Ever Wonder How to Fight in a Car? With Crimson Trace, Of Course.

I’m not talking about the sibling-induced bickering that takes place in the backseat on long car rides — my sister honed my skills for that scenario — I’m talking about a gunfight. Do you know what to do if you need to pull your gun in a car? Have you ever trained for a carjacking? How do you even start to process that kind of situation? Luckily, I’ll soon be finding out as I fly to Gunsite in Arizona tomorrow to attend a two day event . . .

Ever since Iain Harrison joined the Crimson Trace crew, his team has been putting on some amazing events that brilliantly combine an enjoyable time with some real-world uses for CT’s products. Seriously, after the Midnight 3-Gun (Day One/Day Two), the one thought I had was how it perfectly showcased the abilities of the gear being demonstrated. So when I got the following email from Iain a couple months back, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl being asked out to the prom:

Hey Nick,

I’m putting on an event @ Gunsite in early December, shooting the shit out of cars with Ruger & Safariland. You available 3-6th?

I mean, how exactly does one turn something like that down?

I’ve done some shooting out of vehicles before. I took my first deer while seated in Tyler’s Mule, did an exceedingly crappy job deploying from a vehicle for the bug out bag challenge, and even started a 3-gun stage seated in a car. But I get the feeling that this will be unlike anything I’ve done before.

Here’s a list of the titles of the evolutions that we’ll be going through over the next couple days:

  • Construction, Materials, Deployment of Handgun, Use of Cover
  • Drawing from seated Positions, Holster Considerations, live fire.
  • Vehicles and carbines. deployment from vehicle, vehicle as cover, shooting positions
  • vehicles, self defense handguns & low light environments
  • Intermediate barriers (Ballistic Gelatin)
  • Team Tactics
  • Simunition – carjacking scenario

And naturally, as with everything that Iain organizes, we’ll be meeting the night before in a local pub. Somehow that always gets worked into the schedule, but I guess you can’t take the Brit out of Britain.

I’m renting a car with one of the editors from Guns & Ammo as well as a couple other attendees from PHX and driving out on Monday and I’ll report in as soon as I have something cool to share. Don’t worry — I’ll make sure to take TONS of video.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    K. Now this is training I understand a civilian wanting to have. Carjackings are a real world event that can happen in any city at any time. This would be usefull info to have.

  2. avatar Skyler says:

    Someone once recommended to me that a gun kept in the car should have fully jacketed bullets so you can stay seated and shoot through your own door.

  3. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Be interested to duplicate the CIA contractor shooting in Pakstan who nailed two BGs thru the windsheild with X ring shots.

  4. avatar Jay Dunn says:

    Make sure you have at least one window open or you will be paying to reconstruct both ear drums.

  5. avatar RodinKy says:

    Looking for a great report from this venture, Nick. Be careful and don’t shoot yourself in the leg or elsewhere!

  6. avatar Accur81 says:

    Deployment of firearms is part of the FBI test protocol, especially the windshield and sheet metal tests. The windshield is a relatively tough barrier, and can deflect rounds. The .40 Smith 180 JHP does a decent job of penetrating windshields without a whole lot of deflection.

    Drawing while seated is a pain in the ars. A car represents some challenges, but I’m excited about your course. My training is not something that I have a whole lot of liberty to write about.

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