New Optics From Trijicon at NRA Annual Meetings

Trijicon is in Atlanta at the NRAAM in force, with lots of new wares on display. MRO Patrol, thermal optics, and a 1-8x AccuPower riflescope. Photos and details follow . . .

MRO Patrol is seen above. The 2 MOA dot was bright and extremely crisp. Field of view seemed very good.

IR-HUNTER Thermal Riflescope. Through-the-lens [cell phone] photos in standard mode as well as outlines mode (which is hella cool).

The IR-PATROL Thermal Monocular can be used on its own or placed in front of a daylight optic.

The AccuPower 1-8×28 Riflescope has an impossible-to-miss, bright green FFP reticle (also available in red). The zoom dial is ready to accept an extended throw lever.

This blogger’s laser-sharp eyes (I’m modest, too, which is what makes me so great) also caught the new FNX .9 on display in the Trijicon booth. I prefer to carry a caliber about 10 times larger, but good for FN for accommodating the extremely recoil-averse.


  1. avatar GnarlyNardHairs says:

    FNX 0.9cm?

    1. avatar Liberal Prepper says:

      As much as I love Leupold, I feel for them falling so far behind so fast.

    2. avatar anonymoose says:

      .9″ caliber, because 8 gauge is for pussies.

  2. avatar Snatchums says:

    I wonder about those scopes that have digital processing of the images. Whenever you do processing like that there is going to be some amount of latency between the actual sight picture and what the screen is presenting. Like if you only have a latency of 2ms and a frame rate of 90fps I could see them being almost indistinguishable from a purely optical scope.

  3. avatar CarlosT says:

    Now, if FN makes a gun in 45mm, it’ll really grab my attention.

    1. avatar Ed says:

      FNX and FNX Tactical both come in .45acp.

  4. avatar Charlie says:

    Shouldn’t the cover caps flip up? lol


    1. avatar Dave says:

      So much for the MRO being an affordable option compared to Aimpoint.

    2. avatar Scott Neves says:

      Flipping down (although you do set them how you like) is good because they stay down if a spring or spring stop fails. I have my lens covers set up just that way on my Aimpoint PRO.

    3. avatar Pistol Pete says:

      If the lens covers flip up, the spring inside the flip cover is fighting gravity and over time the spring will weaken, causing them to sag and obscure the lens. If the covers flip down, it solves those possible issues.

  5. avatar Madcapp says:

    Hey, our MRO is selling a lot better than we expected, lets add a cover and caps, and raise the price $350 and hope people don’t figure out that its a really bad deal.

  6. avatar GS650G says:

    Isn’t this the same company whose scopes were found drifting when heated? Sure hope they worked that problem out on these $$$$$$$ scopes.

  7. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Is that ‘screen’ visible in the MRO patrol an anti-glare device?

    1. avatar Jomo says:

      No. It’s meant to prevent reflections from the front of the optic being detected by an ‘enemy’.

      1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

        So by no, you mean yes? 😉

  8. avatar Texheim says:

    And we’re pointing a rifle at people’s heads

    1. avatar Kaban says:

      It’s unloaded, I swear.

      And blue plastic mock-ups with a rail on top are major expense that is sure to financially destroy any optics manufacturer.

      1. avatar Texheim says:

        Gander mountain thought otherwise…

      2. avatar Mad Cow says:

        I’m sure all you safety Nancies were too distracted while you wet yourselves, but those “rifles” don’t have barrels. For most of us (excluding the ATF) that does not a rifle, nor a safety concern, make.

        1. avatar Kaban says:

          Ouch. Guess it’s my turn to eat crow.

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      They aren’t rifles. They’re empty receivers with empty handguards. No internals at all…not even barrels.

  9. avatar Rob says:

    I hate to critique and complain but this is a pretty weak write up. Half the information seems to be covered by reading the printed info in the photos, thats lazy writing. I know you folks want to “get the info out fast” etc, but please try harder.
    Quality beats quantity.

    Examples: MRO vs MRO patrol…whats new? Hows it different, whats the weight? Was the old MRO discontinued for the new “patrol” model? (I admit I don’t keep up with this stuff, thats why I read this blog)

    The IR Hunter vs patrol, weight difference maybe?

    Sorry for the thumbs down attitude, but it seems like it all could have summed up like, “Trijicon has some new stuff, look into if your interested.”

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Hard to argue with that! I wish I could have spent more time and learned all the deets at the booth, but it wasn’t possible this year.

      The longer reason is: The quick hit, “new from” stuff is definitely short on details and I specifically took photos of those product labels to try to cover all of the details Trijicon had easily available. As the items were brand-spankin-new, there wasn’t even info on the company’s website yet and we didn’t have press releases for them. Probably could have waited to snag somebody at the booth and get the sort of info you asked about, which would have been the proper journalistic thing to do for sure!, but the crowds are thick (though it wasn’t as busy as last year) and now you’re looking at like a ~45-minute investment at the booth when there are 5,000 booths to try and cover. So, yes, it’s a choice between a couple of more in-depth pieces and missing tons of manufacturers or running a whole bunch of “look at this new thing, check out the manufacturer’s site for details if you’re interested” and the trade show coverage skews towards the latter.

      MRO details: …and the other new products are now up on the Trijicon site also.

      BTW we intend to review most of these items and every detail will be covered in the reviews, of course. I’ve been seeing a lot of “this is a lame review” comments when we’re simply copying-and-pasting the press releases on new products. So, just to be clear, there’s a huge distinction between a “look at this new thing” post and an actual review, and a “look at this new thing” post will never replace the need to review something.

      1. avatar Rob says:

        I look forward to your reviews, and I’m glad you didn’t take what I said the wrong way. Those of us who don’t get to attend these sort of events don’t appreciate the size of them nor the likely sea of people you have to get around in the process of getting pictures, and whatnot.

        Also, I’m sorry I was too busy with my complaint above to complement the photos, they were good to go and peaked my interest on the new offerings….really would like one of those IR models.

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