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In the video above, lame duck Daily Show host Jon Stewart takes on the controversy surrounding the now-infamous McKinney pool party video, where a police officer draws his weapon (and holsters it) while trying to control an out-of-control event. Stewart states that pool parties should be fun and involve “super soakers.” His black, body armor-wearing “correspondent” pretends to be shocked. “A water gun at a Texas pool party?” she replies . . .

“Are you trying to get me killed?”

“It’s Texas — people are always waving guns around,” Stewart says.

“Uh, no,” she said. “White people are and they call it ‘open carry.’ For black people it’s called ‘He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!'”

The fact that Texas gun laws were created to disarm blacks doesn’t figure in the bit. Nor does the fact that Texas open carry laws – soon to include handguns for licensed residents – apply to everyone, white or black. But then facts don’t matter when you’re playing the race card.

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  1. Jon Stewart went full retard a long time ago and never looked back. Hopefully his departure will bump The Daily Show off its Obama worshiping conservative roast fest.

    • Given the new host’s nationality I surmise we are in for even fuller retardedness when it comes to guns.

    • It helped that he started out as a retard. Actually, I think he went to college to attain that level.

  2. In a less politically charged, race baitin’, PC anti-gun environment, that skit/joke would just be considered…humor.

    I’d say ‘get a grip’.

    • Roscoe,
      What you have to realize, is the amount of people who treat the Daily Show like NEWS. People who swayed politically by a COMEDIAN making jokes. In my ethics class last quarter, I was asked to proof read a final paper for a classmate. Said classmate used The Daily Show as a scholarly source.

      Let that sink in.

      That is the kind of person we are dealing with here. That is the kind of person who is most vocal on the liberal side. People who want to change the laws of our nation, and ignore foundations our entire society were built upon… based on a 2 minute comedy skit.

      • True enough. I recently read that a shocking number of people relied on either/both Stewart and Colbert as their primary news source.

        • I’d say that says more about the other news options out there than it does about Stewart or the people who watch him…

          When a sizable number of people think a comedy show is a more trustworthy source of information than the “legitimate” news media, maybe that’s a call for the latter to get their shit together.

      • Sean N and ALCON,

        That’s funnier than the skit!…and a truly sad tribute to our educational system when it produces such lazy, brainless sheeple.

        Of course, given the laughable liberal bias of today’s legacy news media, The Daily Show might have been just as much a “scholarly source” as anything from the MSM, though I wouldn’t consider ANYTHING coming from an “entertainment” media, including the nightly news, to be “scholarly”. Shoot, it’s usually not even truly informative, given how much correspondents and anchors *don’t* tell viewers because of their liberal slant.

        I hope you boldly used a red marker on that fellow student’s paper.

      • That’s because The Daily Show is actually better news than pretty much any “real” news that you can see on TV.

        And yes, it is ridiculous that the “proper” news programs are that bad at what they do. And Jon did in fact comment about this along the lines of, “WTF guys, I’m a comedian, this is entertainment”. But it is what it is.

  3. The law may be colorblind, but I am reasonably certain that, in its application, the effect will not be. You need only look at the man killed in a Walmart in Ohio to see that in operation.

    • Was it the application? Or was it that he was “swatted”? – watch the video and listen to what the caller claims he was doing… pointing the gun at people when he wasn’t.

      Yes, they should have evaluated what was going on… or maybe the caller should be charged accordingly. What do we know about the caller? Is he an anti-gun person who was doing what they said they would do to open carry people?

  4. Jon Stewart has always reached for the low hanging fruit as far as I can remember. Most of it was at least chuckle worthy but in no way would it be considered a real commentary on anything. I generally liked the Daily Show but with most comedians you get what’s going to get laughs and not their real opinion or any kind of useful or balanced discussion. Most of comedy just runs off stereotypes, as this example does. Now I don’t watch tv so I don’t know what they’re up to these days.

  5. Well, open carry *should* be color blind, but let’s face it, it isn’t. And, this is one key reason I think more people should open carry: Desensitization. A little bit of an innocuous strain leads to a big immunity.

  6. Why is open carry colorblind when nothing else is? People of good will want colorblindness and practice it, but we can’t say the same about everyone. And black people, I’m talking to you, too.

    • Now I’m pissed off, I was composing a very bad taste black guy stereotype zinger for Ralph and I thought about it a bit and deleted it…this race crap just infringed on my right to be funny and someone owes me something for that hardship dammit.

      • Race relations have gotten much worse under our present Lord and Master, the jug-eared jackalope currently occupying the White House. Things were a lot more cooperative and peaceful and far less confrontational before he seized power. And that’s the truth.

        • Another failed edit box.

          The one bright spot is that firearm rights are finally being taken seriously in the black community.

  7. I think this race thing is blown all out of proportion. It started with Trevon Martin, then the rice kid, with the “look alike” gun. The media saw this and then “jumped on it” at every opportunity.
    There are probably no more white cop, versus black kid incidents than there was before the Trevon incident. The blacks are just using the media coverings to “justify” more anti white talk.
    Just my opinion.

    • Blaming the media lets POTUS off the hook. When it comes to race-baiting, our “If I Had a Son, He’d be a Thug like Travon” President takes a back seat to no one.

      • Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson beg to differ. They’ve been at the race-baitin’ game since way before Barry organized his first community.

        • Well, yes, but Al Jackson and Jesse Sharpton (they really are interchangeable) don’t have POTUS’ phone and pen.

    • Maybe so Gunr but now the PO-leece get filmedeverywhere they go. It’s harder to thug out. Just ask the many thousands of black folks beat up and tortured in Chiraq-and the black cops may be the worst offenders…

    • The cop was probably a D_ _k, but the kids there were the ones out of control. Trespassing is still a crime in Texas. Two teen age boys”kids” swinging around to the back of me like those two did and I would pull my gun too. Don’t care what color they were.

      • I really didn’t give a crap about this story to research it but the stories come to you just by scrolling Facebook. There were a lot of wrongs leading up to what we see on the video and there is a background story that few are talking about.

        McKinney lost a case over public housing in 08. I imagine residents there feel betrayed and this day was inevitable in their minds.
        The promoter of the event did not get permission to invite 100 people. She did not pay the deposit and the rent for the facilities. She hired a DJ that broadcast explicit “music”.
        There was a confrontation between the girl and another resident. The long time resident told the people to go back to the section 8 housing that they came from. Racist remark? Perhaps. So this is the second wrong. They were not wrong to end the “party” that was not authorized, but perhaps the method was not optimal. At some point, this sparked a physical altercation. Can’t take sides because both parties were in the wrong.
        Now, after the refusal by the interlopers to leave and there being a fight, the police were called.
        Of all the parties involved, the officer was mostly in the right. Could he have been “cooler”? Sure. Did he harm anyone? Nope.
        I hate the comments “those kids are scarred for life”. Give me a break. They were scared long before June 9th.

        • Casebolt’s lawyer just released a statement. This is part of it:

          “With all that had happened that day, he allowed his emotions to get the better of him,” she said.

          So I guess she disagrees with your statement. Casebolt lost it. Case closed.

          • But on the whole, he did not hurt anyone or do anything illegal. He had every right to detain everyone he tried to detain. He just had a nasty demeanor when he went about his job. The misbehavior of the people at the scene brought that about.

        • And if I go about doing my job with a nasty demeanor, I’ll be fired. Why should being a police officer be any different?

          • Because this isn’t a meter maid or hot dog vendor. This is a police officer on an active crime scene trying to catch those fleeing the scene.
            Your demeanor on your job would change very quickly if you had everyone you deal with not being compliant. If you are a supervisor and you have an insubordinate employee that you have to suspend but he gets in your face and refuses to go home, what do you do then? Huh Mr. nice guy? Call security. You think they are going to be nice to the irate employee?
            If your argument is that this cop was unpleasant, then he is guilty of that. Everything else was standard police work, or even better. Just wait till you have to call the police and when they get there, they just stand around like it’s no big deal and don’t chase the perps that you just saw run off.

        • Good points, Michael, except that none of the other 11 cops on the scene appear to be completely losing their shit. They seem to be calmly talking to people and trying to figure out the situation. Only one guy is running around and screaming at everyone. If 11 out of 12 can keep their cool in the same situation, maybe the one who doesn’t is the one who has the problem. Or is it your contention that he’s Officer Of The Year and the other eleven should’ve been more like him, and turned a relatively calm scene into a full-blown riot?

          • Seemed like the “11 good cops” just wanted to end the disturbance while the “1 bad cop” wanted to catch the instigators of the disturbance. He was frustrated no doubt. His tirade at the yutes once he got them to sit still, as well as his apology given through his attorney are testament to that.
            Has a cop ever been a dickhead to you? Several have been very verbally abusive to me and I just nod my head and say “yes sir”. Not one of these hot heads ever wrote a citation. Now on the other hand, every nice, professionally behaving cop that ever pulled me over has given me a ticket.
            The lesson in all this is being missed because of four things. 1) The age of the girl. 2) The fact is was a girl. 3) The attire she was wearing (bikini). And 4) Her race. The lesson being: Don’t run from police and if they ask you to leave, leave. If you want a confrontation, you will get one and don’t be surprised when your force is met with overwhelming force.
            Do I like the cop’s behavior? No. But I am not going to put him in the category of other cops that have killed people and been cleared. Remember Samantha Ramsey from a year ago?

    • A cop who now was forced to resign! I’m sure his department is just a hotbed of cultural marxists, just like the state of Texas is a known liberal haven. If only the poor guy worked somewhere more supportive and less politically biased, amirite?

  8. Jon Stewart , where most of American youth get their news , so sad . The great state of Texas , Where you can leave your children in a grocery store day care while you shop and know they will be safe . Home to real Americans and displaced West Virginians . Not enough respect being taught in the homes leads to no respect for authority and this can lead to your death . Right or wrong , reality .

  9. Seems pretty clear that this isn’t about racism in open carry law but society’s frequently different view of members of different races doing the same thing… like the old (and bad, and racist) joke, “What do you call black guy with a new bicycle? Thief!”
    What do you call a black guy wandering the neighborhood with an AR? Trouble! Take him down!
    Middle eastern guy doing the same? Terrorist! Take him down.
    Mexican guy? Drug cartel, Take him down!
    White guy? Must be one of those open carry protesters. Did you steal one of my fries? Let’s go to walmart.

  10. People need to wake up. All of these incidents are very blatantly trying to incite a race war. Blacks have become emboldened to violence and lawlessness and whites are stockpiling weapons and ammo like no other time in history. The only question is what do these people think will happen if they succeed in starting a race war? Do they think black power will prevail against the most heavily armed citizens on the planet? The only thing I see coming with all the black riots and lawlessness is a river of blood and may god help us all.

  11. Jon’s in the entertainment business and paid to stir people up. The cop was reported to be spun-up from earlier recent calls, reacted on his own and too quick likely. We don’t see the entire picture but the gun never should have come out, even though he held it down and returned. He should have had better self-awareness, recognized he was spun-up and waited for help, deferred to fresh people. It was a mistake, probably not one which should end his career though. We need to hold people accountable but we also need to be realistic and flexible. The www hysteria generated from video can’t act as vigilantes.

    • Its funny, while super trooper is pulling his gun and generally acting like an asshole, all the other cops in the background can be seen calmly talking to people and working their way through the crowd.


      p.s. Nice “tactical roll”.

  12. One step closer to disarming the poleece. Soon they will only have a taser, pepper spray and head knocker. They will have to go to the trunk to get a rifle but no longer able to open carry a pistol.
    It’s just a matter of time at this rate.
    With the level of training some of these cops display, it won’t be a bad thing.. But it will get a lot of cops killed…
    Hear it here first… Another win for
    Truth about guns… Heheh

  13. Psst. Bootlickers.

    A cop is not justified in drawing his sidearm to gain compliance from people who do not present a grave risk of physical harm to himself or others.

    Just thought I’d remind you of that.


    • What amazes me is the amount of supposed POTG who can’t recognize a self defense action when the video is clear. God help you when you get into the same sort of 5 against 1 altercation and get knocked out from behind because your situational awareness even on Monday morning is no better.

  14. I don’t see any thing about the pool party incident that is race oriented. If 100 black people have a party on private property without permission and the police are called and detain anyone … anyone at all – they will probably be black. If they were 100 white people – they would have been white.

    I do think that the officer shouldn’t throw people to the ground because he was offended by something they said. Last time I checked, there was no law against offending a police officer. That said police throw plenty of white people to the ground for the same thing – again not race oriented.

  15. I’m offended by the purported joke here, not because it reinforces false stereotypes, but because it’s quite forced and clumsily delivered.

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