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Never let it be said that the marketing mavens at Ruger let any grass grow under their feet. After the tens of thousands of heaters they no doubt sold on the biggest Black Friday, well, ever, their latest move to goose seasonal sales is limited edition LCPs. And not just any LCPs, either. They’ve whipped up special versions of the the uber-popular .380 pocket guns in fetching purple and blue pastels, perfect for trimming your Christmas tree. Not only have they cranked out a very limited run of just 500 each, but they’re only selling them until the 17th (complete with countdown clock) or until they’re gone. Anyway, we’re sure you know someone who’d love nothing more than finding that Santa left one of these little beauties in their stocking on Christmas morning. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you?

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    • My wife finds “cutsie colored” guns offensive. Why would a woman want a pink or colored gun. She isn’t carrying a fashion statement.

    • I’m with you on this. Toy guns should look like toy guns and real guns should look like real guns.

      Every time I’m with my kids in an LGS that has one of these sorts of pink/purple/lime green monstrosities, I point it out to them to let them know that just because it looks like a toy gun doesn’t mean that it is a toy gun, and if they’re not sure, they do not want to pick it up to find out.

      • Real guns and toy guns should be whatever color the purchaser wishes to pay for. Don’t be ridiculous, here comes another excuse for “sensible” gun control, if you can outlaw a gun because it is pink, then you can outlaw any that are black, or stainless, etc. You are falling for the same BS all over again. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Otherwise it is not your business unless you invest in firearm securities.

        • I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where I called for some new law or regulation. Can you please point it out to me?

          I happen to think that people should keep their fingers off the trigger until they are ready to fire, but that doesn’t mean I think it should be a crime if they don’t.

        • Thank you Larry! I happen to love it, and the only reason I haven’t purchased a new gun yet is because I’m shopping around for a reasonable price on a pretty gun! It’s my prerogative if I choose to have a pretty gun while in the process of defending myself from a thug! Thanks for your support!

  1. Maybe for the niece, but I’m not sure if I’d buy that for myself.

    Also forgot to add: Blue is for training/blanks, John McClane learned that the hard way.

  2. I want one of the purple framed Rugers they already have available. Not one with that silly rainbow slide. The blue one looks gaudy.

    I dont get the hate when manufacturers come out with colored firearms. You can already have them coated in a multitude of colors anyhow. But I guess for some, if its not black or OD, it aint right.

  3. I prefer camo, FDE, stainless, and black. Call me traditional, but I want a gun to look real. In a DGU, I can’t help but think you’d want to point a realistic looking pistol at a bad guy, especially when limited to a single stack mag in the puny .380 caliber. YMMV.

    • I can’t point all my guns at one at a bad guy in a DGU. I think having a couple that are just for fun is fine. Plus, the above pistols are (in my mind) obviously marketed to women.

      I /really/ think the gun culture as a whole (not singling you out) needs to be more inclusive and get rid of the “get off my lawn” mentality – fast.

    • If a bad guy doesn’t believe your pistol is real because it is pink with a rainbow slide, shoot him a couple times, then walk away.

      • That wasn’t a “get off my lawn” deal, merely a preference with some real world tactical applications from someone who actually has pointed guns at bad guys in self defense. My wife’s gun is a Sig 227 with night sights. My SD guns are Glocks, ARs, Sigs, Mossbergs, Smiths, and the good ‘ol 870. One of my Tasers is black, the other is camo. Heck most of my flashlights are black or FDE and have strike bezels. The point is that my self defense tools look the part.

        Lawyers ask a lot of questions. I just came from a deposition on a fatality traffic collision where they asked more than a few, and that certainly wasn’t my first time testifying. There will certainly be many questions after a DGU. I can say with some confidence that they will never ask me why I whipped out a gun that looks like a toy.

        Not saying these should be banned, just musing. If these unique guns get first time shooters interested, that’s a good thing.

  4. I carry a bright red Kimber pepper blaster. I don’t care if people think it’s a squirt gun. In my neighbor asked me that. And a clueless Loyola Chicago college student grabbed an armed robbers gun because he “thought it looked like a toy”. Just be careful.

    • I find plenty of .380 at local stores. About the only thing that’s still impossible to find locally here is .22LR

  5. What the heck is a holiday tree? Is that like a Holiday Menorah or a Holiday turkey? Or a holiday’s eve countdown?

    • I don’t mind this time of year being referred to as “the Holidays” but when it comes to specific things such as Christmas gifts or Christmas trees, I can’t stand the omission of the word Christmas.
      Why is the word Holiday acceptable? It is just another way of saying Holy Day. Just another contradiction from the left I suppose.

      • I don’t understand it either. I guess it’s because the perception is that “holiday” is a secular word or something… there are a lot of ignorant assed people with big opinions and bigger mouths running around.

      • Agreed. Christmas stopped having anything to do with religion hundreds of years ago, it is a cultural celebration and about as objectionable as Thanksgiving. Some people are simply looking for their 15 minutes of fame, nobody really cares about a tree (for goodness’ sake) being referred to as “Christmas” as opposed to “holiday”.

    • (Calling a spade a spade) Because a lot of TTAG comments are written by old, cranky ass Republican men who are diametrically opposed to change, self expression, or secularism.

      My family is full of ’em. It doesn’t make them bad people but it means anything that didn’t exist 40 years ago is weird, scary, and undesirable.

      • “it means anything that didn’t exist 40 years ago is weird, scary, and undesirable.”

        Well, THAT is clearly true. As an OFWG, I can attest…

        • There’s nothing wrong with holding that opinion either.

          My love of tech and enjoying all things LED and flashy is no less valid than people who prefer when everything was made of metals in the US.

          The problem is when people start thinking their own views (based on opinion) are /right/ and everyone else is wrong. Fundamentally, this is the problem with the anti gun crowd too. They think that because they feel a certain way, nobody else is allowed to feel otherwise.

      • Things that didn’t exist 40 years ago are okay by me. People who didn’t exist 40 years ago are an entirely different story.

  6. When you have a pocket pistol with what seems like a 10 pound, foot-long trigger pull and hurts your hand when you shoot it, you do whatever you can to make it appeal to someone. Anyone.

    Ruger makes a lot of great firearms but this ain’t one of them.

    • I was going to write something to this extent but you nailed it. My LCP comes out of the safe when there’s no foreseeable way at all, period, to carry a “real” gun that I can shoot at distances longer than bad breath with accuracy.

      • And in that regard the LCP is not replaceable. I am going to try to move to an LC9, might make it and might not.

    • I got one recently and honestly, my only complaint is that it doesn’t fire 9mm. Its trigger pull is pretty similar to my CZ-75 on double action (and better than my Taurus snubby). It is about as painful to shoot as a XDs 45 or the aforementioned snub nosed with .357. As far as I can tell, Ruger made some changes to the gun so if you get a newer one, it will have a much better trigger and a little bit better sights.

  7. My ex-gf loved anything pink. When I asked her if she wanted a pink gun, she said no. Why? “Because if I point it at a bad guy, I want him to say ‘oh, sh!t’ not ‘oh, cute.'”

    That pretty much sums it up.

  8. Ya know what? I really don’t know why this isn’t a full time option for lots of polymor framed guns. People like customization in a product, and, correct me if I’m wrong, but guns are a product. I also like the blue one. Blues my favorite color.

  9. Real guns that look like toy guns! Ban immediately. Hey, what about those pink and orange camouflage rifles?

  10. Aren’t these usually concealed? Admire the color when cleaning but hardly anyone is supposed to ever see it. I prefer the black and silver though.

  11. You guys are all missing the point: It’s easier (and cheaper) to manufacture a brightly painted or anodized gun than it is to produce a quality blue job, bright nickel finish, or gorgeous wood grips and stocks. Don’t let all those pretty colors blind you to the fact that their main function is to camouflage a rather pedestrian piece of plastic that would otherwise look like the steamer your neighbor’s dog left on your lawn this morning.

  12. I’d go for an emerald green SP101, just for St. Paddy’s day.

    Or a rainbow one, with an engraving of Noah’s Ark on the side. I could aim at the bad guy and ask, “You know how God said He wouldn’t kill everyone off again? Well, I didn’t make that promise”.
    Or something memorable along those lines.

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