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Thordsen Customs' FRS-15 rifle stock for the Smith & Wesson M&P .22 AR-15 (courtesy

Thordsen Customs LLC has received many requests from dealers and consumers to produce an adaptation for the FRS-15 Rifle Stock that improves the look and fit with the Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22,” the company’s presser proclaims, using the third person in the great locker room interview style. “They have responded with the new M&P 15-22 adapter kit. The stock adapter is designed to compensate for the differences between a standard AR-15 lower receiver and the M&P 15-22 lower receiver. The buffer tube adapter is designed to make installation easier and eliminate the need to modify the buffer tube itself. The result is a much cleaner look and fit to the FRS-15 Stock and Buffer Tube Cover.” Yes, well, the next bit of copy reveals the real reason the FRS-15 Rifle Stock’s making waves . . .

The Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle is one of the most popular semiautomatic rim-fire firearms in the country. Sadly, it has been restricted in certain states because of its so called “evil features.” Among these restricted features are the pistol grip and adjustable stock. The installation of an FRS-15 Rifle Stock effectively removes these two features which can aid in bringing a “non-compliant” firearm back to within current restrictions.

Other shooting enthusiasts may prefer the ergonomics of a traditional rifle stock while enjoying the numerous possibilities for optics and other accessories that the M&P 15-22 rail system has to offer.


– Machined and fabricated from billet ABS polymer
– Easy installation with just a few tools
– Full color installation instructions included<
– Mounting hardware included
– Proudly made in South San Francisco, California

Yes, the FRS-15 Rifle Stock’s made in the very heart of Anti-Gunland. That alone is worth the price of admission: $199.99.

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  1. Ooohhhh! I want one: it’s machined from billet plastic! Can’t get more tacticool than that. Maybe they could have molded it from [Harvey] Milk jugs.

  2. The perfect illustration for the stupidity of cosmetically-based gun legislation.

    It gets even sadder when you realize the buffer tube housing has to remain separated from the handle/stock, or it would qualify as a thumb-hole stock….and thus suddenly be evil again.

    At the end of the day, people shouldn’t have to contort their rights around the barbs of oppression.

  3. I have considered doing a featureless build with my AR. If I do, this is definitely the stock I would use. All the other ones I’ve seen are fugly pieces of kydex. Not that this stock is gorgeous, but it looks better aesthetically, appears to be of higher quality, and also may not be bad in the ergonomics department.

    (Cue the “just pack up and move your whole effing life to a free state so you don’t have to build a featureless rifle in order to use the mag release like everybody else” comments)

    • I already have a proper AR, but when I recently learned that, (and this comes right out of the mouth of a criminal attorney who specializes in 2A issue and not a web forum,) you could still buy a stripped lower in New York perfectly legally (the hardest part being finding an FFL with the balls to do the transfer) and build a New York compliant AR, I decided, well, what the hell, what better way to say FU to the state than building a New York compliant AR long after the gun had supposedly been “banned.”

      I tried both the Thordsen FRS and Exile Machine Corp Hammerhead stocks. The Thordsen has a much better feel than the Hammerhead, (but warning will only work with a carbine length buffer tube.) I found the web of my hand pinches on the back of the receiver with the Hammerhead and caused me to change my grip.

      The Thordsen mounts very solidly and actually shoulders quite well. Haven’t test fired with the stock yet as the upper is still on the way from Stag. But seeing how solid it is, I don’t forsee any issues.

      Remember, if you are using it for compliance in New York you have to cover the mounting screw with epoxy to make sure the modification is “permanent.”

      If anything, this stock and the Hammerhead just prove how f**king stupid the SAFE Act is.

      I have a mini-14 as well. Great gun, but I love my ARs. Even with a dopey stock.

  4. Why not just buy a Mini-14? Surely it’s a better option than this and probably doesn’t cost much more than the process of turning an AR into some tortured abomination that won’t scare the fudds and antis (on paper anyway).

  5. As I just bought two stripped AR lowers here in NY, this is one of the possibilities I’m considering for one of them. However, I would prefer to just use the grip portion with an A2 stock. I wish they would make it without that serpentine butt extension.

    • SAFE Act says “grip” can not extend below “buttstock” or it’s “illegal” – ergo the lower butt.

  6. I find it interesting how some will advocate boycotting a company because they will not move out of a gun grabbing state but for some reason it is great that this product comes from the same type of state and you are all for it. Why is it that you wont buy magpul because you dont want to support a state like colorado but you will buy this and support california which is ten times worse. What a fickle bunch of people.

  7. I’m sorry but why is “made in the very heart of Anti-Gunland” a selling point. Why would I spend my hard earned dollars buying gun parts from a company that pays taxes to the crap politicians. They are helping to fund the sweinsteins of the world.

  8. I built out a featureless AR-15 using the FRS-15, with an upper that has no evil features (muzzle brake and barrel threading removed by a gunsmith with a lathe, foregrip with no mounting potential for a vertical handgrip to be installed, or a bayonet). It shoots wonderfully, and shoulders well, I slapped on a Limb Saver recoil pad just to cover the raw look of the FRS-15 butt. Some folks love the look, others hate it (mostly for the reason I had to go this way re: the idiotic unSAFE legislation in NY). For me, what I love is having a fully featured 5.56mm AR every bit as capable as my AdCor BEAR Elite 5.56mm rifle, but with no evil features that would otherwise force me to register the rifle.

    I an now planning to add a FRS-15 to my AdCor, then will have its muzzle brake and barrel threading machined off, then use an epoxy bonding compound with a machined piece of metal to block the lower railing. Then I have every bit the nice AdCor with no need to register it in April, 2014. I am going to wait for the last moment to do that in the hope NY will lose one of several lawsuits challenging the legality of NY’s forced registration of ARs.

    I also have a S&W M&P-10 .308 rifle that I would LOVE to be able to save from the liberal fools by performing the same modifications to as I can with the 5.56mm FRS-15 unit. I see no reason I could not do so (along with the barrel and muzzle brake modifications also).

    That said, I so much detest the way our legislators ambushed us in NY with this stupid unSAFE act. I am looking forward to the next set of elections, and am going to be actively trying to persuade folks to vote for our rights as opposed to the most smooth talking fools running for office.

  9. I recently purchased a S&W MP10, .308 without the flash hider. and had my gun shop install the NY compliant butt stock. (just like the one you will see on the Black Rain, NY compliant model).

    It feels a little funky with the angle my wrist is turned. I havent fired it yet, real soon I hope. I am afraid it may put uncomfortable pressure on the wrist joint due to the unusual angle of my wrist. It is not like a pistol grip which is comfortable.

    I will report my findings when I can get to the range.
    I wouldnt be nearly as concerned if it was a 5.56, with little recoil. But a .308 has a bit more kick.

    These dumb ass polititions are not accomplishing a thing by comming up with these stupid rules and ideas.
    Most have probably never shot or held a gun in their lives. Maybe they should get involved in the shooting sports to see what its all about.

    There should be a rule that states, no judge or politition can make judgement or ruling regarding firearms unless they have had personal experience in the proper use of firearms and have been trained in such activities using firearms before they can make judgement or ruling. In short, how can you make judgement or a ruling if you don’t know what you are talking about. HAPPY FATHERS DAY

  10. Does anyone have experience with whether or not this will this work for a s&w m&p15 that is 5.56? I’m looking to buy one but be able to take it to NYS, obviously it has to be compliant with the UNSAFE act.

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