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Our friends at TASER International shot us a press release this AM. Big news! The New Jersey police are tooling-up with TASERs. The Garden State was the last in these here United to prohibit the po-po from carrying stun guns. “New Jersey has approved the TASER® X26TM electronic control device (ECD) and the TASER® X2TM ECD for use by law enforcement officers in New Jersey.” Strangely enough “These models are the only ECDs to meet the criteria set forth the Attorney General’s revised policy governing the use of stun guns in New Jersey . . .

The policy requires that approved devices make a date- and time-stamped digital video recording of every instance when the device is discharged. All digital data and video recordings captured by the device must be safeguarded so that only supervisory personnel can access them as part of a prompt and thorough investigation of every discharge of an ECD.

Note to competing ECD manufacturers from the NJ AG: “If new devices become available in the future that meet the criteria, they can be submitted for testing and possible addition to the authorized list.”

Note to ambulance chasers representing clients Tased by New Jersey’s finest: good luck getting those videos. Note to NJ residents and those passing through: TASERs are not for you. tells us that “Any [New Jersey situated] person who knowingly has in his possession any stun gun is guilty of a crime of the 4th degree (2C:39-3).” tells us that getting caught carrying a stun gun won’t be fun when all’s said and done: “You may be sentenced to serve up to 18 months in prison.”

Just so you know.

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  1. I’m new here, and this blog is awesome. I live in the horrid state of New Jermany. At least we aren’t California. But still, a law abiding citizen here can own a Schmidt and Bender scoped .338 Lapua chambered Remington 700 that’s dead accurate to 1000 yards or more, but he/she can’t own a taser? I’ll never understand the countless ass backwards gun and weapon laws of this state. I swear they’re written so ambiguously that most police officers don’t even know them clearly.

    • I hear you. As a fellow resident of the Dirty Jerz, I am baffled by the gun laws in this state. And I can attest to the claim that cops themselves are confused by our laws. Not too long ago I asked one local police officer, how come hollow points are illegal (mind you, they were/are legal, but I was confused myself at the time). Well, the officer did not correct me, but instead stated that they are indeed illegal and I better not have any. Long story short, I got some hollow points on my very next trip to the gun store.

  2. Go to their official website listing all the banned guns. Gold Star if you have more than three on their list. I have 4.
    Including the air gun.

  3. And this is one of the reasons why we need a federal law stating that anything police / LEO’s can have, citizens should legally be allowed to have. I understand having a few things for just the military (such as tanks), but when it comes to rifles, handguns, and such, if the police have it and citizens don’t, it just makes it that much easier to oppress the people.

    • << Doctor not a cop. I don't fully agree. Although there are many things that should be available to the public if available to the police I see no reason a civilian (or anyone not on SWAT) should have a .50 caliber sniper rifle which you can buy and own in the United States. Makes zero sense to have this rifle other than to kill people from long distances.

  4. I hate my state. I’d love for NJ to be shall-issue, but for God’s sake, at least let us have Tasers! The civilian versions of Tasers have a max range of 15 feet (vs. LE 35+ feet) anyway. Considering the fact that Taser REQUIRES a background check, and the devices releases little things of confetti with your Taser’s unique ID printed on them, you’d think NJ would approve of its citizens having one for personal protection.

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