Gun Control Laws: Making Criminals’ Lives Easier Since 1934 [VIDEO]

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As our friends at the Babylon Bee note, Gregory Ilinovich loves murdering people with illegal guns – so he’s a bit concerned about all these new proposed gun regulations. Luckily, he tends not to follow laws anyway.

Besides, Gregory Ilinovich sees the silver lining in the push for more gun control restrictions.

If there are a few less good guys with guns out there, it could even make my job easier.


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    • Dennis Sumner Working on what? Are you going to give criminals a frontal lobotomy? (Shaking my head) The solution is rather simple. Put criminals behind walls and fences in cells where they can be held accountable for their crimes.

  1. He was such a good boy. He wanted to be a sociology professor but despite being a a 4.0 summa cum laude undergrad and soup kitchen volunteer he can’t even get into grad school. This is what happens when you take someone’s dreams away.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “He was such a good boy”

      “My boy, he really a good boy.”

      Osama bin Laden’s mother…

      • When Geoff the Pervert isn’t trying to consummate his relationship with Haz, he’s chasing down random kids in his black panel van. What a coward and FUDD this ‘man’ is lol…

    • Until the gun exuding it’s miasma of evil that corrupted his soul and compelled him to commit crime.

  2. Comedy is solely the domain of the right now. The commies have completely lost their sense of humor.

      • There was humor in the former Soviet Union. But it was considered a counter-revolutionary action and could get you 5-10 in the gulag.

    • Ain’t no commies. There’s liberals, moderates, conservatives and some “other”. But commies in America is about as rare a thing as a liberal talking honestly about gun rights or a Trump lover talking honestly about election fraud.

        • Basically the same for me, also don’t feel the need to engage in all the hairsplitting pilpul of whatever true brand of socialism (or whatever) they are trying to sell. It all ends up in the same tyranny trash pile and commie fits the bill most of the time. Fascist can also be fun if they have enough self awareness to see the shoe fits.

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