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The above video of McKinnney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt ignited a firestorm of criticism. Local residents who saw the entire incident – where dozens of teens invaded a private pool party and refused to leave when ordered to do so – considered his actions justifiable. [Read the “full story” at] It’s not a view shared by many, including McKinney police chief Greg Conley. At a press conference announcing Casebolt’s resignation, Conley called his officer’s actions “indefensible.” “He came into the call out of control,” the chief told reporters, “and as the video shows, was out of control during the incident.” Perhaps the chief was bowing to pressure from . . .

hundreds of black residents who marched through McKinney on Monday. They operated under the assumption that Casebolt’s actions were racially motivated. A meme quickly disseminated by the mainstream media and usual dare-I-say-it race hustlers. Here’s The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart’s take:

The disturbing video was made by Brandon Brooks, a white 15-year-old who told CNN, “I was one of the only white people in the area when that was happening.” He continued, “You can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down, and he kinda like skips over me and tells all my African-American friends to go sit down.”

Sure. Casebolt targeted blacks. Because he’s racist, he “skipped over” a white teen who was doing nothing to draw attention to himself. That’s the take of people who know nothing of the man in question.

The killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in 2012 awakened the nation to “the talk” black parents at every socioeconomic level have had with their children for decades. The one about how society views them with suspicion and how they must behave in public, including the do’s and don’ts of interacting with police. And the heartbreaking lecture includes a warning that following those rules might not be enough to save their lives from a police officer or a civilian armed with subconscious bias and a baton or an itchy trigger finger.

Huh. I guess the talk my parents had with me – a white African American – about interacting with the police doesn’t count. And a black parent’s desire to instill respect for law enforcement in their children indicates society’s failure to train and police police, rather than their desire to teach personal responsibility. And dignity.

After reading Capehart’s diatribe and listening the usual suspects berating Casebolt’s actions (without considering their context) I’m still confused. What’s race got to do with this incident, exactly?

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  1. I am not sure if the cops actions were racially motivated or not, but watching the video it is clear he was batshit crazy and completely out of control, going so far as to pull a gun on kids who were in no way violent towards him. Disrespectful, maybe, but last time I checked that doesn’t justify clearing leather. He was so out of it at one point his buddies had to grab him just to snap him out of his near homicidal trance. Whatever was happening off camera did absolutely nothing to justify his insanity.

    • Mark Levin last night claimed that the 2 men were brutes that were approaching him and one of them moved his hand to his waistband as if to pull out a handgun and the officer cleared leather as a result but as soon as the threat fled he re-holstered. If he was truly out of control he would have shot someone in my opinion. He may be guilty of excessive force for the way he treated the girl but at least he did not kill someone.

      • And had we not had a video completely disproving that statement I would be apt to believe it. The part with the girl doesn’t bother me near as much as him chasing fleeing kids around with his gun out.

        Here’s a simple test: If you were caught on video doing the same thing, would you

        A) Feel proud and justified, or

        B) Feel ashamed and expect to be indicted?

        • I don’t have a responsibility to enforce the law, so chasing someone down during an altercation isn’t in my priority. One would expect that if a LEO felt the need to draw his gun in a physical altercation and the individual that caused him to draw fled, that the LEO would subsequently pursue.

        • I do see what you are saying, however, after reviewing the video a few times I do think there is merit to his claim. Before he pulls the gun out two women are crowding him and he is trying to push them back while his is trying to hold the girl down. The two males start to go around behind him, and I believe they almost trip over each other and are right behind the officer just as he turns to see them they are close and one of the males is reaching to his belt/shirt area which from the officers point of view, imo plausibly looks like a reach for a weapon.

        • Joe, The other officers did pursue them. Watch the video again but this time take your blinders off.
          Vhyrus, the video only backed up that statement. You are obviously biased against law enforcement.

        • Be pi**ed that I lost my job over a bunch of loud mouthed unruly mob, whose parents instead of disciplining them march in the street.
          If I acted that way when I was their age my father would have kicked my a**.

        • @Vhyrus–
          “A) Feel proud and justified, or”–The police officer is a fellow citizen of ours who should not have been a cop because he can’t keep calm under pressure. The officer was justified in pulling his gun, and his only mistake was that he was adrenaline dumping and couldn’t draw his weapon on target fast enough. Since by the time he did draw on the thugs their bravery turned into a warm feeling flowing down their legs. Important learning exercise for WE armed citizens about caveman brain and slowed motor functions that need overcoming through breath control in stressful situations. The two thugs squared up with him and he reacted to their movement by equalizing the disparity in force with the best tool for that purpose. The two thugs saw the cops motion for his gun and scattered like roaches, so it worked perfectly to deter their actions without firing a round.

          “B) Feel ashamed and expect to be indicted?”

          I am an American who is Christian and white, so I think if have to get shot or stabbed by a minority before I can defend my self against our new justice system of MOB rule. Ancient Romans would be proud, except we exchanged bloody gladiator rings for AstroTurf and wood floors.

      • If he really thought the kid had a gun, why would he re-holster his weapon almost immediately? Kinda looks to me like he realized he overreacted and hastily put the gun away.

        • I don’t believe for a second that the cop thought the two males were reaching for a weapon. That doesn’t matter. He rightly recognized the two males were closing on him in order to use force against him. Force requires opposite overwhelming force.
          This bugs the shit out of me. Every report on this non story uses terms, teens, kids, boys, girls, girl in bikini, pool party, cookout. What if this was at night? What if the people were aged 20 to 26 instead of 14 to 20? What if the girl was wearing jeans? What if it was at a biker bar? Change all those variables but have everyone involved do the exact same acts. The cop would be called a hero.
          People who live there and were victims of the rule breakers are calling the cop a hero.

        • I think he pulled his gun because the two of them were about to jump him. Him pulling his gun then reholstering when they ran is reasonable, that whole crowd could of jumped in if those two started beating him possibly to death.

        • People over look the FBI UCR stats for a given year that show more people by far are murdered by fist beating/kicking than they are by rifles of all types or shotguns. Other than handguns, only knives are used for more murders than beatings to commit murder. 2 on 1 is a disparity of force in my book. Furthermore, this punks were invading a private pool and refusing to leave which is trespass.

      • “at least he did not kill someone.”

        Is that the new standard for seeing if a cop is totally out of control or not?

        • If he was totally out of control than he may not have been able to stop himself from pulling the trigger. It was fortunate that he had the presence of mind to re-holster it. I suspect that the guys that tried to jump him were doing so to protect the girl from what they thought criminal assault.

    • Ive watched the video quite a bit and our local DFW news has been flooded with it as well. While I dont think the way he handles the girl is appropriate, when the 2 young males begin to approach him rapidly and one reaches behind his back, I think that is a decent enough of a justification. Granted, the whole thing is one epic clusterfr4k from the get go.

      • That may be correct – but the cop’s poor tactics in wading into the crowd in such a hyper manner caused him to be surronded, and then feel threatened (possibly with justification). He displayed poor judgment and tactics, and his handling of the girl does seem needlessly rough.

        There’s no reason that racism has to be the motivation – he may very well hate all “lippy punk kids”.

        • Agreed, judgement and tactics could have prevented this situation. That said, nothing the officer did was unlawful or deserved anything more than a good tongue lashing by the sergeant and maybe some administrative discipline if the officer’s actions violated any departmental regulations.

    • I’d guess he pulled the gun because two people came up on him from behind as he was subduing someone (necessarily or not). That’s the kind of thing that can get a cop killed quickly, although probably not in this case. But in a high-stress situation, we revert to our training – and his training probably didn’t include dealing with unruly kids coming up up behind him at a pool party.

      I don’t agree with him pulling the gun, but I certainly understand it and I don’t know if I’d fault him for it. Maybe, maybe not. But I think he went way overboard when he grabbed the girl because she said something he didn’t like. You will respect mah authoritay!

    • In what way was the officer out of control? He gave numerous orders to disperse which were ignored. He then gave numerous orders to sit in place, which were ignored. Bikini girl’s continued noncompliance with lawful orders resulted in the officer using physical force to gain compliance. Nothing wrong with that. Bikini girl resisted, her her female friends encroached on the officer from one flank. The officer told them to get back and pushed them away when they didn’t immediately comply. Seconds later two males squared off with that officer resulting in a disparity of force situation. This caused the officer to fear for his safety and draw. Nothing wrong with that IMO either. Seconds after the draw, the two that squared off run away and the officer reholsters. Where exactly was the officer out of control?

      • What law were they breaking by having a pool party in the middle of the day where the orders to disperse were justified?

        • As I understand it, they were having the party on private property without permission. If those kids were not residents or guests of resident, there were guilty of trespassing as soon as they were asked to leave be residents. Further, it seems at least one resident had already been assaulted. Not sure if all the relevant facts are out, but from what’s available it seems the order to disperse was lawful, and those who resisted were unlawful.

        • The one where they were trespassing on private property (climing the fence to get into the HOA/community owned pool), smoking pot and drinking, according to residents that where, you know, actually there.

        • Gray area. There are several people out there that say that some of the youngsters were actually residents of the community.

          There are also photos going around that claim that three white women were making racist comments (you know, about Section 8 housing and not working, the same comments that you see posted in most rightwing forums) and although they may have called the police there is question about whether the call was justified. Anyway, one was identified and suspended from her job today (contractor at Bank of America).

          It doesn’t pay to be a self-righteous bigot. Some day maybe these knuckleheads will learn that.

        • It’s called criminal trespass. They jumped a fence to enter property not belonging to them. Additionally, the noise was beyond the legal limit and the words were vulgar, causing actual residents to call the police. The unlawful attendees were given ample time to comply with the lawful order to vacate the premises but refused to leave. Now we have what’s called a situation.

        • When you are asked to leave someplace you have no right to be? Trespassing
          Also disturbing the peace, vandalism, assault, and being a punk ass thug.

          Tatiana should be sued for advertising it as a “pool party” when she knew full well that everyone coming from outside the neighborhood had no right to use the pool. She was the root cause of the issue because she is a low life that doesn’t care about the results of her actions (as long as she gets paid).

          The entitled attitude of kids these days (all colors) is disgusting. In my day if an adult called us out for being somewhere we didn’t belong, we would run like hell and hope our parents didn’t find out. I hope there is a cure for the “entitlement generation” or this country is going to degenerate into a cesspool.

        • The law was trespassing….assault on security and residents (black and white residents )….vandalism. ..destruction of property. ..the cops got called by several people because of several incidents

      • Shockingly, people might disregard baseless orders issued by an out-of-control thug with a government badge.

        Love the argument: violence thuggish cop behavior is justified when people resist said thuggish behavior.

        • +1 I agree. Out of control cop made situation much worse. That girl he is on top of is only 13-14 years old. She was crying for her mama. Screaming commands, cussing, trying to throw others onto the ground…all made it worse.

        • Ad hominem attacks, ie, name calling, making disparaging remarks about someone’s character or intelligence, are not appropriate in a comments section such as this. We may hold different opinions and interpret situations differently, but we should be polite to each other.

          I find it ironic that Joel from PA, who appears to side with the cop in this situation, makes such a comment, as I suspect he also feels the kids in the situation were “out of control” and being disrespectful to both the police officer and the rules regarding the pool — yet Joel from PA is being disrespectful of a fellow blog reader who he happens to disagree with.

      • The officer also had very good finger control. His finger was never on the trigger and the muzzle was pointed at the ground.

    • Pulled a gun on those that were “no way violent” towards him? What the hell video are you watching? The only time he draws his weapon is when the douche bag bows up to him in a violent manner acting like he was ready to fight. The moment that threat pissed his pants and ran, the firearm went away.

  2. @Vhyrus, really. Oh ye of infinite wisdom and omnicscience knowledge…even though you have limited optics through this video, you clearly know it all.

    • Yes, I am sure there was a gang of heavily armed thugs standing behind the camera and the girl had a handgrenade in her bikini….

      The more you know!

      • Trespassing is a crime. Probable cause for an arrest. Then, the kids resisted arrest. At least two crimes thus far, assuming none of the individuals there were involved in the earlier assault on a resident. Did the cop seem brutal? Yes. Could he have handled it more gently? Maybe. But when you commit a crime then resist lawful arrest, you tend to get roughed up.

      • Back in December of last year 2 Boston police officers were hospitalized in critical condition because the did not take a group of teenagers 13 to 18 seriously. …don’t kid yourself. ..a group of kids kicking the hell out of you after they knock you down can mess you up quickly. …your comment is based on ignorance

  3. Sadly, the douche of a police chief rolled his man under the bus. McKinney cops should rethink their jobs and look elsewhere for employment as the noodle spined Chief is useless.

        • Sure thing Mac, whatever she did, or did not do, did not justify that situation. Color is irrelevant.

        • @Mac, no, were you? Assuming neither of us know what happened prior to this video, and we can only make a determination on what is seen, how can you make a statement that this 13 year girl did something egregiously aggressive enough to warrant this?

          • @pg2, I didn’t say she did or didn’t deserve it. But I’m not willing to hang a cop based on a bit of video without knowing the full story. Unlike you evidently.

        • Thanks for the laugh fellas, a Wikipedia link and a food group cartoon graph doesn’t change the reality of what was seen on video. Keep questioning authority, or more like worshipping it, it seems, peace.

        • Mac, by calling me a leftist you’re only demonstrating your own ignorance; getting accused of being left and/or right from the clueless folk who actually still believe the false 2 party charade is actually entertaining.

        • @El Mac, Is there any way for a cop to act out of line in you opinion? Is it ok for their superiors to not back them up when they do?

      • Would you let your daughter go to a “dime piece” party to “make it clap”, where there ” are no turndowns”?
        In other words a party for hot (10 rated) pieces of ass to twerk til their butt cheeks clap, and hook-up.
        That’s how the party was advertised.

        • Ha, no, of course not, but character assassination and not approving of her activities does not justify this, based on what is seen in the video.

      • If she would have complied with the order to disperse or subsequent order to remain sitting in the grass, there would be no need for force. Her continued noncompliance is why the officer tossed her to the ground. Got what she deserved.

        • Joe, you must be blind. Review the video. She was walking away with another group of teens when AggroCop decided he didn’t like how she looked at him or what she may or may not have said. Then he became abusive.

          It’s really simple. Open your eyes boot licker.

      • I would be pondering the but kicking she would get for her behavior at the pool party and towards the cops when told to disperse or sit down.

      • The girl is 15, plenty old enough to be able to understand a lawful order to leave and cease to commit a crime. It’s pretty simple really— don’t break the law; don’t go to jail. Break the law; go to jail. What is so hard about that?

    • I am hoping he simply tripped and attempted a graceful recovery, as opposed to attempting some sort of high speed low drag cornering maneuver he saw last night on one of his mail order operator DVDs. Given his subsequent behavior on the video it cannot be ruled out.

    • I thought it was the classic “oh sh1t I tripped! play it off play it off act natural” move.

      • Pretty much looked like he tripped and recovered nicely. He was formerly Shore Patrol in the Navy and also a former DPS officer so the roll is not protocol.

    • My “Stream of Consciousness” thought, the instant I saw the barrel roll:

      Captain Kirk! (of the William Shatner variety).

  4. Liberalism 101 says: How dare you question wether he was racist or not you racist!!! Of course he’s racist! He’s a racist! Now you’re one too!!!!

  5. So kids have a twitter advertised party in a residential neighborhood, promoting use of the private resident’s only pool, without any permission from the HOA.
    Who could have expected a police response? Drug use and alcohol consumption by minors, in public? What problem ?
    Hundreds of teens versus a few cops.

  6. Most unfortunate, this was actually one of the ‘Good Guys’, and not one of the ‘Bad Cops’ that have been getting so much attention as of late….

  7. It doesn’t matter if he was racist, it only matters that 11 other cops handled themselves like professionals and didn’t flip out at that incident, and one cop totally lost it.

    Much has been made of a suit filed against him about 7 years ago, I should point out in his defense that at the incident which prompted the suit, several cops thought it was a good idea to strip search the guy in public view without a warrant, it wasn’t just him that time.

    • That’s a really good point. If the situation was so hairy and dangerous, why did only 1 out of 12 cops at the scene completely flip their shit?

      • I only saw 3 cops in the video…one standing and talking…one running with him in the beginning and those 2 chased the guys away he had to pull his gun on for his safety. ..if he was not at risk why did those other well behaved cops chase down the guys he drew his firearm on?….so…since the other 9 were not on video. .how do you know they did not act in a similar manner…

  8. @ 3:10 in the video the white dude with shorts and grey shirt runs around the group, takes a shooting stance and makes a move like hes drawing a concealed weapon with his left hand.

    It’s immediately after this that the cop sees it and pulls his own weapon. The weapon draw was on a white person, was reasonable and the racist aspect is full of shite.

    Black racism, ignorance and entitlement on full display from their so called “community leaders:…..again.

    • Pretty sure that’s not a white guy, that’s a light-skinned black dude.

      Not quite what I’d call a “shooting stance”, either. Looks to me like his left foot slips on the grass and he almost falls on his ass.

    • I have to wonder the same thing. Other than the fact that the cop carries a gun, what on Earth does this have to do with “the truth about guns”? Absolutely nothing.

      This website, or at least Mr. Farago’s posts, seem to be taking a hard left into the anti-cop arena.

      Yes, there are good cops and bad cops, and enough stories about both to entertain for a lifetime. However, this isn’t “The Truth About Cops.” And unless a cop’s actions are directly related to a situation with a firearm at the center of the story, this is hardly the place to be arguing about their actions.

      • @Russ in AK: “This website, or at least Mr. Farago’s posts, seem to be taking a hard left into the anti-cop arena.”

        Indeed. I’ve noted this several times…very left leaning.

      • Since 11 of the 12 cops were examples of good policing this article is pretty a poor anti-cop article and instead is an anti-bad cop article

        • Call it whatever you want. In what way does it pertain to “the truth about guns”?

          It doesn’t. At all. And because it is in no way connected to “the truth about guns,” I have to ask, why was it published on this website?

        • Maybe they rolled up in an MRAP, with MP5SDs, and a M82A1 providing over watch? They didn’t? Well hell, it must be the drawn gun then. Except it isn’t 😉

        • Per the TTAG “About Us” page, this website was started to “explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns.” I don’t see anything about this whole incident that pertains to any of that. This story is about teenagers who don’t know how to comply with lawful orders given by police officers, some of whom may not understand when various degrees of force are justifiable or unjustifiable.

          Yes, the cop pulled a gun, but that is only one piece of a very much larger picture. Are they going to start reporting on every news story in which a gun is referenced? Or are they going to keep the website on track with “[exploring] the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns”?

        • I believe the rationale is that the anti-gunners always say that “regular people” shouldn’t have guns, and that only the cops and the military are trained and professional enough to handle such dangerous objects. So cases where a cop behaves in an unprofessional or idiotic manner tend to put the lie to that assertion, hence the (tangential) relation to this site’s subject matter.

          In any case, it’s Robert’s site, so he can post anything he wants. Including a bunch of drivel about flowers that his girlfriend wrote (that actually happened once, y’all)…

        • Russ in AK: So much wasted verbiage for a dumb point. And who are you to tell him what he decides to post on his company’s web site? You don’t like it? MOVE ALONG conservatard.

      • @Russ in AK

        When the officer drew his weapon, what part of “the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers” did NOT apply.

        Is it because he’s a police officer that he’s somehow not to be included in the discussion?

        • It certainly does apply. However, there’s a whole lot more to this story than “cop pulled gun.” Hell, the closest thing to a gun related word in the whole TTAG article is when they’re quoting another news source who used the phrase “trigger finger.”

          If one were to read the article TTAG posted *without* knowing that it was published on TTAG, what clues are there that it was published on a blog called “The Truth About Guns”? Absolutely nothing.

  9. After watching the video, I think I agree with the chief’s assessment. “I had 12 officers on the scene, and 11 of them performed according to their training,”. The other cops on scene kept their wits about them, but this guy didn’t. He was obviously pissed off, and was agitating the crowd instead of keeping his cool. Like others have mentioned, even the other officers on scene grabbed HIM when he cleared leather.

    Whether it’s a racial thing, I don’t know, but I definitely wouldn’t want someone like that on my police force.

    • Sounds about right to me. The crime being investigated is misdemeanor trespassing. 11 officers didn’t lose it, but this guy sure did.

      • No sir…one of the many was trespassing. …several people including 2 security officers at the pool had to receive medical care for injuries. ..some teenagers attack a mother who was trying to get her 3 small children home….beer bottles thrown and damaged passing cars…the 100 plus teenagers were a danger to all residents of the community near by the common area….you need to read the account from the residents and not the media half truths….several residents who witnessed the entire 30 to 40 minutes support this officer…some even are black….stating the girl was asked to leave many times and did resist and based on the environment at the time he was acting appropriate. …he was one of the first officers dealing with the violence. ..

  10. Race grievance pays. Actually most grievances do in our society.

    Sucks for the rest of us, though.

    I do have to say that cop was out of line, though. I sympathize, but he was going overboard. Not that he deserves a target on his back or a loss of job, though.

    • They don’t want Al Sharpton rolling in on the shake-down train. Or the Justice Dept moving to take them over (or at least control them with threats). Word is some of the paid agitators seen in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. have already been spotted in McKinney.

  11. Around here a lot of the headlines of multiple shootings start with uninvited guests crashing parties. Can’t speak for Texas but it isn’t unheard of in CA.

      • Hahaha, like that makes a difference. Texas, especially the metro-mess, has plent of “bangers”, whether they are wannabe’s or not.

      • Yes, but the party was advertised for a month to the public. It was also portrayed as a pool party, when the party organizer hadn’t reserved the pool, but instead had planned the party for the park next door.

  12. Everyone’s focusing on the actions of this cop is not seeing the real problem here: These little bastards are out of control, and have no respect for authority, or for their own parents. And the whipped parents of these children are too scared of them to be real parents and discipline them. Those little turds should have left the pool as soon as the security guard on duty told them to. Instead, they probably just called him some choice words and stayed put. And why wouldn’t they? What consequences would they face? Nothing, and they know it. So, you get what happened here, and there’ll be more of it to come. The cops are going to be too scared to do their jobs, so it will be up to us keep order in our own neighborhoods, if we choose to do so.

    • 11 other officers on the same scene weren’t “too scared” to properly perform their jobs.

      Should the police have been there? Absolutely, these kids were trespassing. But one of these things (officer Rambo) is not like the others, and that’s worth pointing out. At the very least, he didn’t enter the situation in a controlled manner, putting himself and others at risk, and that’s not a good habit for a police officer.

      • What bothers me is exactly what were the other eleven cops doing? We are limited by the viewpoint of this video on this one cop, but there doesn’t seem to be any organized approach to handling this crowd. He seems to be the only one interested in detaining anybody. Was that the goal? Or was it running them all off? Because at times, in the middle of the action, that seems to be the goal. They don’t seem to be working together to accomplish anything.

      • I’m not trying to say this cop acted appropriately, but why does it look like he was working alone? The rest seem to be standing around with their thumbs somewhere. Two cops suddenly run over from out of nowhere when he draws his weapon. Maybe if they had been there before, if anything just to get this cop to settle down, this would have never happened.

      • This funny…11 cops did their job well….that is because before 9 of them arrive after 3 of them ran around dealing with a mob of 100 or so teenagers fighting. ..hospitalizing security guards…assaulting mothers with small kids just trying to flee to safety. …I am in texas and read several post of residents. ..they were there and support the officer not the chief…the girl refused to obey and fault back (resisted ) when he was going to detain her force being a problem. ..she was inciting disobedience when the officer was trying keep order and keep witness around

    • +1 as a society we reap what we sow. When our popular culture decided post Brown that unarmed black teens are a protected class and need to be handled with kid gloves (truly a racist notion indeed) we created a situation where there are no repercussions for most negative actions for the layperson but great consequences for the officer. Thus, with the new blurred boundaries, it becomes a game to provoke a reaction from the officer.

      The fact that the officer drew largely because of the actions of a white male doesn’t matter… It seems officer is automatically guilty of racism by association in the eyes of the media because the majority of the crowd was black. Ridiculous. I wouldn’t blame the police at this point for ceaseing all proactive policing efforts and simply answering calls and taking reports. IMO people (of all races) have forgotten why respect for law and order is desired in society.

    • Agree completely.

      “If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.” –
      Thomas Sowell

    • “The cops are going to be too scared to do their jobs, so it will be up to us keep order in our own neighborhoods, if we choose to do so.”

      Many many years ago, citizens did just that…until the brainstorming by the utopian elite led to the whimsical decision to farm out the job of keeping order. Look now at where this concept has led!! Most men have willingly neutered themselves without even realizing it.

  13. There is a big difference between obstruction (a crime) and disrespect (which many cops earn). The statutes make this clear but the least respected officers don’t seem to understand. You cannot gain respect by force.

  14. The circumstances of the call became moot the second Ocifer Casedolt hurt is pride stumbling into his ninja combat roll and decided to revert to ahthoritah!-mode.

  15. The police chief did the right thing. The crazy cop needs to work in a job not involving stress, like raking leaves somewhere. Or more apt, breaking big rocks into small rocks with a very heavy ankle bracelet as a fashion accessory.

    I think he was probably on drugs because he was completely out of control. There were 12 cops there and he was acting like a lone ranger. He didn’t try to work with the other police officers to control the situation, he acted like this was some kind of riot.

    The kids were trespassing, sure, but I didn’t see any other law being broken and have heard no claim that any other law was broken. The real problem is the other 11 officers didn’t arrest this moron.

  16. yo who all dem fat white dudes walkin round and clearly in da cops space. why dey not told to move off?

    • Home owner association security trying to help deal with the punks assaulting innocent people at the pool after jumping the wall because they were upset they did not have a pass to get into the pool….so let’s justify assault on people just because they have white guys for security. ..keep in mind…several of the residents injured by these punks were black. is a mixed community

  17. The cop was not justified in pulling out his gun even if he was legitimately in fear of his life because his prior actions that caused those guys to rush up on him were completely unjustified.

    If a civilian licensed handgun carrier starts a confrontation and winds up using his gun he will be prosecuted. So should the cop. The cop started the whole thing and that was completely and utterly unjustified. Those guys who rushed the cop had the right to use physical force to protect that girl who was being victimized.

    Badges do not grant extra rights. Period.

    • Actually in a violent rioting situation that was occurring. ..when you disobey a direct order to leave they have the right to detain you…she disobeyed 3 orders then resisted when he was going to detain her. ….supporting this girls behavior is ludicrous…if she obeyed the first legal order to leave the area she would be home with her momma…instead she stood around inciting others not to comply and maintain the disorder the officers were trying to stop because innocent residents were getting assaulted….supporting this girls behavior is why the rest of the punks got away with assaulting a mother of 3 small children as she was trying to leave because of all the vulgar inappropriate behavior. ..

  18. RF- what exactly do you mean when you refer to yourself as a white African-American ?

    • I believe RF or his parents are from South Africa. That would make him a white whose personal origins lie in Africa, who is now an American, hence a “white African-American”.

  19. I saw nothing racially motivated in the video, but I did see some very bad judgment and poor police procedure. That’s enough to get anyone fired. Those folks trying to make this into something it isn’t are really more interested in advancing their personal agenda, power, and wealth.

  20. Whatever the reason and circumstances of his resignation, I don’t blame Casebolt one bit for walking out after the PC cowardice of his Chief to hang him out to dry to appease a racist judgmental media, community, and the usual race baiters.

    What a shameful sham.

  21. From the first time I watched this video I realized that while other officers I seen during the video were standing around talking to people keeping the situation calm this Mckinney fellow can be seen running around just power tripping on everyone.

    I agree with his chief, this guy is obviously a hot head and has some kind of anger issues and not the kind of person I would want as an officer.

    • Guess you missed the guy running with him in the beginning. …and you are judging him ..who had been there breaking up the fights to the guy that just arrived…..yeah. ..guess that is fair enough….you should read the post from the residents who witnessed the entire event not these few minutes 23 minutes into it

  22. I don’t care if those young adults (using the word children, makes them sound like 10 year olds) were there illegally. ALL police officers have to act within the law. Its their job to remain cool and analytical. I understand using a raised voice and expletives to gain compliance. But jesus. The guy was WAS clearly out of control.

    This is typical of the mentality of many of the bad cops, which there are unfortunately too many.
    His resume is also typical of many of the bad cops in this country; ex-military types who expect immediate compliance and joined the PD not to protect and serve, but to kick some ass.

    Its these types, who guys like a friend of mine who is an “old school” cop, says arrests people for “chicken 5h1t” crap.

    This friend of mine can’t understand why cops draw their sidearms all the time either. He admits all the cop has to do is say “I felt threatened”, and the problem goes away.

    The only sad thing is that this scumbag will probably draw salary and/or pension for years to come from that town.

    By the way, whats with the “tactical roll” in the beginning. Dude, RELAX. This guy is really wound too tight. Many LeOs would do themselves and us a huge favor if they took themselves just a bit less seriously. Life is too short.


    • “The only sad thing is that this scumbag will probably draw salary and/or pension for years to come from that town.”

      He resigned, so probably not.

      He likely will go somewhere else and get another job as a cop or security guard or something of that nature, though. Which, if this video is indicative of his general demeanor and ability to remain calm under pressure, is probably not the kind of job he should be doing.

    • Maybe he tripped and that was how he recovered? Yeah, I’m being generous on that one because I don’t think even he is that looney. I hope.

    • Clearly you have never been in a riot trying to break it up….and they were not there illegally. ..they were sending security officers to medical treatment. .. assaulting innocent residents trying to flea to the safety of their homes…throwing beer bottles at passing cars…. a mom with 3 young children got assaulted by those young adults just trying to leave the pool..and disobeying a cop under those conditions. ..well wish he gave her some voltage…she needs more then what she got for her behavior inciting disorder with her mouth while people were getting injured

      • well wish he gave her some voltage…she needs more then what she got for her behavior inciting disorder with her mouth while people were getting injured

        Am I understanding you correctly that you wish officers would administer punishment without due process and on the scene? If so then that’s messed up, man.

  23. Point of clarification – it wasn’t a pool party. There was a pool party being held for residents and invited guests. Someone posted it on social media, and it turned into a flash mob. The PD was dealing with a mob, not a party.

    • Mob? I have a much more stringent definition of mob than you appear to have. They weren’t acting violently, or aggressively. They were milling around.

      • There was a fight, although the kids say a white woman started that, and other residents say cars were being vandalized, the music was too loud and too obscene, and there was drinking. Who knows how much is true, but if the kids were jumping the fence into the pool area, as is claimed, they were trespassing. Also, the HOA only allows 20 guests at reserved parties.

        From what I’ve read, I think the police were called for good reason. It’s only the aftermath to their arrival that’s controversial.

        • Sure there was a reason to call the cops. There was no reason for that man’s idiotic, racist, insane, out of control, and most likely illegal behavior.

        • He did not tell a single white person to sit down. He did not wrestle any white people to the ground. I saw absolutely no difference in behavior between black and white people in that video, but he only assaulted and bossed around the blacks. How is that not racist?

      • Wrong…this video was taken 23 minutes after the cops…well 3 of them…had been dealing with fights ….assault of the security that needed medical attention. …teens attacking residents trying to flee to their homes…beer bottles thrown at passing cars damaging them….how would you like to on your way home and get a broken windshield because some kid was pissed he could not use the pool… your judging and speaking from ignorance. …a lamb to the media’s. half truths…and the reason the white guys did not get told to sit down is because the calls to the police identified the violent offenders as black….and several of those compliant were made by the black residents of the community that got attacked when they asked the kid’s to leave…that is how and why

  24. Casebolt was too rough on the teenage girl and deserved a reprimand for it, but not suspension or the loss of his job. But when he pulled his gun and pointed it at two unarmed boys, he crossed the line into insanity.

    I’m glad he left the force before he murdered somebody.

    • Ralph, that disappoints me that you did not recognize the threat the two males represented. What do you think would have happened if they were able to jump the officer? I imagine the other two officers would have to jump in and the were going to be skull cracking going on. Why can’t we all focus on the fact that not one injury was sustained in this fiasco?

      • Yes, Michael in GA, the two guys could have jumped Casebolt. Or he could have been hit by lightning. Or a meteor from outer space could have struck the officer. Or Martians . . . .

        But none of those things happened. All I saw was two young guys approaching, Casebolt getting up, the two kids backing off, and THEN Casebolt pulling his piece for no damn good reason, whereupon the two doods ran away. And when two cops ran over to Casebolt, the one on the left (although he’ll never admit it) puts his hand on Casebolt’s arm and seems to be encouraging Casebolt to re-holster his sidearm.

        Nobody else slapped leather because nobody was threatened. Casebolt just freaked out, and for no good reason. I don’t want him prosecuted, but I’m glad he’s gone.

        • 2 other officers came running in to assist and continued to chase the guys he drew his weapon for….so if they were not threatening. ..why were the other officers there in seconds

    • He had absolutely no reason to put his hands on that young lady.

      The two young men acted on good instincts to help her but backed off.

      The cop was wrong on every single thing he did in this video. He used a lot of foul language, he was acting alone without coordinating with the other police officers. He was issuing orders to the black kids to get on the ground (what for?) and ignoring the white kids. He was doing ninja rolls. He was complaining about the gear he was carrying around. He blamed the kids for his being tired. I can’t think of anything he didn’t do wrong.

      • So in your world view a LEO doesn’t have the right to use physical force to gain compliance when multiple lawful orders are ignored? Eg. Suspected trespassers are ordered to disperse multiple times, they refuse. They are ordered to sit, they refuse. The officer cannot then escalate to physical force to gain compliance… Sounds like something out of Demolition Man.

        • Not seeing any lawful orders. I’m just seeing a nutcase chasing around and cussing kids out like he’s the Lord High King Almighty. He’s lucky those two good young men restrained themselves (and I’ve no doubt had they not helped this woman from this unlawful attack that the other cops would have drilled them, so they were wise to not do the right thing in this case).

      • Well, according to the kid who shot the video, some kids the cop had just made sit down started getting up and moving away, so were out of compliance. That doesn’t excuse him losing his shit when the other cops didn’t, but it does explain some exasperation.

        • I think if a crazy man were telling me to sit down, and I watched the nutjob pull his gun out on my friends, I’d be getting out of there too.

  25. @pg2, I called you a Leftist because you espouse that belief. By the way, there are leftists in both parties. Being a leftist does not necessarily identify your party. That said, I find both parties absolutely reprehensible. Both are big “godvernment” parties…

    • truth is you called me a leftist because of the small box worldview you have let yourself be conditioned to think in terms of. The biggest irony is that you are implying my position is somehow big government, when it is your position that is much more statist. Your posts tend to have a statist view. So are you a hypocrite, or a liar? Or a troll?

      • @pg2, oh really? do tell….this should be good. (I’ve got my popcorn and am ready! 🙂 )

        • Lol, Mac, you’re so full of s@*t. You have taken the big/pro government side to every narrative debated on this forum, and you have the cracked logic to pretend otherwise. Enjoy the popcorn, almost embarrassed I fell for your trolling.

          • @pg2, well…I have one word for that…bullshit. Your leftist “godvernment” is the one on the side of the mobsters/hipsters/and general douchebaggery. Remember the first little police “crisis” the Dark Lord opened his spew hole about back in July of 2009? The Cambridge professor incident? The DL: “The police acted stupidly.” And then we were off to the races…and circling the drain ever since. There is your big godvernment for you…leftist cop hating, d-bags all the way

        • Mac, I generally don’t feed trolls, but since you’re already eating popcorn what the hell, why not? Your posts sound delirious, ‘my leftist government’? Mac, you couldn’t be further from reality if you wanted. I’ve seen you attack posters talking about 9/11, sandy Hook, so many other issues that you look and act exactly like a resident troll whose purpose is to minimize any real discussion of such topics. You pretend to be on the ‘right’, but that only fools people who are under the delusion that they are on ‘left’. I’ve wasted enough calories with this. go troll bait someone else.

          • @pg2, wrong again…I do not attack posters. I counter only posts that I find ridiculous, biased to the left and just flat out factually wrong. Truth is often not popular… I’m ok with that.

        • Mac, you’re a liar. I’ve seen you go full on ad-hominem on more than 9/11 poster, without posting a shred of legitimate response. And you’re right, the truth is not popular, apparently with the likes of you.

          • @pg2, I’ve gone ad hominem? Really? Compared to who? You are full of caca bud. Or do you consider that ad hominem?

    • Oh yeah totally…you mean the trespassing trespassers that didnt take the opportunity to leave when first offered and then start shenanigans like bolting and making movements that result in a draw? Since when compassion for scofflaws? Hmm, not being treated well by the Police? Try not breaking the law for starters?

  26. When I was a kid and we were breaking the rules and the cops showed up, we tried to get out quick because we knew that meant trouble. What’s all this “lets mill around” business?

    I don’t think he was out of control, I think he was on edge because he was in a chaotic environment and the authority he was attempting to wield was getting no results. Once folks started getting cuffed and he took down the girl who was walking back and forth without listening to what they were saying only then did any sort of order start coming into play. That, and the fact he pulled his gun.

    I think he got sold down the river to avoid weeks/months of marches.

    • What authority was he trying to wield? Having a badge isn’t a magic “you will respect my authoritah” talisman. He has to follow the law too.

      I think it’s good that the two men who wanted to help that poor young lady didn’t beat the snot out of him, but that would have just made things worse. He definitely deserved it though.

    • Casebolt himself was the most disorderly person in the whole video. Everybody else was just sort of milling around by the time he pranced onto the scene with his ninja roll. Last I checked, milling around is not a crime. The only backtalk I heard was people he made sit down begging to be allowed to leave.

      • TT the video was taken 23 minutes into the incident…he and other officets had been running back and forth in the common area breaking up fights and trying to find the people who injured the security guards and residents at the pool for some time….perhaps he was the way he was because he was the 1st on the seen dealing with 100 teenagers about to riot…and the others were so calm because they were the dome of the 9 that got there after the bulk of it….

  27. I am so sick-and-tired of the lies…the race baiters, the out-of-control black youth, the criminals being advertised as “good kids”, the fake civil rights movement, and a new media that has become a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. I watch these news reports where they take everything out of context to push some sort of 1960’s style racist slant, and it frustrates me because I know it is a false narrative. My best friend is black. I am white (ish), but I am also Native American. I have friends from every race and nationality. I can count the number of racists I have personally met in my life on one hand…all but one being black, by-the-way…and I have met tens of thousands of people in my life. Geez!!!! I know I am preaching to the choir, but it feels good to get that out.

    • If you include Rush Limbaugh etc. as a race baiters you might upset some people but it would be true.

      If you would include in your list the few but actual out of control cops who would disagree with you?

  28. The crazy cop got what he deserved-and yeah the youts were out of control trying to crash the pool party held by a BLACK 19year old girl. AND sitting on the cute 15year old looked sexually charged TO ME. AS I watch this girl talking(who held the party) in real time on Inside Edition…ONE out of 12 cops.

  29. While we are criticizing Casebolt — correctly IMO — let’s look at what the other cops did. Which is: nothing wrong as far as I could see.

    One bad apple. And now he can no longer spoil the whole bunch.

    • One bad apple, for sure. But I’m left wondering why none of the eleven good apples told him to calm the f*ck down.

  30. This is part of the statement released by Casebolt’s attorney after he resigned:

    “With all that had happened that day, he allowed his emotions to get the better of him,” she said.

    When his own lawyer admits what Casebolt did, everyone else should stop alibiing for him. Case closed.

    • I read that article as well, and I believe that we must acknowledge a failure on behalf of his police force to provide adequate counseling after serious events. If anything, it sounds like the force is making him a scapegoat to hide the larger deficiencies.

      I mean, he had just attended a suicide where a guy blew his brains out in front of his kids, and then successfully stopped a girl from killing herself. Just putting him back out on patrol feels like a mistake to me.

    • I am certain the lawyer’s statement reflects what the officer felt happened and was not just some carefully articulated piece to assuage the PC powers that be. Or not.

    • Ralph. ..seriously. ..the guy saw the writing on the wall.. .he was the escape goat…idiots see a few minutes after a few officers spent 23 minutes running around dealing with violent offenders and stopped 100 teens from rioting….and the one that got recorded dealing with a disobeying trouble maker trying to incite further disorder. …is the bad apple…they forgot to mention the calm cop in the video just arrived on the scene. …after things started to settle down

  31. These comments are a joke. The cop was out of control and made a bad situation worse. PERIOD.

    All you 50’s dads with your tired old predictions of societal collapse and worse, your reptilian brain woody for exerting authority regardless of fairness and rationality is annoying and exhausting.

    I actually feel bad for the guy and don’t think he should have lost his job (or felt he had to resign) but mistakes were made here and he should have paid for it in some fashion. And I actually agree that the race angle is being played up a bit much. Dude was just too poisoned with adrenaline and testosterone and his frontal cortex couldn’t overcome the BS coming from his limbic system.

    This could have easily gone viral if that was a little blue eyed blonde girl getting the beating. Imagine it was a black male officer and a blonde texas daughter…I’d like to see the rants on this thread if that was the case from you trogs.

    • Your racism is showing. Sadly you are in deep denial and have to evidence your racism by implication upon others.
      A true liberal.

  32. I spoke to a resident of McKinney yesterday. He said that small town police get different qualities of training. A WVA resident mentioned that in his state local cops must study with the State police. Their training is not as rigorous as the Statey’s.

    Can there be a means where this officer could have taken the rest of the day in other duties after that serious morning? Do they have to man up or lose their jobs to Robocop?

  33. I hope the police haters never call the police for a trespasser on their property. Or if your car is stolen , broken into or someone hits you with their car, don’t call a cop you hate so much. You fake libertarians don’t believe in private property rights. If you don’t want a policemen to pull his gun on you don’t run up on him.

    • I hope the police haters never call the police for a trespasser on their property.

      I’m not a cop hater but I don’t generally call police for a trespasser. I have ejected many myself over the years. I have also ejected a few trespassing cops from the property over the years. However, in my state I can be prosecuted if I attempt to physically eject a persistent trespasser. I will be charged if I point a gun at one. I can also be sued if that trespasser claims harm during that ejection. For some, the law makes it nearly impossible to legally eject a trespasser without the assistance of law enforcement. The service is forced upon us.

      Or if your car is stolen

      This is one area that law enforcement offers a service that might be useful as they have the databases to potentially be effective. However, I don’t agree with the databases. Anyway… If we don’t get a police report, we can’t get our insurance companies to honor a claim. Additionally, if someone does something illegal with the vehicle, it will be difficult to later assert that the vehicle was stolen as a defense.

      broken into

      I generally don’t call the police for these incidents. but again, insurance won’t pay a claim without a police report.

      or someone hits you with their car

      If the person is seriously injured then it is likely that someone else calls the police. Also, AFAIK it’s illegal in my state to not report crashes. Still, I’ve never called the police for a crash in which I’ve been involved. Just last year, on the roadside I negotiated a settlement with a person who hit the vehicle I was operating. I soon after came back with a broom and shovel to clean up the accident site. No police were involved.

      don’t call a cop you hate so much.

      I don’t hate them. Still, I abhor the way that law enforcement is implemented these days in our nation. FTP doesn’t necessarily mean one actually hates the officers or even the notion of law and order.

      You fake libertarians don’t believe in private property rights.


      If you don’t want a policemen to pull his gun on you don’t run up on him.

      It goes the other way too. If a cop doesn’t want to be treated like a thug or like an agent of a tyrannical government, then don’t be one or at least don’t act like one.

      You will find that those who truly don’t like the way law enforcement operates today, don’t tend to call them at all or at least only when there is no other way around it under the current system.

      Consider this… If you don’t like gun control then don’t go through a background check. Don’t own a firearm with a serial number. Don’t limit yourself to semi-automatic. Don’t get a concealed carry license or any required permit. Et cetera. Why do even one of these things if you hate gun control?

  34. I’m not fond of cops, but the girl purposely was going into dead weight mode to make herself harder to apprehend. I’ve seen dudes try and slam their heads hard as possible when the cop try to move them around in an attempt to make the policeman look corrupt. The two dudes went into an aggressive stance and the one who reach for his waist was most likely trying to pull his shorts up in an attempt to get ready to fight. I’ve seen a bazillion fight where the dudes will pull up their shorts right as they’re getting ready to fight. The fact he was getting rushed by three girls on one side, followed by two decent-size guys coming from behind, I don’t blame him for unholstering his gun. He never pointed it directly at anyone and holstered it when they started to run and his fellow cops gave chase. He use it as a deterrent and it worked. I don’t know why society and media keep spouting crap about them being teens. Last time I checked, it was teens playing the knockout game, and the majority of gangmembers are in their teens. Age plays no factor to me during times of danger.

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