that mean that we win? From their constant ranting it would seem so!

  15. Why would anyone give two fucks about what this woman thinks? Did anyone actually think she would learn anything? She is just a typical leftist scum bag. I doubt this person has ever taken an hour out of her phone texting life to actually read the constitution and bill of rights. If people like this ever had a rational thought it would die of loneliness.

    • It’s a look into the mind of a typical leftist. Since none of what she wrote makes sense, it makes one wonder why they believe what they do. It seems like it’s just indoctrination and prejudice. How do you fight that when they control the media and the schools? It’s only going to get worse with Tech censorship. Notice how the big tech companies are tightening up on that just as the 2020 election campaigns are getting started?

      • What was the saying about having a fool to argue with ? These are the deranged individuals that “know everything” but have to call a “deplorable” to change a light bulb or fix their a c when they cannot figure out the thermostat.

  16. It took nine months to give birth to that compendium of drivel. I read through the original and discovered an idiot only marginally able to form a cogent sentence. She clearly is only able to find employment as a leftist fluff girl due to her significant personal limitations.

  17. The NRA is at the heart of an American gun culture that has given rise to a societal tolerance for horrific shootings. Yet in the past two decades, the association has morphed into something even more powerful: a machine for right-wing America.

    This happened because the leftist leadership fully embraced gun control, starting in 2016.

  18. The NRA was started by PEOPLE you silly goose. It is people who keep it going. People donate most of the money the NRA gets, not gun companies. It is people who contest the political issues and people who are actually lawyers in the courtroom. It’s a “gun” culture lady because that is how our freedom got started, with guns. other than taxes and other tyrannical nonsense by the king an act that got people really upset was attempts to confiscate guns. How else do we stop tyrannical people like you and the money confiscating Democratic candidates who want to control our lives. If we had no guns some dink would attempt what I call a Chavez. see gun control acts in Venezuela 2012. And yes, that did happen in the 21th century so don’t tell me it can’t.

  19. “Military-style weapons account for about a third of the present-day gun market” – Sounds like a pretty clear argument that they’re in “common use”.

  20. “But since the late 1960s, the NRA has blocked gun registration and licensing systems, stymied enforcement of existing laws by hamstringing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and undermined public-health approaches to gun violence.”

    Golly. It would sure be nice if 2A advocates actually had these powers of blocking, stymying, and hamstringing threats to our liberties; our very lives.

    • Vaadu says: “People like her will never understand until they or a loved one gets assaulted.”
      Don’t count on it!!

  21. Democrats are the main thing driving me to support Trump.

    And leftist reporters almost make me like the NRA with this kind of reporting. Almost.

  22. An imagination exercise:

    Scene 1: Ms. MacBride wears a Michael Bloomberg baseball cap to the NRA convention. What happens? She is treated with respect and curiosity.

    Scene 2: Any one of us shows up at a Michael Bloomberg rally wearing a Molon Labe baseball cap. How long do you think it would be before someone tries to knock it off of our head?

  23. Just a little history for her and y’all, we have had gun registration and confiscation in Hawaii. Registration pre WWII and confiscation during WWII. Granted it was not a State but it was a US possession. So yes it did happen due to the fears of the Japanese people living there would rise up for the Empire against America. Now we just change Empire to Democrats and we will likely repeat history due to lies and ignorance.

  24. I am a life member of the nra as is my wife, grandson, and soon to be granddaughter. In-spite of that, I’ve never liked the nra or the way it does business. I think Wayne LaPierre is creative, but a fraud and think he has done all gun owners a great disservice.

    If I feel that way, why am I a member? Simple, when I bought my first gun, my dealer said it was the only game in town and after paying all that money, I’ve just stuck around.

    I hope things get better for the organization and the members

  25. Can we please get moving on the issue of repealing the 19th Amendment? Please?

    Then we wouldn’t have to listen to such nonsense.

    Every reason given by people (both male and female) against giving women the franchise over 100 years ago has come true. There is a large segment of the female population who shouldn’t have to worry about politics – because they just can’t handle it. The female above is one such specimen.

    • DG, can you even imagine a woman President? The Dems still have a few in the field, including Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg.

      • Yes, I can imagine a female POTUS. I look to the female leaders across the world and I can see quite well what a female POTUS would look like in terms of results.

        Corruption, graft and insider dealing run amok, a cessation of gun rights, and a nanny state run by Mother Dearest.

        Look at the cities run by females, for examples of how females run an executive position, shall we? San Francisco – human excrement and needles on the streets. Baltimore – three of the last four mayors were female, and the city seems to continue its downhill trajectory. Chicago. Washington DC. Seattle. Atlanta. Stunning successes, all.

        Shall we go on? OK, let’s look at a couple of examples of countries run by women. Angela Merkel. She’s single-handedly destroying western Europe with her immigration obsession, and she’s effectively yoked Germany to Russia through natural gas pipelines. There’s no point in continuing the farce that is NATO thanks to Merkel. The former PM of the UK – Theresa May – perhaps the single most ineffective and feckless PM of the UK since Chamberlain. New Zealand – of recent interest to gun rights people, another feckless and incompetent leader.

        Too many people think “elect a woman, get Maggie Thatcher.” Maggie was a one-off. The more common results aren’t very good – or are downright horrid – for gun rights.

  26. Read the full article. Several times she states the NRA is made up of old white men, she also says “they” are afraid and the NRA plays to this. She went to the convention looking for racism, misogyny, and nativism and she found what she was looking for when she looked hard enough. It is interesting how the mainstream media always finds “ism’s” when they look hard enough.

  27. Dyspeptic Gunsmith: I keep telling my three children (all adult females) the same thing! My wife came over to our side 4+ years ago. I would much rather talk about old Colt D/A revolvers. Always fun to read your posts!

  28. Quite frankly I do not care what Elizibeth Mac Bride thinks or says. Appearss she is a narrow minded, anti gun/anti NRA/anti 2nd A idiot. Just think, when the dems take her 1st A rights away, she’ll be out of a job. She should think about that.

  29. I suspect she was at least partially deprogrammed by some intelligent conversation, and that caused her to actually begin to question some of her well indoctrinated beliefs. That’s why it took 9 long months of solid reprogramming to get herself back to being comfortably enveloped inside all of the lies and delusions that are required to exist in any of the anti-American liberal strongholds in our country today.

    If you were going to be an effective leftist – or a convincing leftist impersonator – you must never allow yourself to think of people as individual human beings who are fully responsible for their own decisions and actions. That way lies chaos unless you are willing to engage the challenges of individual freedom and personal accountability. A frightening concept for those who’ve never been taught to think critically.

    Here is an obscure quote, followed by a link to an 8 year old blog page. It captured leftist group-think so effectively that I saved it for future reference, and now here you go. Included on that obscure old blog page are easy instructions for how to convincingly sound just like a leftist anywhere in the world. Cheers.

    “The cult of the left believes that it is engaged in a great apocalyptic battle with corporations and industrialists for the ownership of the unthinking masses. Its acolytes see themselves as the individuals who have been “liberated” to think for themselves. They make choices. You however are just a member of the unthinking masses. You are not really a person, but only respond to the agendas of your corporate overlords. If you eat too much, it’s because corporations make you eat. If you kill, it’s because corporations encourage you to buy guns. You are not an individual. You are a social problem.” — Sultan Knish

  30. Well that article is a tasty little treat for just about everyone.

    Propaganda at it’s finest from tip to tail. From the overt to the covert, obvious and back around to ambiguous. A smidgen of something for any reader, dissecting it would be longer than the article itself.

    I particularly like the use of the word “paunchy” up front but not right in the lead. Let’s the reader know that we’re all on the up and up, ya know, smarter than the average bear type shit and those dipshit conservotard gunslut ammosexuals just aren’t on our level.

    But she waited she waited til the beginning of the forth paragraph to toss it in because, also unlike those conservotard gunslut ammosexuals, we’ve got the class to bury our big words deep enough that the kindergarten level readers (conservotard gunslut ammosexuals) won’t make it that far into the piece and get their feelz hurt. If they do make it that far, well it’s not fat shaming because they don’t understand the meaning of the term. You see, “paunchy” is erudite, polite and some other high-falutin adjectives, exactly the opposite of a country bumpkin with a firearm.

  31. Well, I just wasted fifteen minutes of my time reading an article on another article on a website/blog I’ve never heard of.

    Just a few months ago I made some inqueries among my friends and found out something shocking. Basicly, 90% of the conservatives in my area not only own a copy of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but can also recite sections of both from memory. 95% of the liberals not only DON’T own a copy of either one, they don’t recognize any quotes from them. And the five percent who do either own a copy or can recognize quotes from either document DON’T call themselves liberals–they usually call themselves radical Republicans.

    The reason this shocked me? I grew up thinking that because they were such important living documents, everyone in the country was familiar with them, knew enough about them to recognize important quotes from them. College was when I realized that my high school education was unique; that most high school didn’t teach anything about what both actually said; that teachers actually paraphrased most of it, slanting what they were teaching according to their own bias. In fact, in my class at university only one other student could recite from or recognize quotes from either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. And he was a foreign student, a black from South Africa.

  32. Celebrates violence? Seriously? Have you ever been involved in a firearm conversation when a liberal suddenly pops in? They will be the first to turn the firearm topic to one of violence. They’ll be be the one to start talking of killing, of illegal activity or harmful threats. Always! I point it out often. Have any mass shooters ever been found to be NRA members? Not that I recall. However the vast majority are liberals or have liberal leanings.

  33. “…and the gun industry, which provides the bankroll.”
    Wrong….bankrolled by the 100 million American gun owners. Gun Industry is merely the conduit.

  34. Does anyone really know of any liberal left wing female with a brain in her head? I haven’t seen one yet! She learned nothing about her trip because she was already self programmed to reject anything no matter how true or proven that didn’t follow her almighty righteousness belief that gun owners are really what she labeled us as, She wasn’t there to learn any real truth. Maybe someday she’ll find out the hard way when a violent criminal assaults her and NO POLICE show up! No one in their right mind depends on a 911 call to save their life from such attacks. The stupid shall be punished.


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