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VZ Grips is the well known G10 pistol grip manufacturer. The Gunshine State grip maker makes parts for both OEMs and consumers looking to get a grip on a firearm upgrade. Like many manufacturers searching for something to do with excess capacity, VZ’s branched out into . . .

AR pistol grips. And . . .

And G10 daggers. Which should come in handy if plans A and B fail.

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    • I think for a prison shank it should be:

      1. made by a prisoner from prison sourced materials i.e. toothbrushes, paper, metal shards hewn from bed frames and so on.

      2. Not very complex or highly finished.

      3. Easily smuggled in various body cavities. (use your imagination)

      4. Made in such a fashion as to be highly concealable when not stuffed into an orifice.

      5. Sold for commissary, favors, or cigarettes.

        • Little from documentaries and a lot from my neighbors. Kinda odd neighborhood I live in, I trust the felons more than I trust the regular folks that call the city every time my dogs fart. Least with the felons I know where I stand…

      • The most innovative one I saw was coat hangers twisted together, then sharpened buy rubbing on concrete. LOL , I don’t give a shit about my past or what people think…. I took a chance and swiped a table knife from the cafeteria, sweating bullets( got a be calm, stay calm, they haven’t checked my socks the last three times,don’t act nervouss) on the pat down going back to C block. Glad all that’s 23 years behind me

        • Hell, you can make one out of a shampoo bottle. Get one of those BO5 ones with the thick plastic, empty it out, and twist the thing for an hour or two. The tension will eventually cause the bottle to snap, and the friction will basically fuse the twisted end into a hardened point. Inelegant even by prison shank standards, but sharp, sturdy, and easy as hell to make

    • Shank, if only PRISON PURSE carry tested and approved. Except in commie kalifornia of course.

  1. From their website: “It is non-electrically conductive and does not throw a metal signature should the unexpected Garret wand comes out.”

    I’m not sure about the wisdom of a company openly advertising that their knives are meant to get past security. On that topic though I wonder how it does with backscatter tech like TSA uses. I’ve been through that quite a bit recently and it seems to be extremely hit or miss and have gaps in what it sees.

    • i Was thinking the same thing. Sooner or later, someone will sneak one onto a plane or into a courtroom.

      • I’m not talking about sneaking this thing into a bar.

        At some point someone will probably carry thing thing where it is illegal and then do something else illegal with it. You know, someone going all Inigo Montoya in a courtroom when the verdict doesn’t go their way?

        At that time this company, having made this a point of their advertising, is likely going to be fucked.

        • Exactly. When someone inside a “secure” area is injured by one of thier shanks, they are going to be in a world of hurt when the lawyers go after them.

    • Wise or otherwise, I’m glad to know they offer them.

      I used to carry concealed whenever I went to a show, but ever since the Las Vegas concert massacre, all the concert venues in my area have gone all-in on turning themselves into victim concentration zones. (Never mind that the threat in LV was OUTSIDE the crowd.)

      When I went to see Mastodon not long ago, security at the entry was tighter than an airport. They turned me away for a tiny pocket knife that’s shorter than my pinkie finger — but my little concealed nonmetallic push dagger made it through with me on the second attempt. 🙂 I’m thinking it’d be nice to have a bigger/better one in case the fit hits the shan while I’m in one of those victim zones.

      • Making them isn’t the problem.

        It’s advertising them this way that is what I think is unwise because it means that when/if someone does something really stupid with it the company has no defense.

        They advertised getting this thing past security as a primary feature of the item. Hell it’s the reason to buy the time according to the company themselves. When someone uses that advertised feature to help them commit a crime the company is going to have a problem and they’re not going to be able to fall back on a “it was misused” defense because it was being used exactly in the manner the company advertised and suggested that it be used.

    • The “good guys” aren’t the only ones with security, and they aren’t the only ones that will wand you.

  2. 70 bucks for a fiberglass skewer? Not me folks.
    If you go to Bass Pro in Springfield Mo, you’ll see 10,000 different fishing lures. A dozen or so will actually catch fish. The rest of the gear is on display to catch fishermen.

  3. Long before 9/11, I carried an Executive Letter Opener on flights throughout the United States and abroad. Never had a problem. Still about $7.00 on Amazon.

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