Our main military man schmoozes with reps from Les Baer, Windham Weaponry, Action Target, Project Appleseed, Smith & Wesson (Shield’s up), FNH USA, Vortex Optics and Colt.

Video courtesy military-arms.com


  1. That Project Appleseed sounds interesting.
    Visited their site.
    Think I’ll check them out when they come to town. Take some kids with me, only $5.00 a pop, $10.00 for the wife. Sounds like it should be a fun day or two, as well as educational.
    Probably make a donation.
    If they appear to be doing some good, may put them on my annual list.

  2. Appleseed is a great organization. Im trying to find an event close enough to me so I can attend and get my rifleman patch.


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