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This pocket dump comes from Ryan in Ohio who lists his profession as law enforcement officer. It includes a Springfield XD-S, a CRKT multi-tool, and a variety of electronics. The XD-S is a concealed carry favorite for many gun owners thanks to its slim design and reliability.

What do you guys prefer for concealed carry, single-stacks or double-stacks?

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  1. I am really not a fan of batons. I am also a cop, I have to carry my ASP when on duty per policy, I surely don’t want to carry one off duty.
    People think you just need to hit with your baton, and it solves problem. There are many situations and subjects for which it will be useless, and for those cases it would work there is a high probability you could have solved it going “hands on”.
    If you carry one you need to train with it, I am not joking, it is really not a thing you just need to hit hard and problem solved. I have seen too many videos of people (usually on duty cops) hitting, and hitting, and hitting some more, while it is useless they are having a huge brain fart and they keep hitting, forgetting they have other tools, two hands, two legs, pepper spray….
    There is a video of a tragic police/sovereign citizen encounter on a parking lot (I think it was in Colorado), one of the cop is fighting with two persons while his partner his wasting time with his baton on someone else. You see the same “oh crap it doesn’t work let me try again, and again” factor with the taser. That’s something you can learn from the more seasoned cops who were used to go hands on more often back in the days.

    • Maybe it’s time to go back to something more effective than a baton.

      A lot of old school cops have argued that a large, properly constructed sap is a far better tool for compliance, control and a far better weapon if need be than any of the modern batons.

      I can’t say for sure, but I’ve been whacked with both and I’d rather get hit with the baton than the sap. If someone knows how to use a fairly large sap/blackjack… well holy hell does that thing hurt. Cops loved them for a long time until, as I’ve heard, they were forced to move to the baton for PR reasons since a sap/blackjack is “too brutal”.

      All I can say is that the edge of a well made, large leather sap full of lead hurts really, really, really bad. You feel like it broke a bone when it didn’t. I can’t imagine someone not complying unless they’re really tweaked out on meth or something.

    • Never once have I actually struck someone with a baton. Even as a cop, there have been very few situations I saw where a baton is called for where something else was not a better option… especially if a taser is available or you are even slightly competent with your hands knees.

      And the idea of ‘conceal carrying’ one just always makes me laugh, especially in concert with a gun. Hitting someone with a steel pipe is extremely difficult to justify as a non-cop unless you’re at the level of deadly force. And if you are… use the gun, cause a baton is a terrible substitute in that situation.

      Legally perilous and practically dangerous to use, the perfect hallmark of a mall ninja. Plus with all that crap he probably jingle-jangles as he walks to the Best Buy.

  2. “What do you guys prefer for concealed carry, single-stacks or double-stacks?”

    What do I prefer or what do I carry? I’d “prefer” a single stack. But then I’d also prefer a pistol is the size of a pocket .380, weighs nearly nothing, hits like the Fatman from Fallout, is flawlessly accurate in any situation, has unlimited ammo and recoils like a .22 target pistol.

    That gun doesn’t exist and defies the laws of physics so I go with what I can carry in reality. So… double stack for 12+1 in the gun and 12 more on my hip.

    • Smells like a whacker- someone who gets a thrill out of people thinking he’s a cop. Especially with the baton. That said, there are some places where a whacker can get some sort of police-adjacent job like as a reserve cop. Think Dwight Shrute.

  3. I would try to pick on this guy’s EDC, but (while I do pack light) I just recently quit carrying my TDI Fixed blade. I roil XDS 9mm, StealthGear IWB, Keys, Phone, Front Pocket Wallet and either my Skyline or Tenacious.So, without the fixed blade, it feels like i just got normal.

  4. As my daily dress is always a t shirt. As big a gun as I can. Usually my Walther PPQ SC with the 15 rounds. If not a P938.

  5. Just bought an XDS45. Dont have it yet but it will be replacing my G43. Will be EDC back up gun. Glad to hear it is popular and featured here.


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