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“Libyan state television presenter holding a gun and saying she and other staffers are ready to become martyrs to defend the station as anti-Gaddafi forces close in on Tripoli.” Yeah, they’re scared now.

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  1. sad i wonder how well paid she is to say this nonsense? she better have more than that pistol she is holding under that desk.

  2. “she and other staffers are ready to become martyrs”

    Good, because if there’s anything the region needs more of, it’s martyrs.

  3. I bet she is well paid by the Qaddafi family to say whatever they want. And they’re so disconnected to know that most people probably realize the newsfolk will be the last to be out fighting. This station will surrender itself immediately as the rebels come in. Let’s face it, people who are so focused on their own self-interest to parrot the talking points of an oppressive regime are going to be even more concerned about being killed while becoming a martyr.

  4. Recent reports have rebel forces occupying Tripoli. It’s time for that fool to make good on her promise. It ought to make for a serious bump in the ratings.

    If she does become a martyr, does she get the whole “72 virgins” deal? ‘Cause that sounds more like a punishment than a reward.


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