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Running Nosler Accubond LR projectiles with high ballistic coefficients (0.719 in 6.5 Creedmoor, 0.640 in .30 cal), Winchester’s new Expedition Big Game Long Range line is specifically designed for hunting at, well, longer ranges. And anything in-between. Press release follows . . .

Expedition Big Game Long Range: Tough Game. Tougher Bullet.

Continuing with the goal of making ammunition selection simpler for hunters, Winchester® rolled out Expedition Big Game last year to much fanfare. The ammunition line is built for use on the toughest hunts around the world and was introduced in a range of popular big-game calibers. That range of calibers will expand in 2017 with the introduction of six new additions built specifically for long-range accuracy, trajectory and terminal performance.

The knockdown power of Expedition Big Game Long Range is centered around Accubond® LR bullet technology. It features a polymer tip and bonded alloy lead core. Upon impact, the Accubond LR bullet delivers controlled expansion and deep penetration. The lineup also features nickel-plated shell cases to go along with the Nosler® bullet technology. Expedition Big Game Long Range comes 20 rounds to a box.

Expedition Big Game Long Range is the ideal ammunition for hunting big game around the world. It delivers a high ballistic coefficient for flat-shooting, pin-point accuracy at long ranges and devastating performance due to deep penetration from the bonded-bullet construction.

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  1. I’m going to have to try some of that .300 WSM. See how it compares to my hand loads.

  2. I’ll give these a try since my time to handload has been about zip. I like 190 in .300 Mag, and trying it in .30-06 would give an improvement over 180 grain pills. I don’t see any .308 in the line up. Oh, well.

  3. Realy nice BC for mass-produced bullet. I wonder if we’ll see WTC-level ELDs soon.

  4. they have something wrong with their 300 win mag numbers. 2068fps @ the muzzle? i think thats off by 1000fps.

  5. I’m glad to see ammo companies finally loading bullets heavy enough for 300 magnum and others for years I’ve seen hunters use 150 grain pills to shoot deer with then complain as the damage done ruined a lot of meat I too learned the hard way I got tired of this so I changed to 180 and 200 grain bullets a long time ago!! My shooting buddy and I did some long range shooting to see what difference it made in drop out to about 700 yards ! That’s long range for me I hear tell of much longer shots being made but for me I’m not even caring to do that long of a shot although I did honestly kill a doe at a 745 yard distance once checked by a Leupold range finder!!I’m getting off track a bit we found that the heavy 190 grain Hornady boat tail spire points shot to within about one inch of where the 150 grain bullets did at this longer range and I noticed that meat cdestruction went way down when the bigger bullets didn’t fragment at closer range

  6. As to my previous post if you go out and shoot at 700 yards you simply won’t believe how far even a 300 magnum or 7mm Remington magnum will drop I don’t shoot that far any more I’m using regular cross hair reticles lots of guesswork but you can with lots of practice learn how much hold over to use if you kind of stick to one gun and really pay attention these days I’m 64 now I stick to timber hunting mainly where my shots are generally around 75 to 100 yards but last year I shot a buck and later in the season a big doe out past 200 yards in my back pasture feild one the buck with a 350! Remington mag in a guide rifle with a 2×7 Leupold the doe same distantance,almost the same spot in the field with a 450 Marlin with24inch inch barrel 2×7 redfeild I shoot handloaded ammo exclusively I guess I just like rolling my own I’ve been reloading since I was 16 I started out with a little Lee loading tool for 308 and 30-06 but quickly saved enough money for a herters reloading press I literally wore it out ,the ram developed about a quarter inch play when fullyextenedabout twenty years ago I bought an rcbs rockchucher it’s long enough to load my 416 Rigby with and my wife and kids got me a Dillon 650 xl progressive for Christmas some years ago I also cast allmy pistol bullets plus a few rifle Cal’s as well boy it’s getting hard to get srap wheelwieghts anymore that’s been what I be used in the past with a little solder thrown in for the tin ,makes the bullets fill out better plus it keeps the antamony in suspetion with the lead!I’m rambling on so so long

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