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Notice something? The last time there was a November surge in the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) was exactly four years ago, after an Illinois Democrat won the presidency. Even though the Obama administration hasn’t moved the needle on gun control—save the illegal ATF long gun registry for our border states—the market has spoken. And it says BUY! Which, as we know, is a good thing for gun rights; the more people who own guns in America the harder it is to restrict them. In theory. Anyway, most NICS checks ever in a day led to the most NICS checks ever in a month. What’s more, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (who keeps these records for the industry) tells us that “This marks the 30th straight month that NSSF-adjusted NICS figures have increased when compared to the same period the previous year.” Anyone who thinks the industry is in decline is experiencing a mental decline of one sort of another. And that’s the truth.

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  1. The gun and ammo makers seem to be the only sector of the economy that’s doing well. Woohoo, we’re number one!

    • Right on, totally agree. However, the idea that liberals actually believe in capitalism is a big pill to swallow. For us however, this is proof positive that we are not what they say we are and that their views do not represent the majority.

  2. I don’t suppose it’s possible to figure out how many of these are first-time purchases? Probably not.

    There must be a fair amount of new purchasers in the mix, otherwise the increase probably wouldn’t have been sustained for nearly 3 years. At least, I hope that’s the case. It’d be pretty depressing if most of the increase was just current gun owners enlarging their arsenals (especially since I don’t have the $$ to enlarge mine).

    It would be good to know how much of the November increase can really be attributed to new people deciding to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

      • Must be newbies. I haven’t bought a gun since Feb. and don’t plan on buying another until Jan. at least. I’ve given away several guns over the past year. How would you figure a noob getting a gun without going thru a background check into the mix.

      • I can only provide a small prospective of my own observations. But from what I have seen, women and minorities in droves are constantly either calling the station or just walking up to me asking what the regs are and whats the best way to go about having a firearm for protection. I’ve often been asked if the dept holds classes, sadly we do not, wish we did. It would be a much better use of tax dollars than about 100 other programs I can think of.

        There is a local shooting range in my jurisdiction and the place is packed all the time. I usually stop in and bring the guys coffee, got few friends who work there, (plus my obvious passion for firearms) and they say they have never seen so many first time shooters.

        • Call of Duty is 9 years old, they’ve been coming of age for some time now. Interestingly enough, in my last job, several guys ranging from late 20s to late 30s all took a day off work when MW3 was released…so the demographics aren’t what you think.

        • nonnamous, the flip side of that is some of those guys in their 20s and 30s are starting to hit their stride, career-wise, which is starting to open up disposable income. Suddenly, $1000 isn’t all that much money, and the prices at gun shops are starting to look within reach. So after years of playing CoD, they go and grab that H&K or FN or whatever they’ve been downing bad guys with.

      • Anecdotes are not data but I personally know two who tooled up for the first time in November. I took them both to the range last week and successfully defended a shooting bench from a determined attack by a lot of paper.

    • An increasing number of current firearm owners are able to bypass the point-of-purchase NICS check by presenting OFWG membership cards… errr…. I mean CCW or CHP cards. Those pre-cleared purchases do not show up as NICS checks in these statistics.

      • I certainly qualify as a newb. I got my first gun (870 shottie) about a year and a half ago and now have 3 rifles, a shottie, and 3 pistols. I picked up reloading and joined a local gun club. Not to mention 5 certification classes and one competition! Viva Le Newb!!!

    • I can tell you from first hand observation (reinforced by others), I’m seeing a lot of apparent newbs in gun shops and at ranges. I live in the Northeast where Sandy scared the $#!+ out people, compounded by the Obama second wave gun marketing initiative. Of course, market penetration is low to begin with, so it’s fertile ground. Mostly, they’re buying HD shotguns and ARs. Ain’t a black gun to be had.

    • I’d bet my money a very significant amount of sales are first or second time buyers. We have had 48 months of increasing gun sales and that is by no means all the usual gunnies. Americans are getting the picture and are rightfully arming up.

  3. Makes it harder to ban ARs when everyone owns one.. ARs where only a hobby gun in 94 when the bayonet lug ban passed only a few had them. Now there more common place than a bolt action rifle is now.

    Another reason a AWB would not pass good job TTAG!!

  4. Well, I haven’t bought a new toy for a few months, but I have been working the used market pretty hard.

  5. I can’t wait till the market bottoms out from panic buying and buyers looking to turn a rifle into an investment flood the market. Similar this happened to the comic book market in the 90’s, same thing with baseball cards. 2016 will be a good year to buy gear and rifles second hand.

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