Bill Frady CZ P-10c
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You may know friend of TTAG Bill Frady from his Lock N Load radio show that gets 20 million listens a week. I do a regular segment on the week’s news with Bill every Friday at 5:00p central.

Bill’s now branching out into video gun reviews and here’s his take on the CZ P-10 C, a gun that certainly impressed our own Jeremy S. when he gave it the full going over. Check out Bill’s video above, or as he writes . . .

Ok, I will admit it. I like nearly every CZ gun ever made…ever. But I am also quite enamored with striker fired guns, so the the CZ P10c is naturally a favorite from the get go.

But here we see CZ USA upping the game a little with a CZ P10c that is dressed. Threaded barrel, plus 2s on the magazines, suppressor sights. Quite a nice package.

Does it shoot as good as it looks? Well…yeah, it’s a CZ! But I will let you be the judge of that.

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  1. Do not get a CZ P-10 C. It’s slide locks/releases were too stiff to operate and it mag release was impossible to depress without breaking your grip. It felt great in the hand and shot very nicely, but, the aforementioned issues were too much to consider keeping it.

    • I don’t have these problems with mine. Did you try different backstraps? I’m messing with it right now and I can hit the mag release without changing my grip.

      • I always use the smallest backstrap on all of my pistols. Although I’m able to reach it without changing my grip, I’m just unable to depress the mag release. After I sold it I went to a few different LGS’s and messed around with their P-10’s. Each one of them had the same issues as mine. Mag release stiff as all hell, ambi slide release’s extremely difficult to press down, etc. Also, the automatic chambering upon entering a new mag functioned sporadically at best. You must have got a good one. Next pistols I buy will be a couple of Glocks and a Canik TP9 Elite Combat.

    • Zero problem reaching or depressing the mag release on mine. My hands aren’t large by any standard. It shoots great, and I love it. I’ve heard of others mentioning the mag release issue but not the case with mine. The slide release was tough to release earlier but has started to loosen up with use. I shoot DA/SA CZs and love them, but having the striker fired P10c was wanted. I don’t regret buying one, and may buy another in FDE just for the heck of it. It definitely feels better in my hand than a Glock, and compared more in the hand to the grip of a M&P. I own several Glocks and like them, but for comfort in the hand, the P10c fits much better than Glocks for me.

  2. A shooting friend owns a CZ P-10 that has been back to CZ three times. CZ finally issued him another complete pistol which has some of the same issues (springs, striker) as his original. His plans are to sell it and replace it with another 75. Coincidentally, he owns a 75 B, SP-01 and a Shadow2 that perform perfectly. His comment to me was that “the P-10 is just not ready for prime time”.

  3. They’re opening up a new factory in Kansas and are performing some upgrades that should address some of the above issues.

  4. Trigger binds on mine, I use a lot of finger on the trigger. So I’ll be sticking with the VP9 as my go to. Can’t beat it for the price point though.

    The mag and slide release loosen up after use.

  5. I’ve a P-10C and never had an issue with mine. I’ve numerous CZ pistols and really like the P-07 better for carry with the hammer drop rather than the safety. I do think the P-10C is better than a Gen 3 and 4 Glock. Once the trigger breaks in, it’s fairly nice, but not PPQ like.

    I’ll keep mine as the P-07 and it use the same magazines if they are the red follower.

  6. 20mil weekly listens? Even if he was earning only half a penny per in ads (about how much Youtube pays out per view) then he’s raking in $100,000 per week. If that’s true it’s a miracle I’ve never heard of him before. Call me skeptical.

  7. Finally comments where people don’t gush about the P10C. I used to own one and the trigger wasn’t that good and the stippling felt like a porcupine.


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