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Not so musical, eh Mr. Bond? That’s my main complaint about this video from Mr. Huish, the man who scored mega-millions (of views) with his firearms version of the “cups song.” I’ve posted Huish’s latests attempt at ballistic beats under Incendiary Image of the Day because I know that the antis will HATE it. Guns aren’t supposed to be fun! Well, they are. That’s just how it is. Of course safety first, last and always. But there’s no doubt that inventive souls can and do use firearms to find new and exciting ways to explore gunpowder’s creative possibilities. That said, I still prefer the gun sounds in Paper Planes.

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  1. Well it’s not the stupidest thing I’ve seen today. But then I browse 4chan…so it’d take something QUITE special to top those idiots.

    • Screw ’em. Those people don’t need a reason to name call and wish death upon our children. They don’t even need to have any idea who we are. We own guns, therefore, we’re gun nuts. Relax, and don’t worry about what the liberal pants-pissers are going to say on some message board.

  2. I don’t like these videos. There is no possible way they are as focused on safe gun handling trying to do so many things at once as they would be otherwise.

    • I used to walk around with 3 grenades strapped to my chest so my level of caring as long as nobody gets hurt and it’s not at a public range is not very high.

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