Freedom Group Ups the QC, Ironically Enough


Press release: “Madison, NC – Freedom Group is pleased to announce the addition of Robert “Rusty” Patterson to its executive team as Corporate Vice President of Quality, effective immiedately. Patterson will lead the company’s efforts in plant quality, consumer quality and product development quality and will report directly to the Office of the CEO. ” Note to Rusty: spelling counts.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Totally cool — a lever gun with a folding stock. Illegal in Massachusetts, of course.

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    Thanks for posting this video. That design feature of how Marlin has joined the receiver to the stock stinks; really cheap. I do want to buy lever-action carbine in .357 yet I will not buy one unless I have confidence in the manufacturer and design of the model. Currently, I have little confidence in Marlin and the 1894 series. Last week, for what it’s worth, I sent emails to Ruger and Henry suggesting they start making such guns.

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