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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy convened many of the state’s political bigwigs and prominent members of the civilian disarmament lobby to sign a slate of new gun control laws he’s calling Gun Safety Package 3.0. And no, these seven bills were in process prior to the Bruen ruling, so the state’s response, which you can bet will be modeled on those of California and New York, is still to come.

Murphy assured the crowd that the bills being signed into law “are common sense, they are smart, they live up to our Jersey values.” Oh. Well, in that case . . .

Today’s slate of bills includes a “public nuisance” law which is the latest tactic being used by deep blue anti-gun states to try to skirt the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so their attorneys general can attempt to sue gun manufacturers into bankruptcy.

There’s also a new requirement for background checks on ammunition purchases (along with electronic recordkeeping of ammo sales), a requirement that gun stores sell firearms with microstamping capability once the technology becomes available, and increased penalties for those who break the state’s onerous “ghost gun” laws by daring to build their own firearms. The Garden State is also banning all .50 caliber firearms.

Again, don’t think Murphy and the New Jersey legislators are finished. As he stated,

These are not going to be our last words on “gun safety.” We are not going to walk away from here today thinking our job is done, because it is not.

Not at all. Look for Gun Safety Package 4.0 to address the Bruen decision by putting up new hurdles to lawfully carrying a firearm outside the home.

…We’re not going to just lay down and let our streets, our houses of worship, our supermarkets, shopping malls, sport arenas, bars, or anywhere else to be overrun with hidden guns capable of unleashing a hail of bullets. I look forward to working with the legislature and leadership to address this awful concealed carry decision with strong and smart laws expanding the number of places where firearms cannot be carried and, by the way, saying without any doubt that you cannot bring your gun onto private property without explicit permission to do so. 

In the face of the Supreme Court’s tragic and wrong-headed ruling, we need those laws and all of these laws more than ever before.

The Gov then made it a point to thank Everytown, Moms Demand Action, Giffords, Brady, March for Our Lives, Sandy Hook Promise, Cease Fire NJ, the Rutgers Gun Violence Research Center, and other local community organizing groups he said made today’s legislative triumph possible.

Somehow, we don’t think this is over. Not by a long shot.

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  1. And with the stroke of a pen, millions of super-law-abiding citizens are now felons.


  2. Looks like they are very successful at creating a new over-the-stateline ammo commerce clause. Dumb*sses keep writing unenforceable laws

    • Also Phil Murphy when pointedly asking ‘by what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights?’

      ‘That’s above my pay grade, Tucker, so I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this,’ he said.”

      This is just more evidence of how the left wing extremists are working against the very foundation of America, suppressing a freely expressed opinion is one of the many tools employed by the authoritarian fascists in their attempt to gain control of America.

      • These Miner clones are getting weird. They usually parrot the original’s talking points in a slightly more hyperbolic fashion to point out his stupidity. This clone is taking a completely different fashion.

  3. “We’re not going to just lay down and let our streets, our houses of worship, our supermarkets, shopping malls, sport arenas, bars, or anywhere else to be overrun with hidden guns capable of unleashing a hail of bullets.”

    and likewise, your gun owning citizens don’t want to just lay down and let their streets, their houses of worship, their supermarkets, their shopping malls, sport arenas, or anywhere else to be overrun with weapons in the hands of criminals capable of unleashing harm and death like they do every day in NJ. You know, the very predator criminals you facilitate by creating more defenseless prey.

    So the gun owner is not a citizen to you that is worthy of having a firearms means of self defense given under the 2nd amendment.

    • How so? Unserialized guns abounded in the 1920’s, and those are still legal in most states. Are you referring to NJ only?

    • Manufacturers were not required to put serial numbers on Firearms until the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act. I own plenty of pre-68 firearms that have no serial number on them.

      • Self-made firearms for personal use were not required to have a serial number under the GCA of 1968.

        It is not until today’s modern times that Self-made firearms for personal use are required to have a serial number. This introduces the question of what is a firearm? It was historically understood and defined in use and possession and manufacture, and later in writing by government and law, prior to the GCA and NFA times that ‘firearms’ were complete things, not individual parts or uses or activites. For example, no one, not even government, prior to these things said “oh, that individual part is a firearm.” – they looked at a whole complete gun after completely assembled from its individual parts and said of the entire assembled product “that’s a firearm”. We don’t say “oh, that tire is an automobile.” , but for a firearm now a firearm is also various parts, and the act and activity of building a firearm is encapsulated as a firearm by inclusion in relation to the parts list and serial number requirements, and is no longer just the the entire assembled product.

        With things like the NFA and now today with modern day laws we see that definition of firearm has been changed in an ever growing ‘parts’ list AND activity AND use, a list arbitrarily controlled and created by government (state/federal) to control more and more and every time that list has been added to the more restrictions were placed on the law abiding.

        In the historical context requirement of the Bruen decision, a firearm is what it was historically – that being a complete thing, not individual parts, but the entire assembled product.

        Also under the historical context requirement of the Bruen decision serial numbers are not required – and nor are technological advances (e.g. semi-auto, high capacity magazines, collapsible stocks, etc…) for use of firearms prohibited. In fact it was expected and endorsed by the founders that technological advances and improvements for firearms would happen and indeed even in their times the improvement and technological advances for firearms did happen and were welcomed and encouraged for firearms held by the people. And it was expected by the founders that future generations would also continue this improvement and technological advances for firearms held by the people.

        • and to add to that, prior to the GCA, firearms were not required by licensed makers to have a serial number either. Tens of thousands still exist and transfers/sales didn’t get one stamped on them. They still are around and it’s perfectly legal to own then no numbers at all.

          Numbers on guns up to then were an inventory control, especiallynin the military where the arms rooms get serial number checked monthly, even in Reserve/NG units. A missing firearm is taken seriously, they got numbered and issued by number from the first days. It’s been going on since before the 1911. What we see with trying to number civilian firearms isn’t public safety, it’s public control – to force registration of that owner to that gun for enforcement purposes. And with ATF copying 4473’s at each dealer every visit now, that registery is being built despite it’s illegality.

    • “Untraceable guns already are illegal,…”

      Not where I live, ‘obviously’.

      Only firearms with serial numbers obliterated are illegal, not firearms built at home that never had a serial number on them in the first place.

      You really ought to pick a new user name, ‘obviously’, you’re just making yourself look like an incredibly stupid moron commenting on things you have zero expertise in.

      Do you live in New Jersey, by any chance, clown? 🤡

  4. Yea, we should just tell you tyrants about everything we own huh.

    “Alexa, tell the politicians in my district to fuck off”
    “Sure thing Montana, I’ll make sure they hear about it”

    Unbelievable how easily people give up their privacy and property rights. Nothing good has EVER came from a government knowing as much as ours does.

      • “If they knew what I’m thinking right now……”

        Oh, we know.

        Sleep tight tonight! 🙂

      • red flag is basically precog so… don’t think too hard. Tom Cruise will come after you in a movie with a shitty vignette and even worse color palette.

        • Interestingly, “Minority Report” was based on a short story written in 1956 by Phillip K. Dick. It, and George Orwells 1949 novel “1984” , were both thought to be science fiction when they were written. It’s probably time that they are more properly reclassified as:
          “Technical/Instructional Manuals”

  5. ” The Garden State is also banning all .50 caliber firearms.”

    That will be struck down, since .54 caliber rifles were around very early in this nation’s history.

    And –

    “Murphy assured the crowd that the bills being signed into law “are common sense, they are smart, they live up to our Jersey values.””

    Yeah, about that :

  6. It was said earlier..How many divisions does SCOTUS have?
    There will come a time when the social contract and our Republic will not function when States such as NJ, NY, Cali ect do not abide by the decisions made. Santuarary City’s are an example of disregarding clear laws concerning immigration, illegal or otherwise.

    That being said, why should other States listen to anything the Feds say in regards to what other States are ignoring? I say individual States can do away with the NFAs withen it’s borders. Heck, at this point why not?

  7. If you’re NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, you are a racist tyrant who deserves what all tyrants deserve.

      • quote———-We are past due a Nuremberg 2.0.———quote

        If you knew anything about history Jethro you would be aware that the Allies hung right wing Nazi’s there that held the same political beliefs that you and the Republicans do. But then again what would a high school dropout know about history?

        • Zzzz. If you knew anything about NAZi’s, you would know it’s translation is “Nationalist SOCIALIST Workers Party. I mean, it’s right there in the name. When in history has Workers parties (socialists by definition) and Socialists directly ever been anything but hard left? That’s right, absolutely never.

          Found the public education ‘grad’ in the room.

        • to WWIII

          You prove that you are as ignorant as Jethro WM is.

          I suggest you do some reading on Hitler and the Nazi’s. Its way too lengthy to go into here but Hitler DID NOT create National Socialism that was before his rise to power and once in power he did everything possible to weaken and even destroy it. Including invading Russia but that is also another long story of which you obviously know zero about.

          Try again you just made a complete fool of yourself.

        • Nice try dip shit. Nothing you said addresses a damned thing in my post. Nobody around here falls for that stupid cheap ass bait and switch you and your kind love to use.

          Your claims are invalid, and intellectually dishonest.

    • Once upon a time there was this guy in Italy……
      Started with M I believe…….

      • New Jersey should be so lucky as to have Mussolini. He made some bad decisions, but he cared about the Italian people.

        • “He made some bad decisions, but he cared about the Italian people“

          He “cared about the Italian people” only if they were white.
          Jews, minorities, etc not so much.

          But you knew that, and it’s a philosophy you wish to impose on America. Fascism.

        • Miner49er clearly learned everything he knows about Mussolini from Democratic Underground, or maybe US public schools.

        • “I’m a proud card carrying Marxist.”

          That’s sure evidence of your level of intelligence.

  8. in New Jersey and New York only the street gangs and mafia can have guns…But you keep electing the idiots… so you get the tyranny you deserve…

  9. Unfortuately New Jersey is just spinning its wheels and playing political games. Without a Federal Law thousands of second hand guns will continue to be shipped up the “Iron Pipeline” into the state right into the hands of criminals and nut cases.

    New Jersey is right though because when you do not vet all gun sales you have a vast sea of untraceable homicide weapons for sale 24 yours around the clock and 365 days a year. No civilized nation tolerates such insanity

  10. Keep poking the bear. The next time these hit the SC, expect the ruling to strip away more government power, like requiring court pre-approval for gun laws, similar to attempts to violate voting rights of minorities. It might even get approval of the lib Justices since they make themselves irrelevant if people ignore their rulings.

  11. NJ Gov. Phil Murphy: If You’re Creating Or Transferring Untraceable Guns, You’re Not a ‘Responsible Gun Owner,’ You’re a Criminal

    Gov. Murphy, if you’re proposing or enacting unconstitutional laws that infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, YOU are an oath-breaker (which truly ought to be a criminal offense second only to treason).

  12. The little quislings running NJ would try to arrest George Washington on the banks of the Delaware.

  13. Youse guys are driving me up da wall. Murphy signs and badda bing badda boom, now I gotta trade in my 50bmg for a 416barrett. Luckily all my guns are traceable, I use crayons. Those ghost guns scare the hell outta me, especially in the hands of spooks. Next youse guys will tell me I gotta pump my own gas.

  14. A couple questions. When was the last time someone used a 50 cal weapon to commit a crime?
    Next is how does anyone expect to force those who are already armed with unregistered, stolen, weapons with altered, or obliterated serial numbers, or illegally purchased firearms to comply with any of these laws?
    Honestly, just how many firearms are actually traced back to a criminal by serial number? Just going on what I read or hear, most firearms are traced back to crimes by markings on spent casings and rifling on bullets. With those marks matched with a firearm taken from someone arrested for something or found during search warrants etc.
    Finally, how is making things more difficult for the law abiding, non criminal going to do anything to prevent crimes, or prevent criminals from getting whatever weapons they want?

  15. I had to laugh. That guys thinks the gunms to do that are not already out there and the guys with them dont give a sht about ANY laws

    • He knows this only affects “law-abiding gun owners” and that’s what he and Soris/Schwab/Bloomberg intended, he would never dare to address the violent crime committed by the ghetto dwelling Democratic Party base nor the barbarity of the illegal alien Latino/Mestizo crimmigrant gangs.

  16. Law abiding gun builder yesterday: “Honey, I finished building my gun. Its all legal for me to do this and its my constitutional right.”

    Law abiding gun builder spouse yesterday: “Really? Good.”


    ….clock ticks past midnight after new law is enacted…

    Gun builder today: “Honey, I finished building my gun yesterday and today i’m a felon because of it.”

    Gun builder spouse today: “Really? What are we going to do? You will lose your job! They will take you to jail if they find out. What happened to your constitutional right?”

    Anti-gun today: “You’re Not a ‘Responsible Gun Owner,’ You’re a Criminal. Good! Its your own fault you’re a felon.”

  17. Guns, the answer to the shittbag issues confronting us today!

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