Thirty-Three Pistols, Machine Guns Stolen From LA SWAT


The twenty-one MP5s and twelve .45s had been stored overnight in a “locked box” in a building that was considered, um, secure in downtown LA where the SWATties train. Notice the conspicuous lack of the term ‘gun safe’ for describing the storage unit were the missing heaters were held. Visions of a large tool box come to mind for some reason. “I guess ‘secure’ is all relative now,” (Chief Michael Downing) said. “It’s embarrassing…. It’s a lesson learned”…

Sure, the guns had been disabled to shoot only blanks for training purposes. But someone with a little knowledge and the right parts can change ’em right back to full potency without breaking a sweat. Don’t worry, though, Angelenos. As reassures us, LA’s finest “are ‘working on leads,’ Downing said. He declined to elaborate but added that he believes the weapons will be found.”


  1. avatar Levi B says:

    It’s good to know a SWAT team is less careful with their guns than I am.

  2. avatar DrewR55 says:

    Quick, someone find out who stole the MP5s, I want to make ’em an offer on one.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    I wonder if they’ll be looking for the guns in Rodney King’s garage.

  4. avatar Aharon says:

    Perhaps they were stolen by the ATF, sold to the Cartels, and are now on the way south into Mexico?

    1. avatar cmd says:

      Not so. The cartels bought directly from the LAPD. The ATF will go after LAPD for cutting them out of the deal. The gov’t hates competition.

  5. avatar GS650G says:

    Look for new regulations on storage of firearms in our homes as a result.

  6. avatar SteveOfTheNorth says:

    No better than ATF ninja-clowns.
    So,why do we not allow honest citizens to own/purchase post ’86 automatic weapons,
    yet LAPD can just go buy more (at tax payer expense) to replace this loss?

    1. avatar Rob J says:

      They will also pay top dollar because, it’s not their money.

  7. avatar Ian says:

    Maybe everyone but the police should have nfa weapons. A private owner would have been more responsible. The police don’t care cuz it ain’t their money

  8. avatar racer88 says:

    Inside job.

  9. avatar Derek says:

    It’s a good thing us little people can’t have those full auto assault rifles and assault clips.
    We might not be responsible with them…

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