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Hammer, courtesy Noveske

There’s a reason I absolutely love Noveske. Like AAC and other companies steeped in awesomeness, their corporate culture is…different. Quirky. The opposite of the stereotypical straight-laced gun company. Definitely not a Smith. That was made pretty clear with the release of a video they put out about their late founder after his untimely death. And now they’ve gone above and beyond to make a point about gun control by selling hammers . . .

From their website:

FBI crime statistics show that more people are killed with hammers each year than by rifles.

Worried about a ban? – Buy a hammer. The perfect alternative means of protection.


Yes, these are actually for sale. Well, WERE for sale. Just like everything else, they have sold out and are now out of stock. But if they were still available, you’d bet your ass I’d pay $40 for a Noveske hammer. I wonder if, like their barrels, its “cold hammer forged?” . . .

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  1. Pure awesomeness. Somehow I missed that video when you originally posted it. Having watched it, I’m sure it made John smile somewhere far off.

  2. Would anyone like to wager on what type of room this decision was made in (board, bar, bath)?

    It’s pretty clear that this is a company run by good old regular folks like you and I.

  3. The term is actually “straitlaced”, as in a prim and proper Victorian society lady wrapped up tight in her laced bodice and ready to punish any breach of polite behavior. Strait is an archaic word for “tight” (so a person in dire straits is in a tight spot, etc)

    Not meaning to be a grammar nazi — the history of expressions like that is pretty interesting, and there are a lot of them that come from firearms and warfare, like “face the music” (turn toward the sound of battle) or “flash in the pan” (when the priming charge in your matchlock or flintlock musket burns slow without setting off the main charge).

  4. I will take a tactical version with strait claw, titanium head, and black composite handle before it’s outlawed.

  5. Where do I mount the high cap box of nails? And can I get one with a 1913 rail on top so I can mount a red dot to make sure I always hit the nail on the head instead of crushing my thumb?

    It’s not an evil assault tool it is a home defen- home improvement tool.

  6. Those guys at Noveske have a great sense of humor.

    Unfortunately, things like labeling hammers as “offensive weapons” might not be too far off. I lived and worked in the UK for a good bit of the last 5 years and I have seen how far down the slippery slope governments can go once they start going. Its a weird feeling knowing that your pocket knife, with a locking blade, is technically an “offensive weapon” and illegal for every day carry.

  7. Wait…where is the shoulder thingy that pops up? And really, this should come in a black “tactical” model too…

  8. Should have been a black, 150z hammer….
    They could have named it the “SC-15” (straight claw 15oz) – AND they should put a handle shroud (you know, that shoulder thing that goes up) on it

  9. More hammer-forged… HAMMERS!


    Glad that Noveske is carrying on without their founder. I’ll definitely be considering some of their stuff whenever I finally get around to building an AR!

  10. I’m just an old fud, can I get one with a blue steel head and a walnut handle? Maybe something that can only hit two nails in a row?

  11. I would buy a Noveske hammer with their emblem etched in the head. Why not?

    The realist in me says that it was probably never for sale. It was a one off and they set the flag to “Temporarily Out of Stock” the moment they put it up.

    But it’s fun just the same.

    • Nope. It was definitely for sale. They announced it on Facebook and it was available at the time I clicked on the link.

  12. Much like rifles, all blunt instruments (the FBI report is all inclusive) are equally lethal used properly. However, it is my opinion that the claw hammer is the “assault rifle” of hammers and other blunt instruments. It is mean looking compared to pipe, boards and other hammers. It has an attachment for pulling nails and prying up boards and is often worn on the hip for quick access. The claw hammer should be banned.

  13. “If you’re going to murder someone, please use our hammer. Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, use our ARs.”

  14. I need a plinking hammer, something to use to teach my neice how to hammer. Preferably with some pink furniture.

    • They already make those — check out your local scrapbooking store or the crafting session at Michaels. Little bitty 6 oz. hammers with pink grips and all.

  15. This is an awesome novelty. Ill deffinatley buy one if they become available again, “Temporarily Out of Stock” :'(

    Didnt the dad in Gremlins make a fully automatic hammer?

    • They said someone came in and bought them all to resell at ridiculous prices, you should check

  16. Maybe the first model should be named the “Tokyo”.
    Yoshio Kiuchi woke up in gun-free Tokyo one morning and started his day by killing his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and 4-year-old grand-daughter, using a hammer.

  17. If y’all want to see what an “assault hammer” looks like, check out a “California framing hammer.” Straight(er) claw, longer handle, ergonomic curves, checkered face… it’s a high-speed/low-drag hammer.

  18. I love the sentiment, however the facts are not correct. No FBI statistics suggest more people are killed with hammers or bats than guns. That is because it isn’t true.

    • From the post, quoting the Noveske website:

      “FBI crime statistics show that more people are killed with hammers each year than by RIFLES.” (EMPHASIS added)

      Reference Table 20 on the FBI Crime Statistics resource site. No totals, but you can do your own addition for national figures, or just see where your own state stands for murders by rifle, shotgun, knife, etc.

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