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From usatoday 2005 [via Cato Institute Study Tough Targets, When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens]:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Baltimore Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of an intruder who entered his home early Wednesday in an apparent robbery attempt that ended in gunfire.

Fuller, 32, and a house guest went outside to get something from a car when they were confronted by the gunman at about 2:30 a.m. ET . . .

The man chased Fuller back into the house and then fled after about 20 shots were exchanged, police said. No one was injured.

“Like the coaches always tell us, nothing good happens at 2 o’clock,” Fuller said. “I’m living witness to that.”

Fuller and his family are no strangers to tragedy. The athlete’s younger brother, Fred Bates, was shot to death at age 18 in 1992.

“I’ve already lost one son,” said Fuller’s mother, Alice Bates. “I don’t want to lose another one.”

Fuller said the gunman had at least one accomplice inside a waiting getaway car. He said he returned fire with his own .38-caliber revolver, which was inside the home.

“All I want to do is get them off the streets before they hurt somebody,” Fuller said.

Fuller, who lives in a modest home about one mile south of the Florida State stadium where he once starred for the Seminoles, started 10 games for the Ravens this season.

He has also played for Cleveland and Minnesota during nine NFL seasons.

Note: If readers know of other stories or have better Google-Fu than your Ambienated publisher, please leave the link(s) below.

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  1. Great Google-Fu to find this story. But why did you use the pic from a Virginia Tech/Cincinnati game when Fuller played at FSU?

  2. Good job Robert! Why is it that someone famous has to use a gun defensively for people to realize that the 2nd amendment is so important. This stuff happens every day to regular people, but the liberal media buries it. They just tell when a firearm is used irresponsibly.

  3. I could be wrong, but since these are high profile players, its probably covered up most of the time. And just like regular citizens, if it was a DGU situation were the guy ran off, who is going to call the police?

    Its not the gun although everyone wants to blame the gun, but the NFL has a real problem with mental health. A violent sport with players with mental health issues. Note the player who recently killed himself and left a note to donate his brain to science because something was wrong with him and could not take it anymore.

    Nope, the article we need it to review the year and note all the people who either killed themselves or others who had mental issues. We have a mental health crises in this country and mental health issues are stigmatized so people will not get help or the system is such that the only help they can get is if they are in prison. Its fact that 25% or more of the prison population has mental health issues and in some states or areas their are not mental health facility (NY being the worst) — and it gets worse, as you get older Medicare has no good way to assist with the mental health costs so your only choice is to go broke or untreated — a post along those lines is needed — its not about the guns, those are just the tool of convience

    • Again trying to blame something other than person directly responsible for the murder; I loved playing football in school; I played some rugby on the weekends and I’ve yet to murder anybody in a fit of rage.Also, I’ve carried a weapon for thirteen years and have yet needed to use it against another human being, ( that’s for you Bob Costas).

      Also, the NFL has no more mental health issues than the general population, the reason that you hear about criminal gun use by various players in the sports like basket ball and football is that many black players come from the “gangster” culture where they learned really inappropriate ways of getting “respect” by misusing a gun.

      When a culture calls you “being like whitey” if you get a good education, an “uncle tom” if you get a blue collar job and the only acceptable way to get rich is by sports, music or being a gangster; the gangster credo will be very prevalent in many members of that culture.

  4. One thing gun lovers need to do is to help make the people involved in a DGU a household name.

    The gun grabbers can use Trayvon Martin and Javon Belcher as their rallying cry but very few know the name of that OK widow and mother who protected herself and her baby with a gun.

      • I think it’s a valid point. When people hear the name “Travon” they’re conditioned by the media to think “oh God, some poor young black man, another innocent victim of the evil gun culture”, regardless of the actual facts.
        People who defend the lives of their families are heros. It’d be worth them remembering that it wasn’t a piece of paper or ‘9-11’ that saved them. It was an armed citizen, equipped and ready to do what was right.

  5. Someone needs to press Costas on the particulars of his comment. He’s identifying what he thinks is a specific problem (athletes owning firearms) and swears he doesn’t advocate an AWB… what exactly is the logical end to his argument? Banning firearms ownership based on sports affiliation?!?!

    “I defy anyone to give me one example when an athlete having a gun averted trouble, defused a situation, protected someone from harm. But we can think of countless situations where an athlete having a gun led to tragedy.” -Costas

    • Agreed. And how’d you like his condescending, liberal-douchebag, non-apology for ‘miscommunication’. I.e., “I’m sorry you weren’t intelligent enough to understand the deeper meaning of what I was attempting to convey to you peasants”.

      F-U, Bob. Peddle your B.S. on your own time.

    • I’m sure this is really going to change the very humble, non-opinionated, flexible Bob Costas’ outlook. He’s all fixed now. I can now resume my normal life again.

  6. Nobody’s mentioned Sean Taylor, who was killed in his home. Police reports indicate that burglars probably did not know Taylor was home because they created alot of noise in the process of the break in. If Taylor had it all to do over again, do you think he’d wish he had a firearm to protect himself? We’ll never know. But there are thousands of stories of potential burglaries that were averted when the robbers were made aware that the resident was home and armed.

  7. See but he used a revolver, so costas is obviously still right. We just don’t need these peasants without Their own personal security detail possessing semiautomatic death machines.(sarcasm off)

  8. “The man chased Fuller back into the house and then fled after about 20 shots were exchanged”
    — That’s an unusually high number of rounds fired if accurate. There was no mention of what if anything the gunman was trying to accomplish.

    The gun-grabbers in their ignorance about guns and self-defense right along with their emotional imbalance and immaturity will just claim it would never have occurred if no one had handguns blah blah blah.

  9. Costas wants us now after his anti gun speech to think that he supports our 2nd amendment rights , but if it walks like a duck . We should be blaming NBC , because if they didn’t approve what he said then they should fire him . After his apearance on O’Reilly Wed. night he should learn no can purchase automatic firearms without a class 3 licenses , and that there is a difference between auto and semi auto .

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