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Scoped (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)

I got a Tweet from IDF Women asking which of their umpteen photos should be their new Facebook profile pic. So I paddled down their photo stream looking for something suitably dramatic. There were images of women and guns stretching all the way back to the Jewish state’s birth (the images not the women). Here’s one that stood out. Whaddat? [NOTE: The image above has been changed by popular request. The original photo is in the gallery; first one after the jump below. So the comments may seem a little confusing. Sorry but we all must suffer for our art . . .]

Machine gun (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)

(courtesy IDF Women on Facebook)

A little muzzle discipline goes a long way (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)

Big gun (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)

Rockin' the vote in Israel (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)

Guns of the women of the IDF (not shown) (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)


"IDF Women trained as Designated Marksmen. Using the IWI Tavor STAR 21 rifle in 5.56mm (.223) with a Trijicon model ACOG4X32JN8-12 rifle scope with 4 power magnification and a 32mm reticle. This model of the Tavor is issued to IDF Designated Marksmen who's MOS is to support IDF Infantry Platoons." (courtesy IDF Women Facebook page)

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  1. The MG [after the jump] isn’t a Dror, and receiver looks off for M1919. Going to bother me now…

    Edit: I _think_ it’s a PK.

  2. No idea on the heavy gun, but I sure like the female sniper image. Just something about the grand equivalence of a 110 pound woman putting on a long-distance smack down.

    • I really like the girl kneeling with the bullpup, but then I’m a sucker for a petite brunette.

  3. An M240 B, some Tavors, some M-16s and M-4s, and I’m not even going to attempt to guess what variety if sniper rifle that may be. Excellent pics!

  4. aahh the memories….
    I like all of them but I am partial, biased, and well yeah…
    You know it is bad when you start looking for their tags to see where they are at lol

      • Yeah then I look at the base surrounding to see if I remember it lol
        Givati Shaked 424th.

        • Was going to serve in Gdud 601 (Combat Engineering), but during tironut some health problems popped up (profile went form 97 to 64) and, much to my displeasure, I ended up being sent back to Bakum until the Katzin Miun I was dealing with could figure out what to do with me. He eventually said something to the effect of “Oh, you grew up in the Southern United States so you must know something about guns, I am going to send you off to be an armorer” Luckily, I fit the stereotype. As much as I wished I had served in Handesa Kravi, being an armorer (and American) in a base that was full of IDF women wasn’t the worst thing in the world 😉

        • LMAO!! No kidding…
          I had vitamin C and P from hell. I was suposed to go to gibush for Sanchanim, but needed my second pair of boot. None other than Benny showed up to hand them over. Let’s just say I became untouchable at the Bakum.
          Then I got to meet Rabin for the photo op everyone prime minister does for new recruits.
          It was a ton of fun too.

  5. I REALLY like the symbolism of the young lady, in the military, slinging a combat rifle, with a smile on her face…. voting.
    That just has wow factor all over it.
    Oh, I agree, MAG-58.

  6. Whaddat? Not so important. Whoddat? Veeeeerrrry important.

    Most of those would make George Takei jump from an “Oh, myyyyy!” to an “Oy Veyyyyy!!!”

  7. The pictures of the blondes standing with their guns… I’d invade their Gaza Strip any day… It won’t take me Six Days to conquer her… Maybe we three could all get together and do some work on the Sabbath…

    Thank you, I’m here all week!

    …I’ll show myself out…

  8. Nice! Real women with real guns…doesn’t get much better than that. I’m partial to the petite lady in fatigues. Although they’re all quite nice…

  9. The gunner in the top pic [after the jump] on the heavy weapon needs a cigar clenched in the corner of her mouth to complete my fantasy. Had the US army used similar photos back in the mid 1970’s, I just might have reconsidered my career choice.

  10. Interesting if you look at the picture of the several M16/M4 variants infront of the Israeli flag two of the M4’s look to have light weight barrels without the cut out for an M203…commercial replacement barrels maybe?

    • FWIW, most the guns in my armory that had those lightweight barrels had Colt roll marks on the barrels. Just about all of them were “M-16 Katzar” Which were M-16A1s that had been rebuilt as a carbine.

  11. From an artistic perspective, I much prefer the first photo. It carries a lot of emotion and punch. Most of the others look like “I took this picture while we were a;; standing around waiting for orders” or some training camp photos. The first is just badass.

  12. OK am I true gun nut if I thinks these woman are the sexist on earth? Spent a few months in Tel Aviv on business. Loved every second of it. Israeli women both Jew and Palestinian are great.

  13. Its very strange to see a female soldier, kind of like seeing a male ballerina, its just odd.

    Sniper picture get my vote.

  14. The Israeli propaganda machine continues. They seem to delight in portraying their army as made up of mostly pretty young women. Clearly that is not a winning make up of a victorious army. The audience of this propaganda is the US who think anything is good so long as hit women are involved.

    I’m not saying that there is anything wrong wih Israel, but this is obvious propaganda.

  15. I like the friendly-looking light-haired one standing in the back yard with her hand on her hip. She’s the most lightly dressed and least loaded down with gear, but I’m blond-haired, so I’m probably prejudiced. 😉

  16. The M16 on the left in the second to last picture has it’s handguard installed sideways. Must be for when someone needs put down gangsta’ style.

  17. I like the voting lady. Says something about guns and democracy, but probably not exciting enough for a Facebook placeholder.

    • “Facebook placeholder” – Oopps! When I said, “The blonde,” I was giving my personal opinion of the hot babe – for the facebook, definitely the sniper.

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