New 5.11 Load Bearing Gear for the Fall

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From 5.11 Tactical . . .

5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, today announced new load-bearing products and accessories that will be available this fall.

“Instilling our consumers with the 5.11 Always be Ready mindset is a key guiding light throughout our product design and development process,” said 5.11’s Vice President, Global Product, Matt Page. “A key aspect of that readiness mentality is having the right gear on hand to be prepared for anything. Whether it’s a pack loaded and ready to use as a go bag, or gloves nearby to protect hands in the case of an emergency, we want our end users to feel confident in the gear they’re carrying.”

The LV6 Waist Pack 2.0 ($42) received an updated quick-release S/R buckle waist strap and new Duraflex buckles that are easier to operate, especially when wearing gloves. A great grab-and-go solution that can be worn around the waist or across the body, it features interior pockets and panels, a hidden slip compartment, side compression straps and a rear mesh pocket. Additionally, this waist pack can be attached to the 5.11 LV18 Backpack 2.0 when more carrying power is needed.

Similar updates were made to the Duraflex buckles of the LV10 Sling Pack 2.0 ($115) to allow easier access to gear. Additional redesign features include a new removable holster retention strap, a securing strap in the tablet sleeve, and a quick-release CAM buckle to the main crossbody strap.

To round out the LV Collection of packs, the LV18 Backpack 2.0 ($135) also received updates with internal organization and new Duraflex buckles. Inside the ambidextrous side entry CCW compartment, the loop area has been increased and a removable holster retention strap has been added. The height of the padded laptop sleeve has been extended and a security strap added to keep electronics secure. A second set of webbing loops offer improved attachment for the LV6 Waist Pack 2.0 when extra cargo space is needed. Additional features include side compression straps, a padded back panel with a Flex cuff channel, and quick-release shoulder straps with a removable sternum strap.

For more information about 5.11, its product offering and to find a 5.11 store near you visit

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  1. My bag is a Vertx.

    Vertx openly states they make their bags here in the U.S.A. 5.11 confirms their bags are manufactured in China and/or Vietnam. And they all scream “tactical!” to onlookers. “Tactical!” is the same as saying “hey, I’ve got gear in here”.

    Yes, I know I have Chinese-mfd Olights. I choose Olight because I prefer their magnetic recharging system. If an American company were to come out with a superior platform, I’d seriously consider it.

    But electronics are not the same as fabric products. For years, my favorite brand of blue jean pants were manufactured in Mexico. Good quality, good fit. Then earlier this year I re-ordered as usual, only to find that the company had changed their source to Asia. Super crappy quality. I’ll never buy from that company again.


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