People raise their hands as they leave a shopping center following reports of a shooting, Saturday, May 6, 2023, in Allen, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
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You likely heard some of Steven Spainhouer’s accounts of what he said he witnessed upon arriving on the scene of the shooting at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas on May 6th. It was a gruesome, heart-wrenching tale that the apparent former Army officer and self-proclaimed “gun lover” used to get a message out to the media. Messages like . . .

“When you get hit with an automatic weapon fire at close range, there is no opportunity for survival,” Spainhouer told MSNBC. “I don’t know what the gunman’s problem was, but it wasn’t mental health that killed these people. It was an automatic rifle with bullets.”

“I have guns. But these [high-powered rifles] have got to get off the streets or this is going to keep happening. We’ve got to stop that at some point.”

Those quotes are from a Fox News article titled “Witness who called for gun control in aftermath of Texas mall shooting lied about his actions: police”

It includes gems like this:

“Mr. Spainhouer arrived between 3:44 and 3:52 p.m. and was not first on the scene, nor was he on the property while gunfire was occurring,” the department said, adding that Spainhouer “did not perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or administer first aid” and “did not move a deceased mother who was covering a live child.”

Ultimately, the Allen Police Department stated quite clearly that Spainhouer is not a credible witness. More info in the Fox article HERE.


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  1. The anti gun side has to lie. The truth would destroy them. Look at dacian and miner49er. Not a word of truth.

    If you have to lie you have no valid cause.

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    • “ …miner49er. Not a word of truth“

      Would you be kind enough to be specific about what I’ve posted that you believe was untrue?

      • How about your claim to live up a holler in WV and have no connection to the university system?

        How about your claim to not be a troll? I do not go to antigun sites and plague them. Your actions here are the very definition of trolling. And trolling is a recognized symptom of mental illness.

        You know and anybody that has read more than 2 of your comments know you’re not here for the discussion.

      • MajorLiar,

        You are actually a fairly adept “liar by omission”. SOMETIMES what you post is, to the extent of your biased quotes, somewhat factually accurate (you are quite fond of bogus and agenda-driven “studies” and “reports”, but we’ll leave that aside. VOX, Slate, and the NYT????? AYFKMRN?????) – but you cherry-pick your quotes/sources/studies, jump (no, POUNCE) on any activity of your political enemies that you can spin to your advantage . . . and completely ignore equal-or-worse activity by your own side, or worse, find some bullshit rationale to “excuse” it.

        Work with me here – just admit that Joe Biden is a senile idiot (who was an idiot before he was senile), a serial liar and plagiarist, and pretty much a walking embarrassment. (Yes, Donald Trump is a buffoon, and a liar, and a pompous windbag – there does that make you happy??? I’ve said that before, ON THIS FORUM, you clown). Now, wasn’t that liberating?

        Now try doing that with a few other of your idiot, Leftist/fascist pretensions. Adam Schiff is a lying scumbag (so is MTG – does that help you?). The Mueller Report DID exonerate DJT of “active collusion” with Russia (which was the claim that was made, and that you have advanced). Now do Senile Joe, Hunter the Crackhead, and 10% for “the Big Guy”.

        This is why I so COMPLETELY despise you, you total @$$clown – you are the worst kind of liar, you are a liar by omission.

        Now, go fornicate yourerself. Come back when you’ve grown a brain cell or two, and acquired some honesty, you lying s***bag.

  2. By all accounts the bigger fish to fry is the Louisville shooter following Nashville. The Louisville perp wrote in a letter to his parents he was showing how easy it was for a mental person to purchase an, “Assault Weapon.” Initial reports said he was upset about being fired which were false.

    The roars from marching mobs of Gun Control zealots suddenly went silent, obviously there is a reason for their sudden silence. Murders in Louisville could very possibly been committed on the Behalf of Gun Control and if confirmed that needs to be Front Page.

      • The spaceman Giffords also tried to demonstrate how easy it was to purchase an AR-15. Unfortunately for the spaceman a savy Gun Store counterman smelled a Rat and denied what was straw purchase. The sneaky spaceman left the Gun Store with his head in his Uranus.

    • …which is why it will never be front page news. Everything has to be twisted to conform to their narratives.

        • Nothing will be done. There will be no admission or soul searching. Just look at the Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt. The entire country should be against the Democrats, media, and security state for pushing that farce on us. Nothing will happen.

    • When the nearby Dadeville shooting was found not to have been done by white supremacists with “assault rifles”, the media went silent. The comments section (since taken down) in the local liberal rags were screaming it was triple K members taking out African Americans before all the shell casings hit the floor. It was gang violence involving semi auto pistols. Nothing to see here; move along.

    • Debbie,

      The “MSM” (liars, all) are memory-holing the Nashville shooting (and the motives of the WOMAN shooter), as fast as they can. Doesn’t fit their narrative that all mass shooters are “cis-het, Christian, white, conservative” shooters. They lie like MajorLiar.

    • Aaaaaannd…where’ my comment, TTAG?

      Bumped off and blocked without even the courtesy of the usual “being held for moderation” line? Is it because I (*cough cough*) posted a link to a story published yesterday that AOC has accepted the position of leader of the New York chapter of the Communist Party? If I don’t post the link (*cough cough* go to The Gateway Pundit site, May 15 story) will you please let me stay and have some ice cream?


      • I have had a few posts moderated as well, Haz. And they were never posted, either. Guess some truths are too much for even a pro-gun site, apparently. Who moderates this site, anyway? The bar must be pretty low if we have fools like Miner and Dacian hanging around. As that saying goes, “all animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others”.

      • In addition to that we get Chinglish get rich spam they don’t moderate. What’s up with that?

      • Haz,

        We seriously need to raise a stink about the SHIT “moderation” policies of this site (and, yes, they seem to be getting worse). I did, for a while, try to “game around” their moderation policies (or at least what they APPEARED to be), but I’m done with that nonsense.

        I mostly post what I want to post, and if it gets moderated or deleted? Eff ’em. If it gets too obnoxious, I’ll leave, and they can kiss my ass. And the whole “algorithm” bullshit is just a scam – algorithms don’t work like that. They will LITERALLY have two posts in a row, with the same “bad” language, and they will drop one, and post the other (I know this for a fact, because it happened to me). Like I said, algorithms don’t work like that

        TTAG, you SERIOUSLY need to get your shit together on your moderation policies, because we’re getting sick of it. Want to kill your average daily “unique page views” stats??? You’re going about it the right way. Either get your shit together, or suck my choad.

  3. He’s a local leftist activist, absolutely disgusting using victims to advance The Cause. This guy’s twitter he’s got a picture of the memorial and says – “I won’t be bullied into silence and I am committed to making sure we change the political discourse in our community, our State and our nation.”


    • Claims to “apparent former Army officer” – What MOS. I would suspect a PSO JAGtwit. IF even was a “former Army officer”.

      • neiowa,

        Maybe, but I’m tending more toward “stolen valor’.

        On the other hand, we have some sterling examples of actual veterans being pretty stupid in public – like the retired general who was demonstrating how an AR-15 could fire, “fully semi-automatic”. Barry Soetoro and Joe Biden are attempting to saddle our once-great military with as many of those @$$clowns as possible.

  4. That’s okay, in a week he’ll turn his bogus witness tale into a new excuse how ” PTSD must have triggered long suppressed memories of what I saw in ____ ”
    (fill in the blank) where it will turn out that he never saw combat duty. The third story will probably rival a lil’ d tale of imagination.

  5. The record is replete with examples of blacks themselves setting up hangman’s nooses and then claiming to be victims of racism. David Hogg wasn’t in the building for the Stonemason Douglas attack and made himself out to be a victim, AOC wasn’t in the Capitol on Jan 6 but claimed she was terrorized and if fear for her life, and now this.

    Liberals lie. Period. They are so convinced of the moral superiority of their beliefs that they feel justified in using “any means Necessary” to put them into effect.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”
    C. S. Lewis

  6. From the linked article:
    …a law enforcement official later told the Associated Press that Garcia had expressed an interest in white supremacist beliefs before carrying out the mass murder…

    Maybe I missed it, but has anyone bothered to show any proof that Garcia was a white supremacist? Are they pushing a lie? It looks like they’re conflating his antisemitism with white supremacy so that it neatly fits with the Puppet Regime’s narrative of white supremacy being the greatest threat to the nation. Another question: did he specifically target nonwhites, or did he just want to kill?

    P.S. Jews are white. There I said it.

    • Dude, the only thing they have is his “profile” on a Russian website that doesn’t even show his face — and that supposed website on has now been “disappeared.”

    • His parents needed an interpreter for the cops interview so how WHITE is that?… Dude might have been light skinned, but far the “White Supremacist” those assholes are trying to make him out to be… I’ve seen black bikers with swastikas does not make them “WHITE” supremacists…

      P.S. Jews are white.
      But NOT Caucasian…

      • There are comparisons online of his booking photo and the one the media uses. He isn’t light skinned. Just like Geirge Zimmerman, the image in the media has been photoshopped.

      • There are subdivisions within all races. I see Jews as more of an ethnic group than a race. There are really just three major races.

    • Dude,

      MOST Jews are white. There are lots o’ flavors of “Jew” – Morocco, for example (unfortunately, most Northern African countries have managed to run off all their Jewish population). There are Ashkenazi Jews who are . . . pretty dark-complected.

      The Jewish religion does not encourage (I would argue they almost DISCOURAGE) conversion – but people still do. Including blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.

      Judaism is not an ethnicity. Sure, there is a “Jewish” ethnicity – but not all Jews are of that ethnicity, and not all “ethnic” Jews are Judaic.

      But, yeah, the statistical majority are white.

    • Only in Steven Spainhouer’s wet dream where he was prepared to offer CPR (to some) except they were already dead.

      He arrived before emergency responders and would have performed CPR on some of those who had been felled by bullets if doing so would’ve helped them, but they were already dead.

      He was ready to be a hero.

    • busybeef,

      Well, it’s still early to say with any certainty, but . . . sure as hell doesn’t sound like it.

      But, then, anti-gun activists lie, ALWAYS. Their audience is too ignorant (and/or stupid) to know any better.

  7. If the Sorosians haven’t yet arrived, and the prosecutor’s office is still legitimate, perhaps they’ll put paid to this clown.

    • The DA is not Soros bought but days before the election last year, lo and behold, there was the announcement of a sexual harassment lawsuit. He was running unopposed and won reelection.

      He is on their hit list, yes.

      • Colonel,

        So, that means he’s probably one of the “good guys”. Hope he lasts long enough to take care of this lying liar of a crisis actor.

    • Take a deep dive into this thread, and note there’s also a first page (the link goes to Page 2).

      Lots of photos and statements scrubbed from Fascistbook, letter from FSU concerning his being terminated as an LEO, newspaper articles on his involvement in election fraud in the ’80s.

      This guy is a piece of (handi)work.

  8. “Former Army officer” that calls the weapon an automatic rifle?! If this is not a total lie [most likely] then he was JAG or similar. Maybe a Pronoun Officer.

    • In my time we talked of two wars we had to fight. One against our enemies and one against our officers. Officers were, at best, an impediment. At worse they were trying to get you killed.

      Unfortunately a lot of officers are officers because their daddies and granddaddies were officers. It’s like that wore out class system they have in england.

    • REMF…at best.

      Possible stolen valor / political motivation at worst.

      Purchased Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, every Call To Duty and another dozen FPS games. He kept receiving brevet promotions within the games until he is now the Supremo Commando Incarnate What-B-in-Charge MF’r…and Medic.

      That he is a LIAR is an undisputed fact as shown by his wildly varying “eyewitness stories”.

      “…the Allen Police Department stated quite clearly that Spainhouer is not a credible witness..”
      In Police Speak this means that he is an unadultrated B.S. filled, prevaricating, Agenda seeking Hogg.

  9. This guy is a county level Democrat operative which means he’s a communist whether he knows it or not. Communist always lie to further their agenda.

  10. The first “interview/statement” to the media I saw of this attention seeker all I said was ” he needs to take that cowboys hat off and get out of Texas”.

  11. This so called army officer is in the same boat as dick heads like , Da Nang Dick B. , John McCain, John Kerry,
    Everyone one mentioned above, & more I forgot already, are jerks, living off their families names. All should be tried in court for impersonating a American soldier.

  12. when was the last time
    that a democrat was right
    or told the truth
    about anything
    the 90s maybe
    but definitely not since 2015

    • The 1990s? We wish. Maybe the 1890s…oh, that doesn’t work either – they were too busy running the Triple K and Tammany Hall to be concerned about the truth…

  13. AR-15, twenty-two caliber, rodent rifle. Great for coyotes and maybe small deer at close range. Marginal at best on humans unless the police cower in the parking lot while they wait for the shooting to stop.

    • Marginal at best on humans

      seems to work pretty well on school children, grocery shoppers, church goers, gay nightclub patrons and Walmart shoppers…

    • According to noted firearms expert Reverend Jessie Jackson, ONE SHOT from an AR15 will stop a moving freight train or bring down an airliner.

      • Southern,

        Next time a local PD helicopter flies over, BOY, are they going to get a surprise!

        That is some seriously stupid s***. I don’t even use 5.56 for hog hunting (I’ve got a .300 Blackout upper). 5.56 works great on ‘yotes, though.

  14. Don’t under estimate the 22cal,
    Deadly if used in the right manner.
    I could tell some facts about that caliber, and the people that used it for nefarious business. & this includes foreign nationals & their business.

  15. From the exerpts you have given this gentleman did NOT SAY that he witnessed the shooting he did not say he provided first aid and he did not say what time he came onto the scene=- that was left to the POLICE .
    What he did do was to give his opinion onthe very onbvious effects of a close range shooting with a SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle and his opinion which he has every right, and as being ex-services he DOES have some professional knowledge, to have about what should be done about it’
    It’s not as if he was the only bloody witness is it ? I think that it’s pretty damn sure that the Police won’t be needing HIS evidence reliable or not!
    Or are you suggesting that this shooting did not happen because this guy was the ONLY witness and the POLICE have said that his evidence if given would be unreliable ??

    • Hey Marxist ALBERT, he called the gun a “AUTOMATIC” which proves you are a LIAR TOOO!!!!!

      Of course all Marxist “WILL LIE” to advance their “PERVERTED IDEAS”!!!

    • “…he did not say he provided first aid and he did not say what time he came onto the scene…”

      Spainhouer described rushing to the shopping center after his son called him saying he had heard gunfire. He arrived before emergency responders and would have performed CPR on some of those who had been felled by bullets if doing so would’ve helped them, but they were already dead.

      ” …effects of a close range shooting with a SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle and his opinion which he has every right, and as being ex-services he DOES have some professional knowledge …”

      Albert, he can’t even tell the difference between a fully-automatic military rifle and a civilian semi-automatic. (Actually I assert that he was lying — as most of his story has turned out to be fiction.) It’s not been verified that Spainhouer has any combat experience.

      “When you get hit with an automatic weapon fire at close range, there is no opportunity for survival,” Spainhouer said to MSNBC. “I don’t know what the gunman’s problem was, but it wasn’t mental health that killed these people. It was an automatic rifle with bullets.”

      This post initially incorrectly reported that Spainhouer had performed CPR on victims. Spainhouer has said that there was no opportunity to perform CPR because the victims were already clearly dead.

      Albert — all of the excerpts are from your own presstitutes at the Grauniad. —

    • Got a new RULER there AL? Perhaps you need to get organized and oust your King CHUCKIE. We colonialists don’t need your advice (thru your lot a couple hundred years ago).

    • “he did not say he provided first aid”

      Ah, yes he did. He told two places that I know of – CNN and a local news station that he gave CPR. I live near this mall, the local TV reporter tweeted how this liar asshole said he performed CPR, and the liar asshole tweeted right back “I did my best.”

      I don’t know why you feel the need to comment about things you clearly do not know about, while thinking you are the expert. Sometimes it’s OK to shut up but you are inexplicably determined to let everyone know how much of a fool you are. You never bring any value to a discussion.

    • Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Ponce,

      Well, yeah, you dumbclod, he pretty much did say that. Didn’t read the whole article, and cited articles, did ya?????? What a complete @$$clown you are!!

      He ALSO gave his timeline – he said he arrived within 8 minutes of his son’s call, and (various versions) 10 to 20 minutes BEFORE the cops. All complete lies.

      Go heft a pint of Bud Light, you poofter.

  16. The first narrative is the one that people remember. It is not the truth that comes out later, making the truth just as dead as the victims.


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