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Today’s EDC isn’t a pocket dump, it’s a carry shot. The gun owner who submitted this resides in Florida and states the pictured gun is a Wilson Combat Protector Professional, although he must have replaced the grip panels. He also has a spare magazine and a fixed blade.

Who else here carries on the daily with this particular setup?

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    • I cannot understand the obsession with aiwb carry. I’ve tried it and it is uncomfortable. Not to mention the muzzle is pointed right at your junk. It must be for the tiny sized men out there.

        • No. I’m 6’3”, 200lbs. Even if it was comfortable for me, I still don’t want the muzzle pointed at my femoral artery or my package.

        • 5’10” 115 lb reporting in. AIWB is only comfortable for me while standing/walking. The only position that is comfortable to me both sitting and standing is 3 o’clock.

    • some people just have a frame that this is no different than carrying a g43 on. For me, no. But for slender tall people, it’s easily the same.

      • lol what? I OWB all winter round. You need a better coat. If you are going to go outside the waistband under a coat, dont appendix it… come on.

    • He might. I’m 66. I carry an Ed Brown Kobra (full size government), three seven round magazines, Benchmade Infidel, Surefire E2 Defender LED, S&W M&P 340 and my cell phone. Everyday all day.

      The only exception is when I go to the gym five mornings a week. My EDC for the gym is the S&W M&P 340, two reloads and the Benchmade Infidel.

      It’s a lot lighter than the pig I carried 47 years ago.

      • How do you like the Infidel? I got a good deal on a Microtech Ultratech and took it because it seemed like a better knife.

        • I have an Infidel and an Ultratech. Both are tough USA made knives. Gotta give a nod to the Infidel for being more streamlined. You have to decide if you prefer the front switch on the Infidel or the side switch on the Ultratech. The Ultratech gives you a lot of blade options, whereas the Infidel only comes double-edged.

      • It gets tiring hearing the same old comments from other gun owners (who probably don’t even carry) snarking about how you can’t possibly conceal more than a pocket pistol or that AIWB simply can’t be done comfortably. They should educate themselves a bit before spouting that garbage.

        I carry a G19 with an X300 AIWB plus a spare mag with extended basepad, two flashlights, a knife, pepper spray, a medkit and the usuals (wallet, keys, cell phone) ALL day, EVERY day.

        Do I know I have all that on? Sure. Do I make some concessions with clothing choices to carry all that? Sure. Carrying all of this may not be for everyone… but can it be done successfully? Absolutely.

        • Agreed, those who go on about what can’t be carried or concealed are really saying “I’m not willing to carry that concealed”, but feel better about their mouse gun and no reload if they just pretend that no one ever actually carries more.

          I’m 5’8, 135lbs, dress usually in casual clothes, though for years I wore suits to work. I routinely carry a G19 (OWB), a 15 round spare mag, a 21 round spare mag, a SW Bodyguard 380 (On my ankle) a 5 inch folder, a three inch folder, a smart phone, a medium tac light, wallet, money clip, two sets of keys, a Zippo, a bic, sun glasses, a pair of thin leather gloves and a tactical pen…concealed, 16-18 hours a day, in all weather, and the only times I’ve ever been outted is by other concealed carriers.

          First, if you have good belts, holsters and clothes the weight and bulk are fine. Second, if being well prepared is more important than being as absolutely comfortable as possible, it’s no problem.

          I buy my suit coats one size up and hem the sleeves. I spend the money on belts and holsters. Ive endured the discomfort for so long now i hardly notice. I seldom bend at the waist, rather bending at the knees. I wear under armor type tees and boxer briefs in hot weather to dissipate heat and sweat. I arrange my gear so my outer coat pockets so it doesn’t swing open easily…in short my wardrobe, style and even movements are adapted to packing lots of concealed gear. I have different holsters and systems for different outfits and activities. I am never, ever without two pistols, two reloads, two knives and two flashlights…unless I’ve had to disarm for some reason, court houses and the like.

          On top of being undersized, I also have serious back problems that compel me to switch between shoulder and belt for my primary pistol, or else use suspenders to distribute the weight.

          Sometimes it hurts, that’s life. Sometimes it’s hot, that’s life. However, just because you aren’t willing to change style, or spend the money on great gear, or be a bit uncomfortable in some seats, or to be a bit hot in some situations doesn’t mean that no one is so able and so willing, and we aren’t all nuts either, just differently concerned and differently focused.

        • I have no idea how some of you carry all that gear…gun, mags, 2 flashlights, medical kit, 2 knives, etc. WTF? Do you wear body armor too?

          I live in a major city in which I served 18 years as a SWAT officer. I carry a Glock 19 and 1 extra mag…..that’s it. Oh yea, wallet keys and a phone;)

          I think that a few of you are wannabe “Operators” LOL and/or are fooling yourselves.

      • At least you probably had a couple of guys to carry the ammo for it! Nothing like having someone putting rounds into the bush from the pig. Belated thanks…..

      • You don’t conceal carry all that shit while “in uniform, on post” lol . He is wearing regular clothes in the pic. You owe me $100

  1. Seems he also has a folder over there past the 1911, just peaking out.

    Odd magazine. Flared at the bottom like that is something I’ve never seen.

    The belt is kind of odd too. How is he supposed to sit on the throne without unloading all of his gear?

  2. hes all 1911 condition one appendix carry

    the muzzle is pointed at his pecker with a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked

    when he draws his thumb is awfully close to the safety and likewise his index finger is awfully close to the trigger

    while its pointed directly at his pecker with a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked

    whatever happened to not pointing it at something that you dont want to destroy

    no thanks

    • Not a fan of appendix carry but i have carried a 38 snub that way.

      As always the key is keeping your finger off the trigger until you want to let them loose.

      We get shivers seeing a pistol pointed at our private parts but i used to regularly carry in a shoulder holster. There you potentially point at your belly, nethers, and thighs while drawing, especially if seated. No problems unless you violate the trigger rule.

    • Yep… apedix carry violates one of the main rules of safe firearms handling 🤯
      Could never apendix carry but have a friend that does with a Glock 34, and two 20+ round reloads. Don’t ask me how. I asked if the front sight ever got caught on his nutsack in a draw.😂

  3. I’d like to believe this is parody, especially with the fixed blade knife (lol) but that’s a lot of $$$ for a gag.

    Holy shit, over $3,000 for the pistol alone??

    • easily affordable on a military nco salary, especially if you know how to budget. Deployments alone will almost double your pay, so why not spend 3k of the 20k you save during one on a nice firearm?

      • “Deployments alone will almost double your pay”

        What army are you in? I was an NCO with multiple combat deployments. Hazard/Special Duty Combat pay was INCREASED from $5 to a whopping $7 a day
        Nobody gets a lot more money on deployments. It’s just that single people don’t have to spend it while they are deployed, so they save a lot. For folks with a family, deployments don’t make you anything, and are usually a financial hardship since you often have to pay for increased childcare.
        Sure, you aren’t taxed overseas, but if you have a family an NCO will get almost all of their taxes refunded even stateside.

    • I carry high dollar equipment Ed Brown, Benchmade and Surefire. In the big picture what’s your life or the life of someone you love worth??? The ones I speak of are worth far more than a few thousand. Why would I trust my life to junk?

    • If you think back on some of the nuts you meet at the range or local gunstore, I believe it’s no joke and guys really do carry all this stuff.

  4. 1/ Vasectomy is a cheaper, and safer sterilization procedure.

    2/ Why these grips on a Wilson Combat? Would you put hoodrat rims on your Porsche?

    3/ It looks comfortable, and I am sure it is even more comfy when sitting.

    4/ Where does he live in Florida? I live in FL and while dressing up like that would be okay at night and early morning, during the afternoon you would be sweating.

    • I’ve thrown aftermarket grips on older or expensive guns because I wanted to carry or shoot them and didn’t want to get the original grips messed up.

      What does Florida law say about carrying a fixed blade knife concealed like that? In my state, it would be a trip downtown.

      • I have always thought the id10t legislators who license people to carry a pistol and then say, but you can’t have a knife were complete dunderheads! At least here in Georgia it is a weapons carry license, so if ya want to carry a gladius along with your .45, then have at it!

    • @Mueller

      There are, in fact, a number of people who would put such rims on a Porsche.

      These are the same people who put LED under lighting on a high end sport bike.

      There is no accounting for taste.

  5. Street scalpel fixed blade by Topps knives. I can carry it just about anywhere on my person. It keeps a point like a needle and an edge…like a scalpel. -30-

  6. This pic is either photoshopped or was taken just prior to said carriers death. I’ve learned from the internet’s that one cannot carry AIWB without dying.

  7. Flexing for the ‘gram. Tactical LARPer. People will say “I carry that load every day”, but c’mon, really?

    When you’re running out to the corner store for a gallon of milk, you strap on five pounds of gear? You wear that on date night? You wear that to work? You wear that when you’re out for a walk?

    Everyday means EVERY DAMNED DAY. If you carry a handgun of a respectable caliber which is also of a small size, you’re going to carry the thing. For me, that’s a Kahr CM9 or another Kahr of similar size(MK9/K9) or a CW380 in my pocket. I”ve carried a G26 and a G19 from time to time, but a CM9 and a spare mag is much more likely to see belt time that either of those.

    Cool gear, nice pistol, but no way that is carried all the time. There’s nothing wrong with admitting to carrying a G43….

    • EVERY DAMN DAY. Every damn day means every damn day. Read my comments above. I home carry and when I shower the 45 is in the room.

      I don’t carry AIWB I’m not pointing anything at my JUNK.

      Maybe you should get off your dead ass, turn off the TV, go to the gym and lose some weight?

      Did anyone tell you Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and 7-11’s are crime zones?

      I hate Glocks!

      I sleep with the 340 under the pillow, 45 and a 44 in the head board.

      We all make our choices.

    • I don’t know about (many) others, but I EDC, and I mean really everywhere all the time, a pair of pistols, one .380 bodyguard and a G19, and 2 knives, a flashlight, smart phone, 2 lighters and two spare mags for the Glock…and keys, wallet, money clip, sunglasses and such. I gain 9-12 lbs from naked to dressed and loaded, but yes I really put all that on to run to the store…its fast if you do it every day, and after awhile what feels weird is not having your stuff on/with you.

      It’s partly SD, partly a lifestyle thing, partly habit and partly a bit of hyper vigilance. I’ve been carrying a full or nearly full size handgun and 2 complete reloads for over 20 years EDC. I’ve carried a second pistol off and on for 15 years and daily for nearly 10. I can’t imagine leaving home without a pistol, reload, flashlight and knife…and I subscribe to the 2 is 1 and 1 is none philosophy, thus 2 pistols, 2 reloads, 2 knives, 2 flashlights (counting the smart phone) and 2 lighters. I even carry 2 sets of keys, one to use, and one in case I lose the first set. Also, a wallet and a money clip…one for large bills and ID, etc, and one for light cash and my debit card. Heck, I often even wear a belt and suspenders…though to help with the weight more than one to back up the other. They say it’s all what you get used to, and it’s amazing what you can get used to.

        • Lol, I’m actually serious. Where I live violence is rare, but it is possible to be out of cell service quite a bit, and even with it, police response can be anything from 45 minutes to sometime tomorrow. There are places where a broken down or stuck vehicle means hiking out for hours or perhaps weathering over night waiting for dawn. I’m 42 now, and frankly the amount of gear I’m packing is somewhat a hold over from an earlier, more adventurous life, somewhat habit and comfort, and still somewhat practical. Also, after all these years it’s partially just my persona, and my friends wouldn’t know what to think if I left off my second gun or couldn’t get a fire going or whatever…ive always been the boy scout, the prepared one, the walking army navy store.

          I’m happy to pack it all, and my philosophy is that when you are prepared for big problems, little problems arent problems at all.

      • Makes sense. G19 w/olight mini, reload, ankle trauma kit, small fixed blade, folder, flashlight, 12”asp, wallet, keys, phone, zippo. It’s not difficult to carry all of that. I could throw in another spare mag, and another gun if I felt it necessary, but I don’t. I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  8. I draw the line when my gear gets between me and my loved ones. One argument you hear very little about is how the gear can get in the way of intimate moments. I have to carefully balance this. Even carrying at 4 o’clock can be bothersome.

    • Lol, when my wife and I get intimate spontaneously it looks like the Tackleberry sex scene from Police Academy…guns hitting the floor all over. Sometimes the gear is just in the way.

  9. XD subcompact AIWB, spare mag in a horizontal MAGHOLDER, ZT 0560BW strong side, Vehement Grunt weak side.

    every day. always in a tshirt, occasionally with a hoody over it.

    I can sit, drive, walk, work, eat lunch, watch tv.. I dunno man. maybe it’s your setup or OFWG gut making it difficult.

    I don’t print, never been asked what’s under my shirt (although I do carry the Vehement outside my shirt. California CCW doesn’t cover fixed blade knives) none of my clients have ever said anything.

  10. Damn there’s a lot of hostility in this post. My only observation is the way that magazine is oriented. Should be turned the opposite direction. (Rounds pointed inward, not outward) If I had money for a Wilson, best believe I’d shoot the hell out of it, and if I was feeling particularly special I’d carry it. I’m a “more rounds is better” kind of guy, so the 1911 doesn’t do it for me, but Wilson would if I were to.

    I carry quite a bit of crap every single day too. I know, it’s the internet, and everyone carries everything. Don’t really care if people believe it or not. If this guy/gal does, good on them. Seems more so the people who don’t carry everyday or carry LCP’s and the like are the ones upset and running their mouths. They can’t comprehend that someone could possibly do something that they don’t/won’t/can’t.

    • I think there is quite a bit of that Jon, but I also think something much deeper about people is at play:
      George Carlin used to do a skit where anyone driving slower than him was an idiot, and anyone faster was a maniac. It’s the same here, less gear than me? You’re an idiot, you’ll be killed! More gear than me? You’re a maniac, operator wanna be looking for a fight!

      I try to think about gear like shoes: some guys can get by in their lives and life styles with just one pair, unless they wear out. Others need several pair; one for riding, one for work, one for formal and one for casual…others just like collecting shoes and wearing all different kinds.
      I’m sort of a mix of the latter two: I need more than one pair for sure, but I have more than I strictly need, and I tend to rock some fancy, over blown shoes…as it were. I suppose a better analogy for my situation is that these days I’m wearing industrial steel toed, metatarsal guard boots as casual wear, but it suits my sense of style, so to speak. I don’t need all that protection really, but it comforts me because it’s what im used to.


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