Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)
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The Second Amendment Foundation, FPC and Mountain States Legal Foundation, among others, are suing the state of Washington over its unconstitutional magazine capacity limit. Like so many gun control laws, Washington’s “high capacity” ban is on the endangered list now that Bruen is the law of the land.

Even though Judge David Estudillo has set a trial date more than a year out, there’s apparently concern that Attorney General Bob Ferguson is going to have his hands full putting up an adequate defense in the case despite all that time to prepare.

It’s nice, then, that Judge Estudillo has provided some help for the state by adding the Gates-backed Alliance for Gun Responsibility civilian disarmament advocacy group to lend the state a hand.

Here’s a press release from the CCRKBA . . .

A federal judge in Tacoma, Washington has allowed a Seattle-based gun prohibition lobbying group to intervene as a defendant in the Second Amendment Foundation’s challenge of an Evergreen State magazine ban which became effective July 1.

The billionaire-backed Alliance for Gun Responsibility requested intervention only days after the law took effect. Their motion was supported by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and State Patrol Chief John Batiste, who are defendants in the case. The Alliance supported the magazine ban as part of its gun prohibition political agenda, and Ferguson requested the legislation earlier this year.

“Apparently the Alliance is worried Ferguson isn’t capable of defending his own magazine ban in this lawsuit,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Obviously, after the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision last June, the gun ban lobby fears the state may not be able to defend any of its gun laws, including a couple passed by initiative campaigns the Alliance financed.”

SAF is joined in the lawsuit by the Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc., Rainier Arms, LLC and two private citizens, Daniel Martin and Gabriela Sullivan. The case is known as Sullivan v. Ferguson.

“A few days after the high court handed down its ruling in Bruen,” Gottlieb recalled, “the Supreme Court granted certiorari to two other magazine ban challenges, in California and New Jersey. The court vacated lower court rulings in both cases and remanded the cases back to the respective appeals courts for further action in compliance with the language in Bruen.

“Based on the Supreme Court’s action in both magazine ban cases,” he added, “it is clear such restrictive laws might be in serious trouble, which explains why the Alliance is interested. Courts in California have already ruled that state’s magazine ban is unconstitutional, and that position may now stand when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has to reconsider the case under the new guidelines set down in the Bruen ruling.

“If the Alliance wants to hold hands with Ferguson,” Gottlieb said, “that’s their business. Maybe he needs the moral support.”

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  1. The billionaires are constantly meddling in the affairs of the little people while the elites have armies of trained military types for protection. The billionaires are extremely selfish to want everyone disarmed except them. The more they meddle the more attention is given to them.

    My advice is for them to butt out because they have no idea how the little man lives.

      • “The billionaires are constantly meddling in the affairs of the little people“

        Yes, big tech billionaires are buying themselves Republican politicians right and left, and the people of Ohio had better pay attention this November.

        “Tech billionaire Peter Thiel had already donated a record-breaking amount of money to support J.D. Vance in the Ohio Republican Senate primary — but last week, the Silicon Valley tycoon decided he wanted to give even more.

        “Peter would like to make another contribution to the PAC, this time for $1.5 million,” a top Thiel lieutenant wrote to strategists running a pro-Vance super PAC in an April 26 email, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO. “We are planning to send the wire today, but before doing so I just wanted to confirm you have everything you need from us.”

        With that previously unreported donation, Thiel had given $15 million in total to bolster Vance — the largest amount ever given to boost a single Senate candidate. Thiel is a contrarian who became famous for making risky investments that paid off — and with Vance’s win in Tuesday’s primary, the PayPal co-founder and early Facebook financier struck it big again.“


        Already JD Vance has pimped himself out for $15 million, and that was just in April.

        • Vance is way better… At accepting million dollar bribes from big tech billionaires, the facts are posted above with a link to the original reporting.

          In contrast to JD Vance’s $15 million from Facebook/PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel, Tim Ryan’s contributions have been mostly small dollar contributions from individuals:

          “By Andrew J. Tobias, cleveland.com
          COLUMBUS, Ohio – Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan’s huge fundraising edge over J.D. Vance, his Republican opponent in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race, largely is thanks to a wave of small-dollar donations from around the country.

          Vance, meanwhile, has struggled to keep up financially, not launching general election campaign ads until last month. But backing from a single donor famously helped him win the Republican primary in May.“


        • Notice how you completely ignored the billionaires like gates and bloomberg and soros buying DA’s and pols.

          Why don’t you just put a flashing logo on your comments that declares your paid to comment status?

          Fascism is marching in America and you’re helping it.

        • “you completely ignored the billionaires like gates and bloomberg and soros “

          You are trying to distract with a lie, Tim Ryan has received no campaign contributions from Gates, Soros or Bloomberg.

          Tim Ryan’s largest contribution was $146K from a PAC, here are the facts:


          You are lying in order to conceal the fact that JD Vance has received over $15 million from billionaire Peter Thiel, Facebook/PayPal financier.

          If it wasn’t for disinformation, the Republicans would have no information at all.

          In other news, the Durwood investigation has fallen flat on its face, he could not disprove the basis for the Russian dossier and his conviction rate is 0-2, stellar.


          So how is the cyber ninja audit in Arizona going?

          Has anyone seen the kraken lately?

          Regardless how the midterm elections come out, smart people in America are still laughing at you Trump supporters.

        • Wowzer. What a load of crap. miner. gates and crew haven’t supported dem candidates?

          Smart people? Like dacian and you? jeebus. You’re making me laugh.

        • For all your bluster, you folks are still wrong.

          We’re discussing JD Vance and Tim Ryan in the Senate race.

          The facts show JD Vance has received over $15 million from Facebook/PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel, that is a fact.

          His opponent, Democrat Tim Brian, has raised more money, mostly small, individual donations. Tim Ryan’s largest donation was $146K from a political action committee.

          You can’t escape the fact that JD Vance, described by Trump as his favorite ass kisser, is bankrolled by big tech billionaires.


        • MajorStupidity,

          Excuse me, was this you???? “Yes, big tech billionaires are buying themselves Republican politicians right and left . . . ”

          Now, tell me again how you were “We’re discussing JD Vance and Tim Ryan in the Senate race.”, you lying s***weasel.

          Now, since you’re on the topic, how about we discuss Beto O’Rourke’s campaign financing??? How about Nikki Fried??? What about Malig-Nancy Pelosi??? Dianne Feinswein???

          You are SUCH a transparent LOSE of a partisan propagandist, it’s pathetic. Go expire in an excavation, you lying, Leftist/fascist s***weasel.

        • Listen up, everybody! miner has declared that we can only talk about gop corruption.

          No corruption on the left can be talked about.

      • You are a failure of either birth control, or good sense, MajorStupidity. Your parents (assuming you have them) must be VERY proud of what an upstanding s***weasel they foisted upon the world. I’m surprised you don’t post under the handle “Leni Reifenstahl” you lying POS.

    • Well with a 1 year delay that’s plenty of time to define Gun Control by its long history of rot for Washington State.

      What Gun Control is doing by restricting the right of citizen self defense is no different than the tactics the kkk used to ban the self defense ability of Black Americans and how nazis banned firearms for Jews, etc.

      Of course Gottleb and his gang will continue to provide standing for courtroom drama Gun Control by keeping the History of Gun Control and its rot under the carpet. The silence is deafening.

    • Stateisevil,

      I really despise the Heller ruling’s “dangerous or unusual” language. Virtually any object is dangerous if the person wielding that object is intent on harming someone.

      Speaking to my point, there was an incredibly sad, tragic, and disturbing murder roughly 8 years ago where a man used an empty wine bottle to bludgeon another man to death in very short order. If I am not mistaken, someone even captured the attack on video where the attacker simply started wailing on the victim’s head delivering probably more than a dozen brutal strikes in less than 30 seconds or so. In that event the attacker demonstrated unequivocally that wine bottles are both unusual and dangerous weapons.

      Having said all that, rumor has it that Scalia had to water-down the Heller ruling in order to get Kennedy’s support: Scalia added the “dangerous or unusual” language at Kennedy’s command. Unfortunately I have no way of verifying nor dispelling this rumor.

      • Pillows, commonly found in almost every home, can be deadly weapons. I haven’t noticed any efforts to ban pillows. Even the homeless and the most destitute of Americans have free access to pillows. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!

    • rt66paul,

      In the meantime you can carry four revolvers on your belt and have 24-shots without having to reload.

      Of course carrying four revolvers on your belt would get pretty heavy. Nevertheless, there is a “coolness” factor in having the ability to start blasting away with both hands in different directions at the same time, ala John Wick (the fictional movie character) style!

    • A necessary but insufficient condition, perhaps.

      The roster needs to be found unconstitutional first; then the 10-round limit mag capacity would need to go. And, for many models now, the ban on threaded pistol barrels also needs to be rescinded.

      Sorry … for what it’s worth, I’m with the boat (crucible? boiling pot?) with you and jwm.

    • rt66,

      I was in Nevada over the weekend visiting a friend, who showed me his brand new Springfield Hellcat. I loved it…wish I could buy one here in CA.

  2. Stuff like ^^this^^ gets through the WordPress filters no problem, but my (very clean) comments get moderated and even removed entirely on a regular basis. Yeah, makes total sense.

    • “Stuff like ^^this^^ gets through the WordPress filters no problem“

      Did you ever think the poster might be a part of the conspiracy, an intentional agent provocateur.

      There is a reason his derogatory posts go right through, while most of the rest of us have posts moderated and/or deleted routinely…

      • So true Minor and you are not alone.

        I did test posts by typing just 1 letter only and I get moderated every time on every post I make and yes I too have had moderators refuse to post what I have said when my detractors posts were allowed to use foul language and out of control insults. Their posts come through every time and instantly but when I respond my posts are either moderated all the time or deleted and or delayed sometimes for days.

      • “FUCK YOU… “

        Typical Trump voter, long on profanity laced insults, short on actual facts.

        Your insults don’t change the fact that big tech billionaires are financing JD Vance’s campaign for the Senate.

        Go ahead and bend over to service Facebook/PayPal billionaires, they appreciate your servitude.

  3. I live here in Eastern Washington and I can tell you the Governor and AG Bob Ferguson are not fans of most people on the east side.

    My gut feeling is AG Ferguson knows his pet anti-gun laws are likely toast.

    He’s a lawyer, this is how the legal game is played. If you your side isn’t in a good position, stretch it out, delay and hope another ruling somewhere more favorable to your position surfaces.

    But in the end, a sinking ship is still a sinking ship. Metaphorically speaking, he may be clinging to the side of the Titanic on its way to the bottom desperately hoping it magically stops and floats back to the surface like a cork. I seriously doubt that will happen.

    Attorney General Bob Ferguson ran into an iceberg called BRUEN.

    • “If you your side isn’t in a good position, stretch it out, delay and hope another ruling somewhere more favorable to your position surfaces“

      Exactly Donald Trump’s scheme to avoid accountability for his crimes, especially his TS/SCI National defense document thefts.

      “Metaphorically speaking, he may be clinging to the side of the Titanic on its way to the bottom desperately hoping it magically stops and floats back to the surface like a cork. I seriously doubt that will happen.“

      Bon voyage, Benedict Donald!

      • No mention of daddy biden and his dealings with his son, hunter? No mention of bidens anti MAGA American speeches inciting insurrection?

        Let me guess. At your trial for violating human and civil rights you will invoke freedom of speech as a defense? Remember how that worked for Tokyo Rose? Axis Sally? Lord Haw Haw?

        • Hunter Biden is being investigated, if he’s broken the law he needs to be tried on the evidence.

          He should have a fair trial, just like the trials that Eric and Don Junior will soon be enjoying.

          Have you read the New York Attorney General’s brief, a couple hundred instances of bank fraud and tax evasion detailed, names, dates, places.

          So where is the legal brief filed with the any court detailing Hunter Biden’s ‘crimes’?

          Was it on the USB drive that Tucker Carlson lost? Was it on the ‘laptop’ that Sean Hannity ‘misplaced’?

        • quote————–Remember how that worked for Tokyo Rose? Axis Sally? Lord Haw Haw?——-quote

          As usual Jethro the Janitor gets is wrong when it comes to an accurate representation of history. You continue to play the expert on history despite being an admitted High School Dropout.

          Tokyo Rose was played by numerous Japanese women but one American teenage woman trapped there when the war broke out was made the scapegoat and the only one prosecuted by the U.S., she served 9 years but was pardoned and later given a Presidential pardon years later because she was coerced into playing that person during the war.

          Axis Sally was played by two different American women but Rita Zucca was never prosecuted by the U.S. because she had renounced her American citizenship.

          Lord Ha, Ha was played by at least 5 people but an American William Joyce took all the blame and was never prosecuted by the U.S. but was illegally executed by Britain even though he was not a British citizen.

          And by the way Jethro the Janitor freedom of speech is not guaranteed when the person is indicted for treason during a declared war.

          And people like Jane Fonda could express her views and expose U.S. atrocities and travel to Vietnam during that war because it never was declared a war.

          And I might add there is a difference between what Axis Salley and Tokyo Rose did as compared to just reporting what was going on in Vietnam by Jane Fonda which could not have been successfully prosecuted as treason anyway. In this case freedom of speech was guaranteed.

        • The hits just keep coming!

          More good news from the federal judiciary, holding Donald Trump and his co-conspirators accountable:

          “A federal judge in the Central District of California Judge David Carter just ruled that Donald Trump more likely than not engaged in criminal conduct including obstruction and conspiracy in connection with January 6 and ruled that Trump-lawyer John Eastman could not assert the attorney-client privilege and work-product privilege as a result. The full court ordered is here:


        • ‘Jethro the Janitor’. So in addition to being a bigot you are an elitest, dacian? Stands to reason. You serve corporate billionaires and their interests.

          You disdain an honest job? Probably why you’ve never had one.

      • Wow. MajorStupidity, your single-minded (or, in your case, single HALF-minded) obsession with DJT is truly psychotic. You DO realize, don’t you, that Trump hasn’t been president (unfortunately for the US, which is stuck dealing with the absolute cluster-f*** Senile Joe has created) in two years??? Or did that little detail escape your TINY mind????

        Go fornicate yourself, MajorStupidity, vigorously, right up the Hershey highway, with a Louisville Slugger wrapped with barb wire and lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice.

      • @Miner49er
        Oh give me a god damn break. The impeachment was total bullshit just like the crooked ass fake Trump Dossier. They KNEW is was a crock of crap as was the “Russian Collusion” that the left pushed as did the MSM, except it was all a god damned lie.

        So excuse my french, but I don’t give a flying bat shit what you think Miner49er

        • MajorStupidity DOESN’T think, MLee, all he does is parrot Dimocrat, Leftist/fascist talking points. A new thought and a cold glass of water would kill that boy dead.

    • I agree, MLee, Ferguson must be removed from office; he is a danger to all Washington citizens. Many on the West side despise him, too. Praise be SCOTUS.

  4. I fail to see how AGR can possibly have “standing’ to become a party to this action. HOW are they harmed if the ban goes away? WHAT have they as individuals or an organisation have at stake in this?

    I’d say 2AF ought to file a motion to deny AGR participating as a party to the action because they have no “standing”.

    • I’m thinking same except they need to show how the law helped them or anyone else. They can’t because it doesn’t.

  5. I dont know how Washingtons constitution is worded on the right to bare arms. Fck a judges decision.
    Shall Not , what’s those two words mean?

    • Article I, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution states: “[t]he right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.

      • Nothing shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.
        Well going by that the rich hotshots shouldn’t be able to hire bodyguards. Sounds good to me , as it also states that all individuals can carry his own gunm for protection.
        Imagine that, a King that protects himself.. might make for better kings?

  6. A trial date a year out is not unusual in the District Courts of the Ninth Circuit, all of which are seriously understaffed with judges. Here in the Eastern District, it is usual to wait a year or more for a ruling on a motion, much less getting a trial date. I am working on a case filed almost three years ago, and we are just now filing the answer to the complaint. It will be a year and a half at a minimum before the we see an inkling of a trial date.


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