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In this interview with The Atlantic, Democratic New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu acknowledges that violent crime in his city is a cultural problem, an educational problem, an opportunity problem and never once says it is a gun problem. “Imagine if other big city mayors would do the same?” TTAG Pascal asks. Good question.

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  1. Truthful, amazing and refreshing.
    I have little doubt he’ll be getting threats from the far left on social media in no time.

  2. I can hear the hoof beats of MDA heifers rushing to NO now to do damage control, all 7 of them including a couple token children.

  3. I have to wonder if Mayor Landrieu is a closet gun rights advocate. I say this for two primary reasons:
    (1) He didn’t harp on firearms as being the reason for violence in New Orleans.
    (2) He mentioned that violent crime has been steadily decreasing in most of the nation since 1996.

    I have yet to hear anyone other than a knowledgeable gun rights supporter mention the fact that violent crime has been decreasing since 1996.

    And something else caught my attention. At one point in the interview, he casually and very discretely buttoned his sport jacket. Keep in mind that he was seated the entire time. The only time I have known people to button their sport jacket while seated is to ensure that their concealed carry handgun does not become visible. Thus I have to wonder if he was carrying a handgun outside the waste band or in a shoulder holster during his interview. And only a gun rights supporter would carry concealed like that.

      • I don’t the mayor well enough to make that call. In a vacuum, based on what I saw in this interview, I still say he is a closet gun rights advocate.

      • If he is part of the same Landrieu clan as Moon and Mary, I have to think he is suspect on individual gun rights.

        • Yes he is. Son and brother respectively. I think he’s learned from his sister not to antagonize the voters outside of NOLA. Even though she’d tried a hard tack to the right and distance herself from Obama, she lost her seat.

  4. Sometimes they get it right. But it is not in Bloomberg’s best interest to actually make the news when things go correctly but in opposition to his agenda.

    There was a previous story posted on TTAG about Bloomberg money being used in NOLA with no new gun laws being passed.

    What New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is doing should be a model versus the “do nothing” mayor who simply call for new gun control. What New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has shown is new gun laws are not necessary but actually rolling up your sleeves and getting involved is necessary.

    Except for The Atlantic and a small CNN story — any success that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has had is pretty much buried by the press.

    This should be held as an example of “new gun laws are not necessary”

  5. He’s learned from the failings of his sister, Mary. He’s got higher aspirations and can’t afford to alienate the populace outside of NOLA.

  6. Isn’t New Orleans one of the cities doing the very targeted violence prevention program, the one that intervenes with the handful of young guys who are causing almost all of the violence?

    This sort of thing is much more effective than hassling the law abiding majority with useless gun laws.

    Edit: I see Pascal above already linked to that crime program.

    • Jules
      The black violence problem in America cab be simply put into one question:

      Why weren’t there any blacks people in the Flintstones?

  7. He knows he lives in a tedious crime ridden community, and his life is always in danger. Speaking out against guns would irritate a criminal element and only increase this danger.

    • Yes, because the criminal element is always distraught when lawmakers introduce new restrictions on gun rights…………sure that makes sense.

  8. Probably just a case of knowing his limits. Half his police force wouldn’t show for work on the confiscation day, the other would show up and promptly leave. The looting would of started the day before and dodgy paperwork would mean whatever would have found its way into lock up, would be back onto the street before sundown.

    Or he’s as dumb as the others have been and just forgot to stay on message.

  9. I just drove from northern. WA back to St. Petersburg FL with my daughter. We did this over 28 days stopping to backpack areas of the western mountains and see all the remote back roads and towns along the way. We stayed in hotels and wilderness areas along the way with all her stuff in and on top of the vehicle. Her mountain bike was on a rack on the back and was locked as well as it could be. The car spent many nights in remote areas as well as hotel parking lots in many different cities along the way. Our last stop was New Orleans. We stayed in a hotel near the quarter one night and the car spent one night in a locked valet only accessible garage with locking gates and doors. We couldn’t even get to the car, it had to be brought to us according to the hotel staff. Guess where her bike was stolen along with some clothing items from the carrier on top?
    On viewing the security tapes you can guess the race of the thief as well as body language and style of dress. If you guessed typical Furgason/Baltimore/anywhere hood-rat your correct.
    Its obvious that there isn’t a gun problem in certain areas of the country. Its a cultural problem brought about by all the government solutions over the years.

  10. He is a Southern Democrat who are far different than those of the two coasts. Some are anyway.

    However, what his crooked predecessor did, illegally confiscating guns during Hurricane Katrina, still hits a raw nerve in New Orleans. I don’t think that discussing gun control there would increase ones political popularity.

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