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The day after The Military Arms Channel reviews the FNX-9, FNH USA drops the FNX-45. [NB: Not literally. But if FNH USA did drop the FNX-45 I’m sure they wouldn’t try to catch it and nothing bad would happen save dinging a perfectly good gun.] Coincidence? I think not. OK, maybe. Probably. Definitely. Anyway, judging from Mac’s opinion of the lastest version of FN’s nine millimeter pistol—previously known as the artist known as the FNP—the .45 caliber version should be da bomb. Like the 9mm, the 15-round .45 is a DA/SA (double action to single action) semi with a heavy-ass DA trigger pull. Which makes the $809 msrp firearm perfectly suitable for trigger-happy New York City cops, Navy SEALS and other HSLD types but not my first choice for an EDC (Everyday Carry). In case that makes the slightest difference to anyone anywhere. FNH is also selling a suppressor and red-dot-ready FNX-45 Tactical. Pic of the Tactical and press release after the jump . . .

FNH USA, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the FNX-45, a double-action/single-action hammer-driven pistol with highly enhanced ergonomics.

This handgun is the latest addition to the company’s ever-popular FNX line of autoloading pistols and is made in Columbia, SC by FN Manufacturing, Inc.

As of today, initial shipments are en route to dealers nationwide.

“We are pleased to announce the release of the FNX-45, which is the culmination of years of innovative product development and advanced engineering techniques,” said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President of Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales for FNH USA. “This handgun was modeled after the FNP-45 service pistol originally introduced in 2007 under the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program. With the FNX-45, FN has combined all of the great features our customers love about our FNP product line with the reliability, performance and ergonomics our FNX line is known for.”

The FNX-45 is fully ambidextrous and is available in matte black with a stainless steel barrel or flat dark earth with a matte black barrel. Both slides and barrels are stainless steel. It comes with a 15-round magazine and multiple interchangeable backstraps with lanyard eyelet and a MIL-STD 1913 mounting rail on the underside accepts tactical lights and lasers. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $809.00.

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      • OMG… I’m laughing so hard right now! I wonder if when Ralph sees someone shooting at a silhouette target at 100 yards if he thinks to himself, “How unrealistic… People aren’t that small”.

  1. The FNX45 has been out for serveral months, the FNX45 Tactical was recently released though. They’re not really new either, just rebranded FNP45s. The only difference is that they now have fully supported chambers, and will feed ammo over 1.260.

    • Also the 1st picture in this article (and ironically on FNs website) is of a 1st generation FNP45 USG not a FNX45. The 1st gen FNP45s had a nub below the slide stop, and on the 2nd gens they moved the nubs to the sides of the slide stop.

  2. Yawn. Another high cap .45? Well JCP died because the fiscal climate changed but a .45 double stack pistol is way to BIG for many people. Glock found that out with G-21s in US LE organizations. Many Police can allow a G-21 allow other Glocks because they are too BIG for small stature people.

    Overall never cared for FNH’s pistols (Except for the Browning HP). a Glock or Beretta is a far better 9mm or .40 SW pistol. For .45 a Sig or 1911 is better.

      • Due to the frame being a polymer 15+1 does not feel too heavy and thank you FN for having high sights to clear my suppressor. It’s a very nicely put together weapon. The gun plus 2 extra mags really should be enough for any situation. FN has another winner with the FNX Tactical!

    • As an owner of all of the guns you just mentioned, i can tell you that the FNX-45 tactical vastly outperforms the 1911, the Sig, Glock, it’s closest match is the HK45 tactical, or USP45 tactical (in which I have owned as well) and STILL outperforms those. In my experience it is the nicest out of box pistol I have ever fired.

    • I own both a glock 19 and a fnx-9. I got the glock first because you ask anyone what you should get for a first handgun and 9 times out 10 it seams people say glock. Anyway long story short, I got the fnx an love it much more than the 19. Can’t wait to get my 45 tactical!

  3. I ordered one of the .45 Tacs over a month ago. Still haven’t seen it. I want it because it is silencer ready and where I work I can take four steps and shoot but I don’t want to scare the rest of the people or have to put hearing protection on when I get the urge to pop a few rounds or see something that needs shooting. That’s why I ordered it, because it is silencer ready. Yeah I could order a threaded barrel for another gun but that gets expensive and kind of half ass. This gun is made for it with the raised sights and all. I like FN guns! I have owned many from Hi Powers to Broadways and Lightnings. They are all made extremely well.

    • You right. Just picked my FNX Tactical up this past weekend, and for me it’s great. Love the FDE color, nice change from all black. Lot of extra’s to appreciate. I’d considered taking my Glock and adding Lone Wolf threaded barrel and all, but to tap or machine the guns slide to receive optics and cost of barrel, and everything else to get it up to the quality of my FNX would have been crazy. I love my Glocks, but FNP and FNX are the only gun yet,that I know of comes strait out of the very nice wolf bag lol, Tactical ready. Look at a H&K HK45. Nice gun, but its not Tactical ready and not to mention look at the difference in round count.

  4. Owned an FNP-45 Competition for quite some time. Cherished it. Huge, but damn accurate. Burris FastFire meshed into the frame nicely. Nice solid thump as opposed to a pop. Even fed HST +P reliably, and I tried my darnedest (several hundred times and dollars) to make it not… as it was my nightstand go-to.

    Gritted my teeth and dealt with the fact that magazines were practically non-existent in the civilian realm. Looked past the fact that aftermarket accessories (when I could find them) required I sell a kidney. But I couldn’t look past the walking trigger pivot pin which could cause catastrophic malfunction. Mine had the issue and I couldn’t ignore it. Not in a primary weapon. Hated myself, but I sold it. And all five magazines (one 14rnd flush-fit and four 15rnd) I had so painstakingly acquired.

    When I saw FNP’s announcement regarding the FNX, I briefly reconsidered. Trigger pin issue reportedly resolved, feed ramp redesigned for better ammo compatibility, and now a fully-supported chamber. Turns out the $809 version is either black slide/FDE frame or stainless slide/black frame. Neither are my cup of tea. If I want classic black I’d have to go Tactical, and add $400.

    Granted, you get the threaded barrel, suppressor sights and optics cut-out for that extra scratch. Just no way I could justify $1200 for a pistol, not now. And there’s no assurance the magazine/parts availability gets sorted this go-around.

    I freakin’ hate reality.

    • The trigger pin issue shouldnt cause a catastrophic malfunction. The pin is beveled and will be pushed back in to the trigger when it rubs against the frame on every pull. It will ruin the pull, but gun will fire. I know, I have the same issue. I bought a peice of drill rod blank and have been meaning to reduce it to the proper diameter to make my own pin.

      • I should clarify that my version of ‘catastrophic malfunction’ equates to “does something other than the expected boom-crack when I pull the trigger… probably when I need it the most”.

        My FNP-45s pin would ‘walk’ almost 1/3 or more of its length. The meandering pin had gouged the polymer (on both sides) to a point that it allowed it that amount of movement. I experienced trigger binding disturbingly often, and in one instance I couldn’t depress the trigger enough to release the hammer. It didn’t take a ton of rounds to get it to going walkabout either. Pretty frustrating, and it installed enough doubt that I didn’t feel I could trust it at a crucial moment.

        Sounds like your problem may not exist to the extent of mine, and I’m glad for you. Hope the custom ‘pin’ works.

  5. My FNP-45T is my favorite pistol (so far). I’ve had zero issues with it. To my knowledge the only ammo it supposedly has a problem with is WWB. So, I simply haven’t bought any WWB. However, it has eagerly consumed every other type of ammo I’ve fed it. Round count is 1,500 at this point.

    What’s not to like about 15 + 1 of .45-ACP goodness? It’s smooth. Recoil is very mild, IMO. It’s accurate.

    I’ve got a Trijicon RMR on it. No can, yet. But, I will eventually.

    It is my go-to bump-in-the-night handgun.

    • Its not just WWB, it is any ammo over 1.260″. Although it has been proven on FNForum that some WWB is over 45 ACP MAX COAL (1.275″).

      Whats not to like about 15+1? It isnt even more. And if you want more Para P14 magazine extensions and springs fit. My mags are 17, and some people have managed to make 18 round mags.

      • Also if you want to shoot full length ammo, FNX45 mags and barrels are supposed to work in the FNP45. The FNX mags dont require a FNX barrel. Good luck finding them though.

        • i have also had no issues with my fnp 45 tactical, (aside how dam expensive new mags are). It is accurate but not exactly comfortable to put a whole lot of ammo through it in one session, (and I’ve tried all of the different back straps) It is my go to home D choice, but i am really thinking about getting something else a bit more comfortable (full size) to put in the majority of my (far too infrequent these days it seems) range work.

  6. Well my first attraction was the 15+1, then the fact that it had the high night sights to compensate for a can was. And as compared to other weapons I have with standard size sights..for me, the gun cycles flawlessly even with with a silencer and I am using a Thompson Machine suppressor. Of course the suppressor is another story for another time in itself. holsters are not hard to come by for it “the holster store” make another for it to has a nice 15 degree can’t which is just rightand has a alligator stamped pattern n it and looks real nice. Not a bad holster at all for the money and the quality. I am also waiting for a rig from Wild Bills Holster which should be the bomb and I guess time will tell. Well, between my FNX and my Kriss Vector SDP P

  7. As my last comment started to reflect. Let me carry my FNX tactical with 2 extra mags and my Kriss Vector SDP .45 pistol WITH 5 30 round mags for it and I am ready to jump on my Hog and take out some ZOMBIES………..ROFL

  8. A hint if you buy a Leupold DeltaPoint for the FNX Tactical. Do not waste money on the Leupold kit. None of the screws or mounts fit. The gun comes with a mount that fits but unfortunately it doesn’t come with screws that fit. I went to a place that specializes in screws. Yes, there are such places! The guy gave me 8 of them when I only needed 2 free. They are #10 torx BTW.

    I love the gun with the DeltaPoint and AWC TR-45 silencer. Shot wet it is unbelievably quiet and comfortable. Mine is Dark Earth color which is unusual. For the holster I got one from Blade Tech which is nice but I had to dremel out the bottom of the holster so the barrel would drop through. The holster was obviously not made for the Tactical version of the FNX but it was no problem fixing the issue.

    As far as fit to the hand goes, I really like it. I don’t think I have big hands. I have never really thought about it. It comes with four different backstraps. I have the largest on and it feels great. The gun is very accurate and reliable although with the suppressor the first 5 shots of Independence ammo failed to feed. I switched Remington and shot 250 rounds without a failure. Then I used Winchester again without a failure. These were all shot with the silencer on. I think the Independence just were not hot enough with the silencer on to work the action.

    I haven’t really cleaned the gun yet because I want to get to 1,000 rounds before cleaning to see how it goes. But I have taken it down many times and that is one of the things I like about it. The ease of take down.

    To me it is simply the evolution of the 1911. Same lockup but improved features and materials. One of the things I never liked about the 1911 is that the thumb safety locks the slide so you can’t chamber a round with the safety on. Of course the ease of take down is nice too. I like the double action and the decocker although I know some people don’t. But then I had a S&W Model 39 thirty some years ago so I got used to those feature.

    As far as the heavy double action pull goes, well if you think you are going to need the gun so fast that you haven’t time to cock it, it can be carried in the cocked and locked mode like a 1911. This isn’t an issue to me since I live in Seattle and Alaska and I don’t need to carry a gun both being safe places. In my many years I have never had the need for gun. Well except for bears in Alaska and this is not a bear gun. (Someone did kill a grizzly with a .45 ACP this year in McKinley NP but it wouldn’t be my first choice.) Mine is a toy, and a fun toy. It is an expensive toy but if you plan to use a suppressor it kind of even out by the time you buy a threaded barrel, higher sights, and mount a red dot. This gun comes ready for red dot and silencer.

    • Trying to mount leupold deltapoint on the fn fnx-45 tactical with the provided (by fnh docter mounting plate) and realize that I need longer mounting screws. You mentioned that you found longer ones in some hardware screw specialty store (#10 torx). Where can I find them and what length and size? It would be much appreciated. Also any soft (nylon?) holsters that you know of that would fit fnx-45 tac with light and deltapoint? Thanks.

    • Do you still have these screws? I need two to mount my delta point pro. Let me know ill buy them off you or if you could give any more information in the screw that would be greatly apreciated.

  9. I carry an XDm .40. Love that weapon for every reason, other than its striker fired.

    How does the FNX .45 compare retrospectively? I have heard many great reviews on this pistol, the only downside I know of is that for one reason or another, it “needs” to be returned to the manufacturer once a year for “maintainence” or if you choose to strip and clean it entirely. Has this been confirmed?

    • This weapon blows XD’s out of the water 10fold, you will never want to shoot that gun again after firing an FNX-45 tactical. They are not even on the same level. Also, you don’t need to send your gun to the manufacturer once a year, you can strip and clean everything that needs it, theres usually no reason to go any further.

  10. All my 45 acp pistols have threaded barrels. I own HK , Springfield 45, the Black stainless competition model, (it’s not threaded”, and the FNX tactical. The polymer frame pistols seem to kick a lot more affecting accuracy to a degree for me. I like using a suppressor on a polymer frame pistol as it helps with the recoil. Plus after using firearms for 45+ years my ears aren.t the best. You get what you pay for. Get a firearm that fits you but most importantly a GREAT trigger. The worse the trigger the worse the groups you fire at a target.
    Make sure you wear ear protection firing a weapon. I now have life long tinnitus. A friend invited me to a shooting range he was a member to. I have never been to one, did not need to I live on a farm. So. I went to be friendly and go. Took my earplugs just to be one the safe side. We were the only ones there. We were outside so I thought I would be good. Well, shoot four round from a rifle and it was done. My ears were destroyed. The culprit was that roof at the shooting range. The roof transmitted the sound waves back at me and now I have tinnitus for life. I learned the hard way. regular ear plus are useless I found out. After I destroyed my ears he then handed me the ear muff protectors, I thought a little late isn’t it. Remember wear ear plugs this is a terrible thing to live with


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