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We weren’t aware of The Art of Prepping YouTube channel, but as its main man writes, “This EDC loadout is from the Host of YouTube Channel The Art of Prepping. This is just a snapshot of carry items that get used on a daily basis. Normally I carry a small multi-tool, but today I did not. Other than that, these items plus my phone are what I carry typically.” Check out all the details at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. To little and to light. One blade S/B Kbar type, gloves won’t fit in trigger, gun doesn’t look to be a .22 and most important no water(water packets) If survival is required you need a little better pack. Be safe out there.

    • Gloves won’t fit in trigger? Do you even operate, bro? The LCP goes INSIDE the glove. You grip the LCP, ready to fire, then just slip that big glove over the whole thing with the barrel pointed down the index finger. Then if you have to go operational, you just raise your glove like you’re gonna shake hands with a muthafucker and BANG!

      Optional: After that you can lift up the glove and softly blow the smoke wafting out of the index finger hole before saying in a low gravely voice…”Didn’t see that coming, did you asshole?”

      • Listen kid I operate more than you can dream of, and you have no clue what you are talking about. Go back to play video games boy.

        • I would, but I haven’t been able to find any new cartridge games for my Atari since the 80’s.

        • Loved the Atari come back . Priceless . ……………..
          not sure about the glove thing , but it does appear you are ready for fence repairs , barbeques and some lite welding chores .
          I have no problem with any of the choices you’ve made here , I carry one knife on me ( a Lightning ) , and the lighter ( don’t smoke ) , extra mag ( 29 count ) and my wallet , the rest stays in the truck and by ‘ The rest ‘ , I mean …………….. two Life Straws , sleeping bag , extra socks , gloves , an extra sweatshirt and jacket , a couple multi-tools , binoculars , a first aid kit , several different types of knives , a shorty homemade hardwood ball bat and a back scratcher .

  2. Still amazed at all the c–p people allegedly walk around with in their pockets — part of me wants to send in a picture showing 30 lbs of kit as my “pocket dump” and see how many people buy it. I guess the voyeur aspect (let’s peek in someone’s private pockets!) is enough to overcome most people’s disbelief.

    • There’s this new thing called a “backpack” or a “bag” that people carry.

      Just sayin’.

    • It is has been clear for quite some time that these aren’t pocket dumps. That is a term TTAG misapplies to them for some reason. Follow the link and you will see no claim that this stuff was in a pocket.

    • Yep, picture shows to much for a pocket. The .380 is not much of a killer vs .22. Thats why you need a big blade, maybe not a karbar, but something that can make a little firewood. Oh and the .22 might feed you too, my thoughts only. My trunk gear is something I can sling on the shoulder and hustle with. Be safe out there, and Frank in Vir. hope you can hit with that glove thing!

  3. I quit commenting about these pocket dumps because they are wholly stupid. I carry my gun, wallet, smart phone, my sunglasses (Serengeti’s) car keys and my newest acquisition, my Start Trek TOS communicator phone. Yes it really works.

    • The ‘ mart phone ‘ is a no no , in my opinion . It is a beacon for ‘ here I am ‘ .
      I’m 58 years old and I survived ( happily ) for all these years without carrying a phone with me .
      …………………………… but this is just me ………………………….
      I would never surmise to tell anyone else how to live their lives , but these new phones are a BIG target if someone wants you gone in the age of drones and high tech. ………………. Am I too paranoid ?

  4. Two much bulky stuff, more like a SERE gear kit not a EDC. One decent pocket knife should be sufficient,

  5. “I was not able to show my phone because I was using it to take the picture.”

    explains the dearth of phones in EDC posts.

  6. The gloves are probably the source of most of the bellyaching in these comments but I keep a set in the door compartment of my car and I’ve used them a lot. I don’t know where I’d keep those work gloves on my person but I keep brown jersey gloves balled up all the time in the winter. Sometimes even two pair, because they’re fifty cents a pair I can be someone’s hero at least once in that season.

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