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Rinkeby shooting and stabbing crime scene (courtey

Rare Gun Violence Erupts In Stockholm: 1 Dead, 3 Injured In Shooting And Stabbing In Sweden the headline at proclaims, forgetting last March’s pub shooting in Gothenburg, the Malmö shootings, a more recent drive-by shooting in the same city and other firearms-related crimes. “After a rare case of deadly gun violence erupted in one of Europe’s safest capitals Sunday afternoon, three suspects entered a police station and were arrested on suspicion of their involvement. One person died, and three others were injured in Rinkeby, a neighborhood in the Swedish city of Stockholm, according to Swedish authorities, and just three hours later, three suspects turned themselves in, Swedish Television News reported.” As the Bard would say, methinks they doth protest too much. Like this . . .

“We regard it as an extraordinary event,” said Stockholm police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson. Yes, well, maybe not so rare or extraordinary going forward. The ethnic homogeneity that characterized the Scandinavian country of some ten million inhabitants – often cited as the reason for its low crime rate –  has gone bye-bye. The country has opened its doors to Muslim immigrants and their violent crime is escalating, including rioting and firearms-related homicide.

Rinkeby is one of Stockholm’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, and it is also considered by locals to be one of the most unsafe neighborhoods in all of Sweden. According to the ICE Project, which examines European cities at a neighborhood level, educational attainment and income levels lag far behind the capital’s average. It also has been, in recent years, the site of severe unrest. Thirty fires were set in the neighborhood during riots that swept through Stockholm in 2013.

“Ethnically diverse.” Ahem. Rinkeby – nicknamed “Little Mogadishu” – is largely populated by Somali Muslim immigrants. It was also the scene of anti-government riots in 2010. The Stockholm suburb is now considered “a breeding ground for jihadists.” Anyway, International Business Times would like it to be known that this recent “rare gun violence” in “one of Europe’s safest capitals” does not reflect badly on its gun control policies.

Despite its reputation as an unsafe part of town, gun violence there, or anywhere in the country, is unusual. Sweden has some of the toughest gun laws in the world: adults cannot own or purchase guns without licenses, which can only be obtained through an application process that takes months. Sweden also has one of the lowest murder rates in the world. According to statistics compiled by the United Nations, Sweden’s murder rate is five times lower than that of the United States. Last year, there were just 87 cases of lethal violence confirmed by Sweden’s official crime prevention agency.

Seems the times they are a changin’ in Sweden.

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  1. Correlation of firearm availability to gun crime is not cause. Swedish gun control is tossed around like a rag doll and compared to the USA which makes zero sense, very different countries, govt’s and in effect, people. Gun control makes not the country.

  2. Monocultural societies like Sweeden historically have lower rates of violent crimes. As societies become more multicultural, like modern Sweeden along with the rest of Europe is becoming, they typically experience progressively higher levels of violent crimes.

    The more multicultural they become, the higher the incidence of violent crimes. The correlation between increased diversity and violent crime is undeniable. And, curiously, the more violent crime increases, the more demands for increased gun-control efforts increase. This will not end well.

    • “The more multicultural they become, the higher the incidence of violent crimes. The correlation between increased diversity and violent crime is undeniable.”

      That’s racist, because only non-whites can have homogeneous populations. White populations have to have forced immigration of third worlders, because diversity is so great.

      Birds of a feather flock together and all.

        • @Dog
          How is speaking the truth about social interactions being a white supremacist. My black Brother would probably disagree. Michael Whaley, who is a dark green Marine says the same thing, so is he an uncle tom, according to your vermin mindset.

          Peggy Hubard, who is an excellent Black woman, had this to say about Black lives matter ““Are you fucking kidding me? Police brutality?” Peggy Hubbard asked Black Lives Matter supporters. “How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you are the fucking most violent motherfuckers I have ever seen in my life.”

    • Ive lived on several homogenous countries and it is indeed the secret to peace. As soon as different cultures gain strength and numbers the problems start. Diversity isn’t all that and a bag o chips.
      You get straight up competition for resources, opportunities and power

    • Well 1. the high rape numbers are mostly something that happens because of immigrants but because we don’t dare to talk about it and instead of helping the victim we press it and make it go thru it all again in court with very problematic questions that WHITE people created. 2. A big aspect to why we have a very high rape number aren’t completely true and very vague as the numbers we’ve gotten are from the most arrested rape or sexual assaults documented by the government. In Sweden the aspect of what is sexual assault is much bigger then most countries and there fore we get a higher number of sexual assaults.

    • Geeze, you weren’t kidding!

      The third largest city in Sweden had *30* grenade explosions in less than ! year!

      • Earlier this year and in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Washington Post reported that true military weapons were flooding western Europe. These military weapons included real RPGs. Now, given the nonexistent border control between EU countries (a requirement of the Schengen Treaty), it is no surprise that we are seeing military weapons in various EU member states. Following is webpage and quote.

        Almost certainly illegally. Bloomberg reports that weapons designed for military use, such as the Kalashnikov AK series, have been illegally flooding France over the past few years, with state bodies recording double digit increases.

        “The French black market for weapons has been inundated with eastern European war artillery and arms,” Philippe Capon, the head of UNSA police union, told Bloomberg. “They are everywhere in France.”

        The number of illegal guns is thought to be at least twice the number of legal guns in the country. Weapons such as AK-47s can be bought for the equivalent of a few thousand dollars.

  3. Swedish gun owner here. With a long term interest in politics, economics, immigration and law.

    Actually, Sweden has a rich history of immigration and mixing of cultures going back at least a thousand years. The increasing gun violence has a much stronger correlation with economic segregation and class stratification than with any imagined ethnic or religious tension.

    Also, while the law permits it theoretically, it’s impossible to get a gun license for self defense. It’s strictly for hunting, sports shooting or collecting.

    • “The increasing gun violence has a much stronger correlation with economic segregation and class stratification than with any imagined ethnic or religious tension.”

      You don’t understand that to them, their imagined ethnic or religious status is in fact tantamount to economic segregation and class stratification. If think you can avoid becoming the US by pre-lubing your culture with social justice word games, you have another thing coming.

      • “The increasing gun violence has a much stronger correlation with economic segregation and class stratification than with any imagined ethnic or religious tension. ”

        That is the same line American white guilt statist say about black violence.

    • But I thought with all that socialism there weren’t problems of underclasses being created….

      • Well, then the obvious solution would be stricter socialism until everyone is equally poor and miserable. Except for the ruling elite, of course, but they need their luxuries to help them continue looking out for the best interests of the unwashed masses. The proles, bless their little hearts, just don’t know what is best for them.

        • You morons do understand that Sweden, along with Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, and a few other of those evil socialist countries, have a higher standard of living than the USA?

          No, you probably don’t because they also have a more educated population, which becomes obvious when reading some of these comments.

        • In reply to God, sorry, but Wrong! Of the socialist paradises you listed only Norway has a higher per capita income than the US and that is obviously because of their oil wealth. Try again.

    • Sure buddy-tell me that when Sharia is law in your socialist paradise. Aloha Snackbar!

    • “The increasing gun violence has a much stronger correlation with economic segregation and class stratification than with any imagined ethnic or religious tension.”

      You are using an economic determinant model to explain aberrant social behavior. So the rape, pillage, and shootings in Sweden’s “ethnically diverse” neighborhoods should be understood as symbolic protests against social structural inequalities brought about by the hegemonic forces of capitalist oppression? Be still my heart.

      • economics have a lot to do about it. The problem lies in the fact that today we put all the immigrants in one place and force them together. We also give them very little opportunity of getting a job and become and have a stable income. I personally have went to two Swedish schools in my life. The first one was in a area with a big diversity of ethnic background and the other in a mainly white area with one class that was made for immigrants to help them learn swedish. The first school was extremely more quite and calm and with a friendly sight of everyone. In the second school we had people smoking in the corridor and a bomb threat from one of the students. And all the probolems I saw mainly came from people with a Swedish background. The bomb threat, the smoking the bullies all happenings from classes with kids that had mainly Swedish background. Now these kids are after all the once that will go out in society and are a part of society and are who they are mostly thanks to their parents. So if you are right and a society where diversity in ethnic background occur is a society with a bad crime rate then how come the school where everyone where treated equally and everyone was welcome was a calmer school? Maybe it’s not the diversity that is the problem? maybe it’s the way we treat each other? maybe it’s the was grown ups pull us apart from a young age and teach us that they should be in one class and you should be in one. You can get away with a bomb threatening the school but if you a person with a different background do the same you don’t deserve to live here?

    • Well you forget to mention that Sweden is an ISIS stronghold with hundreds and hundreds of jihadists going to Syria. When checking statistics for criminality in Malmö for example they have had to add “crimes against humanity” nowadays 🙁 And all the other kinds of violent criminality have risen as well. Basically everything is turning to shit and the police is incompetent going after legal gunowners to seem like they do something.

  4. “According to statistics compiled by the United Nations, Sweden’s murder rate is five times lower than that of the United States.”

    Thus Sweden’s murder rate is around 0.94 murders per 100,000 inhabitants. Let us compare Sweden to Vermont …

    murder rate about 0.94 murders per 100,000 inhabitants
    no concealed or open carry of handguns or long guns in public
    extremely difficult to purchase or own any firearm

    murder rate about 1.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants
    age 16 or older can carry a handgun concealed or openly in public
    age 16 or older can carry a long gun openly in public
    no screening, permit, or license is necessary to carry a handgun in public
    no screening, permit, or license is necessary to carry a long gun in public
    only handgun purchases from licensed dealers require a background check
    all other firearm purchases require no background check, licensing, or screening

    So, Sweden is almost firearms free, no one can legally carry firearms in public, and they have a low murder rate. Vermont has lots of firearms, almost everyone can legally carry firearms in public, and they have a low murder rate. Can someone please explain how “easy access to firearms”, “lax gun laws”, and “people carrying guns in public” cause high murder rates? Because that certainly isn’t the case in Vermont.

      • Probably fewer Klanners and other white supremacists too. Despite old white ammosexuals’ obsesssions with people of color there are plenty of studies that show that immigrants are slightly less likely to commit crime than our own home grown yahoos.

        • Actually “people of color” commit crime way out of proportion to their percentage of population, and when you factor in BREAKING THE LAW by being here illegally, ILLEGAL ALIENS commit the highest percentage of crimes of all re their percentage of population.

          Now get to sucking that barrel, son. Or are you waiting for your welfare check to be cut off / your boss to tell you you have TO TRAIN SOME ILLEGAL TO TAKE YOUR JOB.

    • Vermont sounds a lot better to me. I’d rather deal with a rate of 1.5 being well armed, than be defenseless where the rate is 0.97. Plus, I am sure that the murder rate in Sweden will increase in coming years, while that in Vermont will probably remain the same or go down.

      Also, when comparing and contrasting the two locations, one must point out that they are both cold snowy places. Vermont suffers from being far to close to NYC and Boston.

      • Vermont also suffers from too many people that don’t know the difference between “to” and “too” whereas Sweden has liberal educational benefits.

    • Sweden has about 2 million legal firearms and 700000 legal firearmowners. With a pop of about 9million. No crimes are comitted with legal firearms. But with illegal firearms we have shootings basically every day. Criminals mostly have fully auomatic machineguns and grenades.

      Of course the police are trying to ban legal firearms now because that makes sense, right? No, of course not. But we have basically one of the most incompetent policeforces in the world so they try to make it look like they do something by going after legal firearms.

    • Sweden cannot be Vermont and Little Mogadishu at the same time. You’ve got to pick one.

      In other news, stop cherry picking your data points. That’s what anti-gunners do. Comparing the least violent parts of the U.S. to the entire country of Sweden doesn’t tell you anything.

      • Vermont is more “like” Sweden along many metrics, than the US as a whole is. Ethnic origin, politics, climate, population density, fertility…… Sub parts of Sweden, like above mentioned Rinkeby, are much less typically Swedish than most parts of Vermont is.

        Comparing violent crime rates between highly fertile and youthful “immigrants”, and below replacement fertility gerontocracies common to the West, is simply plain silly. Young males commit the lion’s share of violence everywhere, whether as “criminals” or as agents of the state. As societies simply stop having kids, eventually you get to be like Japan, where the only way you’ll manage to obtain a young male to do your violent bidding, is to program Asimo to do so. Peaceful, for sure, but simultaneously entirely pointless.

  5. “…adults cannot own or purchase guns without licenses…”

    Well, maybe adults cannot legally own or purchase guns without licenses, but clearly some Swedish residents have no problem obtaining a gun by other means. Just because something’s illegal, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    • As in, didn’t I read recently that 4 people were shot in the capital? Oh, yeah, the article above. Must be a lie if people can’t buy guns, right?

  6. Is it a murder as soon as it happens, like in most US states, or is it not a murder in Sweden, like in Great Britian, until someone is actually convicted of murder?

    • Interesting, not something I was aware of. So if the vic has his skull crushed in Briton, and the bat it was done with is lying on the floor next to him, do they actually pretend it was natural causes until they catch the bad guy and put him in jail? If so that is what most sane folks would call psychotic (and in this case not talking about the perp)!

      • He’s correct, tho. Accounts for some (probably large) portion of the differences in the stats. Funny how the grabbers never seem to have room in their diatribes to mention the fact.

  7. As others have pointed out, crime rates are not lower in Sweden versus the U.S. when ethnic make-up is taken into account. Worse still, even in ethnically homogenous countries of the non-white persuasion, crime is through the roof. This illustrates that “mixing” is not to blame. And as Zimbabwe demonstrates, a higher per capita GDP isn’t enough to stop the slide into criminality.

    Just like boys are four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with autism, other behaviors have genetic factors.

    Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining.

    • Cultures can tend to promote violence/harmony, but I think somebody’s race has little to do with it. The actual difference between races is minuscule, and mostly related to where your ancestors lived way long ago (white skin is good for extra vitamin D, black skin prevents sunburn)

      Everybody used to think Asians were inferior; too stupid to do anything except manual work. Now look at a class of graduating math or science majors.

  8. A low murder rate does not mean your gun control laws are what’s keeping the murder rate that low. Looks like a lot of correlation equals causation thought again.

  9. But… But….I thought diversity was a good thing…………you mean democrats and liberals in general have been …..GASP!!!!………..LYING TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey, do not forget that the police was attacked with handgrenades just recently. Should be about attack nr 40 or something just this year with explosives in Sweden.

  11. I live in a pretty bad neighbourhood of stocholm, immigrants stand for about 95 % of all violent crimes rapes shootings robberies thefts and so forth, in where I live 55-60% are swedish, do the math. Culture religion and bad genes make our suburbs rot with tribal incompetence. Have heard and seen several shootings.

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