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Bullpup Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Ruger is looking to its fans and aficionados to help design a Ruger 10/22 rifle to commemorate the 50th anniversary of America’s favorite rimfire rifle,” the gunmaker’s presser reveals. Design a 10/22 that Ruger can sell to the masses and you will be rewarded. “The winning designer will receive a production version of their rifle, a trip to the Newport, NH plant to watch the production run, and $5,000 to be used toward the purchase of Ruger products.” Is there a catch? Sure! You have to own a Ruger 10/22; a basic Sporter will run ya three bills and a bit. And then you have to modify the gun, which may well cost you your marriage. JK. But it won’t be easy. And the result has to appeal to more than just you and your ballistic BFFs . . .

Ruger will review the submissions and narrow the entries to ten finalists. Ruger fans will then vote for their favorite design.

Do you surrender rights to the design. Yes. Yes you do. Do you get to name the new(ish) gun? No. No you don’t. Will you enter? Why are you asking me?

To enter the Contest, visit Entrants must submit up to three photos of their customized 10/22, provide an itemized list of parts used, and give a brief description of their design. Submissions will be accepted beginning October 7 at 12:00 p.m. ET through October 18 at 11:59 a.m. ET. On October 21, Ruger will announce the ten finalists on the contest website and visitors can vote for their favorite design through November 1.

If you lack the requisite smithing skills or simply can’t be bothered, watch this space.

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  1. Maybe someone should design one with EVERY “military feature” that Feinstien bitches about…just to piss her off and give her more heart burn. Give it like like 6 bayonet lugs and 2 pistol grips lol.

    • I read your post and immediately thought of the “Transformers”, you know the robots that are cars, but fold out into house sized robots. So I thought of your tactical fold down model being like the size of a Swiss army knife and it folds out into a full size rifle with 12X scope and side by side 50 round magazines, bayonet, flashlight………hmmmmmm, might be time for my meds again (LOL)

    • Danny

      I was looking at getting a take-down and wanted a different stock… like the T6 stock.

      It seems that all you need to do is cut it about in half, remove some material for the pin, and drill a hole for the extra screw that they use to secure the front half of the stock.

      It should be relatively easy for anyone with some tools.

      I would do it but I still have to wait before getting another gun, last one was a S&W 500 and my unconstitutional tax stamp should be coming in soon for my suppressor (like last month).

  2. My dad has a great 10/22. He ordered it before they were released, and hasn’t changed a thing on it. They should make those. Again.

  3. I’ve had the perfect 10/22 in my head for about the last 15 years. All I need is the 500 and change for the barrel (mag research or volquartsen carbon fiber), trigger (volquartsen) and a reamed out Butler Creek folding stock. Add a BX-25/50 mag and red dot of your choice and done! And I don’t even have a marriage to lose, what could possibly go wrong?


  4. Wow, aren’t they generous! Buy our product, then at your own expense modify it so we can sell it and make millions! Dollars to donuts they’ve fired their research department and are willing to pay some schlep to do the work for a pittance!

      • You haven’t looked too deeply into the history of the company….every product they have released has mirrored other companies products and made them better.

        Kellgren got his designs from someone else also…don’t fool yourself or others.

      • Hey, at least Ruger’s guns work, and are actually produced in reasonable quantities. Kel-Tec is an amazing prototyping company, I just wish they were a gun manufacturer…

        • +1k

          If I had a nickel for every PMR-30 and Sub2k that should be on the shelves and isn’t, I could afford to buy a PMR-30 at its current gunshow price.

  5. Working in the web and media world the past ten years this reminds me of a “Design Our Logo” contest that cheap and/or poor companies run to get free artwork done for them. I never could stand it and this is no different. They are asking you do put in a lot of time and money for something you lose the rights to.

    No Thanks.

    If you want me to work for you hire me. But hey, you get what you pay for. I hope this contest crashes and burns.

    • But you get 5k in Ruger products!!! Think of how many receivers that would buy so you’d then have to turn around and spend tens of thousands on Volquartsen and Tactical Solutions parts since they do it better than Ruger.

      • Of course they do it better…but there is also a reason that a full rifle from them is over $1000, and a ruger is $300. They are designed for different audiences.

  6. So, Ruger, with it’s idiotic “no modifications” policy wants to to void your WARRANTY, AND WHEN YOU SEND IT TO THEM FOR REPAIR, THEY RESTORE IT TO FACTORY STOCK AND BILL YOU FOR IT?

    Don’t believe? Send them a rifle with a barrel shortened to a totally legal length for say, a broken firing pin. They will force a new barrel on you before they put the in in. And if you are a mini-14 owner, this is the ONLY way you are going to get a firing pin replaced, because they use different bolts to head-space the gun. They won’t even let gunsmiths have factory firing pins.

    Send your 10-22 in with an aftermarket trigger group? You will lose it.

      • Don’t have reports of them forcing this on any folks from my website. They give you the option to send it back without repairs done if you have aftermarket, but they can’t work on a gun and let it go out the door if you have a bunch of non ruger parts on it.

        Every firearm factory is exactly the same.

        That would be like you taking your Ford in for and engine teardown if you have custom heads on the thing. You want a factory warranty you will have to ditch the non factory parts.

        • Shorten a mini barrel to 16 1/4 inches, an pin on a flashider. Send it to Ruger to have the firing pin replaced. They won’t do it unless you buy a NEW barrel. Trigger jobs? forget em. They will demand the trigger system be restored to factory. You may well not get your original parts back.

          The whole point is they are now asking customers to do exactly what their service department FORBIDS.

          Maybe TTAG can have a little con=conversation with them about this ridiculous policy.

    • And here I was thinking I didn’t like 10/22 bullpups because I hate the Archangel stocks. Grumpy, that thing is a work of art. Well done, sir.

      • My bad, the Archangel is not a bullpup (can’t stand it anyway). It’s the Muzzelite Plus that made me throw up in my mouth a little when I first saw it.

  7. Robert, the sad part is I’ve been trying to get a Sporter (from my LGS) for my grandson for the last year and a half.

  8. As far as I know their other 50th anniversary Rugers have been pretty much a polished up throw back to the originals, so I’d say keep up the tradition.

    • Even assuming SB 374 is signed into law, it doesn’t apply to rimfires. So even tacticool 10/22s are fine…for now

  9. What it really meant to say was

    “Ruger’s lawyers will decide who’s design is best, then tack on a bunch of ‘features’ to avoid lawsuits”


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