War Against Mexico’s Autodefensas Continues: Jesús Bucio Assassinated

Assasinated Autodefnsa leader Jesús Bucio Cortés (courtesy razon.com.mx)

Mexico’s autodefensas are armed citizen militias attempting to protect local populations from drug cartel-related extortion, rape, torture and murder. To that end, the autodefensas oppose the corrupt politicians and police working for the drug thugs. At the same time, the autodefensas try to protect residents from the domestically deployed Mexican military, whose human rights record is deeply shameful. You know; if they felt shame. Borderland Beat reports that the ongoing three front war against the autodefensas has entered a new phase; targeted assassination of its leaders. I wonder whom the U.S. government supports . . .

By: César Vázquez | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Another founding member of the autodefensas of Michoacán was assassinated today. Jesús Bucio Cortés [above] was the founder and leader of the autodefensa group of Tancítaro. The incident occurred Sunday when an armed group was stalking the road in which the autodefensa leader was also on.

He was ambushed towards the area known as Púcuaro, located in the municipality of Tancítaro. Along with the leader of the autodefensas was his brother, who was also killed, who accompanied him on their way to the community of El Zapote when they were hunted down from the mountains.

Jesús Bucio Cortés was being pointed out in recent days because of his constant denunciations of recent attempts by the Caballeros Templarios in trying to return to the region. He also denounced that avocado farmers were being extorted again by the criminal group.

The autodefensa leader of the region had also arrested José Manuel Montero Nambo, who had kidnapped his son. He personally took him to the Mil Cumbres CERESO (Social Rehabilitation Center), but three months later, the capo was out on the streets. He even claimed that this man was the main enemy in the region and that he constantly stalked the communities as well as threatening them in taking revenge.

The perpetrators of this crime are unknown. At this moment, security forces, other autodefensa groups, and the Fuerza Rural are combing the area in order to find those responsible. So far there are no arrests, although a strong operation is taking place in the avocado growing area.

Autodefensa leader Dr Mireles and Hipolito Mora (courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

This is the fifth autodefensa leader who has suffered an attack and the most visible in the region that goes from Buenavista to the region of El Bajío and La Meseta.The first to experience an attack was Hipólito Mora [above, left], who was attacked by the H-3 on December 16, 2014 at the roadblock that they maintained in La Ruana. The attack left 11 dead.

Murdered autodefensa leader Enrique Hernandez (courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

On May 15 of this year, Enrique Hernández [above, left], leader of the autodefensas of Yurécuaro, was assassinated while carrying out a political campaign in Yurécuaro. No arrests were made. Ten days later, on May 25, an armed group attacked Semeí Verdía, Commander of the Community Police of Santa María Ostula and General Coordinator of the Autodefensas on the coast of Michoacán. He was imprisoned two months later and after serving more than a month in prison, judicial and ministerial authorities have failed to prove any crime against him.

On June 5, armed gunmen shot and killed Camilo Santana Aguirre, who served as commander of the autodefensa group that operated in the municipality of Huetamo. The incident took place on Saturday night when armed gunmen stormed into the establishment known as Lupita, located on the road Huetamo-Churumuco, and shot the autodefensa commander.


  1. avatar More Dead Soldiers :) says:

    >I wonder whom the U.S. government supports . . .

    Do you even need to ask?

    1. avatar Wood says:

      Crooked politicians love other crooked politicians.

    2. avatar David B says:

      I wonder if Donald Trump’s plan of deportation would work if the illegals were armed to the teeth? Would they resist here as their compadres are south of us? What would the POTG response be?

      1. avatar Bob Gray says:

        A large chunk of them are armed to the teeth.

  2. avatar Excedrine says:

    Long live the fighters!


    1. avatar G says:

      Good reference. Narco gangs and the Mexican government are definitely as bad as the Harkonnens and Sadaukar.

    2. avatar Desert Ranger says:

      This is exactly what Dune is about. And those in power don’t realize a reckoning is coming.

    3. avatar Desert Ranger says:

      Damn, now I want a sandworm!

  3. avatar Lurker_of_lurkiness says:

    Assasination of 2a supporters is what would happen in revolution 2.0……

    God, please let us never need revolution 2.0 In jesus’ name amen.

    1. avatar Lurker_of_lurkiness says:

      And let us pray for Mexico as well.

      1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

        Hear, hear. They are fighting it out right now, while here in the US, not that far away, really, the NFL narcotic swings into full gear.

        And…WHERE IS THE MSM on this story?

  4. avatar Brian in oregon says:

    They need another revolution but then the cartels would set up false factions within the country and rule

    1. avatar ArtM says:

      Uh, that’s pretty much what they have now.

    2. avatar Bob Gray says:

      Why do you think they are actively working to move their unemployed poor to the US. They eliminating the toughest from forming a revolution.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    The autodefensas can’t win because they are always wrong-footed, defending what is not defensible. Until they commit to going on the attack, they will continue to lose. If the autodefensas become a true insurgency, they could win, and they probably wouldn’t suffer any more casualties than the people already have.

    But it’s hard to transform decent, kind people — like the autodefensas — into a rebel army. It will be even more difficult because they would be aligned not only against their own government that supports the cartels, but also against US interests that wish to continue the lucrative drug sales, and the even more lucrative drug wars.

    1. avatar anaxis says:

      …. don’t forget the lucrative (for Mexico) trade in surplus US arms & aircraft.

    2. avatar Scrubula says:

      If it gets really bad perhaps people would unite as a sovereign nation within mexico.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      They have to be pushed over the edge. One atrocity too many. They’re the only ones that can make that call.

      And yes, defense sucks. Go to the bad guys turf and set it afire.

      1. avatar More Dead Soldiers :) says:

        Like how you zippo’ed Vietnamese village huts? 🙂

        1. avatar More Dead Trolls :) says:

          Listening to those voices in your head again. Wonder who the autodefensas would rather have on their side, me or you?

          And once again, you sought me out. I’m beginning to believe you want to suck my di*k.

        2. avatar More Dead Soldiers :) says:

          That’s funny considering how you murdered the Vietnamese autodefensas for Uncle Sam.

          But I’m glad they put up a fight and put your friends in body bags.

        3. avatar More Dead Trolls :) says:

          Quit your whining, beyotch and just admit you want to toss my salad. Get it off your chest, you’ll feel better and your therapy will go much better.

        4. avatar More Dead Soldiers :) says:

          You sound desperate. Your camp whore must have left you. Well at least she left you a gift in the form of a half-dozen STD’s. 🙂

        5. avatar jwm says:

          Still pimpin your mother out? Anyway, I have to go. Unlike you section 8 types with your “disabilities” and your ebt cards I have to get up in the morning and go to work.

          And remember. It was you that sought me out. I guess I should be flattered I have my own stalker.

        6. avatar Matt In TX says:

          Obvious troll is obvious.

        7. avatar More Dead Soldiers :) says:

          The irony of a military welfare queen griping about other peoples’ EBT’s 🙂

        8. avatar Yellow Devil says:

          That kinda came out of nowhere. Including your fake compassion for some Vietnamese villagers 40 years ago.
          But, trolls are going to troll, regardless of the original comment.

        9. avatar More Dead Soldiers :) says:

          Because the people who killed the villagers and burned down their fields and homes to “save” them from communism did such a brilliant job. 🙂

        10. avatar foodog says:

          RF, Dan- enough with patience for this moonbat. Cant you just ban him? Please.

        11. avatar Bob Gray says:

          Did not need a zippo. Willy Pete and Napalm worked better. Do Dah Do Dah

  6. avatar anaxis says:

    “I wonder whom the U.S. government supports . . .”

    You answered your own question months ago:


    1. It was a rhetorical question. But thanks for putting up the link.

  7. avatar Mark N. says:

    Earlier today, you posted a video here of Geraldo, and avid anti-gunner being told to shut up. Doesn’t Jerry know what is going on in Mexico, where the unarmed, unprotected civilians who cannot rely on their corrupt police, military and government, are being slaughtered by the thousands? It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

    1. avatar Bob Gray says:

      Mexico proves the point “When guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns” In Mexico’s case Outlaws are classed as government, government sanctioned and entrepreneurial outlaws.

  8. avatar John Gancho says:

    It always has blown my mind that there is no popular push for gun rights. In America, loads of us are tooled up; almost all of us will never “need” our gun. In mexico, where no one is armed, it seems like you’d need your gun about as often as you need duct tape. I can’t believe there is no sea change of opinion. Most mexicans I know don’t like guns.
    I would live there if this changed

  9. avatar Nate says:

    I see a strong potential for them to evolve and put are Army SF Groups to their true purpose. De Oppresso Liber! But maybe we could use a couple of those Green Beret’s at home first….

    Anyways without backing from a serious faction these guys are toast. The whole country is toast, if the US really cared about freedom and liberating countries we would look at Mexico like we look at certain countries we’ve invaded in the past, we could do a hell of a lot of good for ourselves by making Mexico a better place….but then again I’m just a non-expert that likes to read Military novels and thinks Foreign Internal Defense, Counter proliferation (of drugs), and select unconventional warfare would do both Mexico and the US good. (hell even Canada and parts of Central America). Certainly better than our current mindset and battle plan for the “War on Drugs” which is almost another subtopic in general!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Baby steps nate. Let’s end the phony war on drugs here first.

      1. avatar BDub says:

        Agreed. Pot legalization (as meager as its been) has already taken enough money out of the Narcos pockets that many cartels have been switching to Heroin to maintain their incomes. Prohibition has got to go. Too many have died in its name.

  10. avatar Paul53 says:

    When Katrina breached New Orleans’ levies, the local police began confiscating citizens weapons. The various military units individually decided that was unacceptable for themselves (kudos!).
    In Ciudad Juarez (a few miles South of me) when the Mexican Army took over, the murder rate INCREASED to >8/day. Since the Army withdrew, the rate has returned to normal for them (only several per week).
    My point is that in America the military is still on the side of the civilians, something we should all be grateful for. I hate to think of the bloodshed that would occur to get Mexico into a legitimate state by our standards.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Paul. Stop the drug war here. Seal the border. Break off all relations, including military and police assistance.

      Let mexico sort out it’s own problems. Some day we Americans will learn to stay out of hornets nests.

  11. I support the RIGHT of the people to defend themselves, their families and their property from corrupt police, drug lords, gangs and governments that would do them harm. mrpresident2016.com

    1. avatar HotandEmpty says:

      “I support the RIGHT of the people to defend themselves, their families and their property from corrupt police, drug lords, gangs and governments that would do them harm”

      WE should try to establish that in OUR own country, before wishing that on another country. That country does not have a Constitutional Right to bear arms like WE used to.

  12. avatar gsnyder says:

    Donald Trump has taken some attacks for saying what he did about some of the goings-on in Mexico. Articles such as this give more of us insight into the facts and truth Trump is bringing to the forefront of what many would rather cover-up.

    In a land where the people are primarily defenseless, long live the autodefensas!

  13. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Want to know who the corrupt US politicians support? Follow the money. Who is sending money to these politicos? The best way to see who is bought and paid for is to see who supports immigration. That is how you will know they have been bought.

  14. avatar fishydude says:

    Mexico has a twisted version of the 2nd amendment. But it built in a carve out. It said that citizens have the right own firearms not specifically designated for government and military use only. Then they passed a law declaring anything bigger .22 was for government and military use. And there is only one ‘legal’ gun store in the whole country.
    Thus disarmed, the the line between law and outlaw was erased just as it was in Chicago, NY, NJ….
    There are no free countries in South and Central America. They have all disarmed the people. Corruption and criminals rule. And that is why liberal democrats and big guv RINO’s support the assassination and elimination of any civilian armed resistance in Mexico.
    If Mexico acknowledged the natural law right to self defense, then the ruling party would be removed, arrested, and put in prison. The people of Mexico would no longer believe their only hope was to risk everything and flood into the US.
    We should be arming the civilian militias. US private armies should be hunting down and executing the cartel snakes. And at the same time, we need to end prohibition because that will end the biggest chunk of the revenue flowing to the cartels and the corrupt.
    Just my $0.02

  15. avatar Bob109 says:

    Mexico will never change. As long as the majority of good people in Mexico know they can escape to the US, that they do not have to fight evil in their own country, there is no incentive to standup with these few good men. As long as the evil people in Mexico can funnel their goods (drugs) across the border, these evil people have the money to do whatever they want in Mexico to whomever they want. Logically, shutting down the border is the only way to reform Mexico….but strangely, it will never happen because of the Latino voter base in the US.

  16. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    I wonder whom the U.S. government supports . . .

    What makes ya think that it WASN’T US assests that killed him. How sickening is it that the thought even comes to mind? To paraphrase the old school days saying … “it’s 10pm, do you know where your SEAL team 6 is ? “

  17. avatar BDub says:

    Breaks my heart…it really does. It demonstrates one thing – that the more neglected is the Tree of Liberty, the more blood (and time) it takes, to revive it. I hope for Mexico’s sake, that it still has enough life in it to make a difference.

  18. avatar HotandEmpty says:

    Mr. Farago
    I hope you have done some soul searching because you may be placing your Ideology before your self preservation. Luckily, the cartels are afraid of getting bad press from the slaughter of a journalists family in America, but I wouldn’t risk my family on that.

  19. avatar Snug says:

    It will take a lot of work to take that country back.

  20. avatar foodog says:

    Thanks for giving the problem in Mexico visibility from time to time, RF.

    Always stunned that its not covered nearly enough, if at all, in the StateRunMedia.

  21. avatar Sergyey says:

    Shit. Good guys. Gonna miss them. At least I know why they stopped talking.

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