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Donald F. Scott (courtesy

AWR Hawkins writes [via]

The armed guard who protected Geraldo Rivera as he covered the Baltimore riots for Fox News has been under arrest since May 1 2015. According to the The Baltimore Sun, the guard “has been in jail since May 1 for carrying guns around Baltimore protest w/o an MD carry permit.” The Sun reports that a Baltimore cop spotted a man. . .

holding handcuffs and an ammunition box.

Officer John Potter then watched Donald F. Scott [above] — who was working as a security guard for Fox News at the time — open the rear hatch of a Chevy Suburban and pull a Glock handgun from his waistband, according to the officer’s account . . .

According to Potter’s statement of probable cause, he signaled to other officers after spotting the Glock and Scott was detained. The Glock had one bullet in the chamber. Officers then found a loaded Cobra revolver in a second holster on Scott’s waist, the statement said . . .

In a bail filing in court, the state said Scott “poses a serious threat to public safety.” Pretrial services incorrectly found Scott had a criminal conviction in the District of Columbia, according to [Assistant Public Defender Anthony] Strollo.

Scott is being held on $350,000 bond, facing “two gun charges.” Breitbart News previously reported that on August 28 Rivera described the Second Amendment as “blind and stupid.” His entire statement:

Like I’ve always said, the Second Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid. In its relentless pimping for the gun industry, the NRA has unleashed an avalanche of deadly weapons on this gun-crazy country. Just as [it] protects access to weapons for cops and hunters, it also protects access to weapons for domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, and now little children.

Yet the former Gerald Rivers had an armed [law breaking] security guard while in Baltimore.

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  1. So much for the theory that the bodyguards of the rich and famous aren’t subject to gun laws, eh?

    And yeah, Whoraldo is as big a hypocrite as Fat Rosie.

    • But he works for Fox. Can’t help but wonder if it would have been different if the dude worked for NBC.

      • One of Mikey Moore’s body guards got nailed at the airport in NYC a few years back on similar charges. Mikey responded that it had nothing to do with him.

    • Its a security guard not David Gregory. One law for them another for everyone else still applies.

      • One Ring to rule them all,
        One ring to bind them,
        One ring to bind them all and in the darkness bind them
        (In common sense gun control)

        Sorry just had to say it

  2. If Scott deserves to be in jail, then Geraldo “Jerry Rivers” Rivera belongs in the next cell.

  3. Yup. Another “do as I say, not as I do” media type.

    I wonder if Geraldo will assist in his BG’s defense, or follow his beliefs and let justice take its course.

    I could add further comments about Geraldo being a cowardly, lying, hypocrite but that could be going too far.

    • Another “do as I say, not as I do” media type.

      Yup, and let’s not forget that Gerald smuggled a gun with him when he was embedded in Iraq. He’s a hypocritical, lying scvmbag.

    • It’s hypocracy when it’s some average joe hired as a bodyguard, poetic justice when it’s the rich scab who hired the bodyguard who is in jail.

  4. This is Geraldo’s agent, legally speaking. Or perhaps Fox News’s agent. Either way, someone else should be in trouble, too. Geraldo has no right going around disparaging guns when he has an armed body guard. How stinking self-righteous!

  5. ” the Glock and Scott was detained. The Glock had one bullet in the chamber. ”

    Um, how many bullets did they expect to find in the chamber?

    • well, considering it a GLOCK, dont those usually hold a whole 150rd clipazine full of child seeking bullets in the chamber? – Some Mainstream Media Reporter probably

    • “” the Glock and Scott was detained. The Glock had one bullet in the chamber. ”

      Um, how many bullets did they expect to find in the chamber?”

      That line was for the “clutching of pearls” factor.

    • ‘” the Glock and Scott was detained. The Glock had one bullet in the chamber. ”

      Um, how many bullets did they expect to find in the chamber?’

      The surprising part was that the bullet wasn’t contained in a metallic cartridge with gunpowder and a primer.

        • I think even just a primer has enough juice to push a bullet out of the chamber and into the barrel, so he must have just forgotten to load the cartridge case, primer and powder?

          …or maybe the reporter for the Sun just used the wrong terminology?

    • C’mon guys!!! Don’t give them that crap to think about!! Even being sarcastic, they will run with it! smdh

    • States have different standards regarding what is considered a “loaded firearm.” A round in the chamber obviously is considered loaded anywhere. Therefore, the full measure of charges can be sought.

      In CA, a loaded mag next to a gun can be considered loaded – at least that is my current understanding of CA gun law. They have so damn many laws I literally can’t keep them all straight.

      • Your understanding of California law is incorrect. “Loaded” means one in the chamber (all guns) or in an attached magazine, whether in the chamber or not, i.e., a loaded mag inserted into the firearm but without a round chambered. shells loaded into the tube of a shotgun, etc. In the one decided case, the court held that shells in shell holder on the stock of a shot gun did not render the shotgun “loaded.” Basically a commonsense interpretation. It is, for example, perfectly legal to transport a handgun and loaded mags in the same locked container, as long as the mag is not inserted into the grip. Whether or not the police are knowledgeable about the intricacies of legal carry under FOPA is a different question, hence many recommend in an abundance of caution that ammunition be carried separate from firearms, and even so far as to further recommend that the ammo be kept in its own locked container, although neither is required by the law. This discussion assumes that the police have probable cause to search and a search warrant or exigent circumstances, or consent to search. As a gun owner, you should NEVER consent. In most circumstances, the threat to get a warrant is a ruse to gain consent.

        Of course, all of this is irrelevant if one has a CCW and the gun in question is listed on the license.

        • Meanwhile, in New York, the gun is loaded if the box of ammo is in the glove box and the gun is under the driver’s seat.

  6. I don’t think the left leaning media has ever lost as much credibility since its inception as it has in the last 8 years. Heck maybe 2 years….

  7. Ummm…doesn’t he know the deal? Sorry but blaming the azzwhole geraldo is a bit of a stretch…he’s responsible for himself…

  8. “The Glock had one bullet in the chamber.”
    Thank goodness. Two bullets in the chamber might be dangerous.

    • Which is of course why he became a reporter–lesser skill set required, proof not needed to support outrageous accusations.

  9. I believe this was the only person to be arrested and charged from the whole Baltimore riot and looting crimes. Why didn’t this guy get to have room to express himself?

  10. But his statement concerning the tyrannical NRA is true.

    All of the pro.gun logic you rednecks post here has been debunked many times by the international community.

    And studies from medical research prove that a gun in the home is more likely to injure or kill you or a loved one than protect you from ficticious threats.

    • If you’re going to tell a lie, make it a big one. People just might believe you.

      It’s all about manipulation of statistics. Once you become aware of how the data is massaged and get it from impartial sources, you might change your mind. And I’m talking about impartial sources like the FBI and CDC who publish statistics on crime, injury, and public health on a yearly basis – not massaged data from Huffington Post, Forward Progressives, and whatever stupid infographic you see on Facebook.

      It’s funny that Harvard’s School of Law and Harvard’s School of Public Health can research the same topic and come to exactly opposite conclusions (based on the bias of the researchers trying to prove their hypothesis). I used to be JUST LIKE YOU until I insisted on intellectual honesty and read the raw statistics for myself, and saw the bias and logical failures in the more “progressive” claims.

    • I don’t own a gun to protect myself from fictitious threats. I own it for the real ones. Like the meth-heads that tried to force their way inside the front door a couple of years ago.

      • Beat me to it. No one has ever been harmed by a ‘fictitious threat’. Only real threats can harm people.

      • I had intended to cover that as well. Missed it.

        Own to protect against actual threats to myself and my family. I live in world where bad things happen to good people. I’ve had my property burgled twice. Even with what I would consider “great” response time from Police they cannot prevent harm to myself or my family, nor are they legally obligated to do so – over a dozen Supreme Court cases confirm this, see Gonzalez v Castle Rock (2005) for a recent one.

        Of course, all of this is useless diatribe, I doubt that the OP will return for thoughtful debate on the topic.

    • If yur trash can logic was true, you would have followed it up with sources.. But, It’s not, and you’re not..

      • You know why.

        A)He’s just trying to get a rise out of us instead of engage in thoughtful debate.
        B)The facts and logical arguments don’t support his conclusions.

    • But his statement concerning the tyrannical NRA is true.

      Tyrannical NRA?? Unsubstantiated assertion. Please provide a source or logical argument? How is an organization fighting for more freedom “tyrannical?”

      All of the pro.gun logic you rednecks post here has been debunked many times by the international community.

      Unsubstantiated assertion. What international community? Where is this so called “debunking?” You mean like the Charlie hebdo community in France? Please elaborate.

      And studies from medical research prove that a gun in the home is more likely to injure or kill you or a loved one than protect you from ficticious threats.

      Please provide the source to this “proof.” Also, please explain how one person’s chosen decision to protect themselves with firearms is guaranteed to match an averaged statistic? And if your statement is true, please elaborate on why you think people should surrender certain freedoms simply because of an additional risk? For the enjoyment of a finite lifespan where we all must die eventually, why deprive people of risks they happily embrace so they can accomplish their own “pursuit of happiness?” Please explicitly make clear, why safety is more important than freedom?

    • Yeah Willy. While I was never so delusional as to say the yearly reports of tens of thousands of Assaults, robberies, rapes and murders were “fictitious”, I did believe that by not being paranoid by carrying a weapon and by thinking good thoughts, I wouldn’t attract a violent attack against myself. You know, like attracts like.

      Until a human predator tried to mug me. Once we fought and I barely won, the mugger yelled at me as he ran away, “your dead M.F’er”. :

      So after some soul searching, and realizing I had been delusional to think the way I did, I bought a gun. And I’ve been carrying a weapon for eighteen years ever since.

      But if I hadn’t had that reality bite, I would still have been caught in the web of denial, delusion and wishful thinking of the liberal/progressive paradigm.

      After all, It is so seductive to believe that by simply believing something hard enough, it will change reality.

    • Ah, it is Willy “full of s%&t” Lunchmeat again. You would figure with the amount of time he spends on this site, he would learn something. Perhaps one day he will do some independent research on guns and the 2nd amendment instead of blindly repeating those boring political sound bites, but maybe that is too much for this kid. Perhaps he just needs to go back to playing Xbox and let the adults talk.

    • I talked to my XD last night before I put it to bed in its safe that only I can open. It promised to not injure or kill me or anyone in my family, as long as I promised to not point it at any family members or myself, and also keep my booger hook off the bang switch until ready to shoot. I think we have an agreement.

  11. Geralso what / who?

    I vaguely remember my grandma watching someone with a name like that… Or maybe it was Johnny Carson. Whatever, is this guy still relevant at any level?

  12. And just think, David Gregory is still laughing for skating a D.C violation waving a “banned” 30 rd AR mag in Wayne LaPierres face on Meet The Depressed. Wonder how his armed security got a get out of jail free card.

    Must only be for CNN and PMSNBC.

  13. Baltimore was on fire, but thank god the police stopped this mad man (sarc). Kinda feel bad for him.

    • Did you not see the quote from the bail hearing?
      He poses a serious threat to public safety. He performed a harmless act without a government permission slip. That is the worst crime imaginable.

  14. Hypocrisy aside, actually this is a fine example where 2A supports reality and explains Geraldo’s steely eye to eye rap with a Baltimore rioter.
    Easy to be a tough guy when an armed guard has your back.

    Anyone call him on this?

    Oh yeah FU Baltimore PD.

  15. All this proves is even when you think you can depend on someone else for your personal safety, you can’t… Carry your own protection and you will be sure.

  16. Geraldo Riveria is an idiot. I can’t believe Fox News gives him any time. He has no credibility. He makes ridiculous claims about immigration and feels south Americans have a right to come here over the border and the rest of us should just open our wallets. He is a stupid liberal puke….he needs a punch in the face..

    • Fox tends to hire douchy reporters and commentators regardless of their ideological point of view. I just can’t bear to watch any television news for more than five minutes anymore.

  17. Geritol Rivera is a moron and a hypocrite.

    Personally, while I can understand some people in certain situations need extra security, I look at people who place themselves in those situations unarmed depending on others to protect them as total MISOGYNIST REMARK DELETED. Kind of like I look at able bodied men who depend on taxpayers to buy them food, housing, health care, etc.

    • I watched that when it originally aired. I never watched ANYTHING from the man again.

  18. Freedom-loving Americans should write to Fox News and WABC NY, which continue to employ this phony. They should learn from the lessons of Dan Rather and Brian Williams. It doesn’t pay to employ dishonest, corrupt, narcissistic reporters.

  19. I clearly recall Geraldo staying he was carrying during this whole fracas in Baltimore. Mebbe he has a permit?

  20. it also protects access to weapons for jerk-offs like Geraldo and Geraldo’s body guard.

  21. Am I going to be the only on in these comments to criticize the cops that arrested him?

    Who or what was he harming?

    Who or what was he threatening?

    Bad laws can only be bad if the other 50% of the equation enforce them (cops, the other half being politicians).

    So shame on the cops and the politicians. And shame to the root of the problem: shame to the people who think government is legitimate (link).

  22. Muppet-man Geraldo did add a telling caveat to his critique of the Second Amendment “Like I’ve always said, the Second Amendment, the provision that gives *every* American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid.”. Like any other statist he’s believes only the preferred class is able to defend themselves from violent criminals. In other news…

  23. David Gregory anti civil rights. Jerry Rivers anti civil rights. Both are disgusting hypocrite pigs. Both are rich white men who can afford private armed security when they need it. Jerry has been playing a white man on TV for many years now.

    • Jerry can prove his honor by bailing out his former body guard. I’m sure Fox and MSNBC paid him very well.

  24. Rivera is a typical liberal/progressive hypocrite guns for self defense are ONLY meant for him and liars like him who feel they are privileged. Where was his belief that the police would protect him during that emergency? No thanks, I’ll hold on to my firearms, and take care of protecting my family myself!

  25. Pretty damn sad this guy got popped for protecting such a progressive idiot. And because of the leftest position, they probably don’t want to lift a finger to help the person who was willing to protect their lives.

  26. If you’re going to carry in Maryland, you have to know you’re breaking their tyrannical laws. You don’t go pulling it out of your waistband within site of a cop. And why the hell did he have handcuffs?

  27. I wonder how much whomever hired the BG knew about the lack of permits situation before sending them out to Baltimore. Isn’t conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor a felony? Maybe Fox news lawyers told Geraldo and corporate to shut up, and just let the poor guy sit in jail for a couple of months.

  28. Geraldo will no doubt now not allow his Body Guards to be armed since he just stated the 2nd Amendment is Stupid after the Islam Terror shooters attacked in San Bernado which had EVERYTHING to do with islam. Yes, some will rationalize islam never says to use guns but to use a blade thereby rationalizing there is no connection to islam or that some sell the slogan that islam is a religion of peace but know zilch point nothing about what it really teaches and tht islam means SUBMISSION and not peace. It’s the Baal Worship Death Cult of Mohammed that is STUPID needs to be outlawed.
    In fact, concerning the 2nd amendment, a Permit of any kind is an infringement and overthrow of the second amendment, aka treason.

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