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  1. Either the pistol is dirty and needs a good clean and lube, or needs different ammo, because it should not hang up like that.

    Since she clearly had double strike capability, I would guess that it is a Taurus.

  2. I’ve noticed that with those little pocket pistols (and even the LC9), if you limp wrist it even slightly that will happen. My fiancee is very tiny and does not have much in the way of wrist strength so when she fires the LC9 it does that almost every shot. I shoot the gun and I can go mag after mag without a single hangup. We’ve worked on changing her grip and she’s been using one of those wrist strength thingies and her shooting is getting much better.

    Strangely, when she uses her big heavy Beretta she has zero problems.

    I think it’s really a matter of the smaller the pistol, the less forgiving.

  3. Is she leaning backwards to get further away from the gun? Somebody please tell her that it won’t work. She can’t make her arms longer by leaning backwards. Except for the Amazing Plastic Man, nobody can stretch their arms to make them longer, and if we could stretch a body part I’m guessing that our arms wouldn’t be our first choice.

  4. I agree with the clean and lube. She’s also anticipating the shot. I would like to see the target to see what kind of group she is getting. She did have good trigger discipline.

  5. Looks like she is just limp wristing it and the gun just doesnt go into battery. Seems like when she is holding it better when she is firing faster, it doesnt have issues. Only under slow fire.

    • She has a failure with the first round after the first reload. That’s not caused by limp-wristing, is it? It just looks like a dirty gun to me. Look at the front of the frame, just below the muzzle – it’s been fired more than a few times without cleaning. That, or something else is preventing it from going into battery.

  6. She has terrible form and that gun would be useless if she were ever attacked. I see lots of these little guns at the range and most of the people using them (both men & women) can barely hit the target.

  7. I was waiting for the gun to explode because she would jam the slide back into place to load the next round(s). Isn’t it eject, inspect, feed, fire for a hang like that? Or am I just crazy?

        • Yep. If the pistol is almost all the way in battery like it was in the video it probably wouldn’t matter, but if you’re stuck with a gun that constantly doesn’t work properly you might as well use it to train malfunction clearing drills.

          Also I’ve never understood the benefit of second strike capability, if a round didn’t fire the first time the firing pin struck it I would rather just eject the round and move onto the rest of the magazine.

        • “Second strike capability” is just a side effect of a pistol being a true double action. Just a marketing gimmick.

  8. I’m glad to see a woman shooting. I wish more did. If she keeps the interest, she’ll improve, same as the rest of us did.

    • Yeah, no $hit. She is having difficulty because no one has taught her properly. Women can be excellent shooters if you just teach them what they need to do.

  9. I was kinda scared she’d shoot the top plank and get showered with wood splinters in her face.

    Seems like a sweet girl. Hope she gets someone to teach her how to shoot more effectively.


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