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Zev Technologies is the┬áKing Kong in a tux of the GLOCK upgrade world. Top shelf GLOCK part? Zev. Zev? Top shelf GLOCK part. Only in 2017, the Oxnard, California-HQ’ed company branched out from the “anything Gaston can do I can do better” biz and started selling their own ARs. For 2018 . . .

Zev Technologies AR10 set (photo courtesy of JWT for

Zev’s selling AR15 and AR10 receiver sets. [Click here for info on their 6.5 Creedmoor rifle.] The receiver sets are shiny shiny, with asilky smooth texture and well thought out design. Each hand-honed set is cut from the same block. Your for $656 msrp.

To cater to their core customers, Zev’s offering their Pro trigger as a whole or in individual parts, including the shoe/safety, striker spring, trigger bar and connector. The new trigger shoe has an orbital rivet holding it together; it’s not coming apart, no matter what.

Zev Technologies Pro trigger (photo courtesy of JWT for

Zev’s also brought back the Spartan slide for the 9X19 GLOCK 17 and 19, with aggressive checkering front and back, precut for an optic.

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  1. I would suggest editing the headline to say ‘New from Zev: Glock Trigger Parts and AR10 Receiver Sets’

  2. Now, they need to put a tricked out G19 slide on a G17 frame…. yawn… Ya see this stuff all over armli$t for insane prices…..

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