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Although the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In a situation involving armed self-defense, you can be both lucky and smart. But always remember that you can do everything right and still end-up deader than a doornail. And you can do everything wrong and prevail. But not having a gun when you need one? That’s not smart and has nothing to do with luck—unless you’re unlucky enough to live in a city, town or state where the government doesn’t respect the¬†non-infringability¬†of your right to keep and bear arms. See how that works?

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  1. Then again,

    My large mass allows a bullet to expand in all the fatty tissue before it damages my precious and vital organs.

    It’s all part of my self defense strategery.


  2. “Luck favors the prepared”.

    Unless all your preparation and planning takes place in front of an all you can eat buffet table.

  3. Wait, remind me again how his body size caused him to not take the safety off. Perhaps I missed it.

    • His blood pressure was way up and was causing pressure to form on his nerves. Also the added stress was making his already uncomfortable state even more uncomfortable.

        • No. You are right. There are times in their life when the age of an over-weight person helps them. But in the end, every over-weight person has high blood pressure. Unless of course they lose the weight before old age and then you are absolutely right.

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