Canada Nova Scotia Mass Shooting
Workers with the medical examiner's office remove a body from a gas station in Enfield, Nova Scotia, Sunday, April 19, 2020. Canadian police say multiple people are dead plus the suspect after a shooting rampage across the province of Nova Scotia. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press via AP)
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[ED: Latest reports indicate the total number of dead is now at least 18 including the shooter.]

By Rob Gillies, Associated Press

A gunman disguised as a police officer went on a 12-hour rampage in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, shooting people in their homes, setting fires and killing at least 16 people, including a policewoman, in the deadliest such attack in the country’s history.

Officials said the suspected shooter, identified as 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman who apparently worked as a denture-maker, was also dead. Police did not provide a motive for the killings.

“Today is a devastating day for Nova Scotia and will remain etched in the minds of many for years to come,” a visibly shaken Lee Bergerman, an assistant RCMP commissioner, told a news conference on Sunday.

Overnight Saturday, police began advising residents of the rural town of Portapique, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Halifax — already on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic — to lock their doors and stay in their basements.

Several bodies were later found inside and outside one home in the small town of Portapique. Bodies were also found at other locations. The assault began late Saturday, and authorities believe the shooter may have targeted his first victims but then began attacking randomly. Several homes in the area were set on fire as well.

RCMP spokesman Daniel Brien confirmed that 16 people had been killed in addition to the suspect. The dead officer was identified as Constable Heidi Stevenson, a mother of two and a 23-year veteran of the force. Another officer was also injured.

Police said Wortman was thought to live part-time in Portapique. Authorities said he wore a police uniform at one point and made his car look like a Royal Canadian Mounted Police cruiser.

Police first announced that they had arrested him at a gas station in Enfield, outside Halifax, but later said he had died. It was not clear how, and they did not explain further.

“This is one of the most senseless acts of violence in our province’s history,” said Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil.

Mass shootings are relatively rare in Canada. The country overhauled its gun-control laws after gunman Marc Lepine killed 14 women and himself at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique college in 1989. Before this weekend’s rampage, that had been the country’s worst.

It is now illegal to possess an unregistered handgun or any kind of rapid-fire weapon in Canada. The country also requires training, a personal risk assessment, two references, spousal notification and criminal record checks to purchase a weapon.

“As a country, in moments like these, we come together to support one another. Together we will mourn with the families of the victims, and help them get through this difficult time,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a written news release.

While officials believe the attack did not begin as random, RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather said many of the victims did not know the shooter.

“That fact that this individual had a uniform and a police car at his disposal certainly speaks to it not being a random act,” Leather said. He added that police believe he acted alone.

Leather said they would investigate whether the attack had anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic but no link has been found thus far.

At one point, there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police, he said.

Cpl. Lisa Croteau, a spokeswoman with the provincial force, said police received a call about “a person with firearms” late Saturday night, and the investigation “evolved into an active shooting investigation.”

Christine Mills, a resident of the area, said it had been a frightening night for the small town, with armed officers patrolling the streets. In the morning, helicopters flew overhead searching for the suspect. “It’s nerve-wracking because you don’t know if somebody has lost their mind and is going to beat in your front door,” she said.

Tom Taggart, a lawmaker who represents the Portapique area in the Municipality of Colchester, said the quiet community has been shaken.

“This is just an absolutely wonderful, peaceful quiet community and the idea that this could happen in our community is unbelievable,” Taggart said by phone from his home in nearby Bass River.

A Gabriel Wortman is listed as a denturist — a person who makes dentures — in the city of Dartmouth, near Halifax, according to the Denturist Society of Nova Scotia website. A suspect photo issued by the RCMP appears to be of the same person seen in video footage being interviewed about dentures by CTV Atlantic in 2014.

Mills also said that Wortman was known locally as someone who divided his time between a residence in Halifax and a residence in Portapique.

Taggart said he didn’t know Wortman well, but spoke to him a few times when he telephoned about municipal issues.

Taggart described knowing Wortman’s “lovely big home” on Portapique Beach Road.

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      • One would think, excepting that the polar opposite side largely doesn’t engage in critical thinking. Or, perhaps any type of thinking at all…

      • Canada and Mexico are a pair of highly contrasting nations, sharing the characteristic of very long – virtually uncontrolled – boarders with the US.

        Culturally, the two nations are very different; one, Anglo/French, the other Spanish/native-American. Different languages. Different political traditions.

        Both are energetically committed to gun-control. Mexico more so then Canada. Yet, neither country’s gun-control has been particularly effective. Guns are still plentiful enough. Both legal and illegal.

        The question to ask is: Can gun-control be made to work? If so, what are the cultural and political antecedents required?

        We can certainly admit that gun-control has been made to work in Japan or Singapore. Yet, the cultural and political antecedents in such countries are quite different than those prevailing in North America.

        Can we make North American nations so much like Japan or Singapore as to make gun-control as effective here as there? If our answer were “No”, then why should we expect to make gun-control work in North America?

        If gun-control hasn’t worked in either Canada or Mexico, then why should we expect the United States to be a more promising environment for such a policy?

        • Easy – They just need to outlaw guns here.

          And that is likely to be far more difficult when the SCOTUS rules in a few weeks…

        • RE: “We can certainly admit that gun-control has been made to work in Japan or Singapore. Yet, the cultural and political antecedents in such countries are quite different than those prevailing in North America.”

          Speak for yourself. Thanks to knee jerk Gun Control unarmed helpless citizens in Japan, Sing, UK, etc. are subject to being disemboweled with a knife. Gun Control works? Works great for murderers, rapists, perverts, kidnappers, child molesters, tyrants, etc.

        • We can certainly admit that gun-control has been made to work in Japan or Singapore. Yet, the cultural and political antecedents in such countries are quite different than those prevailing in North America.

          They also have warrantless searches.

          And I do believe that warrantless searches can make it more difficult for the street thug and the gangbanger to commit crimes, including murder.

        • Japan and Singapore have servile proles as their population base. They bow to power (criminal, money, business, .gov, etc) rather than challenge it. It’s not gun control that works in these nations; it’s people control. Gun control is just an aspect of said “people control”.

    • This kind of thing doesn’t happen in other industrialized countries. Only in USA. Obama said so!

    • How often do we have mass shootings, and other violent crimes involving firearms, compared to Canada? And by violent crimes I am obviously not counting suicides as some supporters of gun control would. A better way of looking at it would be to mention a decent amount of the population own guns in states such as Montana or Utah and you don’t really see much insanity involving firearms. On the other end, yes Canada is generally much safer than the United States as a whole, mainly because of shitholes like Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Oakland…

    • Canada’s tyrannical twerp Truedodo is puffing his chest and zeroing in on guns. He cites violence has no place in Canada. Well where the pluck was the twerp Truedodo while the perp spent 12 hours killing 18 helpless citizens? That’s right Canada…you are supposed to believe some twerp like Truedodo and his knee jerk gun control will stop violence. I thought Canada already had in place knee jerk gun control to stop violence?
      Canada needs a leader with a pair and not some lost in space twerp that hasn’t got a clue. Oh f-n Canada thinking gun control is good when the roots the gun control are in racism and genocide. There is nothing ever good about gun control because it is inherently evil.

  1. Need more information on this. What gun(s) did the shooter have/use? How did he acquire them, and did he legally or illegally possess them? If illegally, then the Canadian gun control laws apparently didn’t stop him. If legally, then the Canadian murder laws didn’t stop him. Did he have a criminal record, or was he a normal person who suddenly snapped?

    If everyone, everywhere, is allowed to carry, these news stories would quickly disappear and lives would be saved.

    In any case, my condolences to the victims.

    • Canada spent a gazillion dollars on their failed registry over the years..finally giving up I think. The program never actually worked IIRC.

      Also interested in what the suspect used and how he was able to do all that without anyone fighting back or running away to alert someone. Was he the only one that had a weapon in the whole place?

      • If you’re following the laws in Canada your weapons would have been unloaded and under lock and key. If he spread his killings out over a wide enough area the next victims would have been unaware of his activities until too late to dig out and load whatever firearms they owned.

      • He was wearing a fake RCMP uniform, and driving a fake cruiser (auctioned off real one modified), and then later a real cruiser. Unless his victims saw him randomly shooting others it is likely they just thought he was an officer. I say “fake”, but even close up his car looks real.

    • I don’t know what guns he started the rampage with, but he took an officer’s pistol and used it for the rest of the attack, after he ditched his police car for a real one. We still have no word if he had a firearms license. He had a run-in with the police earlier, and I have a hard time believing there was no earlier warning.

    • Don’t watch the “news” if you’re seeking more info, I am sure you know they crappy opinions are not facts. In the end, we will know what we are deemed worthy of knowing, depending on the agenda it serves, which is most likely going to be muh gun kkkontrol

  2. “Hide in your basement” is the wonderful advice from gestapo! Dunno about you but nothing makes me feel as secure as cold blue basement

    • “hide in your basement”

      See the survivors of the Sov. invasion of Berlin to ask how well that strategy played out for the remaining women & children.

      Hint: Not a useful hiding place at all…

        • “Fightin ‘in a basement offers a lot of difficulties. Number one being, you’re fightin’ in a basement!” Aldo Raines-Inglorious Basterds


  3. 16 people died… Oh… noes… a rounding error. How about we quit rewarding the media until they report on RELEVANT news?

    • But this is different, don’t you see? They have not drown in their bathtub or drove into a tree. They have been SHOT! With a GUN! I mean BY a GUN!!! That makes them at least hundred times more dead and thousand times more newsworthy than if they just died by any other means.

  4. Looks like it started as a domestic situation and then spiraled out of control. The guy was apparently an obsessive collector of RCMP artifacts, going so far as to make a police cruiser. Personally, I think the guy was undergoing marital problems, and the pressure of the lockdown may have cost him his business fitting and making dentures. If this is the case, governments have blood on their hands.

    Be prepared for more of this.

    This stupid lockdown is going to cost far more lives than the insignificant virus will. You can rant and rave about how bad the virus is, but it is mostly old people and fatties dying from it. When the starving hordes break down your door to steal your TP and food, be prepared.

    But, there is now a civilizational wide shortage in 9mm. I’m glad I don’t use that caliber.

      • Fatties running a treadmill, elliptical or stair machine would probably be to everyone’s benefit but mostly their own.

        • Stitch,
          Gotta say you’re a real ass sometimes. Some people have no control over their weight nor do doctors understand in some cases why they are obese. I’m not one of those people but my daughter is so next time you get the urge to judge people keep you fucking mouth/keyboard shut!

        • Touched a nerve, eh? Well, I’m going to poke it more.

          Off the top here let me repeat a variation on something I’ve said here before: If your daughter really has a serious issue I’m sorry for that and I’d like to see medical science figure that out. I’m sure you and she would as well. But that’s not an excuse for the millions of people who are just being lazy and the overwhelming evidence is that over 100 million Americans are obese because of bad diet and exercise and no other reason.

          Further, I’m not saying this to be a cocksucker. I’m saying it because it needs to be fucking said. People are committing slow motion suicide by the tens of millions and we’re not just allowing it, we’re encouraging it. It’s so bad the USMC now thinks that out of all the men in this country who are of draft age, if SHTF, about 1 million might qualify for actual service in the Corps. Far and away the biggest DQ isn’t a felony or money problems, it’s obesity. They’re so “far gone” that there’s no point in talking about if they can or can’t pass a PFT or an IST, failure is the foregone conclusion.

          This is the new smoking but it’s socially acceptable and, in terms of health outcome, actually worse than smoking. How fucked is that?

          The absolute explosions of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are not “unexplainable”. These things are due to diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Period. This isn’t up for debate.The occasional person has a glandular problem. That’s unfair to them and that sucks. My heart goes out to them. It really does. That’s not something they can control and I’m not suggesting in any way that they’re responsible for something they have no say in, but this is pretty rare.

          The vast, vast people are fucking lazy and looking for an excuse. They drink too much, eat too much and don’t get enough exercise. They claim they have a “busy life, with kids” and shit so they cannot find half an hour to get any exercise. But they also have no idea what they INTAKE on a daily basis (which is the root of the problem, 80% of this is in the kitchen). Or, my favorite, they claim it’s “bone density”. LOL, right, you’re bones are like more than triple the density of average and this is so common that a high percentage of people have the problem… yet the average weight of a skeleton somehow doesn’t change. Riiiiiigght. Basic arithmetic here people. Such a claim literally cannot be true. It might be a marginal difference in certain cases but you didn’t go from “healthy body weight” to “obese” because of your bones.

          42.7% of Americans are more than 50lbs overweight, another 31.8% are medically overweight and 94% of the common reasons given are excuses for being irresponsible slobs. Which is why many of them will either get right with the Lord or die because it’s literally not possible to manufacture enough long acting insulin to keep up with the increasing demand. Sanofi says that by 2025 keeping up with T2 will require that they increase production of Lantus by 100 MILLION vials per year and that this is, in short, impossible. T2 Diabetes is, by definition a problem with being significantly overweight.

          At absolute most ~6% of the population can claim to have a thyroid problem on this level yet damn near 75% of us have problems with weight and closing in on half of us have MAJOR weight problems. A quick glance at shopping carts of people at restaurants tells you exactly why. Ask them about it and they have NO IDEA what they’re putting into their body. Head out to an Olive Garden, watch some big guy eat and punch that shit into your phone. He’s not fat because of his thyroid, he’s fat because his appetizer was 300g of carbs before he even started that never-ending-pasta-bowl and that’s on top of the extra 1200 calories he had today with his Java Chip Frappacinos from the Starbucks Drive-Thru.

          On the order of 94% of the folks out there with a weight issue are overweight/obese specifically because they engage in a pattern of self-destructive behavior that they will not change, mostly because they don’t know they’re doing it. We know it’s a pattern for the vast majority. It takes work to gain this kind of weight. A pound of fat on the human body is 3500 calories you didn’t need and just to get to the definition of obese you have to repeat that mistake 50 times over. This isn’t a single trip to McD’s here, it’s 169.903 Big Macs with large fries ON TOP OF THEIR ACTUAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS.

          “DoN’t fAt sHamE mE bRah!” is, sorry to say, just a bullshit way to stop a conversation about bad behavior that the people engaged in that bad behavior don’t want to have. No different than crying “rAciSm!” when someone wants to discuss the crime and other problems in the Black community or “iSlamOpHobiA!” to deflect from discussions on terrorism.

          Don’t bullshit me. I was forced to go to those goddamn diabetes support meetings when I was diagnosed with LADA. I got to hang with all the T2s who “support each other emotionally”. I saw the fatboys and girls on their little motorized scooters literally crying, tears streaming down their faces, about how they were going to get a leg cut off if this next round of antibiotics didn’t work. I smelled them. I saw the necrotic wounds with drainage tubes. And I saw every fucking one of them claim it wasn’t their fault while shoving 500+ calories junkfood in their face during the ONE HOUR meeting.

          Again, legit medical issues get a pass, for the zillionth time here. Some people have a medical issue that we need to figure out how to address. It’s not their fault at all and I have never said that it is. But the small percentage of people who have a legit glandular issue are not an excuse for everyone else to hide their laziness behind and the rate of people with such problems has not increased nearly 700% in the last 40 years.

          We’ve normalized bad behavior, that’s the root of the problem. “Dad Bod Mannequins” are strong evidence of this. But we’ve also combined it with a series of other issues, often government created, that exacerbate the problems (the combination of corn subsidy with sugar tariffs being but one example) and we’re not going to fix any of that as long as we let 300lb+ people who suck down 5000 calories a day get away with claiming that their weight issues are “inexplicable”.

        • “People are committing slow motion suicide by the tens of millions and we’re not just allowing it, we’re encouraging it.”

          Maybe the government should try a ban on sugary, no nutrition drinks?

          Maybe we should cut off the subsidy for corn growers that makes corn syrup cheaper than cane sugar and adds to the obesity epidemic?

          S9, you’re sounding like a socialist my friend!
          Welcome to reality.

          • Miner,
            Don’t agree with you much and this time is no different. He’s more authoritarian socialist than just plain socialist. He’s the anti-weighter and very similar to the anti-gunners (like you) who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone and doesn’t care who gets harmed as long as he gets his way. I wonder if he’s ever sought psychiatric assistance for his disorder?

      • Or …..not running his ventilator😜.

        Funny how smug assholes who think they won’t be affected are callous in the extreme.

        Age and miles tend to catch up with you.

        • In your mind is it “callous in the extreme” to tell a smoker that smoking is bad for them, stupid, expensive, self-destructive and makes them smell like shit?

    • I bought my first 9mm because that is the most commonly used pistol cartridge world wide. I figured that I could get ammo for it anywhere. And then the first ammo drought hit and the 9mm was the first round to disappear. I stocked up after that settled down so I’d have enough for future problems.

      • It makes me happy I recently bought a 1911. The 9mm pool dried up over night, but we’re still lousy with 45 ACP around here.

    • Left field criticism of 9×19? It is too popular? I don’t own one either (anymore) but I certainly don’t feel that my choices of cartridges has been justified by any current 9mm shortage. It’s not like 99% of 9mm users don’t have enough to get through all the gun fights they are likely to get into.

      • I have pistols in four different calibers, but I streamlined the majority of them (my “go-to” guns) to 9mm and accumulated a truckload of FMJ and JHP ammo for them over the past few years. Take the most commonly advised quantities the “experts” say you should have, and add another zero to get how much I stocked up.

        And I did it during the years of low demand and low prices precisely because of the likelihood of a future shortage.

        Regardless of which caliber people prefer, serious shortages of all ammo is likely on the near horizon due to manufactory and distribution shutdowns, so I hope everyone here has what they need already in hand.

        • About half of my modest gun selection utilize “low popularity” cartridges. However, I hand load everything and have a shit ton of components even if I only have about an average of 200-300 assembled examples of each cartridge at one time. For my favorite guns, I won’t be finding “loot” supplies of ammo wandering the post apocalyptic landscape;-) That doesn’t concern me much. I’ll be not entirely unsurprised if I survive my first gunfight should I have one.

        • “ I have pistols in four different calibers, but I streamlined the majority of them (my “go-to” guns) to 9mm and accumulated a truckload of FMJ and JHP ammo for them over the past few years.”

          Funny, I used to be able to relate. A few years ago, a friend of mine invited me on his private 300’ yacht 🛥 for a trip across the ocean. His yacht 🛥 even had a private shooting range, so he told me to bring all my guns 💪 and ammo. 9mm, .40, .45, .357 (mag & Sig), .38, 5.56, .308., you name it! Well, after the crane 🏗 loaded the safes, ammo crates, etc., our families set out on the trip.

          We believe we were somewhere near the Mariana Trench when an unbelievable storm ⛈ hit. I mean it was completely unbelievable! Anyway, the beautiful yacht 🛥 sank really quick.

          We all survived, but unfortunately my entire collection did not. Sad 😔, sad 😢, day…

    • Morbid obesity is the leading predictor of having Coronavirus complications in people under 60. Conditions related to smoking are the leading predictor otherwise. This has been widely reported in both medical and popular media. A tiny percentage of otherwise healthy people either have a strange immune system or got a particularly bad mutation of the virus. Meanwhile, I am very glad that I purchased plenty ammo in all calibers I need. over the last few years.

  5. How’s that gun control bullshit working for you! Maybe, if you let your citizens protect themselves this might have been less tragic deaths. It’s apparent and always has been that only people can defend themselves! Wake up get and get rid of your socialist ways and that goofy so-called prime minister or whatever the hell you call him!

    • Nobody was expecting a “Mounty” to come calling with a firearm. Even if some were hunters (in order to actually own a firearm) this was a totally random event that citizens wouldn’t be prepared for. Like lambs to the slaughter.

      • Don’t trust the Mounties; it’s not Sgt Preston of the Yukon anymore. Out in B.C. years ago there was a wildfire or something where homeowners were ordered to evacuate.

        While they were involuntarily gone from their homes the RCMP broke in and seized every firearm they could find, whether registered or not. It was a Canadian Katrina only the LEOs weren’t pointing guns at people’s faces, they just came and looted.

        Don’t know if those Canadian owners ever got their guns back.

        Pansy Elfin-toed Trudeau will push for the standard remedy for mass shootings: disarm the law-abiding while lecturing Americans about our “lax gun laws”.

        Meanwhile, there’s a silver lining in the current lockdown here: lots more Americans than before are awakening to the tyranny at our doorstep, depending on who your governor or sheriff is. Liberals are ranting loudly about citizens buying guns AND homeschooling their kids, and have dropped the camouflage. This is good.

  6. My sympathies for the deceased families…look for Canada to be even more f###ed. Not at all sure this affects the USA.Barely a peep from the lamestream. What DOES is this one world BS with celebutards raising $ for WHO and getting an anti-Christ chips. At least we got Donnie tweeting “pro-gun” messages(even if he really doesn’t care! )

      • Mandolin bay brought about more restrictions and probably a few bans. But we didn’t see the outright ban on possession they instituted in OZ and the UK.

        Canada was stripped of gun ownership in the mass shooting many years ago that took 14 people. This act will probably mean the end of possession in Canada of just about anything.

    • What do you mean by, “We?” How do you know the POTUS “really doesn’t care? Have you had a man to man conversation or are you just regurgitating something you heard or concocted? After all the slander and libel the democrat party and the fake news media has used to overthrow a duly elected POTUS and the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on a witch hunt how about showing some well earned respect for the POTUS?

      • It seems the witchhunt did find a few witches.

        As I recall, the president’s campaign manager, personal attorney, national security advisor all went to federal prison as a result of the witchhunt.

    • “getting an anti-Christ chip”

      What is an antichrist chip and where does one find one?

      I’m guessing Jared Kushner, the owner of 666 5th Ave, Babylon-on-the-Hudson.

  7. Canadians have access to guns……yet they have few mass public shootings. To a sane, rational human being this would show that access to guns does not create mass public shooters……in the U.S. we had 10 mass public shootings in 2019. We have over 600 million guns in private hands and over 18 million people carry guns legally for self defense……..10 individuals out of over 320 million people…..access to guns isn’t the problem…..mental health and knowing when to report dangerous people to the police is the problem….

    • Those big Pharma Boys had that question taking off the script years ago…. I wonder how come Canada hasn’t blamed their president yet?

  8. Of course this could never happen on it’s own, in the liberal nirvana of Eastern Canada. There must have been some hazardous neurological substance(s), in the denture material He was working with…

  9. Totally a false flag operation to make the grabbers look bad. Emporer Obama said these things don’t happen outside the US.

  10. Prime Minister Trudeau just announced in a news conference. Stronger firearms control legislation. Including complete ban on assault style firearms. As soon as Parliament returns to secession. Look for a lot of boat accidents involving the lose of firearms in the near future.

  11. 12 hour rampage, 16 dead. Appears like the perp had an ample supply of gun control soft targets and plenty of time to reload. Those rapid-fire gun control measures were supposed to stop this. Wha’ Happened? Gun Control gives rapists, murderers, perverts, kidnappers, child molesters and tyrants peace of mind. That’s what the f happened.

  12. One would hope that the bad guy while walking around with a firearm and a gas can lighting houses on fire would have raised enough distrust by someone with a hunting rifle and dropped him much sooner. That police uniform and fake police cruiser trick certainly worked.
    I had to pause and consider what would any of us do if what we perceived was a lone law enforcement officer shooting at you or starting to burn your house down, would any of us engage him with our lawfully owned firearms?

    You have to think about that in terms of the moment if it was actually happening. Here’s a guy trying to kill you or your family. In the end after reflection, no, it doesn’t matter WHO he is. I’d defend myself irrespective of what they were wearing or driving. When you consider that it wouldn’t make sense in the first place. If it was an actual police action, there would be LOTS of police there, not just one juice lip cop. It would be an active scene with swat vehicles, cops on bull horns and so fourth and burning down your home with you or your family in it? Police don’t do that! Even if it was a real unhinged cop, you still have the right to defend yourself against an illegal action like that. Just something to think about. What would YOU do?


    • From what I can piece together from the news is, he overpowered a lady cop took her cop car and weapons, so I guess Canada will be banning lady cops and cop cars and guns this time

      • They said he created a fake cop car and uniform like the Norway shooter did. He shot the lady cop dead and set fire to the car. He killed another person and stole their SUV. He was shot dead at a gas station while sitting in the SUV. From what I gather.

  13. DENIAL is not a river in Egypt. No one “expected this kind of thing in a small town.” Gun control culture exposes the fallacy again of the “Disney” Fantasyland where reality is covered by delusion. This went on for 12 hours. It’s hard to belief that people didn’t pick up on it earlier than this. The Titanic hit an iceberg and the human denial of “it can’t happen here or to me” was the universal response. Situational Awareness is not paranoia. It’s just being awake. My condolences to the community. I hope they are able to grow from this instead of going back into gun control denial.

  14. They found him sitting in a vehicle at the gas station. The police jumped out of their vehicle and shot him 3-4 times.

    When he killed people he would set fire to the house or car after.

    I think he ran out of ammo before the police got to him.

  15. This wasn’t some guy who just “snapped.” This was a well planned and I’ll bet well funded attack. Whenever the motive is “unclear” or “unknown at this time, the investigation continues…” you can take it to the bank that it’s Islamic Jihad at the root.

    • “you can take it to the bank that it’s Islamic Jihad at the root.”

      Would you be kind enough to share with the group the evidence you have to support your assertion, thanks!

      • Chief, you’re spoiling that narrative!

        Clearly, he was an Islamic sleeper agent controlled by Barack Hussein Obama.

  16. Seems to me he was a wannabe cop that snapped. This “cowering in a corner”(shelter in place) has a lot of people on edge. They can’t make any money to pay the bills and feel they have to do something. I am surprised that more hasn’t happened.

    • Funerals are limited to 5 people only because the virus. Too bad for those dozens of families who will not be allowed to lay to rest their family members.

    • The government said it hasn’t found all the bodies yet. They believe there are more bodies in the burnt vehicles and houses.

  17. Doubtful he was a Filthy Mohammedan Savage. I’m putting my money on….Leftist depressive on SSRI drugs. Prove me wrong.

  18. Do they need the gun free zones signs in French?
    No good guy with a gun could be found! Their so civilized up there.
    No reason to ever go north or south of our border!
    Carry every day!!!%

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