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New Orleans Pastor Protects His Flock by Embracing Armed Self-Defense, Firearm Training

church security
Church security screen visitors to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)
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Teaching day-long classes on firearm safety, storage, usage, tactics, gun laws, and obtaining a concealed carry permit along with providing basic shooting instruction at a local gun range, Pastor Isaiah Stewart’s 20 years in New Orleans, Louisiana brought him over to the pro-self-defense side of the aisle.

From a great article in The Washington Post . . .

“I know people will say, ‘Why is this happening in a church?’” Stewart said. “But if you read the Bible, Jesus told the disciples to protect themselves. … And to me, as a pastor, I am to look after people. And that’s what I am doing. Helping people who want to protect themselves.”

It began with death. As a pastor, Stewart officiated memorial services for a never-ending litany of murdered teenagers, murder being a leading cause of death among black youth in New Orleans. Crime, violence, shootings, murder. Wearing a bulletproof vest under his pastoral robe because of how frequently funerals get shot up by whoever killed the decedent in the first place.

Then, Stewart survived an attempted carjacking. Again from the WaPo article . . .

Several years ago, he was in his car in Uptown New Orleans when an armed group ran up and tried to carjack him. He wasn’t in a fancy car. “It was an old Pontiac. I had a clergy sticker on it, my Dillard University alumni sticker,” Stewart said, referring to the historic Black university in New Orleans. “I thought, ‘You are going to jack me for this?’”

Stewart already had a concealed-carry permit but didn’t have the gun in the car. He escaped by opening the door and punching the gas, knocking down his young assailants as he drove away — a lucky break that he worried would not happen again. For him, it was a moment of clarity: It wasn’t enough to simply own a gun or have that weapon in an accessible place. He needed to learn how to use it.

That led Pastor Stewart down a road of seeking training for himself, where he met — get this! — white guys at the shooting range who were friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Frankly, I can’t even believe the WaPo ran this article.

It’s incredible that the legacy media still run stories about black people, other minorities, and women taking up firearms ownership then looking toward white gun owners waiting to catch the racist reaction that never comes. Yeah, the Second Amendment is for everyone and we’ve been saying it for years.

Anyway, fast-forward a couple years and Pastor Stewart has trained and helped certify at least 300 people for concealed carry permits. Almost entirely black folks, with more and more women every single time.

Yes, this is The Washington Post. I’d suggest you hop on over there and read the story. It’s quite good.


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  1. Hopefully the days for Concealed Carry permits in Louisiana will come to an end soon. Of course votes would be needed to override a democRat gov. veto. Good news is his term is ending and the Republican front runner will sign.

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  2. When you live in dangerous times you arm up. As a history buff I believe all times are dangerous.

    I do not claim a church or religion. All things man meddles in become corrupt. But if I stood in the pulpit the first call to my congregation would be to arm up.

      • Arm up some more. And why, if a man can declare himself a woman and two people of the same sex can legally marry can I not have more than one wife?

        For the record. I’m not against same sex marriage. Why can’t gay males be as unhappy as us hetero males?

        Freedom is messy. But its better than the alternative.

        • go ask around arches national park.
          pretty sure you can, peripheral skeezers attitudes notwithstanding.

        • “And why, if a man can declare himself a woman and two people of the same sex can legally marry can I not have more than one wife?”

          Simple. One is for the alphabet mafia, and one is for heterosexuals. Declare polygamy an lgbt+ (it can be the plus) right, and watch it become legalized.

  3. Just proves that the Marxist stream media are always lying and trying to stir up strife. I have worked with many minorities and got along well with them and consider them friends. Just treat people fairly and with respect and most of the time they will return the favor. There are bad people of all races.

  4. Speaking of “pastor’s” the 700 Club is featuring Senator Raphael Warlock er Warnock tomorrow. Satan’s own pro-baby murderer & hates black folk’s(or anyone)protecting themselves. This crap is actually worse than FOX canning Tucker. CBN just lost me…

    • walker,

      Well, they never had me to lose, but they are a flaming dumpster fire, now. What’s your guess for the “over-under” on them being sold/broken up/shutting down/”reformatting”? I’m guessing a year, but the idiot Leftist/fascists might keep propping them up. On the other hand, they still have MSLSD, so they might not care if they lose Communist News Network.

  5. I have no reason to read this article from the Washington Post. Such things are pointless. This is not that hard to understand.

    Being a church means nothing to this. For ANYONE to assign some special powers to places like this is crazy. It does not matter what your religious beliefs are or if you even have any. If you honestly think that people are not attacked and killed in these structures that YOU are the problem. This entire thing is utterly ridiculous. Killers are not stopped by the fact that it’s a house of worship. That is fact and one with all kinds of proof all over this planet throughout human existence.

    • “Killers are not stopped by the fact that it’s a house of worship.”

      That depends on God’s plan at that moment.

      • There is nothing in this universe that happens otherwise. That is why we were given free will and the ability to be proactive at protecting life. Being a church does not change our charge. What that building is has nothing to do with anything where this subject is concerned.

  6. More than a dozen prominent Southern Baptist Convention leaders and pastors in Tennessee have signed a letter endorsing an “order of protection” gun proposal by the state’s governor, saying it would save lives and that it falls within the framework of what the denomination’s messengers have supported.

    The letter includes signatures from Randy Davis, president of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board; Brent Leatherwood, president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Mike Glenn, senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church; Robby Gallaty, senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville; and Ronny Raines, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Clarksville.

    The letter was released less than a month after a 28-year-old former student entered The Covenant School in Nashville and killed three students and three adults.

    • Because, of course a mentally-deranged killer is going to pay attention to a law forbidding weapons on school/church grounds, right? They’ll ignore the dozen-or-more laws they’re ALREADY breaking, but they’ll totes snap to attention and obey an objectively stupid “gun control” law.

      The level of idiocy Leftist/fascist gun control morons have to attain to even believe nonsense like that is convincing evidence that Leftist/fascists have evolutionarily split from homo sapiens, and are all now homo motus.

  7. it’s fun to call out corporate media when they get things wrong but it’s good to also acknowledge when they get it right as well. I can only speak for my local range but at that range there is almost always a good mix of people of all backgrounds. there arw stereotypical grizzled old dudes but there’s everyone else as well. the GODs are a fount of knowledge for the new folks like me too

  8. Since I own enough real estate to have my own shooting range, I seldom use public facilities.
    A friend and neighbor is a retired Navy Master Chief. We try to get together at least once every couple weeks. His family and mine enjoy having cook outs, gatherings and celebrations, as well as spending a pleasant afternoon out shooting. He just happens to be Black. He grew up as a share cropper on the land he now owns. I own another part of the former plantation. We burned the shacks of the share croppers together after I bought the property. of course, since he is an Alabama native and I settled here and am from the far north, he still calls me a damn yankee.
    I’ve worked with people of all races and from many parts of the world. Treat people with the same respect you would be treated. Most will respond in kind. Those who don’t, likely don’t deserve respect.
    For some reason the anti gun folks seem to think those of us who support gun ownership and self defense are a bunch of hateful, racist thugs. It surprises them to find out the great majority are not, and welcome any and all who wish to exercise their rights legally.

  9. There is no reason that a church, a school, a government building, or anywhere else should be exempt from honoring the inherent human right to self-defense, and to “keep and bear arms” in support thereof. Prohibit the conduct you wish to prevent, not the means some criminal MIGHT use to engage in that conduct. If I’m willing to shoot/rob/rape/kidnap/carjack someone, in what universe do you think I’d pay attention to some stupid law that forbids me from using a gun in that particular location???

    Is murder somehow less illegal in a church? No. Robbery? Nope. So if I’m willing to go in to a church and kill or rob, why does anyone think a “law” against me carrying a gun is going to stop me?? That is literally one of the stupidest ideas ever conceived of. Ah, but I forgot – MOST anti-gun idiots are Leftist/fascists, so they’re already stupid, by definition. Apparently, nothing is too stupid for a Leftist/fascist to believe.

    Good on this pastor, and bless him for offering training. Sounds like a fine, practical man.

  10. Reminder that exposing yourself to danger because you think God will protect you is LITERALLY the word of Satan. Luke 4:9-12, Matthew 4:5-7

  11. The story of the pastor in New Orleans who decided to start training with firearms and use them for armed self-defence is extremely motivational. It gives one hope to see an increasing number of people take responsibility for their own safety. The pastor deserves praise for setting a good example for the congregation.

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