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From Dan Wesson Firearms . . .

Dan Wesson Firearms is well-known among gun enthusiasts for quality 1911 pistols. The company produces some of the finest American-made 1911 production pistols on the market. The ‘Heirloom’ pays homage to the Dan Wesson name. A limited number of the Heirloom 2022 pistols will be made, making them highly collectible, desirable pieces for loyal customers and collectors alike – and a family treasure for generations.

The Heirloom 2022 is a full-size 1911 pistol true to the original John Browning design. The robust 40.1-ounce pistol, chambered in the potent .45 ACP, uses all-steel components for the frame, slide, and parts. The pistol features a 5-inch barrel, beavertail grip safety, and a commander-style hammer, inspired by the most popular features from various 1911 models.

Like all Dan Wesson 1911s, the attention to detail is impeccable. The perfectly fitted frame and slide feature ornate scrollwork. On the side of the frame, its model name – Heirloom – clearly distinguishes this model as something special. A bronze PVD finish suits this collectible handgun, protecting its metal surfaces and adding a shiny luster that elevates this unique handgun. Black accents on the small parts and mainspring housing further characterize this pistol. Modern G10 grips round out this traditional pistol while adding a secure gripping surface in all conditions.

The Heirloom 2022 is the perfect 1911 pistol for Dan Wesson fans who know and desire quality and performance in a stunning showpiece. Dan Wesson Firearms anticipates the Heirloom’s limited production run will sell out fast. Don’t wait to own a piece of history!

Dan Wesson Heirloom 2022 Pistol Features:

  • Frame engraved with ‘Heirloom’
  • Bronze PVD finish is both rugged and sophisticated
  • Stylish black G10 grips improve hold in all conditions
  • Decorative scrollwork engraving on slide and frame
  • Classic 1911 design with large beavertail and commander-style hammer
  • Brass front sight and u-notch rear sight provide quick sight alignment
  • Steel frame and slide for durability

Dan Wesson Heirloom Pistol Specifications:

  • SKU: 01937
  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Magazine Capacity: 8 Rounds
  • Frame/Slide: Steel
  • Finish: Bronze PVD
  • Front Sight: Brass bead
  • Rear Sights: U Notch
  • Grips: G10
  • Overall Length: 8.65-inches
  • Barrel: 5-inches
  • Height: 5.5-inches
  • Width: 1.32-inches
  • Weight: 40-ounces
  • Trigger Mech: Single action
  • Safety: Manual thumb safety; Grip safety
  • MSRP: $2,399.00

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    • Yeah, the wrong kind of fancy as well. G10? Allen screws? Modern beavertail/round hammer? Machine engraving? Not for me.

      • Probably laser engraving, which is pretty cheap to do. The finished product is nothing like hand engraved pieces.

  1. As a Dan Wesson fanboy, I would happily piss off firearm collectors as I would happily shoot the snot out of that pistol.
    Yes, I appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship, yada yada yada pass me another box of ammo please.
    A tool was meant to be used, and I would.
    DW makes some extremely nice shooting firearms.

    • Pretty much the same with me. I don’t have guns that I feel worried about shooting.

      I’m an accumulator, not a collector.

      • Ahhh, accumulatoritis.
        I know of this condition.

        “Boy, you got a gun monkey on your back…”- Uncle Walt

        • Accumulator, I am. However, at times I carry some of my accumulation and I would not want to be in a DGU and loose the gun to enforcement personnel. Especially a 2K$+ gun.

  2. It’s confused in it’s execution.
    Give it ebony grips, and slotted, indexed screws and it would be far more attractive.

  3. “COVID” makes it impossible for them to produce the amazing DWX, but they have ample resources for yet another 1911 copy (with “ornate scrollwork”!).

    Edited to add: the moderation demons strike again!

  4. Wow that’s a slick looking 1911.
    I’ve got some money saved up but sure as sht I spend it on a gunm my car will throw a rod or something. Happens every time.

  5. Since they DIDN’T say it was hand engraved, which if it was they’d surely mention that, it’s laser engraved. I’m fully cognizant that if it were to be hand engraved by qualified humans, it was increase the costs of each unit significantly. Consider, if a person is buying a limited run “heirloom” for $2400, they’re not likely to bat an eye at the extra scratch for an actual hand engraved piece.

    You can be your bottom dollar there are a few individuals at Dan Wesson Co. that have serial number 1 and 2 etc that ARE hand engraved. Those will be worth $change$ and then some.

  6. Dan Wesson makes a fine base gun. I have one in the safe waiting for my number to come up.
    For all the hype, barrel fit leaves something to be desired. The internals are tool steel and frame to slide fitment is better than 99% of Colt’s coming off the line.
    I carry one daily.

  7. Anxiety over machine instead of hand engraving is neurotic. But, I agree the PVD is iffy and the G-10 is BLAH. This of course is the third, yearly Heirloom gun, but I think the first two were better.

  8. The Dan Wesson Heirloom is a beautiful and powerful handgun. It is a perfect companion for anyone who has a passion for firearms, whether they are collectors or shooters. The Heirloom is a timeless design that will last for decades to come. Now you can visit link to get help in your resume. Dan Wesson has released its newest addition to their lineup of 1911’s in the Heirloom line of pistols. This model was designed with the enthusiast in mind and is built using high-grade components and materials to ensure reliability and performance.

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