New York Mayor Bill de Blasio
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
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Hapless New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio professes incredulity upon discovering that criminals who have been released from the city’s jail are — wait for it — committing more crimes on the city’s streets.

It is “unconscionable” that Riker’s Island inmates who were released due to coronavirus concerns are committing new crimes, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

“I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done,” the mayor said during his morning briefing Monday, which came on the heels of a Post report outlining the issue.

De Blasio said the number of re-offenders remains relatively small and said the city was “buckling down” on monitoring and supervising released prisoners.

– Julia Marsh in Inmates committing crimes after coronavirus release ‘unconscionable’: De Blasio

But wait! It appears this jaw-dropping phenomenon is not confined to Gotham.

There is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that releasing some convicts early due to fears of the virus is backfiring on authorities. The well-intentioned desire by government officials to protect at-risk inmates from exposure to the contagion has led to violent, even deadly, consequences. […]

In California, a man released under an emergency court order to reduce jail overcrowding during the coronavirus pandemic has been charged with allegedly carjacking someone and hitting someone else over the head with a hammer just days after his release, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

In Florida, one of the 164 inmates released from the Hillsborough County jail on March 19 under measures to contain the coronavirus allegedly killed someone on March 20. Joseph Edward Williams, 26, had been booked into jail on March 13 for possession of less than four grams of heroin, a third-degree felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a first-degree misdemeanor, the Tampa Bay Times reports, but his rap sheet included arrests on 35 previous charges.

– James Hohman in The Daily 202: As coronavirus prompts early prison releases, Trump hints at pardons for former advisers


But Nobel laureates still ridicule Americans who are buying guns.

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  1. Every single person who died from the CCP Virus in NYC was due to that guido’s incompetence.

    • But it will be recorded as “died of Covid-19”. Even people who died on hospice and had the virus are recorded as “died of Covid-10”. When the hospitals get more money from the feds, recording deaths as Covid-19, there certainly is an incentive to up the numbers.

      • Victoria, you know better. The proximal cause of death matters. Just like if you fire a shot out a window and kill a guy who jumped from the 50th floor, you will still be charged with homicide.

        Or are you saying that the deaths of sick people don’t matter?

        • Yep, that’s what she is saying. It is now a well established fact that C19 causes blood clots that lead to heart attacks and strokes even in people who never go to the hospital. The hospital protocol is to immediately place people on blood thinners to prevent this.. Germany has taken the path of declaring any factor in co-mortality as the cause of death even if the person’s life expectancy without infection was 20 years. But if you want to play the co-mortality game then flu only kills a couple of hundred people a year. Pneumonia is the cause of death in virtually all flu cases. That is why flu is not reportable cause of death. We test a far lower percentage of people for flu than we do C19. The flu death count is a product of the same model that has been under fire for bad C19 numbers

        • I don’t think that is what Victoria is saying. If a hospital has a sick patient, and they die while coronavirus positive, then they have an incentive to record the cause of death as coronavirus, despite the likeliness that the patient would have died of COPD or whatever. Human nature being what it is, coronavirus is more likely to be the recorded cause of death.

        • It’s possible that someone is asymptomatic with coronavirus, but experiences an unrelated heart attack or stroke due to being a lifelong smoker, etc.

        • “Just like if you fire a shot out a window and kill a guy who jumped from the 50th floor”

          You have to be a good shooter to not only hit that moving target but instantly kill him before he hits the ground. 🤪

          When he is splattered all over the ground, I think the cause of death will still probably be considered the fall. Just kinda funny to think about.

        • Art, this is a classic law school example. Its used here to demonstrate that hastening even an inevitable death is still murder.

        • No, that is exactly what Victoria is saying. That C19 only counts if it”s sole cause of death. Let’s take your smoker example. Person is infected with C19. He develops a blood clot from the virus and it lodges in his heart and he dies. She wants to count that as a plain old heart attack. How would it count if he had flu and died. Would we say because he was a life long smoker he died of pneumonia? No, we would say he died from flu. I am willing to go down that route. That means there a couple of hundred flu deaths a year compared how many thousands of single cause C19 deaths? You can’t win this argument.

          Wishful thinking will not make this problem go away.

        • I keep hearing about incentives to overcount. What are they? I don’t want to hear some truther style blather. But I will tell you who has an incentive to overcount. The drug companies that sell 175 million doses of flu vaccine every year. We would be better off just vaccinating everybody for pneumonia once every 5 years. We would probably have fewer deaths during the flu season than by trying guess the right strain every year. Flu also sits on a spectrum from asymptomatic to death. Most flu cases are indistinguishable from a cold.

        • Death is inevitable.
          But just because a person is ‘positive’ for Kung Flu doesn’t mean that it caused the death.
          Hospitals are financially incentivized to report deaths as Kung Flu related because they get federal money for each one

        • Since death is inevitable why count cause of death at all? Why have medicine? it’s a futile exercise delaying the inevitable.

        • You missed the point. The OFFICIAL GOVT count ignores everything but what the Globalist Elite Deep State want them to. CDC and WHO are Co-conspirators just like the BIS and Fed.


        • Pwserge, you are obviously a complete idiot. Of course they are ruling everybody dying with the coronavirus because they get federal money for doing so. I know of at least 4 people that recently died from other causes and they ruled it due to coronavirus.

        • Assumes facts not in evidence. Try again and without the cretinous personal attacks. FYI, I probably have more degrees than you have teeth.

        • Nah. You haven’t seen grumpy unless you followed me yesterday.

          I took my empty pop cans to the grocery store to redeem before shopping.
          They told me they don’t take them back. That I’d have to drive to Salem (30 miles away) to get my money back.
          I looked at my receipt from 2 minutes earlier and saw they were still charging me 10 cents a can. I said “f@&k you and tossed two bags of empties back into the store. The shocked look was worth every penny. Even more so when I told him I would be arresting him for theft if they didn’t give me my money back.
          I love hats and masks.

        • Tom, You can’t see it but I’m high fiving you. I was just in a grocery store today. They had tp, by the way. Big signs every where, ‘Because of C19 no returns, refunds or exchanges.’ But they were still happy to take my wads of filthy, possibly infected cash.

          I get a bad product I think you’ve inspired me to return it right through their front doors. Wonder where I can get a Bane Mask…..

      • There will never be perfectly accurate statistics because co-morbidity means you rarely know what killed someone in the circumstances you described. Someone on hospice may have lived another six months before the liver cancer takes them. If they die because they can’t get air in their lungs due to covid, why wouldn’t that be on their death certificate? An otherwise healthy man (retired cop I believe) went to the hospital for covid symptoms and was denied admittance for lack of severity. He walked out and died a block away. Would he have had a heart attack if not for his infection? An infection that is known to attack the heart in addition to the lungs? Maybe. But we can’t know.

        There’s going to be some over-reporting. There appears to be a LOT of underreporting, especially in places like nursing homes where they don’t necessarily do autopsies or want people knowing how many are dying of this. In a couple years we’ll see studies come out that show how many people died this year compared to previous and we’ll start to get a clue.

      • Victoria Illinois
        No matter what the “naysayers” post about your comment, you are absolutely correct. It is all about the MONEY and CONTROL…The democommunists will keep pushing to “up” the numbers to further push their communist agenda to turn the people into controlled “subjects of the crown” by using disinformation and Fear. Does ANYONE actually think that these DRACONIAN “rules” being put in place DAILY by democommunists will be removed after the “pandemic” is controlled? NO WAY in HELL with they “give back” the stolen POWER and CONTROL.
        Once certain freedoms are LOST there is only ONE way to get them back, and I hope it does NOT come to that.

    • Warren Wilhelm Jr. is the worst mayor in memory for anyone alive today. He is a hardcore leftist and surrounds himself with like-minded fellow travelers. He and his acolytes have destroyed what was left of the Giulani/Bloomberg legacy of low crime, clean streets and being able to walk around without being molested and hassled by the drug addicted, crazy/mental cases who make up most of the homeless. His plan to just let the homeless sleep on the streets, open half-way houses and shelters in affluent neighborhoods to spread around the misery is only one legacy of this buffoon. He is known as the laziest, least hard working Mayor ever and has no concept of actually being a mayor. He is beyond shame.

    • Mayor de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr., though his mother’s family is of Italian heritage and he self-identifies as Italian-American.

    • The look on his face in the photo shows his lack if intelligence and reason skills. Total retard and that is insulting to all trisomy 21s.

    • The pathetic thing is that De Blasio’s not a guido, he’s a kraut who changed his name for political purposes.

    • Not ALL of them… even if he were highly competent, some people in an urban area like NYC are going to die.

      But he has certainly shown how utterly worthless he is in the past few months and I’m sure many people have died because of it.

      • As a followup:
        “New York City auctioned off hundreds of city-owned ventilators at least five years ago under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio…

        The city acquired the ventilators in 2006 under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, when a new strain of the flu was circulating in Asia…

        The city began to acquire ventilators and “stockpile a supply of facemasks,” which were later auctioned off because the machines broke down and the health department “couldn’t afford to maintain them,” according to ProPublica…

        The 14-year-old report obtained by ProPublica shows the city was keenly aware of the consequences of a potential pandemic, almost predicting the exact scenario that played out this year, according to the investigative outlet. “Since the pandemic will be widespread in the United States, the supplies from the federal Strategic National Stockpile may not be available and local caches will need to be relied upon,” the 2006 report said…

        On Friday, de Blasio warned that New York City would run out of its supply of ventilators by Monday or Tuesday and that the city is in dire need of medical personnel. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) warned on Thursday that the state would run out of its stockpile of ventilators within the next six days if it didn’t receive further assistance.

        A similar report from The Nation showed U.S. military and intelligence officials were aware of the specific consequences of a pandemic but did not take action on reports filed by medical staff.”

    • Look Serge, as much as I hate de Blasio you can’t hang every New York CCP-19 death on him. There are a host of other culpable parties out there. Counted among them the WHO, the CDC, NIH. And then there is the Chinese Communist Party of more than ninety million minus what ever they lost recently.

      • According to China (Said in a Trump tone) they lost 10 and a half people. (one was a dwarf).

        The WHO has agreed with their estimate.


    • So as not to confuse the issue…he is NOT Italian.. Born: Warren Wilhelm Jr, May 8, 1961, Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S. more aptly of German decent….

  2. Where do they store the tons of brain matter that has apparently been removed from any politician with a D after their name? Atlanta’s mayor has informed everyone that she’s “perplexed”. The Democrats’ in GA are howling that Gov. Kemp has allowed some business to reopen to kill brown skin people.

    • They put those brains the same place all the politicians with “R” after their names put their brains. Sadly, in Congress.

      (also City Hall’s, County Board of Supervisors, State Legislatures….)

  3. We’re all shocked that a concept from reality may have penetrated a liberal politician’s head.

        • Disagree. The motive is always compassion and the dream of making the world a better place. The reality is that taking a deeply partisan, party-purity tested/approved position always results in an irrational policy.

          In this case, releasing prisoners and being shocked that ~3% of them have instantly instantly committed new and often violent crimes.

          I anticipate that ~3% number to grow in time as more released criminals have the time to carry out more criminal acts, be arrested and returned to prison.

          • “The motive is always compassion and the dream of making the world a better place.”

            We really do need a sarcasm font..unless, of course, you were actually serious.

        • “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it”.
          H.L. Mencken

    • Good mornin’ Haz,

      Why do you think so many biker gang club members carry large, heavy ball peen hammers…to work on their bikes…of course. That way they are not a felon in possession when checked by the PoPo.

      Favor a 3# Machinist’s Hammer myself…light enough to wield all day with outstanding penetration when using the cross pein.

      • Old Guy in Montana:
        “…with outstanding penetration when using the cross pein.”

        I got an immediate headache when I read that.

      • My favorite was a four D cell Mag Light (never know when you’re going to break down at night)…

        • MADDMAXX:
          There were two Detroit cops who went to jail a few years back, when one of them killed a suspect by hitting him on the head with one of those. The defense was that the suspect was reaching for the gun of one of the cops. The jury didn’t buy it. Myself, I think there is the possibility that the cops were railroaded, but I didn’t see it happen and can’t say for sure.

          • I think there is the possibility that the cops were railroaded,

            Something was wrong, I mean damn dude, mag lite, sledgehammer, shotgun, lead pipe, butcher knife, hatchet, axe, machete, baseball bat, rifle, hand gun or bare hands…. Self defense is SELF DEFENSE… That something like that could happen in Detroit does not surprise me….

        • Thank you for giving me an unorthodox idea…drill out the base of the hammer shaft , install a small AAA LED flashlight there. Could even place a tactical pressure switch on the hammer handle for illumination on-command.

          The light illuminates the target and you follow through with the swing…perfect for working on your scoot in the middle of the night!

          What the heck. Fabricate a longer haft for the hammer and install a Picatinny rail for accessories…!

            • Thinking that the first model should be a custom engraved, limited issue (100 signed hammers) Collector’s Edition in shot-peened black steel and American hickory (batteries included). Options include a leather retention strap (with club logo for $15 add’l), upgraded flashlight with strobe effect, COVID-19 splatter resistant bandana for your face, “dead blow” hammer heads, CNC machined metal (Titanium, Beryllium and Unobtanium) hafts (to include custom contours, ie. phallic or fertility designs)…the list of options is only limited by your heart’s desire….we are a full-service Imaginarium.

              MM, thank you for this morning’s chuckle.

        • I got one of those mini baseball bat flashlights from Walmart a few years ago. About 18″ long, and resides in the map pocket of my driver side door. If anyone tries to rush up and carjack my vehicle, as I’m hastily being ushered out of my seat, I can easily sweep it up in my hand to have the option of whacking the perp in the face/head to stop him. Mine’s silver/aluminum, but looks like Walmart updated the product line to look more like an actual youth bat:

        • i know someone with a rodney king edition maglite. sits on the mantel next to the lorena bobbit ginsu.

        • The 5 D-cell (17.25″ long) and 6 D-cell (19.625″ long) models are preferred as they are brighter than the 4 D-Cell model. You can stick the tail end under your arm and illuminate something in your hands.

          Juries do not look fondly on their use as a club to the head.

      • I favor a pick hammer, or chipping hammer. Auto body and welding tools are great, lightweight, and easy to wield all day. Pick either over my 28oz framing hammer in a heartbeat. Only downside to the welding hammer is most have a spring grip which is useful for gloves, but bare hands, not so much.

        Also; Career criminals being released committing more crimes? Say it ain’t so… You’d think they’d learn, seeing as how big cities have had the exact same problem with their revolving door release issues for decades…

  4. We could solve this problem if the law didn’t make criminals out of victims and put the rights of criminals above the innocent. But that’s a philosophical discussion for another time.

    I’ve always felt the day one of these pompous politicians is accosted by a released criminal things will change but they insulate themselves quite effectively from the vermin. It’s the Great Unwashed that deals with them.

  5. Shocked confusion is a direct result of ones brain addled by Leftardism,next petty tyrant.

  6. For me this sort of thing is no different than those people saying ex-convicts who have served their time should instantly get their full rights back. The right to vote or have a gun. The simple and painful reality is that incarceration does equal a reformed character.

    A felon should have to prove him or herself reformed to get out of prison and then continue to do so for a period of time once free, before any restoration of rights. Even then that restoration of rights should be in a courtroom, before a judge with testimony and evidence from both sides.

    Simply releasing prisoners over this pandemic is idiotic.

    • “Simply releasing prisoners over this pandemic is idiotic.”

      Yup times a googleplex.

    • They have a reformation program after release. It’s called parole/probation. Once you’re off papers, you should be reinstated as a citizen. If you can’t be trusted with those rights, you need to stay in lock up.

  7. I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done,

    “Unconscionable”? As in outside the bounds of acceptable behavior? Outrageous against the norms of society? Gee, what sort of a person would do such a thing?

    • the problem with leftists is they simply cannot accept that some people are inherently evil and often adopt criminality as a lifestyle….

    • They’re deniers of evidence and science on a lot of things;
      Race and IQ
      The effects of growing up without a father on early puberty and sexual activity in girls
      The effects of growing up without a father on the tendency to crime and violence in boys
      The correlation between IQ and income
      The effects of child abuse
      The increase in child abuse in the absence of a father
      And the fact that global temperatures have been effectively flat for decades

      • They’re the Party of Science as it relates to global warming in the same way that they’re the Party of the Bible when a particular passage is convenient for them, just like they’re the Party of the Constitution as well as states’ rights. Only when it’s convenient. Zero principles.

        • No differnet from conservatives, right-wingers, libertarians, greenies, etc. It is scientific truth supported by facts that are un-contestable to any non-self-deluded person when that information is on your side of the argument. It is delusional fact-denying when facts get in the way.

          The politics are besides the point when assessing a partisan faction as being fact-deniers or embracers. Which one any of them are is an issue by issue question, heavily influenced by the politics and the crisis at hand.

          This is but one reason why I place no more faith in Republicans than in Democrats.

        • What you say is essentially true. I like to point out the hypocrisy simply because they call themselves the Party of Science. You know they don’t do that because they are firm believers in scientific facts and data. They only use that as a tool to attack their political enemies and virtue signal to their brainwashed followers.

  8. The road to hell is paved with “good intentions”. While a sane person without a leftard brain would KNOW criminal’s are gonna criminal…I wish I had more gasoline storage😩

    • I wish I had more gasoline storage😩

      No shit I’ve only been able to stash 240 gals plus combined vehicles at another 90 gals… You just know when this thing opens up they will create an artificial “fuel shortage” til they get the oil prices back up where they want it….. Gotta get a couple more 55 gal drums….

  9. I guess that Billy forgot to ask them not to commit crimes. Then everything would have been fine. ;~)

    • Could he make “an arrangement” with the five families to keep a lid on crime during the emergency?

  10. “I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done,”

    Guess he never heard the story/song about the woman and the snake… Or the definition of “criminal”…… Or common phucking sense… I wonder if that’s what his hero Fidel taught him… Lock up the law abiding (for their protection) and let the criminals run free in the streets…. Way to go dumbass….

  11. Hmmm, should we release criminals so they can rejoin society, get a job, and contribute? Oh wait, we already have millions of upstanding citizens that just lost their jobs. What’s the one job you don’t need a resume for…? Oh yeah, VP of Crime and Mayhem Incorporated! What a surprise…

  12. I thought about commenting about this, but Lurch pretty much does it all on his own. I think he honestly believes he’s not ludicrous.

  13. ‘The well-intentioned desire by government officials…’


  14. Komrad De Blasio has requested that ALL eight million residents of N.Y.C. snitch on their neighbors and local grocery stores that are not practicing the government “social distancing” guidelines… Those infractions net the city $1000.00 per occurrence through a summons issued by the cops… There is no money to be made by going out to arrest rapists, murderers, muggers, child abusers and home invaders…. (when someone repeatedly called the “hotline” and even sent photos of homeless crowding in the subways they were ignored, guess you can’t get a thousand bucks from a homeless person so why bother)…. Seems to me I recall that his hero Komrad Fidel had the same program (with far more dire consequences) when he took over the government in Cuba… Mayor of L.A is even PAYING people for snitching on neighbors but he has included the suggestion that anyone criticizing the government should also be added to the list…. (instead of “snitches get stitches” he says “snitches get riches”) Pretty cool, yah?

    • ” (when someone repeatedly called the “hotline” and even sent photos of homeless crowding in the subways they were ignored, guess you can’t get a thousand bucks from a homeless person so why bother)”

      An awful lot of those calls are getting ignored and not just regarding the homeless.

  15. No f’n’ shit you stupid fkng moron… liberals are a whole different breed of stupid.. they should be aborted not embryos

  16. Simple question….How in the Hell did NYC elect an idiot? Was there no one else on the ballot? I think even AOC would have been a better choice, at least more attractive than this bozo.

    • This is what happens when you have one-party rule. A buffoon got put up for an election he couldn’t lose.

    • they tend to elect these types from time to time…until things get totally out of control…then they usually opt fot a realist….

  17. Can you imagine that. Violators of the law, aka criminals, when released early, continue to behave like criminals. Amazing, truly amazing.

  18. How shocked was he when the female NYC cop got spat on by a homeless guy in the subway who then proceeded to kick her in the face and caused her to fall off the platform breaking her wrist while she and another officer attempted to arrest him.. He claimed to have The WOOFLU while spitting on her..

    • there are eight million stories in the baked city….and some of them are real assholes!

  19. I guess that old law of “unintended consequences” running full on into liberal thinking has happened again.
    Who would have thought?

  20. It’s cool. Now that the Mayor has given them such a stern verbal reprimand, those criminals are sure to behave themselves going forward.

  21. Many years ago I worked in the BOP, anyone who has walked a tier or worked a dormitory will tell you that many convicts take kindness as a weakness…liberal/progressive is weakness X10…ID10ts

  22. I think releasing non-violent offenders is potentially a reasonable decision, especially given diminishing guard staffing, but you can’t pretend that it won’t have negative effects.

    Of course for a city that has been preventing its citizens from defending themselves for decades, I guess that’s the only way to make it palatable.

  23. LA County has had a 30% increase in robberies and carjackings… and the police chief fully admits its people released from prison reoffending… unbelievable 😐

  24. It is the height of being naïve at best and stupidity at the worst to believe that criminals would view compassion as anything other than a sign of weakness. Either liberals are that delusional or they seek to destroy our country.

  25. I mean seriously, releasing cons when there are NO jobs available even for the percent that want to go straight ?

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