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A reader who goes by the handle “Mr. Crabs” sent in this pocket dump with the accompanying explanation: “Because I feel strongly that one can be absolutely dapper and well armed, there’s this combination. It’s for those times when I’m dressed above the level of uniform or “shoot-me-first” pants and a concealment shirt. I didn’t think I needed to include my wallet and keys, but they are in my jacket.”

This pocket dump includes a Wilson Combat Protector Professional, a Fisher Cap-O-Matic Space Pen, and a titanium link bracelet. Nice to see a Wilson Combat being used as an EDC. There should be no safe queens.

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  1. Most of the time I carry a G19 and a SW bodyguard. I like the tool like aspect and no sentimental attachment I have with these pistols. I wouldn’t want to carry something I couldnt easily replace as an EDC. That said, perhaps this gentleman can replace it easily.

    For fancy dress, weddings, funerals and other ceremonial occasions I have a Colt 1911 that I wear. It’s certainly better looking and more dignified than a Glock, but not something I’d want to risk EDC. I actually have a whole different kit for fine dress and ceremony, different pen, knives, guns and what have you, though that .380 BG on my ankle is always there.

    My very finest mechanical possession is my bi-metal Submariner. I do EDC it, but it is insured for loss, damage and theft. My 1911 might be…but while any black face bi-metal sub will do, only MY 1911 is my Colt 1911…it is irreplaceable now, to me.

    I suppose some spare nothing and use their best, while others of us are always sand bagging. It’s as much a part of personality as anything.

  2. The only gun I wont carry is my my mothers Chief Special. All others are fair game.

    That said…if I lost/broke one of my plastic guns, i would replace with another exactly like it. Harder to do with a 40 year old Smith.

  3. Why is this called pocket dump of the day?
    Seems to diminish and cheapen the relevance of this site

    Carl Wilhelm, LtCol ret., USAF
    Life Member NRA, VFW, AL

    • I wondered the same. It’s not complete and maybe not realistic. Where’s the holster? how is the mag carried? Where’s the flashlight? Maybe a knife? I get that “Mr Crabs” is proud and wants to show off his gun, but if anyone is going to get anything out of these EDC loadout posts, it had to be an actual, believable, functioning EDC ensemble.

  4. You have to 1) have a fuckton of money or 2) not understand the value of money to EDC a $4000+ handgun.

    Then again maybe he has an insurance rider that covers the gun if the cops take it and don’t return it. Of course in most cases you’d need to claim theft and I doubt the cops will write a stolen goods report against themselves…

    That said, like all Wilson products comes with a guarantee. This is 1.5″ at 25 yards. Which, OTOH, is kinda silly since I have a bunch of pistols that cost 1/8th to 1/4th what this one does that will do the same thing from a similar sized barrel.

    • I don’t find it pretty for a pricey 1911, there are some at less than half the price that imo look better. But as the owner of this EDC said, “not a safe queen”, and as long as he likes it and it is reliable that’s good.

    • While I wouldn’t recommend it for Glock style pistols, most full size guns are much easier to conceal and more comfortable to carry when they aren’t wrapped in a stiff IWB holster. Smaller guns need them because they won’t stay put, but large guns have the weight and length. Of course the gun needs to be a DA/SA or have a thumb and or grip safety.

  5. it’s embarrassing that so many on here get all bent out of shape over what other people spend on guns. Don’t be so jealous. If you had the coin and could afford one we know that you would. Never met a gun nut that didn’t buy what he could afford! To deny it is complete dishonesty.

    • I agree with you. If I had the money I would buy a pair nice 1911, a Colt SAA, a nice lever action rifle, some more AR and parts, an AK47 or 74, a nice bolt action with a good scope, a CZ 75 Shadow, a Colt Python, a Garand, maybe a 10mm pistol, suppressors, more ammo, more safes obviously…

    • Indeed, 4k is too steep for me to lose and replace, it perhaps it isn’t for him, or perhaps he’d rather use his best and replace it with something less expensive if necessary.
      I think a lot of people either forget that to some spending 4k is like spending $400, or $4 to some others, that is, some people have very robust financial resources. That, or some people just hate it that others can afford better toys.
      Personally I EDC a G19, it suits my needs and if it gets beat up it doesn’t look any worse, if it’s lost, the next one is $450 and 30 minutes away. If I had a top end 1911 it would be a dress gun for more formal occasions, as my Colt 1911 is now. Partly that’s finance, much of it is an attachment to my Colt, and a good part of it is practical…my g19 and 50 rounds carries like my 1911 and 25~ rounds, and frankly I prefer the round count to the increased power and precision.
      What’s most fascinating to me is that what to carry is at least as situation driven and personal as what shoes to wear, and yet there is so much judgement and criticism from some about the choices others make. I suppose some folks like high end 1911s, and some like to gripe about them.

    • Exactly right. Not to mention the amount of stupidity and ignorance routinely apparent commenting on others’ setups or choices. I’d be willing to bet most of the commenters here don’t even carry on a regular basis. And have a skill set that’s on par with a 4 year old. Pathetic.

  6. This is just some dude showing off his bling.
    Minds well post a golden desert eagle…..

    Does he carry that $4,500 Wilson in a purple Crown Royal pouch with golden rope drawl strings or Mexican carry style in his Armani Belt?

    Btw. He forgot to add his Gucci sunglasses and his Louis Vuitton man purse…..

  7. There’s no accounting for taste, really.

    I’m a fan of thoughtful choices, and leaving people space to make choices that fit for them, even when these aren’t the choices I imagine I’d make in their situation. Our anti-people interlopers have rather the opposite opinion. No guns for you! because they wouldn’t have one. They imagine.

    Myself, I carry a few things others might mock — and some do, randomly, in public. My carry bag is over-built and always with me, yet between the meds n etc. plus the laptop so I can work, when I can work, it’s barely enough.

    The token in my pocket has been there every day for nearly 20 years. Is it a rosarie, a challenge coin, a lock of some departed’s hair? Nobody mocks that becauze nobody knows. Neither your approval, nor your understanding are required. Literally, not your business.

    I doubt I’ll ever EDC a side arm in the low $1,000s. My next laptop, well, that’s a different story, for reasons sufficient to me.

    Myself, our not-quite-EDC contributor’s example makes me curious. What is the sense this makes to him? I speculate it’s signaling, and respect. Sometimes you don your socially-prescribed best, to show you are williing to do that. Ratty clothes visiting a grave are respect if that’s your best. If you can do better, and choose not to, well, that’s a different message, isn’t it?

    Some places you go with the best gun you can afford.

    • i see enough finish wear there to just accept that it’s carried. far and away the most likely scenario is that after decades it will be passed along, never having been confiscated or, for that matter, drawn. i don’t fault the choice of accurate and dependable. it’s only money. duplicable for far less but that wouldn’t be a wilson. i have no desire to own one.
      challenge coins originated with the marines, so i don’t go there out of respect. occasionally i’ll catch a glimpse of one bounced off of a bartop and quickly secreted away. a short explanation and then mums clam, as it were.
      mr. bullock’s reference intrigued me. a golden buddha from a hazy girl night on lincoln avenue, and a danish ore from a eurailpass/ hostel blur.
      if you can, make it to brugge; if not watch “in brugge.”

  8. I happen to EDC a beautiful old (albeit minty) Colt Detective Special. And I get a lot of snark for it. “Not enough boo-lits!”…”Too expensive to replace!”…”.38Spl is not suitable for self-defense”.

    Whatever. I wear whitie-tighties, an undershirt, an analog wristwatch, and carry a handkerchief. I gotta be me.

  9. Not sure about the rest of you but my disposable income is sub par because I made poor decisions in life so I’m going to lambaste anyone that carries a handgun more expensive than mine.

    • Give me a break… Dollars to donuts that gun was bought with a credit card. There’s a lot of broke people out there with expensive toys.

      I’m not faulting buying a $4000 1911 for ccw, but there’s not a holster or any sign of wear on that gun.

      Btw… I have expensive toys too. I just don’t post pictures of them on social media for self validation or cannon fodder comments….

  10. This is what an EDC should look like.

    It should NOT look like someone getting ready for a 6 month tour in Afghanistan like most of the crap you post up here.


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