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Not a silenced sub-machine gun (courtesy

We’ve blogged many a anti-gun story, justly accusing the writers of hypocrisy, mendacity and an over-arching desire to serve up anti-gun agitprop to their readers. Needless to say, misinformation is a key part of that mix. When the website breathlessly reported that Trenton police had arrested a man with a silenced submachine gun and I saw the picture of a .22-caliber Walther Arms MP5-a5, I assumed they’d got it wrong accidentally on purpose. Not so. If the editor’s mea culpa is to be believed . . .

The ed said the reporter got his info straight from the po-po. Who also got it wrong. Why? Because they’re pig-ignorant about guns. What does that tell you?

I’ll tell you one thing: Garden State gun guys put the paper dead to rights in the comments section, just as the paper would see their rights dead period. The headline and the story’s been edited to reflect reality. For once.

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  1. One might be forgiven for thinking that in a rational world, those people and the police who are so all-fired concerned about firearms lying around all over the country would have at least a couple of experts in nomenclature on hand. Here it is decades later, after countless anti-gun “crusades,” and there is still no one who can get any of it right.

    Truly amazing.

    But then again, it tells us something, doesn’t it.

    • They’re afraid of guns. All guns, but especially guns that look dangerous like this one. Don’t expect them to spend any time actually studying about guns. That would be too terrifying to even imagine!

    • You don’t understand !!! That gun looks VEWWY SCAWWWY !! So it MUST be an evil silenced belt fed machine gun grenade launcher RPG 8″ howitzer ! With a black thing that goes UP !!

  2. I have a similar .22 in Uzi. Barrel shroud and collapsible stock, mag well in the grip, really cool and way fun to shoot, and is a big hit a the range whenever I take it.

    But its not a silenced machine gun.

  3. NJ. Where you can’t pump your own gas and the state troopers dress like nazi pigs.

    • I lived there briefly from 91-95 and I recall that almost all the gas stations were owned and run by Iranians or Iraqis. The troopers may have stolen their SS/Gestapo outfit ideas from the MA state police at some point.

      Intellectual giants include the current governor and a whole herd of politicians, lawyers, and lobbyists. Plus organized crime.

      But I repeat myself.

      • I went on the NJ turnpike one time and saw a trooper on the side of the road with a victim. Full SS regalia, scared the crap out of me, got my passport even though I don’t live there. Never stepping foot there again.

    • I pump my own gas in Jersey. The Fort Dix gas stations on federal property do not choose to honor that state law.
      I frequently “top off” the tank at civilian stations, and only once had a “gas Nazi” object. Most are glad to swipe my credit card (so they know I’ve paid for my gas), be finished with me, and get on to the next customer.

      BTW There were some pretty significant “intellectual giants” who hung out in Jersey. Will and Ariel Durant come to mind, and that guy Tom Edison did some nice work too.

      • Continued

        Today we have Bruce Springsteen, who is not much of an intellectual in my book. I would certainly trade him for any number of others from the Garden State, who were better men than him, like John Basilone.

      • Thomas Edison? The guy that lied, stole most of his inventions, and slandered his competitors’ superior products? Yeah, he’s definitely from Jersey.

      • I would note that none of the 3 you list were born in NJ. Edison, Ohio. Will Durant, MA. Ariel Durant, Ukraine.

        It is interesting that you name people who haven’t lived in NJ since 1931 in the case of Edison and the Durants lived in Hollywood Hills, CA starting in 1943. Do you not have any Modern intellectual giants in NJ?

    • I am glad I am not the only one that has noticed the NJ Trooper uniforms look like SS uniforms.

  4. Got more muscles than brain cells? An undeserved sense of superiority? A love of petrochemical refinery smells, organized crime, and corruption? Welcome to New Jersey!

  5. Is that a faux suppressor or are you just happy to see me? And what do they think of the “hi-capacity” mossberg .22 assault rifle AR???

  6. “The weapon was later identified to be a HK MP5 A5 .22 caliber gun, Glover said Sunday, after clarifying an earlier statement calling the weapon a machine gun. ”

    Ha! Ha! I bet they were very disappointed when their facts realigned with reality. “Wadaya mean it’s just a .22!?!?!?!?”

  7. Functionally no difference between this and your kid’s .22 except it looks a little tacticool and therefore scary.

    • I have three Ruger 10/22s. One is bone stock with plastic furniture (I also have wood furniture for it, just in case), one has the ATI Tacticool furniture with the collapsible stock and pistol grip, and the third is in Hightower Industries PS90 lookalike furniture. I like to lay them all side by side and ask, “Which of these is one of those scary ‘Assault Rifles’ which you fear so much?”

      That is, I USED to have three, before the boating accident.

  8. rolled my eyes when i saw the original headline with “MACHINEGUN” in it.

    so glad i left that place

  9. You know some readers will have no clue what a compensator is. I have to wonder how many will think it’s to help you compensate for something. LOLOL

  10. There’s lot of truth behind the NJSP/ Nazi Uniform stuff. I dont recall the exact timeline of details, but the lore is that one was a huge influence on the other. Should be easy enough to verify. Remember, NJ had more than its fair share of Nazi sympathizers in the years leading up to WW II, like Charles Lindbergh for one. Little known fact, General Stormin Norman Schwartzkopfs father was the first Superintendent or “Commandant” of the NJSP. Cannot wait to escape for good from behind the iron curtain , alittle more than a year to go.

  11. What I like about the picture is that they have 21 rounds of .22LR ammo right above the gun. Of course, to the willfully ignorant, the uninformed, & the antis, that would be known as “a small arsenal of machine gun bullets.”

  12. To be fair, it very deliberately looks like a wild-ass military weapon, because some people will pay for that. For police to raise the alarm, or MSM to lose their minds, without finding out what it *IS*, as opposed to what it looks like, should cause some people to be fired, in both organizations. But it won’t.

  13. True story, my buddy is a NJ trooper. He wanted to buy an AR, but lamented how “they’re not legal in NJ.” Oh boy.

    After walking him through the laws, he picked up a nice ban-compliant rifle (I gagged typing that) for a song with his leo discount.

    The next week, he was showing the guys at his barracks pictures of his new rifle when his sgt told him to stop – “don’t you know those are illegal?”

    So ya, if you’ve got to live here, learn the law. Nobody in the criminal justice system does.

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