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Remember, no one knows what’s better for you or your children than the state. Being a mouth-breathing, gap-toothed, deplorable insurrectionist gun owner, you can’t possibly be entrusted with the responsibility of knowing if, when, or how your children should be introduced to the proper use of firearms.

Fortunately we have wise, concerned, elected officials in government to guide us on this path. Let’s be grateful that people like New Mexico state Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez are there, watching over us all, ready to step up and lay out the approved ground rules for raising and educating our progeny in a state-approved manner.

Senator Lopez has introduced SB 224 that’s ostensibly “an act relating gun safety.” In addition to mandating the “safe storage” of all firearms in the Land of Enchantment, Lopez’s bill would fine any parent who dares to take little Johnny or Janey to a shooting range without complying with the state’s preconditions.

New Mexico Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez
Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Austin J. Prisbrey)

If signed into law, New Mexicans could be fined $1000 for taking a child under 12 years old for a day of plinking, no matter how safely you conduct yourselves. If your kid is at least 12, the government will allow you to pop a couple of soda cans with your 10/22, but there’s a hurdle you’ll have to clear before enjoying an afternoon of fun.

From the bill’s language . . .

A minor may be an authorized user only if the minor is at least twelve years of age and has successfully completed a firearm safety training course.

The bill doesn’t spell out what constitutes a state-approved firearm safety training course, but Senator Lopez is probably hard at work right now drafting another bill to spell all of that out for you.

The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association describes Lopez’s bill thusly . . .

“The bill is an uneducated attempt to demonize firearms,” says the organization, adding that  “It is already a crime to place a child in a situation that endangers their life, this law does nothing to add to a child’s safety.”

This overreaching piece of nanny-state legislation communicates loudly and clearly that New Mexico’s government doesn’t believe its benighted citizens are intelligent or responsible enough to raise their own families without limits, guidelines and appropriate penalties put in place by the benevolent bureaucrats in Santa Fe. Conduct yourselves (and vote) accordingly.



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  1. LOL good luck with that. The number of times I went to a range in NM I can count on the fingers one one hand.

    The number of times I went out in a canyon or out to a mesa… I lost count.

    • Yes Sir, launched many a round in the desert between Anapra and Columbus, NM along the old South Line RR right-of-way.

        • Used to dirt bike / 4WD along the border fence doing hare and hound races…from monument to monument looking for jack-rabbits…a youth well spent. Border Patrol or Customs would stop us occasionally and chat.

      • Good luck enforcing that.

        They don’t have the personnel and by Day 3 they will have exactly no one willing to enforce it.

        BLM Agents and other feds are already hated get in NM. Every once in a while one gets shot dead by a rancher as it is.

        • They dont have to enforce it directly.

          Kid goes shooting, kid talks about it with friends, just one friend tells mom, mom is a moron and next thing ya know.

          Black SUV’s show up at 4 am with CNN in tow to scoop up the offender.

          Think it can’t happen, ask Stone.

    • They’ll close that loophole soon enough if this goes through.

      Here in the once-great state of WA, which has been caught in the “progressive” whirlpool for several years now, you can’t legally hand a firearm to anyone unless you’re at an official shooting range. I think they did make some unofficial “well, okay…” exceptions for immediate family members and licensed hunters in the field (and nobody follows the law anyway), but the point remains.

      Also, I very much resent Dan Z’s insinuation that I may be “a mouth-breathing, gap-toothed, deplorable insurrectionist.”

      My teeth are actually quite crowded, and I probably should’ve had braces. So there.

      • It’s amusing that Conservatives often say, almost like some sort of religious chant, that there’s no reason to obey an unjust law and, in fact, a duty to disobey it. Then they complain about unenforceable laws like what you mention here.

        Dude, you could cross a fence out in the woods and hand your rifle to someone and no one would ever know. Heck, if you’re coordinated enough you could do it while smoking a doobie and blowing lines and… no LE would ever bother you.

        How is anyone going to know that you were snorting heaters while handing your deer rifle to your friend? You gonna put out a TikTok video of this? Maybe post a status update on Facebook?

        Christ, it’s like no one ever had a shady friend or even had a beer underage. Tom MacDonald was right when he said

        “Man, it used to be cool to just flip a bird to the system/
        And now it’s trendy to be triggered and pretend you’re a victim”

  2. The Bill IS NOT “Uneducated”!! It’s fully intended to perpetuate It’s agenda!! Entrap Parents whom are firearms owners!!!

    Too many people on our side continue to underestimate and coddle the opponent!!

  3. Rewrite the bill to mandate firearm safety training and a range day field trip for all children at age 12 at public school and I’ll get behind it. For the children.

    • At the very least young children should be taught the Eddie the Eagle don’t touch, move away, get an adult.

      Older children should be taught safe firearms handling but only if they want to. But to be honest I don’t think many children would not want to learn.

      I look at the crazy laws proposed in the USA and realize in some areas your law makers are going well beyond anything passed downunder.

      • Most of these are only crazy proposals that will go nowhere because sane people are watching. But occasionally some slip through.

        And yes, our totalitarian-minded “progressives” saw the ridiculous crap that your government pulled off and they’ve been obsessing about one-upping it ever since; and from what I’ve heard, your gov’t has been trying to one-up itself ever since, as well. These people are the same everywhere, unfortunately.

  4. There’s always some retarded bill being proposed somewhere. The sad reality is there’s lots of really stupid people always thinking up or saying really stupid thing.

    The foremost of my thoughts concerning this is twofold, one it would be unconstitutional and secondly, rather unenforceable.

  5. “state-approved manor”, I believe that Dan meant “manner”. Then again, maybe “manor” is appropriate since it harkens to medieval concept of a feudal lord dictating edicts to his subjects.

    • …zero chance…?? Just wait.
      The Western states used to be where freedom still stood. Now, they’re nuttier than the Illinois politicians.

      • This. And the blue-wave and the lack of a filibuster is already causing problems. Check out Kamala Harris ramming in a budget bill: https://reason.com/2021/02/05/in-first-tie-breaking-vote-kamala-harris-helps-senate-dems-pass-budget-resolution/

        Ask yourself whether western states will be able to stop a “gun safety” (i.e. forcible disarmament of citizens) bill deployed along similar tactics, let alone a citizen-disarmament provision in a “pass it so we can see what’s in it” bill.

        It’s critical to start changing one’s culture regionally before it’s too late. The threat is real and cannot be merely laughed away.

        • If you want to start winning the culture war I suggest researching how weed became legal.

          Look at the old covers of “High Times” and you’ll see how it happened. We need to start a gun mag/site more along those lines. When you start selling that in the grocery stores like High Times did you’ll start making headway.

          Probably won’t happen though. Too many OFWGs would find it distasteful and demeaning.

        • They did sale gunm magazines in the stores, the difference was NORML and Keith Stroup with the help of Hollywood.

  6. Another Jim Cow Gun Control sicko democRat using kids as an excuse to get what they want. The bill has the attributes of something found in the archives of Nazi Germany….
    By orders of the fuhrer any adult Jew who possesses a firearm in a home with children shall be removed from the home, fined and transported by train to z concentration camp to work as a slave laborer. Show no mercy. Sieg Heil democRat fraulein antoinette sildildo lopez.

      • Debbie “Another Jim Cow Gun Control sicko democRat”

        Actually Debbie, this is another Karen for (gun) control. Feminism is upstream of being a Democrat.

        This is why Conservatives are being crushed, they can not effectively identity their opponents.

    • More like the Khmer Rouge where children were disassociated from their parents as a part of creating a pure socialist society. Year Zero claimed the lives of a third of the population.

    • You sound like an uneducated moron…. you know NOTHING about real nazi’s so please just fkn stop….
      What is REALLY happening is the propaganda holocaust survivors are twisting the truth to demonize whites you stupid C u N t…

  7. Eventually there will be mandatory state run boarding schools complete with a mitzvah styled celebration before sending your child off for its state education.

    That way the state gets what it wants and you’ll get to live the trendy insta-life with all your BFFs. You can Zoom on holidays with your offspring if you’d like or just ignore them because giving them the gift of finding their own purpose (state approved of course) will be the hot talking point pushed by such experts as the Kardashians and the View.

    All this increasingly popular talk of “reeducating” and “camps” isn’t for you. It’s for your grandkids.

    • I vaguely remember BLM claiming that one of its goals was to eliminate the nuclear family. When I read that, I was thinking “…and have they asked any minorities about what that does to their neighborhoods?!”.

      • They are well aware of what destruction of the nuclear family has done in their neighborhoods. The “woke” crowd doesn’t want to put in the work required to fix the problem. Its easier to call it normal and bring the rest of society down to the new standard.

        • A hallmark of Socialism and Communism is not to lift people up but instead to pull everyone down to the lowest common level, except for the elites.

  8. NM can’t seem to find a piece of gun control the state legislature won’t pass… at least we have some reasonable sheriffs here that refuse to enforce unenforceable laws… 🤷‍♂️

  9. But the majority of the State’s citizens did vote for Biden so perhaps there is something to the people in New Mexico being bumbling stumbling idiots after all!! LOL!

    • Considering the tainted results from the most recent national election, I would take any published voter numbers supporting Biden with a grain of salt.

    • Follow the money.
      Now corrupt, crooked, broke Illinois blue state is going to get federal bailout money.
      A reward for voting for Biden….er….giving him the votes…..dead and alive votes.

  10. This is what happens when They move into your state and start changing the vote. It’s no wonder NM and other former free states are turning into CA one step at a time.

  11. People in NM don’t go to a firing range. They go out into the desert. Usually on an ATV while open carrying. It’s FAR MORE fun than going to an insurance-ass-covering firing range.

    • We only had the little spiny cactus growing in our area but at certain times of the year they would get these little red fruits. Many of those met their demise from us kids taking aim at them.

      • nsfw.
        he used to play his casio in the subways for tips.
        constantly clubbing, he seemed omnipresent. shim shay stuck a nickel in his ass crack at delilah’s.
        the sadat dot was from his constantly head butting everyone he greeted.

  12. New Mexico state Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, along with any other supporters of this bill, SHOULD be arrested and charged under 18 USC 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights.
    They are not only attacking the Second Amendment, but also PARENTAL rights and authority.

    Furthermore: this so-called “representative” of the people of New Mexico, is violating their oath of office, and their mandate to represent THE PEOPLE of New Mexico…
    NOT to represent the Democratic National Committee.

  13. Who in the fuck keeps electing these nazi, family hating,.sociopath p.o.s.? Get fkn’ rid of her.

  14. Catch-22?

    You may not participate in firearms safety training until you have passed an approved course in firearms safety training?

  15. More educated idiot knowledge, brought to you by the U.S. college system…. WHAT A F K N JOKE….. KEEP THAT BS TO YOURSELF…. IT’S “COLLEGE EDUCATED IDIOTS” WHO ARE TO BLAME FOR OUR CURRENT CLOWN WORLD…..

  16. I was 10 when I was given a model 60 22 rifle on my birthday. Brief lessons included only put your hand near the trigger when you planed to shoot it and never aim it at anything you do not intend to shoot. And it it is alive only shoot it if you intend to eat it.
    Both brother are still alive, neighbors only passed from natural causes except the one who died from a wasp sting to the neck. and the Miami Herald did not have articles about the crazy Jew terrorist from Homestead.

    Speaking of eating what you shot I did get caught shooting a blackbird. Nasty things mostly bones with very little meat. And yes he did make me clean and eat it.

    I guess if I lived in New Mexico I would never have had to worry about eating that bird.

  17. somebody is going to in deep crap they start trying to interfere with teaching your kid safe gun use that’s covered under the constitution

  18. This is just a natural extension of the efforts of socialist progressive gay leaders like Tom Ammiano. Who got elected to the SF school board in California. For the sole purpose of stopping 2A education and ending the rifle teams in the school district.

  19. The Constitution criminalizes politicians passing laws about guns. When are we going to do something about them?

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